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  1. Mack DM600

    I have forgot most of the problems that i had with this kit but i will write about those i remember. MACK lettering on the front, there is nothing to go on for distance so you have to wing it. Mirror on the passengerside is all over the place just because i used the existing lockatingholes in the aircleaner, maybee have could got it straight if i cut of the locationpins on the arm mounts? The hood extensions on the passengerside on both the hood and cab, i thought i got them perfect (nothing to go on for exact location) but they interfere with eachother when opening/closing the hood. I think the front bumper came to high on the framerails so the hood hits it and will not open more then it does in one of the pic,s. The crossbrace above the engine that goes between the cab and ratiator was 1-2mm to short on one side so it just hangs in the air, i think it can be seen in one of the pic,s to. I aligned the cab to the hood after i had the hood mounted. The DM800 was a pain to try to align the cab and hood but that was mostly due to that it was an original ERTL kit and not a reissue so parts had warped over the years
  2. Italeri Volvo FH16 Globetrotter XL

    Looks like they have updated the engine to look like a D16 engine this time and not the "lets mix every volvo engine mold we have in every kit and hope no one notice that it looks like a engine that never existed" engines that are in all other FH12/16 kits they have..
  3. What Irked You Today?

    Was getting my Jeep ready to use during the winter for those days when it is snow on the ground and just when i was going to take it out for a testdrive i stepped on the brake and broke the rear left brakecylinder.... Brakefluid on the backingplate for the drum gave me a big hint that it broke... Worst part is, i replaced the brakeshoes in the rear on it just last year and have not drove more then 500km,s with it since then.... For those that dont know, brakefluid contaminates the frictionmaterial on the brakeshoes and it is almost impossible to get them clean as the material absorbs the brakefluid..
  4. Kenworth W-900 Wrecker

    I looked in the kit i have with blue decals and i have that parts tree in mine. Must have been lucky and got a good kit when i bought it a few years ago.
  5. Heller 1/43 Renault 4cv. Got it as a "gift" when i bought the 50 years of revell scania showtruck. I am never ever going to build it, i dont even want it in my house..
  6. Kalmar Ottawa Yard Tractor

    To me the enigne looks like it is the Cummins that is in the autocar a64b kit just beacuse of the exhaustmanifold without turbo.
  7. What Irked You Today?

    Yeah it is very frustrating, infact so frustrating that this is the first vehicle i have just given up on and dont even care that it does it anymore. I have checked the connectors to and cleaned them + i did what Ace-Garageguy mention about disasemble the connectors. No trouble codes sets when it does this, this is also a pre obd system so to check troublecodes i have to count how many times the check engine light flashes. The pcm is in the enginebay so every wire from that to everything else is ok. I have not tested to simulate the problem, might try that. Yes i have jeeps own factory service manual for it and have tried to find that but for most of the electrical problems it just refers to the drb2 scan tool.. Yeah if also could talk to vehicles i would still be a mechanic and not building reachstackers where any problems is up to someone else to figure out, i am just hired to build them This is to old for obdII and have what Chrysler called "Chrysler 1" that is useless unless you have a drb2 scan tool. Without that you can just check what troublecodes there are by cycling the ignitionkey and then count how many times the check engine light flashes so thats not much help when it just displays 55= end of codes/no stored codes. Haha thanks, but this has been going on for about 4 years now so i have basically given up on it. I am at that point that i am thinking of modding the cruisecontrol system a bit so i can manually control it when i am standing still. Already have the wiring diagram for that + the relays and switches needed..
  8. What Irked You Today?

    Want to try and diagnose a odd problem i have in my 93 ZJ 5.2? I can start with that it is an intermittent problem so it can run fine for months and then start to act up for a few days/weeks/months... What happens is that something in it decides that idling is just stupid so it will not idle at all when its cold or warm, i can force it to "idle" if i adjust the rpm,s with the accelerator. Untill it has warmed up i have to drive it with both feet, one on the accelerator to keep the engine running and one for braking + watching the rpm,s on the dash and also listen to the engine, this way of driving it can get very interesting sometimes... When it has warmed up enough so that it keeps idling it will do it at about 400rpm,s and not the normal 8-900 it usually stays at.. The distance i have to drive it for it to be able to idle by itself is never the same sometimes it can take 5-6km,s other times i have driven 60km,s and it still would not idle. Here is what i have done: Checked and tested every wire in the enginebay all checked out fine. Replaced every sensor on the engine and those that were aftermarket was replaced to mopar parts = still would not want to idle Replaced o2 sensor as it was failing = still would not want to idle Checked for vaccuumleaks, did not find any leaks at all. = still would not want to idle Normal service stuff + fuelinjectors (had one that got stuck open) = still would not want to idle Replaced pcm to a known good just to eliminate that. = still would not want to idle so the stock pcm got put back in again New battery and tested alternator = still would not want to idle Then as suddenly as it starts with the no idle thing it will work like nothing was ever wrong with it.. Oh i forgot, there is no factory or aftermarket security system in it. Ever had that problem on a car/ truck before?
  9. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Got these from Ebay. Scania T143: This trailer: And this:
  10. Brockway conversion kit

