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  1. PierreR89 added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Scania T143
    Started work on the Scania T143 "roadrunner" that i bought from ebay a few weeks ago.
    The frame and engine are done now, just have to paint them.
    I also have to find the right Scania green that they used on the engines for the 3 series trucks, the instructions say black/grey but that is what is used for the 4series that also have a new engine.
    Sorry about the blurry photos i dont know why my phone did that...
    It is not the wheels that is going to be on it when it is done

    Compared to the AMT Kenworth W925:

    Rear suspension:
    Those who drove Scanias with that suspension used to joke about them and call them for "flintstone suspension" because it did not work that good...
    They had about as much suspension as Fred Flintstone's car have...
    As a result of that the towers that hold the axle to the frame used to crack and in the worst case the axle could simply fall out from under the truck..
    When i worked as a mechanic i had to drive out to one Scania with this setup and use straps to secure the axle to the truck again because those towers had broke in half so the truck could not move.
    When the driver drove forward the axle just dragged behind it, reverisng ended up with the drivewheels wanting to climb over the axle so the truck was stuck there untill we could get the axle tied up the the frame with straps...

    14Liter Scania v8:

    Just for fun i compared the Scania v8 to the CAT3408:
    The CAT v8 looks small compared to it

    Engine testfitted in the frame:

    Also just for fun:
    The CAT engine was to short and not wide enough so it almost fell through the frame..

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  2. PierreR89 added a post in a topic AMT Kenworth W925   

    Thanks for that link, there was some helpfull pic's in there.

    Thanks, I have not done much to it for a few days now, the only things new on it are that the drivetires are on it and the plate where the fifthwheel is mounted.
  3. PierreR89 added a post in a topic AMT Kenworth W925   

    Is there no one that can help with how the front engine support is supposed to be?
    I am kinda stuck there at the moment.
  4. PierreR89 added a post in a topic Words of warning   

    I was at the doctor today to check if i still was in the risk for diabetes or not.
    All the values was in the normal range (no risk of getting it) and he was also impressed that i had managed to loose that much weight since the last time i was there.
    He also told me that if i kept doing what i was doing he would probably never have to see me again for that problem.
    He also asked how i had managed to do that and i told him that i had changed job and there are alot of walking each day. Then told me to stay at that place and never change.
    So i guess now i have a doctors order to not change my job
  5. PierreR89 added a post in a topic Reissue Wishlist   

    I sent Revell an question about those trucks and trailers just to see what they had to say.
    It sounded on them that the trucks was not impossible to have reissued sometime in the future, they had to check the molds and possibly repair them becuase they are from the 70's
    The trailers will probably not come back, the target group for them is to small.
  6. PierreR89 added a post in a topic Italieri Clasic Western Star   

    Its the same with their Volvo FH16 XL (#3867)
    Wrong engine, oilpan and valvecover gives it away as a mix of a D9 and D12 that never existed.. (9 and 12 liter)
    An FH 16 uses a D16 engine (16 liter)
    The exhaust manifold is also wrong

    Atleast the VN has the correct oilpan if it is supposed to have a Volvo engine in it.
  7. PierreR89 added a post in a topic Volvo FH16   

    Looks good.
    Those fairing supports are no fun to mount irl either, to many things you have to do at once if you dont have the right tools for it...
    Its still a pain if you have the right tools but not enough people helping you...

    Looks like Italeri got the angle wrong where the windshield meets the roof, they dont have that indent in the roof where the sunvisor is supposed to be.
    Its all a smooth line from the bottom of the windshield to the top of the roof.
    Also not sure that they got the correct engine in it, the one we had at automotive school was a 93 and it did not have that.
    Never seen one irl, all that i have worked on had the exhaust manifold + turbo on the passengerside and the aircleaner mounted behind the engine.

    Those multipiece cabs can be a pain sometimes but i like building them instead of the solid cabs that can be warped in every possible direction and you have to put in many hours to fix that.
  8. PierreR89 added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    AMT Kenworth W925
    Got bored a few days ago and decided to start building the Kenworth W925 from AMT.
    This is how far i have come for now.
    Btw do anyone have a pic of how the front engine support is supposed to be?
    The AMT instructions are really useless on some things, and that is just one of them...
    Also learned that if i ever build one more of them i am going to add the sleeper supports before the fueltanks...


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  9. PierreR89 added a post in a topic Reissue Wishlist   

    The 6 axle heavy trailers (gravel trailer, flatbed trailer and tank trailer) that Revell had would be nice to have reissued again
    There is a 6axle flatbed on eBay now and its £350 ($450)..
    There is also the 6axle heavy gravel trailer where the bidding starts at $199
    Last time i saw the heavy tank trailer it was also at around $400..

    Also any of their trucks with 3 driveaxles like the Peterbilt alaskan hauler, Peterbilt canadian hauler and Kenworth heavy hauler, Kenworth oriental express
    The alaskan hauler and canadian hauler are between $170-$250 on ebay now..
  10. PierreR89 added a post in a topic Help with Scania R560   

    Can you add a pic of the parts?
    Maybe a pic of what the manual also tells you to do?
    Have not built the kit, but have worked on 1/1 Scanias (and Man,Volvo,Daf,Iveco,Mercedes) for about 7 years.
    Found this, its the same you are building only different decals but there are 4 pic,s showing those wheelblockers and where they go.
  11. PierreR89 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Found 2 trucks that am not sure what i am going to with them.
    This Scania:

    And this Ford:
    Anyone knows what engine that is in this kit or is it the usual cummins that are in almost every us truck kit?
  12. PierreR89 added a post in a topic Another heavy haul   

    They probably could drive it to the destination by itself BUT there are both weight and axleload limitations for most roads.
    By driving it on the road they could easily destroy the surface and any pipes, wires that are under it.
    Those limits are also the reason why heavy haul trailers have so many tires, that is to spread out the weight more over the surface and reducing the axleload.
  13. PierreR89 added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    Today was one of those days when i just should have stayed in the bed all day
    Was out walking in the woods, slipped on a loose rock and fell in to a swampy area next to the path i was walking on..
    Later was talking to a friend of mine with the front passengerdoor open on my jeep and had my right hand on b-pillar.
    Then a stong windgust comes and slams the door on to my hand, my friend though it was hilarious, me not so much..
    Then i decided that i should probably do atleast one adult thing today by hanging up a framed picture on the wall and ended up hitting the thumb of my left hand that i was using to hold the nail i was going to use with the hammer...

  14. PierreR89 added a post in a topic Model year id help   

    The first one can be from -73-87.
    I am not sure now but i think the round lights was standard on those from the 70's
    Mine from -82 have the dual square headlights on it
    Revell as it as a gmc with a snowplow and a wrecker version of it with those round headlights
  15. PierreR89 added a post in a topic Words of warning   

    I wish i could get a dog, but living alone and working 10hrs mon-fri so i dont have time for one.
    It worked when i was watching one of my parents dog a few weeks ago but he is 10years old so he did mostly sleep when i was not home.
    I had time to go home during my lunchbreak at work to let him out for a few minutes before i had to drive back.
    But doing the same with a puppy will not work at all.