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  1. Fixing a warped frame?

    Its the frame for the bandag bandit KW, but the superboss frame is exactly the same.
  2. Fixing a warped frame?

    A pic of your jig would be nice so i can try and make something similar if i fail with the other suggestions. Thanks for the offer but i think it would end up costing to much in shipping and i would probably end up having to pay customs for my own things (almost everything from us to sweden gets stopped by them..)
  3. Fixing a warped frame?

    Here are some photos of the frame. Is it possible to save it with heat (water/heatgun) or its better to make/find a new one?
  4. Modified Pete 579 Large Vehicle Hauler

    I see them now. Looks good.
  5. Volvo FH16 + trailer

  6. Got inspired by looking at someone elses build of the papa truck here so i decided to build mine.
  7. Fixing a warped frame?

    Okay, thanks i will try that first to se if it helps. How do i do it with hot water? do i heat them up with it and then tape them to something flat and let them sit like that untill they have cooled off again? I cant make new ones as there are no hobbyshops around where i live anymore, there was but internet shopping killed them.. Also this frame has the torsionbar supension molded in to them and i am not sure if i want to mess with that and trying to get everything lined up so it will go together like it is supposed to
  8. Fixing a warped frame?

    So i was looking in a old kit i have and noticed that both framerails for that truck has warped badly, they look like a C now and obviously that wont work when i want to build that kit. What is the best way to make them straight again? I have fixed a few others before but they were not that bad and could be fixed by just bending them slightly to the other way.
  9. International Lonestar

  10. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Me bored and ebay is never a good thing. Got these 2 kits from there today: Now i just need to buy another "Papa truck" so i can turn it in to the "hideout truck" for the Bandit and after that i will have both dragtrucks and the transporters for them. (Already have superboss and papa truck)
  11. Some kits you know will never be available again . . .

    Not related at all but my very firs modelkit that i ever built was a Aston martin db5 in 1/32 from airfix. I was 8-10 years old and my dad helped me and explaned how it worked that you had to look at the manual to se the partnumber, then find it among the other parts and glue it to the location the manual told you to. I still have it and it looks terrible
  12. Volvo FH16 + trailer

    Started this last year and then i got bored with it because so many things are wrong with it to be a correct FH16, Engine, brakes and chassie is wrong. The trailer is italeris normal euro trailer used for every version they have so if you have seen my "queen of the wolves" trailer this is exactly the same exept for the decals. I think the decals was starting to get to old because they would barely let go of the backingpaper they were on, the "decal" on the trailerwalls and above the sunshade on the cab is just stickers. Thats why the Volvo emblem on the front is missing, they would simply not let go.
  13. International Lonestar

    Have been building on this on and off for a while now and got it done a week or two ago. The most modern and wierd looking truck of all us truckmodels i have. It is from Moebius and after i all i have read about the instructions on this kit i did think that it cant be that bad, (i was wrong, very wrong ) Ended up using revells instructions for it to get it done. Cant decide if i want to use the roofspoiler or not so for now it is removable.
  14. Anyone convert a Revell W900 Aerodyne to a day cab?

    I think it was a few years ago it was out. I got lucky on ebay last year and got one at a reasonable price from ebays german site. (.de instead of .com) I did a quick look now and only saw one for sale that the seller only wanted bids for starting at $85... But if you go to their german site you will finde more at a more normal price but i dont know how much the shipping and customs will be for you.
  15. List of kit engines (how to find)

    Diamond Reo - Red Haha this is funny, i painted the engine in my Diamond Reo red because i read somewhere that the rebuilt engines were painted red. So i thought that and old truck like this must have had the engine rebuilt or replaced atleast once in its life. That + i am a little tired of the beige i have been painting on many engines now. I did not know about these lists until a few days ago. But it seems like i have got it right completley by accident