    Thanks. I dont know if i want it to be just a roadtractor or one that could be used offroad to. I know nothing about winchtrucks but i guess they were used mostly in offroad terrain? Then i can use the frame for the superliner for this when i start building it so i get some use out of that kit exept just collecting dust.. It will still only be me and those here that knows it is not the right frame for the truck. Going by how italeri makes their truck kits no one that just looks at it will notice anything even if they look at the engine unless they are told that part x,y,z are wrong.. Their modern volvo kits has nothing correct exept the shape of the cab and the scanias had the correct engine up untill they started the 4 series where scania used a different engine. I will try to remember to start a buildthread when i get to that point but i cant promise anything as i often get halfway done before i think about doing a buildthread on most of my builds and then i see no point in it Thanks for that link, i will check it out later.
  11. Brockway conversion kit

    Thanks for the info. Great that the 361 was one of the models offerd with a v12 just beacuse that was the kit i like the most for some reason of those 3 i listed. I suspected that the hood opend like that but i did not know that fenders were able to swing out to get better access to the engine, it might take some work to get it functional but when i start on this it is not something that will be done in about 2-3 days as the others i have built. To scratchbuild parts is no problems and i have alot of left over parts from other kits that i have built so some parts i might not have to make myself. Guess i could look for a used kit or partskit for a DM600 that still have the frame in it, the only partskit i have is the Italeri american superliner (postoffice did a nice number on it when they shipped it and the cab and hood is crushed and not useable..) But that frame will probably not work as it is not even the right frame for a mack superliner.
  12. Brockway conversion kit

    I was looking at aitm,s website and got very interested in building one of their Brockway conversions kits. There are 3 models i am choosing of and it is the 361, 760 and 761. Which of these models did have the option of the detrit v12 or you could get it in anyone you wanted? I am thinking of building it like a winch truck (never see winchtrucks or Brockways in Sweden anyway so it would be a fun truck to have in my collection) What truckkit is a good chassiedonor for the conversion ? Or is it best to buy the mack heavy duty chassie that they also offer? I did a quick search and it looks like some of them was based on mack trucks. How did the hoods open on them? Were they the normal flip front or did the open the hood like the autocar where you just lift the sides?
  13. robert e lee steamboat

    Looks great. I have that kit to that i am going to build sometime. What color did you paint the roof on it? is it the same color as you painted the lower deck or something else? All pics i have seen of this built they have all been different, some were wood color, some were green and some were black. Do anyone know what color they were on the real boat?
  14. What do you drive?

    Use this for mostly long trips and when i dont feel like driving my ZJ Its a 1997 Chevrolet suburban K1500 with the 6.5td v8. It also has the heavy duty drivetrain and frame in it because it has the 6.5 v8 in it. Heavy duty = 8lug wheels, axles from the 2500models, stronger suspension and external coolers for the engine oil, transmission fluid and powersteering + a huge radiator for the coolant. Skidplates almost everywhere under it and front and rear AC. The previous owner did have it tuned by a company here that only do the 6.5 engines so it has way more power then a stock does, it moves when i want to. The speedo only goes to 180km/h and after it has bottomed out it is still accelerating.. I only plan on replacing the exhaust to a more freeflowing one to get more power from it, i already put in a open airfilter so it gets all the air it needs compared to the stock airbox that has a big restriction befor it goes to the turbo. And because of that i can hear the turbowhistle even at idle when it is warm. I might be a bit childish but its fun to get the turbo to dump pressure when driving through the town i live in and alot of people just watch and wonder how this thing can make that sound because vehicles like this never do that. ( dont worry i know how to get it to do that while driving the speedlimit or slower)
  15. Mack DM600

    Thanks. Yes it could be for those who wanted to build a showtruck. But for me that dont do that and wants to build them as they would have looked the day they left the factory (must learn how to weather a truck properly) its just annoying with to much chrome. I also find that many of the chrome parts break much easier then those who are not chromed so that is also a reason why i dont like when there is to much of those parts.