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  1. The multipart cabs are not that difficult to assemble. When i build them i usually testfit the cabparts to eachother first and fix any problems there might be (almost never anything exept some flash) and then when i know it fit togheter i paint the cabparts. While those are drying i start to build the interior of the cab and after all paint have dried i assemble the cab by starting with one of the sidepanels and floorpan, then i just go in a circle untill it is complete and straight. The roof can wait untill last because it just sits ontop and does nothing the keep the cab togheter, i usually use it to check it everything is straight and are not leaning anywhere it should not. Then glue it on or leave it removable, all my cab roofs are glued on as they sometimes dont sit flush with the walls and have to be held down while the glue does its thing The sleeper is easier then the cab. Those i also paint before i assemble them and when i start assembling them i start with the backwall and then i look for the driverside wall as it is the one that also help to hold the bed up. After i have found them i glue the backwall and sidewall to eachother, then i put in the bed and glue it to where it goes, that way the bed will help hold those parts togheter and then you can put in the floor and continue building the walls. Leaving the roof for last once again and just leave it loose to have it removable, there are tabs that goes in to but out sections on the inside of the walls, (i think you have seen them if you have looked at the parts) Or glue it on. I have some that are removable but most of them i glue on because there is really not much to look at inside the sleeper.
  2. No problems. If you dont ask you never get to know, right? Anyway, i think it would be easy to modify the one you have to be an aerodyne sleeper, since the sleeper is built up from 6 different pieces, walls, floor and roof. It would probably cost revell to much to make a whole new tool for the entire sleeper so i am guessing they just made a new roof and added that huge spoiler to it. So if you get the aerodyne roof from the W900 snapkit it would most likley fit with just some small mods done to it. Maybee even the K100 aerodyne will work? And since i have all 3 i can compare the aerodyne roofs to eachother if you want?
  3. So, i have no idea what this thing is they use in this add, but i do know that i do not want to see it while eating and browsing on my phone.. For those that do not understand Swedish it says" chock, they have discovered a cure for overwight/obese" and some other complete BS... And then they have this pic of something to get you interested.... I have never searched about that subject on my phone. ever... so its not based from search history. This is the site that it is linked to. I dont mind ads if it is for normal things, the other adds i got whlie looking for this to show up again was for some site where you can buy/rent heavy machinery Another for some site that sold aluminuim/steel in bulk to whoever wants to buy and a few car ads, those i dont mind at all and almost think it is natural that they show up here thanks to some builds that are posted here. But that thing dont really belong here.
  4. Sorry, i bought it because i like the aerodyne sleeper more then the other one they had with this kit
  5. The Revell version with the aerodyne sleeper.
  6. So who here is going to be the first to build one and add a ton of led,s to it to make it look like one of the trucks and trailers in the commercial they use to run during christmas? Because thats what i would do if i could get a bunch of small led,s cheap.
  7. I got the T600 yesterday and only looked at what was in the box today. Then i looked in the instructions for it and the very first step is to cut the frame in half😅 After i looked some more in the box i found a note from Revell that listed alot of partnumbers that are not being used on this kit. Normally they just black out the parts in the instructions but apparently it was easier to blackmark the parts being used and add that note telling what is not being used. I counted the parts not being used and it was over 70 different parts. So for those who need alot of random truckparts as spares (including doors) this kit is great.
  8. I could not wait for the rerelease so i bought another papa truck and decals from modeltruckin The only not rereleased in the pic is the Bandag Bandit. They do look great standing next to eachother.
  9. Have anyone noticed that there is some random popup ad that will take over the entire screen when visiting on a phone? It started happening today, i got it 2-3 times and each time when i pushed on the return button it took me all the way out from the site... When i tried to enter again everything was normal... Ads like that is why i am seriously considering getting adblocker for the phone to... Small ads att the top or bottom is no problem. But a gigant popup ad that blocks everything is NOT okey...
  10. Where did you get those tires from?
  11. I completly forgot about the Western Star. I decided that i had to try and build a T600 but not the AMT version and found one from revell instead. Its this one: From what i found when i looked it up it is from the late 80,s based on the style of the sleeper so it was older then i thought. But i like the aerodyne sleeper more then the one that is in the T600 big sleeper and AMT,s kits Have anyone here built this kit?
  12. Thanks. If you look close in some pic,s you can see what i am using as a reference for the paintscheme on it. Its not going to turn out exactly like it anyways because the sleeper is not high enough and i think it will just look weird if i try that. Also think it will look a little better once i have cleaned up the black stripes on the hood and added one around the gold to try and match the cab.
  13. Thanks for those links Jim B but if i buy a AMT T600 i am just going to build it out of the box and not change anything. That is if i buy one.. I know how mad i got over some of the other AMT kits i have built and if i try this i might explode and fly off in the sunset😂 Those kits no one said anything about and to have one that several people warns about is probably not the best idea for me to try😅 Or everything just falls toghether with only the usual problems (highly doubt that) Or i will just wait untill i find a T600 from revell at a normal price on ebay as i know revell,s kit dont have any major problems when building them
  14. I thought so. So the t600 is so old that it is from the 90,s? i thought that it atleast was from somewhere on this side of 2000. I suspected that they did something like that to save money and just being able to make a new body fit on an old existing frame. Is that also the reason why almost everyone says that it is a pain to build? The revell kenworth T600 is probably built on the frame from their T/W900 kits.
  15. Got the cab almost done and the hood only have some small details left untill that is also done. The sleeper is nowhere near done but i am getting closer to it. Then i just have the wreckerbody left to paint so it matches the rest of the truck... After that i can start building again
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