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  1. So i was looking trough my pile of truck kits and was wondering what i wanted to build next and dug up these 2 kits. Then i found some auslowe parts that i had forgot i had. I am going to use the wreckerbed and sleeper from the Ford on the Mack, exact same chassie in both kits so that will be easy. I am also going to use the mack v8 instead of the cummins that comes with the superliner, i am also going to use the dual aircleaners and bullbar to give it an australian look.
  2. I build because i think it is fun and sometimes when i am feeling down and need to get my mind on something different for a few hours. Making something superdetailed has never interested me mostly because i get tired of it when i maybe have put 4-5 hours in to something and gotten nowhere. But it is fun to watch others that have that patience to do that with any kit and i respect them for that. Some of the trucks i build are not stock, they have some extra details that is easy to see (like bullbar, lights,deflectors and antennas) but thats how far i go, i am not building them for shows, i am building them for me. If the drivetrain and frame is wrong for a truck i am building then i dont care, i am the only one that will know and those that sees any of my us trucks will think it is a peterbilt even if it is not. They will never see the engine because they are afraid of breaking something if they touch it and if they want to see it they will ask me to open the hood.
  3. Thanks. The decals were not that bad, the worst for me was having to cut them out really close to the edges. Everyone that sees it will recognize it, they may not remeber exactly what truck was used but they remember black/gold truck and that paintjob on the trailer. Or they will recognize the Trans Am that is going to be standing next to the truck once i have built that one.
  4. Decided to pick up this dead kenworth build that i have had standing for to long (and it was getting in the way on my workbench, the trailer was also a stalled build) I think i was going to build it as a regular nothing special truck, but then changed my mind and it became the truck from smokey and the bandit. I think it turned out okey even if there are alot of things that are not as the real one.
  5. Someone have to break this trend that is going on. I dont prime anything. I tried one time but i could not see any differance with the end result (yes it was on the same body, one half primer other nothing)
  6. I dont remember what brand it was. It is high gloss golden yellow (RAL 1004)
  7. I also hope they reissue it. I looked at ebay yesterday just because i wanted too see what they go for and the first one that came up was around $600.. Also still angry with my self that i did not buy it when one of them came up on ebay. It was also around $600 but it was for 5 complete still factory wrapped kits. Cant remember if it was the can-do or will-do. Leasson learned with that, if they reissue it i am going to buy a few of them.
  8. Quick question. Does it have the same wheelbase as the california hauler Peterbilt or it is longer? I saw on a review on youtube that is has the 6 cylinder cummins. I was thinking that maybe i can use the wreckerbody on the california hauler so i get a wrecker with a v8 instead of a 6 cylinder. Or just switch the engines if this has a longer wheelbase.
  9. I dont mind if the put coke decals on some kits. Its not like they have you sign a contract forcing you to use the decals before you get the kit. But from the sound from the complaining from many it would probably be best if those kits were never released again and stayed forgotten in a corner in a warehouse forever. But then those that complain now would complain that kit X,Y&Z has not been out since the 60's-90's and should be released again. But then to their horror they INCLUDED coca cola decals and the kit is ruined and will not buy it. Would it be the same complaining nomatter what company had made a deal with them? Probably.. What if the us army,marine, airforce and what else you have sponsored them would it still be the same complaining? (i know that is not likley to happen but just an example) Ford model T delivery would look a little out of place in digital cammo and any other markings. (I would buy one anyways because i like the car, and thats why i buy kits. If i dont like the car/truck/whatever i dont buy it even if it have cool decals) I would much rather that a kit that has not been out for a long time be released again after they found the molds and made any repairs to it if it needed them. Then have them forgotten just because some people flip out because the decals that you dont even have to use. Yes everyone has their own opinions and mine is that this complaining that round2 do some kits with coca cola decals is starting to get annoying, its a new thread almost every week.. Sorry for the rant but this whole thing i ridiculous...
  10. This has been done for a week or something but i did not want to post it untill the Bandag Bandit was done. Decals from modeltruckin on this to as it is a papa truck kit from the start.
  11. Got done with this today, think it turned out good even if the frame broke in several places when i dropped it so not everything lined up. Decals are from modeltruckin as i did not want to take any chanses with the ones in the kit.
  12. Nice, i need to buy one of them.
  13. That works sometimes for me but not this time. First time i know it was because it was to warm and humid out so i could not sleep, then a powerfull thunderstorm started so i just gave up.. Suddenly it was to bright outside to sleep even if i have blackout curtains, lightnings were nonstop for almost 2hrs so i just gave up.. Second and 3:rd day i have no idea what the problem was because after the thunderstorm everything cooled down so i normally dont have a problem sleeping. But nope, no sleep for me...
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