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  1. PierreR89 added a topic in All the Rest   

    Soviet B-4 M1931 203mm howitzer 1/35
    Built this a few years ago and took these pic,s before i was going to paint it.
    I must have totally forgotten about it because i found it in a box today still unpainted.
    The 3 last pic,s is just to show how big the real thing was
    This is 1/35 and the Humvee is also in 1/35
    Old pic,s + some new

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  2. PierreR89 added a post in a topic Trumpeter 1/35 Russian KV1 tank   

    The weathering turned out good on them, it was my first time trying to do it to.
    Yes, but they were built to work and looks was nowhere on their list of things their tanks needed to have.
    Unlike the german tiger tanks, they looked good but were totally useless during the russian winters.

    I have a few other kits of the different versions of KV1 and KV2 that i need to build sometime.
  3. PierreR89 added a topic in All the Rest   

    Demag D7 + Nebelwerfer 1/35
    Built this so long ago that i honsestly have forgot what company made it.
    I think it was Italeri but i am not sure.
    Also in one pic i had the nebelwerfer in a weird angle so the tires looks crooked, but they are straight.

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  4. PierreR89 added a topic in All the Rest   

    Trumpeter 1/35 Russian KV2 tank
    Also one that i built a few years ago.

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  5. PierreR89 added a topic in All the Rest   

    Trumpeter 1/35 Russian KV1 tank
    Built this  a few years ago.

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  6. PierreR89 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Bought this from ebay:

    And this:

    ZIL 135.
    They will probably look good next to my to MAZ 537 tanktransporter and KZKT 537 tractor once they are built...

    I actually know a person that owns a real ZIL 135 that was used for the luna rocket and that one is parked not far away from my parents house.
    Unfortunatley it is a non runner as both engines in it have siezed and the missile ramp is removed.
    He also owns a T-34 and 2-3 Diamond T tanktransporters from WWII
  7. PierreR89 added a post in a topic Engine in Ford LTL 9000?   

    It is that kit i am refering to, italeri 728.
    So they could basically have whatever the buyer wanted put in them?
    This could be fun when it is time to build it.
  8. PierreR89 added a post in a topic Snowman truck   

    Looks great.
  9. PierreR89 added a topic in Under Glass: Big Rigs   

    MPC triaxle gravel trailer
    Been building this for a few days now and i am finally done with it exept the mudflaps but the paint on them had not dried yet.
    Because i wanted to "eurofy" it i used orange lenses for the indicators and used orange paint for the sidemarkers on the tub exept for the 2 where the hatch is.
    Need to redo the chrome on the piston as the molotow pen i used ran out in the middle of painting it...

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  10. PierreR89 added a post in a topic Scania T142   

    No, they are from the Italeri Scania silver griffin showtruck kit.
    The decals that came with the kit are destroyed so they are unusable.
  11. PierreR89 added a post in a topic Engine in Ford LTL 9000?   

    Ok, so then i can use the trans from the kit and it would still be something that might have existed IRL.
    I am not going to start to build it for a while so i might change my mind about the engine and trans a few times untill then.
  12. PierreR89 added a post in a topic Engine in Ford LTL 9000?   

    Cat 3406 it is then.
    I might use the roadranger trans from auslowe, its probably not right but the one in the kit is probably also wrong.
    Besides that, no one is going to look under it most of those who have looked at my models have only looked at the outside because they are afraid to break anything if they touch them.
  13. PierreR89 added a post in a topic 1/16 Peterbilt 359   

    Looks awesome.
    Makes me want to rebuild mine that i built years ago as it is falling appart at the moment.
  14. PierreR89 added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    Engine in Ford LTL 9000?
    I have the Ford LTL 9000 truck from italeri that i am going to build sometime.
    What engines were used in them? the one in the kit is the standard cummins 6cylinder that i think is a little boring (because every one of their us truck have them)

    I was thinking of replacing it with the auslowe cat 3406 engine or the revell cat 3408.
    Was any of those engines ever used in that truck?
    Did ford use the Detroit v8:s in the LTL trucks or they did use v8:s from someone else?
    If i go with the 3406 what trans did they use or i can take the one from the kit and use it?
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  15. PierreR89 added a topic in Under Glass: Big Rigs   

    Scania T142
    My Scania T142 is done so here are some pic,s of it, but without a trailer as i am building it right now.
    If some of you wonder why the rear axle is off the ground here is why.
    When i flipped the liftbeam the right way around and not the wrong way as the instructions say i noticed that the rear wheels was slightly off the ground.
    With correct hubs for the lift and driveaxle i was able to move up the tires a bit more, its not as much up as the real trucks can.
    On the real trucks they can stop it anytime they want by just flipping the switch to the off position and the axle stops where it is, so they can have the liftaxle like this if the driver want to.

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