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  1. What Irked You Today?

    Was going to replace the brakes on my suburban today, brakepads and rotors.... Only got the pads replaced because some idiots who worked on it before thought it would be a good idea to weld the rotor to the part of the hub where the wheel mounts to.. Since mine is a diesel and 4x4 it has 8 lugs and the rotor sits behind that part and is held in place by the wheelstuds... The 4 bolts holding the hub in the knuckle was rounded so i have to weld a nut on each to remove them.. But wait there is more... On the right side they had crossthreaded the caliperbolts so bad that they somehow managed to bend them. I had to fix that as good as i could just to get the new bolts in but i have to replace the knucke to get one that has good threads in it. I could drill it out and use helicoil but i dont trust them at all since they never work for me for more then a few months before they break. Also coppergrease on everything and for caliperbolts that needs to be able to slide that is a bad idea... Had to clean all that off everything to and then replace the bushings in the calipers to get them to slide as they should again.. And this time use silicone grease as you are supposed to do if you want it to work for more than 2 weeks... The best part of all this is that the garage who replaced the brakes on it before me wrote it in the servicemanual for it so i atleast know where to never leave any vehicle... Should be interesting to see what else they have messed up on it next time i have to fix something.... The lesson here is that if you want it done right you have to do it yourself...
  2. How Old Are You

    I am 28. But some days it feels like i am much older thanks to some injuries i have... Some can be fixed, others can not...
  3. Truck Kits You've Scored Recently

    Found 2 kits on ebay that i have been looking for. This: And this:
  4. Favorite police procedural/crime dramas

    Have you also seen The bridge 2 ? If you have, did you notice that in some episodes of that there was an old Chevy truck being used? If you did that was mine, the productioncompany that filmed the bridge 2 borrowed it from me when they were filming it.
  5. This looks exactly like my real Grand cherokee looked like when i bought it. It even have the same interior color. Then it kind of derailed a little when i was going to replace some parts and now it look like this...
  6. What truck is this?

    Okej, thanks. Then i need to find one of those if i want to build a model of it.
  7. What did you get today?

    Got some new truckkits from ebay. All exept one from AMT 1: White RoadBoss 2: Diamond Reo 3: White Freightliner 4: International Transtar 4300 Eagle 5: Mack Cruiseliner 6: White Western Star 7: Peterbilt 352 pacemaker 8: Mack DM600 9: Kenworth K-100 aerodyne (revell)
  8. What truck is this?

    Found this pic of a wrecker on my computer that i had saved for some reason. Anyone here here what truck it is built on?
  9. Trumpeter ZIL135 w FROG7 rocket

    Painted the instrumentpanel so one thing is done on this monster.. Skipped the decals for the gauges because they were slightly to large to fit where they should go Followed the instructions for a bit but mosty went for the look the one i have seen irl have. The instructions wanted everything except instrumentpanel to be darkgreen and the seats black. The one i have seen looks like this on the inside
  10. Trumpeter ZIL135 w FROG7 rocket

    Found some motivation to work on this again. Instrumentpanel done, just need paint and decals. The instrumentpanel has so many parts that it took 2 hours to put it together.. Cab and enginecover are just on there because i wanted to see how it would look
  11. What Irked You Today?

    Agree. They are there for a reason so if they are in the vehicle you are driving why not use them as they can give you hints that something is about to happen.
  12. What Irked You Today?

    I check that every few seconds every time i drive it anyways so that is not a problem. I know where it normally is when everything is working so as soon i see something odd with it i am pulling over and switching it off. The only gauges i check more then the speedo and revcounter is watertemp, oilpressure and voltgauge. I do also keep an eye on how the exhaust looks like since i can see it in the passengerside mirror, if it suddenly changes from invisible when the engine is warm to white/blue/black smoke then something has gone bad, very bad..
  13. What Irked You Today?

    That the waterpump in my 6.5td suburban decided to quit and start to leak... Because i have no garage to work in i have to replace it outside.. As an extra bonus i have to use it on friday and it is one of those weeks now when it barely gets above 5 degrees farenheit to... Hopefully it will survive if i have alot of extra coolant with me so i can fill it up when the low coolant warning comes on... Maybe it will get a little warmer during the weekend when i have time to replace it...
  14. What Pleased You Today!

    What engine do you have in yours? This makes me want to start work on my -82 C20 with 6.2 Mechanicaly there are no problems exept glowplugs (have those) and leaking fueltanks, the worst part is all the rust on it. The previous owner did not take care of it at all and only "repaired" rust by welding new metal ontop of the rusted part... As a result of that the rockerpanel just fell of when i was washing it one day... I just threw the panel in the cab and parked it in a corner of the yard because i felt like i dont want to deal with this now, and it has been sitting there for a few years now.
  15. Do it have a solid rear axle as jeeps and trucks do have or does it have independent suspension? If it is a solid axle check the trackbar that goes from the frame down to the axle. If the bushings in the trackbar is bad the axle can move frome side to side by itself and it will vibrate like crazy. You can use a crowbar or large screwdriver to check for any play if yu can get it behind the trackbar and its mount on the body and axle. Also check the controlarms if there is any play in them, they can also cause a vibration if they bushings are worn out. You can check them the same way you check the trackbar If they have never been touched since 02 then they probably will be worn out by now.