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  1. Very very cool! Great color choice for that car. You did a super clean job and the detail is great! 👍👍
  2. Amazing! It takes quite a while to absorb all the details. Very nice work 👍👍
  3. Very nice, sure looks good in the pics!
  4. Very nicely done!! Clean and sharp job!
  5. Nice! Love the Ramchargers! 👍👍
  6. Very cool! I love the paint scheme and colors!
  7. Jeez that’s a great shade of red! Really sharp build!
  8. Nice job on one of my favorite funny cars ever. I’ve got one in the stash that I’ve never gotten around too. Yes, it’s a shame about our local hobby shops these days. I’m fortunate that I’ve got 2 good ones close to me that have been around fora long time. But I can think of several in the vicinity that are no longer here. There’s just something about walking in and seeing hundreds of kits stacked on shelves for sale. Addictive!!! Can’t get that feeling from the internet 😮😮
  9. Absolutely beautiful color, it all looks fantastic, nice work!
  10. Man that’s nice! Got that 70’s vibe for sure. Love the color combo you went with!
  11. Hmann68

    66 G.T.O.

    Beautiful! A really good color for that particular car. Very clean work 👍👍
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