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  1. 1/25 MPC Mack DM 800

    Here is how the decalsheet looks for the ERTL kit ot this truck
  2. Mack DM800

    Have been building on this for a couple of days and i did the final things on it today It was fun to build but it did fight me on some parts... I hope that round2 have fixed those problems with their upcoming rerelease. The biggest problem was that the fenders did not line up with the cab if you are using the cabmounts molded on to the framerails. The manual say to mount the cab before the fenders but you have to mount those + the radiator first and then adjust the cab after them removing the molded slots in the interiorbucket for the cab mounts helps alot. Another problem was the passengerside mirrorarm as it is exactly the same as the driverside but this side needs to have the bottom leg bent in an angle to have the mirror sit straight, i did not care and now it is all over the place... And for those who might build one when you reach step 17 in the instruction mount the exhaustpipe that goes between the engine and stack before you mount the springbrace on the front springs. I did not... but after many twists and turns it finally came in to its correct place Also as a fun thing i did notice that Mack and Scania cooperated with eachother at one time because alot of the parts on the engine and placement of others is almost exactly the same as Scania have on their v8,s from this era
  3. Murphy was right!

    When you need just a little superglue like a small drop you will mess up and accidently squirt out way to much so you cant touch any part without getting stuck for atleast an hour.. When succesfully applied superglue to any part and you are thinking for your self lets be careful now your fingers will find a small drop of glue on something that is very visible when mounted and the part is stuck to your fingers.. So any tips on how to remove dried superglue with a fingerprint from the clear plastic that is used as a windshield for a truck...
  4. MAN engine help requested

    I used to work in a MAN garage but i am not really sure what the first two numbers stand for, the last is always horsepower But somewhere in my mind i belive it stands for the maximum weight they are allowed. In this case that truck is allowed to weigh 26 tonnes with the trailer attached and loaded. So looking by a pick of the kit and seing that it is a 6x4 drivetrain then it would be correct with those numbers as their trucks that is only 4x2 is allowed a gross weight of 18 tonnes. Also from some other pics i see straight away that the gearbox is a ZF. Cant help you with the exact engine name as i dont have access to those repairmanuals anymore.
  5. Not sure if this is the right place for this one. This is Lego,s version of the Mack anthem + a selfloading container trailer. The truck has steerable front wheels, a working "engine" (the pistons move when movig the truck) a fith wheel that can lock and open to secure the trailer, opening doors and hood. The trailer has working landinggear, working supportlegs and working cranes for loading and unloading the container (that has opening doors) The supportlegs on the trailer needs to be down to load and unload the container or it will fall over just like a real one would do.
  6. On the rereleased Peterbilt 352 pacemaker the bumper have number 509 and the hinges are 66 and 67, 2 of each The part of the hinge that make the cab being able to tilt is molded in to the bumper. Cant help you with the coneventional peterbilt as the only one i have is the california hauler and it does not have any hood hinges
  7. Truck Kits You've Scored Recently

    Got some more trucks from ebay.... Need to start building some of them soon i have 28 trucks waiting to get built someday.. 32 including these 4.. I already have a 1/16 peterbilt but it is in bad shape with lots of missing parts and can probably just be used as a partstruck or have them side by side to show off how much more skill i have now compared to when i was 12 years old and built it
  8. What Irked You Today?

    Was going to replace the brakes on my suburban today, brakepads and rotors.... Only got the pads replaced because some idiots who worked on it before thought it would be a good idea to weld the rotor to the part of the hub where the wheel mounts to.. Since mine is a diesel and 4x4 it has 8 lugs and the rotor sits behind that part and is held in place by the wheelstuds... The 4 bolts holding the hub in the knuckle was rounded so i have to weld a nut on each to remove them.. But wait there is more... On the right side they had crossthreaded the caliperbolts so bad that they somehow managed to bend them. I had to fix that as good as i could just to get the new bolts in but i have to replace the knucke to get one that has good threads in it. I could drill it out and use helicoil but i dont trust them at all since they never work for me for more then a few months before they break. Also coppergrease on everything and for caliperbolts that needs to be able to slide that is a bad idea... Had to clean all that off everything to and then replace the bushings in the calipers to get them to slide as they should again.. And this time use silicone grease as you are supposed to do if you want it to work for more than 2 weeks... The best part of all this is that the garage who replaced the brakes on it before me wrote it in the servicemanual for it so i atleast know where to never leave any vehicle... Should be interesting to see what else they have messed up on it next time i have to fix something.... The lesson here is that if you want it done right you have to do it yourself...
  9. How Old Are You

    I am 28. But some days it feels like i am much older thanks to some injuries i have... Some can be fixed, others can not...
  10. Truck Kits You've Scored Recently

    Found 2 kits on ebay that i have been looking for. This: And this:
  11. Favorite police procedural/crime dramas

    Have you also seen The bridge 2 ? If you have, did you notice that in some episodes of that there was an old Chevy truck being used? If you did that was mine, the productioncompany that filmed the bridge 2 borrowed it from me when they were filming it.
  12. This looks exactly like my real Grand cherokee looked like when i bought it. It even have the same interior color. Then it kind of derailed a little when i was going to replace some parts and now it look like this...
  13. What truck is this?

    Okej, thanks. Then i need to find one of those if i want to build a model of it.
  14. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Got some new truckkits from ebay. All exept one from AMT 1: White RoadBoss 2: Diamond Reo 3: White Freightliner 4: International Transtar 4300 Eagle 5: Mack Cruiseliner 6: White Western Star 7: Peterbilt 352 pacemaker 8: Mack DM600 9: Kenworth K-100 aerodyne (revell)
  15. What truck is this?

    Found this pic of a wrecker on my computer that i had saved for some reason. Anyone here here what truck it is built on?