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  1. PierreR89 added a post in a topic Italeri MAN F2000 6x4   

    Looks good.
    Dont forget to adjust the intake,exhaust and possible evb valves on the yearly s12 service
    Intake is 0.5mm and exhaust is 0.8mm, if it is modern enough to have evb they are set to 0.6mm.
    Slightly offtopick, if it had an euro 4&5 engine it it they needed to have their valves adjusted at every oilchange...
    Euro 6 needs it done once every 2 year.
    On that service you have 13 hours to go through everything between the numberplates on the truck, sometime those to if they are about to fall off...

    How i know this, i was a MAN truck mechanic for almost 7 years.
  2. PierreR89 added a post in a topic Mack Superliner Rebuild   

    Looks good.
  3. PierreR89 added a post in a topic Italeri black thunder   

    Ordered some aftermarket parts for it, badges,wheels, tires, mudflaps and some other stuff.
    Untill they arrive this is how far i can go.

  4. PierreR89 added a post in a topic Dual airintake on K100 and K123 and engine questions   

    Thanks for your reply.
    Found out that i dont have to scratchbuild anything as auslowe are about to release a areodyne kw (for the AMT kit) that have the dual aircleaners, they are also going to sell them seperatly so i think i am going to go with them to save some time.
    From the looks of their kw uses the 12v71
  5. PierreR89 added a post in a topic Italeri black thunder   

    Engineroom is done and the aircleaners are done.
    Did a few other small things to it this evening, testfitted the stoneguard, mounted the bugshield and glued in the headlightlenses.
    Now i only have the mudguards, indicators and roof ac left and then it is done.

  6. PierreR89 added a post in a topic Dual airintake on K100 and K123 and engine questions   

    Thanks, yes i found pictures of them the day after, guess my google skills were off when i posted the question..
  7. PierreR89 added a post in a topic Italeri black thunder   

    Its almost done as of now, just some small details left mostly lights, mudguards, airintake and aircleaner assembly in the enginebay and some other small stuff.
    Added the old and barely holding together decals to it and mounted the cab and sleeper to the chassie.
    Used a chromepen to paint the exhaust, some aircleaner details and the bottom trimpiece of the sleeper.
    I am going to buy some mack badge photoetch and bulldog to make it look more complete in the front.
    It looks good now but knowing there should be a name and bulldog on the radiatorgrille is going to bug me for ever if i dont fix that.
    You can also see that Italeri got lazy when converting it to a australian truck by just throwing a set of aircleaners on it (and keeping it LHD..), if it were in reality the doors would not be able to open more then a few inches..

  8. PierreR89 added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    Technically not today but a few days ago.
    I got to play (drive around / lift containers and then check for any signs of leaks) around in one of the machines i build at work, a reachstacker.

  9. PierreR89 added a post in a topic Italeri black thunder   

    Thank you
    Have not done much to it today, glued in the headlights in the hood and thats it...
    I also thought about leaving the roof of the sleeper unglued so those that want can lift it off and take a look inside it, there are no decals in the way for it to be removable so why not.

    Thats one of the things that i am not very happy about on my Western star, all the work done in the sleeper and then just glue the roof on and some decals on the sides and the interior will never be seen again..
    I have it removable on my alaskan hauler + it has opening doors so anyone that is interested can lift it off and open the doors to look at the interior.
    They did however mess up on the hood instead, the huge front bumper is not movable so the hood is impossible to have in open position but i made it so it is just to lift it off instead so that the engine can be looked at.
    I am going to post pic,s of it in  te under glass section later.
  10. PierreR89 added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    Dual airintake on K100 and K123 and engine questions
    For my next project's once the Black Thunder is done is an Kenworth K100 and K123 that i was planning to build as australian trucks.
    Most of the pics i have found of australian versions of them have dual airintakes, so that is one thing i also want to make on them.
    But how are the dual airintake connected to the airfilter housing? i have not found any good pic,s of it.
    As most here probably knows those kits only comes with singel airintakes.
    What engines was mostly used in them in australia?
    I know that the K123 could have a cat engine but not sure wich one, maybee a v8 would be fun to have in it?
    I also know that the K100 could have a detroit v12 in them so i am almost thinking of using the auslowe,s v12 for it.
    If it were used in them in australia i dont know, but i am getting tired of almost every truckkit only having a 6cylinder engine and want something different.
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  11. PierreR89 added a post in a topic Italeri black thunder   

    Finnised the main parts of the cab and there are only mostly chromedetails left to do on it.
    Assembled the sleeper and then did a testfit of everything on the frame.
    If i had read the instructions better before i started i would have bought the aircleaner set from auslowe as those in the kit are just for show and have no airhoses from the engine connected to them..
    The kit wants you to use the stock airintake that sits next to the radiator and goes directly to the airfilter housing then in to the intake on the turbo.
    Now i am to far gone to do anything about it..

  12. PierreR89 added a post in a topic Italeri black thunder   

    Interior and instrumentpanel are done, did not do much detail,s on them since most of it will be hard to see.
    This is how far i have come on the aircleaners and bullbar, still some more painting to be done on the aircleaners.
    I think i will have to do the last thing on the aircleaners when they are mounted on the cab so everything lines up.
    The lighthousings on the bullbar are going to be black and not chrome.


  13. PierreR89 added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    That it is around 80f (27c) outside not a cloud in sight and i have to drive for 2 hours soon and the ac is out on my jeep...
    Atleast the driverside window still rolls down.. the rest are broken in both mechanical and electrical ways...
  14. PierreR89 added a post in a topic Italeri black thunder   

    Thanks i suspected that.
  15. PierreR89 added a post in a topic Italeri black thunder   

    Did some more tonight,
    Also not sure if i am going to use the wheels from the kit or replace them with spiders instead.
    Borrowed the rubbertires that is on it now from an american superliner kit that i have as the tires included with the black thunder are plastic..