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  1. Mack DM600

    Thanks. Yes it could be for those who wanted to build a showtruck. But for me that dont do that and wants to build them as they would have looked the day they left the factory (must learn how to weather a truck properly) its just annoying with to much chrome. I also find that many of the chrome parts break much easier then those who are not chromed so that is also a reason why i dont like when there is to much of those parts.
  2. Mack R no frills

    Looks great. My DM600 was the same way with almost everything you mentioned so i also supected the molds for that to be worn out. Can only hope that they dont use the same molds for the rereleased DM800 as the have on the 600 (everything but the v8 engine, hood fenders and radiator for the 800 is included in the 600 kit) If they use the old molds for the DM800 it will probably be easy and fun to build (like mine was as it was an ERTL kit and not a rerelease) The 600 was just a pain to build with every part in it having some kind of problem or i just got a kit that should have been rejected?
  3. Mack DM600

    Thanks. Yes there is way to much chrome in this and the DM800 kit. And personally i think that there is way to much chrome in any of the AMT,s truck kits (atleast those that i have) Tanks, grilles, badging,horns and smokestack i can agree on to be chrome but when gearleavers, steeringlinkages, steeringwheel, brakecylinders, oilpan + other engineparts, airtanks, and fifthwheel gets chrome to then its way to much. Well atleast they didnt chrome the seats as Heller did in their Scania 141 kit..
  4. Mack DM600

    Made the last things on this one today. Painted almost exactly the same as my DM800 it does not show up on any pic,s but i got the wrong can when i painted the frame so instead of normal black it is black metallic. If that had not happend it would be exaclty the same as the DM800.
  5. What Irked You Today?

    Thats true, it could have been worse. I was worried about parkinson but it was not that.
  6. What Irked You Today?

    Not today but a few days ago. That a doctor told me what the problems with my hands are. They shake whenever i try to do something that requres small fine movements such as building models or using a screwdriver to release or tighten a screw. Apparently i have esential tremor (a neurological disorder) It usually gets passed along in the family but no side of my family has it so i am one of the "few lucky ones" that gets it for no known reason. Feels (something that would get me banned if i wrote it) that i am not even 30 years old yet and being told that i need to take medications for the rest of my life to keep it under control. It will only get worse with age and there is no cure for it...
  7. Ford LTL9000

    Thanks. I bought it just because of the wolf decals and that it was a Ford because i wanted something different.
  8. Peterbilt 352

  9. Ford LTL9000

    I looked around a little, there are no (unintended) left over parts and part 148 in this kit is for one of the rear trackbars to the driveaxle. However in the ford aeromax kit the spacer you are talking about is included. A little odd that both Revell and Italeri (this is from Italeri) dont mention anything about that in the LTL9000 kits as all of them have the same cab and all of them would probably tilt like this without it. But its no big deal to make one my self and the cab should come of with a little carefull bending.
  10. Ford LTL9000

    Could be, but those front mounts are molded in to the framerails and if i had lowered the interior there would be a big gap above the instrumentpanel that also would be seen from inside the enginebay. It could possibly also be the rear cab support that is to long and makes everything tilt forward because it looks worse in the pic,s then it is. But i will give it a try when my shoulder wants to cooperate more with me then it does right now...
  11. Pete 378

    Just take your time with it and eventually everything will line up. It might take some time, i had to fight the multipiece cab on my Ford for about 15-20 minutes before everything lined up good enough for me to slide in the interior in it and making it stable. Then just set it aside and dont touch it for a while while the glue dries. On the multipiece sleepers i have found it easier for me to start with the floorpan and the rearwall, after that the driver side wall and then put in the bed in (if it has one) it as it will keep those two walls straight. Then you can mount the rest of the walls and lastly the roof. The multipiece cabs and sleepers will always mess with you in one way or another..
  12. Ford LTL9000

    Made the last things on this today so its done. There is some fitment problems between the hood and cab so the hood will not close properly. I think that one of the pieces that makes up the hood is warped due to its age and i did not notice it untill everything was painted and i was going to mount it on the frame.
  13. Peterbilt 352

    This have been done for a few days now exept for a few small things, like i forgot to paint the steps on the passengerside, have the shiftlever laying beside it and not glued on the front bumper to the frame. I tried but something got wrong when i built the cab or frame so the cab will not line up with the chassie or close properly so it just sits there now.
  14. Always wanted to build one of these boats and found one on Ebay today.
  15. Kenworth K100