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  1. Diamond Reo

    Its not the right mirrorarms on it, i gave up on the ones that were supposed to be there (stupid things, way to many parts with almost 0 places for the glue to even attach to..) Any ideas on how to get them together? i have a road boss that have the same arms and now i dont have any left over arms from any other truck.. I think these are left over arms from the Peterbilt 352. The exhaust stack tilted to one side after i left it to let the glue dry and so did the hose tenna... Had to modify the mounting for the hood so it would close properly so instead of being able to tilt forward its removable. Never going to build one of these again with all the problems i had with it (more that i dont even want to list..)
  2. B.R.B.O Scania T143 + tank trailer

    I have never built that tanker before either so i am also curious of how it will turn out. Only thing that i am a little worried about on it is that Italeri split it up in top and bottom half so it can be a little work to clean up the seam beteween them. If you count the steps on the ladder the seam will be somewhere around the 4th step (counted from the top down) I have also decided what color the Scania will have, it will have a black frame and a silver metallic body. And if i have time i am thinking of making a bullbar to it that looks like this
  3. This is what i am going to build, have not decided if its just going to be out of the box builds or i will add some aftermarket parts to them.
  4. Big Rig Build Off Entry List 2019, Rules and Updates

    Here is mine.
  5. Big Rig Build Off 2019

    I´m also in Scania T143 + topas heavy tank trailer.
  6. International transtar 4300 eagle

    Thanks, i wanted it to look like the box do. I think i came close to it atleast I am not that happy about how some decals turned out on it but it to late to fix that now.
  7. Autocar A64B

    There are a few small things left that i have not decided yet if i want to do or not. Was thinking of using some of the black vinyl hose to make it look like the lubrefiner and powersteering reservoair is connected to something. The orange is more darker in real and i left the hood in its 3 seperate pieces.
  8. Did the last things on this the other night.
  9. AMT Construction Bulldozer

    Looks like a hard working/well used bulldozer should look like.
  10. Mack DM600

    I have forgot most of the problems that i had with this kit but i will write about those i remember. MACK lettering on the front, there is nothing to go on for distance so you have to wing it. Mirror on the passengerside is all over the place just because i used the existing lockatingholes in the aircleaner, maybee have could got it straight if i cut of the locationpins on the arm mounts? The hood extensions on the passengerside on both the hood and cab, i thought i got them perfect (nothing to go on for exact location) but they interfere with eachother when opening/closing the hood. I think the front bumper came to high on the framerails so the hood hits it and will not open more then it does in one of the pic,s. The crossbrace above the engine that goes between the cab and ratiator was 1-2mm to short on one side so it just hangs in the air, i think it can be seen in one of the pic,s to. I aligned the cab to the hood after i had the hood mounted. The DM800 was a pain to try to align the cab and hood but that was mostly due to that it was an original ERTL kit and not a reissue so parts had warped over the years
  11. Italeri Volvo FH16 Globetrotter XL

    Looks like they have updated the engine to look like a D16 engine this time and not the "lets mix every volvo engine mold we have in every kit and hope no one notice that it looks like a engine that never existed" engines that are in all other FH12/16 kits they have..
  12. What Irked You Today?

    Was getting my Jeep ready to use during the winter for those days when it is snow on the ground and just when i was going to take it out for a testdrive i stepped on the brake and broke the rear left brakecylinder.... Brakefluid on the backingplate for the drum gave me a big hint that it broke... Worst part is, i replaced the brakeshoes in the rear on it just last year and have not drove more then 500km,s with it since then.... For those that dont know, brakefluid contaminates the frictionmaterial on the brakeshoes and it is almost impossible to get them clean as the material absorbs the brakefluid..
  13. Kenworth W-900 Wrecker

    I looked in the kit i have with blue decals and i have that parts tree in mine. Must have been lucky and got a good kit when i bought it a few years ago.
  14. Heller 1/43 Renault 4cv. Got it as a "gift" when i bought the 50 years of revell scania showtruck. I am never ever going to build it, i dont even want it in my house..
  15. Kalmar Ottawa Yard Tractor

    To me the enigne looks like it is the Cummins that is in the autocar a64b kit just beacuse of the exhaustmanifold without turbo.