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  1. kk916 added a post in a topic T-5 the german Mustang   

    I love this. Very cool.

    There was a British guy that used to come to the Mustang shows here in Northern California that had a T-5 apparently it was the real deal. It was interesting with all of the small changes it had. I haven't seen it in years though, dont know if he sold it or what but it was very neat even if they were just small changes.
  2. kk916 added a post in a topic The Mer-Rodder 1934 500K street rod   

    I'm loving this build
    I did a photoshop of a benz rod awhile back. You are going a different direction but I figured I'd share.

  3. kk916 added a post in a topic ~~ALL EYES ON ME~~ CHRYSLER 300 2DR VERT   

    For some reason I cant get the amp rack video to run.
  4. kk916 added a post in a topic 60's styled 2005 "RETRO-VETTE" COUPE   

    Man, with this demand I should auction the ones I have saved on my hard drive off at Sotheby's or something. (and no I wont show them to anyone so don't pester me to see them)
  5. kk916 added a post in a topic 1st post here 59 el camino   

    Approve!?! heck yes! I have one of these I keep getting annoyed with I need to finish. This inspires me to do so. Keep up the good work.
  6. kk916 added a post in a topic Quiet air supply 4 airbrush   

    Yes. Try it in a huge body shop in the middle of the night by yourself when you are trying to finish a job for a customer who wants the car back first thing in the morning. Nothing will wake you up like a loud as* air compressor kicking in out of nowhere.
  7. kk916 added a topic in General   

    2009 GNRS pics
    Some great show rods that aren't normally seen in there.
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  8. kk916 added a post in a topic "SKWIRLY 2"- 'Weird Ohs' style VW pickup funny?   

    Every time I see this up top I get a smile on my face in hopes that you have added another crazy mod to this thing. I love following this fine ride. Keep up the great work.
  9. kk916 added a post in a topic budweiser clydesdale 8 horse hitch amt   

    The other option would be a really goofy kit bash.

  10. kk916 added a post in a topic Johan '59 Sport Fury Mild Custom it's DONE!   

    Haha, wow John bet you weren't expecting this when you started this project eh?! I'm sure Mike will track down some more pics if he can find them. I'm really looking forward to seeing this one finished, I'm sure Mike and his dad are too. (No pressure)
  11. kk916 added a post in a topic Johan '59 Sport Fury Mild Custom it's DONE!   

    Hey John, a very good friend of mines Dad actually took those photos originally. Rikstr has permission from Mike to use them of course but I wasn't sure if he included them all in his collection, so here is a link to all of them.

    Good luck on the build, this is one of my favorite convertible customs.
  12. kk916 added a post in a topic 1963 Ford Cougar II   

  13. kk916 added a post in a topic Can anyone tell me what this started as?   

    I personally think it is the ugliest dam* thing I've ever seen but my girlfriend loves it so I was going to try to make a scale model of it for her as one of her valentine's gifts.......If I can get past my gag reflex kicking in every time I look at it.
  14. kk916 added a topic in General   

    Can anyone tell me what this started as?
    I took these at the Sacramento Autorama last year but don't remember the information on it.I'm usually fairly good at figuring out Makes/Models but this thing is just giving me a headache. Can anyone help me out?

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  15. kk916 added a post in a topic Batmobile Build off   

    The redesign thing sounds like a lot of fun, I'd be down. It kind of ticked me off in the new ones that he used something that wasn't even good enough for the US army to use. That and that ###### thing was a tank, not a batmobile.