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  1. Trumpeter ZIL135 w FROG7 rocket

    Painted the instrumentpanel so one thing is done on this monster.. Skipped the decals for the gauges because they were slightly to large to fit where they should go Followed the instructions for a bit but mosty went for the look the one i have seen irl have. The instructions wanted everything except instrumentpanel to be darkgreen and the seats black. The one i have seen looks like this on the inside
  2. Trumpeter ZIL135 w FROG7 rocket

    Found some motivation to work on this again. Instrumentpanel done, just need paint and decals. The instrumentpanel has so many parts that it took 2 hours to put it together.. Cab and enginecover are just on there because i wanted to see how it would look
  3. What Irked You Today?

    Agree. They are there for a reason so if they are in the vehicle you are driving why not use them as they can give you hints that something is about to happen.
  4. What Irked You Today?

    I check that every few seconds every time i drive it anyways so that is not a problem. I know where it normally is when everything is working so as soon i see something odd with it i am pulling over and switching it off. The only gauges i check more then the speedo and revcounter is watertemp, oilpressure and voltgauge. I do also keep an eye on how the exhaust looks like since i can see it in the passengerside mirror, if it suddenly changes from invisible when the engine is warm to white/blue/black smoke then something has gone bad, very bad..
  5. What Irked You Today?

    That the waterpump in my 6.5td suburban decided to quit and start to leak... Because i have no garage to work in i have to replace it outside.. As an extra bonus i have to use it on friday and it is one of those weeks now when it barely gets above 5 degrees farenheit to... Hopefully it will survive if i have alot of extra coolant with me so i can fill it up when the low coolant warning comes on... Maybe it will get a little warmer during the weekend when i have time to replace it...
  6. What Pleased You Today!

    What engine do you have in yours? This makes me want to start work on my -82 C20 with 6.2 Mechanicaly there are no problems exept glowplugs (have those) and leaking fueltanks, the worst part is all the rust on it. The previous owner did not take care of it at all and only "repaired" rust by welding new metal ontop of the rusted part... As a result of that the rockerpanel just fell of when i was washing it one day... I just threw the panel in the cab and parked it in a corner of the yard because i felt like i dont want to deal with this now, and it has been sitting there for a few years now.
  7. Do it have a solid rear axle as jeeps and trucks do have or does it have independent suspension? If it is a solid axle check the trackbar that goes from the frame down to the axle. If the bushings in the trackbar is bad the axle can move frome side to side by itself and it will vibrate like crazy. You can use a crowbar or large screwdriver to check for any play if yu can get it behind the trackbar and its mount on the body and axle. Also check the controlarms if there is any play in them, they can also cause a vibration if they bushings are worn out. You can check them the same way you check the trackbar If they have never been touched since 02 then they probably will be worn out by now.
  8. Volvo LV61 1930

    Here is an old Volvo truck i worked on when i worked as a mechanic. These are the only pic's i have of it. If i remember correctly the wheels on it are made out of wood and not steel. Just remebered that the cab is also made from wood on it. Thought some might like it.
  9. What Pleased You Today!

    Bought a new truck. Its a -97 Chevrolet Suburban 4x4 and with the 6.5td v8 in it, hopefully i can pick it up this weekend. So now i have 6 vehicles... 3 jeeps, 2 cherokee XJ´s with the 4.0 and one Grand cherokee ZJ with the 5.2 3 chevy diesel trucks, 1 C20 with 6.2 and one K2500 silverado with 6.5td and now the suburban also with the 6.5td. I also realized that everytime i buy a new vehicle it is always larger then the one i had, if its not the body it is the engines that go up in size.. Now i am almost scared of what the next one will be...
  10. Whats the weirdest kit in your stash?

    I have that oilrig to. Just need an oiltanker in the same scale to make it look right The oiltanker is Revell's Esso Glasgow in 1/400 (You can also see a part of Revell's colombo express in 1/700 but i dont count that as weird)
  11. Whats the weirdest kit in your stash?

    Nope, just boring electric motors.
  12. Whats the weirdest kit in your stash?

    This is the weirdest kit i have.
  13. What Irked You Today?

    Gasoline is tricky. It dont even have to hit anything hot to ignite, if the air is just right, the tank is a bit 1-1.5 meters up or more and the drainpan is on the floor. Then it can selfignite just because of the friction that the fuelstream encounters when it is falling through the air down to the drainpan. Maybee something like that happend and everything caught fire?
  14. What did you get today?

    Stumbled on this on ebay and just had to buy it. Mostly because i am from Sweden and the small village i grew up in can be traced back to when the vikings was around. There are graves and a few runestones there. Some of wich still can be read if you know how and because that village had them the school learned us how to read them. (Edit: did some checking just beacuse i got curious it can be traced back to before the vikings was there. Some of the graves dates back to sometime in the bronzeage, it ended in 600BC here) And for those who are interested, no one knows when the church in that village was built but its first mention in any document was in the 14th century. The only extra thing i am going to with it is to put in the correct engine for it as the one italeri have in this kit is not even close to be correct for this type of Volvo FH.
  15. DAF 3300 with trailer

    Looks good, but i dont understand what the manual has done wrong with the tires for the trailer? I dont know how many of their trailers i have built and i have never had any problem. There are 2 things that i dont really like. (Probably because i used to work on these types of trailers when i worked as mechanic) Airlines connected to the underside of the airbags, if they were that way in real they would have been ripped off within minutes from leaving the factory or after road debries hit them. The air hoses for the airbags is on the top of almost every trailer with air suspension. Airlines to the brake should go to the brakecylinder (round part of the brake assembly) that sits on the caliper, the way you have it is so it goes to the calipermount. a modern trailer like this have 2 hoses for each brake cylinder, one line is for the service brake and one is for releasing the parkingbrake. Other then that it looks good