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  1. I ordered some things from them in march and got the package today.
  2. The caliper is still good and both of them are about a year old and when i replaced them the disc was not bad or to worn down. They never do here, they just check the brakes on a braketester to see if they are even and then a quick visual when they are under the vehicle and then maybee a quick glance when they are checking the wheelbearings. The rotor on the other side was good, still well within the minimum thickness. The friction material on the brakepad could have cracked and fell out so it was metal to metal after i had it inspected. I would probalby have noticed the sound if it had not been having squealing noices ever since i replaced the calipers and pads. Only thing i did noticed what that the brakepedal behaved like they do when the disc is warped. Even now with new discs, pads and bearings it still have squeling noises when i step on the brakes.
  3. Had my suburban inspected during the yearly mandatory inspection here 2-3 weeks ago and have driven less then 2000km,s (1200miles) since then and for some reason i decided to check how the brakes looked like. Mostly highwaymiles where the speedlimit is 120km/h (74mph) and i usually hold 130km/h (80mph something) Here is the brakedisk on the driverside... I am going to show it to them and ask how they could miss that since it is really easy to see but that passed, instead they failed me on 2 rusted bodymounts that are no danger at all it they just fall off. But if this had exploded and locked up the wheel it would have sent me in the either the centerbarrier or oncomming traffic and at that speeds there is only one option for how it would have ended for me and the unlucky one that suddenly got 3500kg (7700lbs) of suburban aimed at them at 60-80mph... This is the second dangerous thing they have missed on any of my vehicles.. On my Jeep ZJ they missed that the upper left controlarm/trackbarmount was damaged by rust, i found out when it broke when i hit a pothole..
  4. Thanks. I was unsure about the green i painted it in because it was very green until i added the chromeparts and filled in the black lines on the doors and hatches on it. The engine was supposed to be a matte gold but i grabbed the wrong spraycan and it ended up this high gloss gold. After that screw up i decided to do the exhaustpipes chrome and have as much shiny parts as possible under the cab. I am thinking of painting the bulldogs on the mirrors gold just to match the other 4 bulldogs that i did paint gold.
  5. I am building AMT,s Mack cruiseliner and got stuck. Anyone have pics of how the steeringbox is supposed to be attached? Tried looking on the internet but all the pic,s i found were taken on the right side or just far enough back on the leftside so it does not show.
  6. Here is mine. Not done yet as i am waiting for parts for it. It would be done 2-3 months ago if a cetrain C word had not happend..
  7. Me to. I get the feeling that any truck related questions get lost in the general automotive talk and just go unanswered unless someone go to page 2 or 3 and sees it.
  8. Funny story. About 5-6 years ago there was a electronics warehosue that thought it was a good idea to show their commercials almost nonstop in both tv and radio here during christmas, it did not help much that the person in the advert was a real loudmouth and also the ceo for that company. People got really mad that he alone "destroyed" christmas with his advertising where he was yelling and shouting that everyone should buy stuff from his stores.. Result: sales dropped.. chocking right? So he made a new ad where he appologised for his last ad.. End result: People were still mad at him and refused to buy anything from his stores and it almost went bankrupt, then another company bought his and it no longer exists and he is no longer ceo His own ads ended up putting and end to his own buisness that had been around since 1950 something..
  9. This.... Bottom 4 pieces are the feed line to the fuelfilter on my suburban, the top 3 pieces are the returnline from the engine to the fueltank. Somehow i managed to drive it almost 570km,s home with holes in both lines, it did not go fast as i had to stay below 1500rpm, anything over and it would get in air and start to run bad or die. It did die 1 time when i was almost home so i had to call a co worker and ask if he could bring an extra battery before those in the suburban ran out with all the cranking needed to get the engine to run again after i have bleed all air out fo the filterhousing. Then i finaly got home almost 23hours after i started driving. Stopped at a few friends along the way to spend the night there as i did not want to drive it during the night if it were to just die and not start at all again. When i looked at it when i got home the frame at the left rear wheel was covered in diesel and it was dripping from the towhitch. After alot of not childfriendly words i managed to replace the bad parts with fuelline of rubber instead of steel and now it runs better then before. Also found out how little room there are between the tank and frame where the lines go in a suburban i could barely get my hands in there to reach the lines.
  10. Thanks. I did almost as the manual told me to do exept a few things when mounting the interior. The manual want you to put the firewall, sides and backwall as one piece and then slide in the interior from the bottom I put the sides and back wall togheter then i put in the interior/floor to stabilize everything. You cant put it in the wrong place or to high in it as there are 2 cabinettes you glue to the cab sides and the floor will only go up untill they touch eachother. Put them exactly where the manual tells you to and everything will line up. Then after that i put on the firewall to get it as one piece. I tried it as the manual showed and everything just fell appart and i would need 2 extra hands.
  11. Started on this last thursday and got it done today. The decals were the worst part as they almost did not want to release + the size of them. Did not paint the frame at all since there are almost no details on it and no engine.
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