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  1. Nice looking Bee! That Tamiya color is just about perfect on that car 👍
  2. That’s one beautiful Olds! Outstanding detail and cleanly built. Love that black paint, and that fantastic interior. Super sharp model 👍👍😊
  3. Very nice work, your efforts paid off! Love the engine detail too!
  4. Cleanly done! Looks great 👍
  5. My god that’s nice! I too love the colors. Spectacular job freehanding the flames!!!
  6. Wow!!! If you only had one chance at the plate this year, you took the first pitch and sent it out of the park ! 👍👍
  7. Wow that paint just pops! Looks like your procedure sure paid off. I agree with you about BMF nowadays, it’s nowhere near what it was. Like you said, it doesn’t stick like it inch did, and I find it harder to trim now too. But like you said, enough complaining, your GTO looks fantastic!
  8. Very well done! I remember pulling my hair out in frustration as a kid, trying to get this one together halfway decently. Yours looks great 👍
  9. Nice job once again! Hard to think of a cooler drag car than this 👍
  10. Nice Beeper! Love the ‘70 RR, owned a B5 blue 70 in the late 90’s, great car. Nice work on yours 👍
  11. Great looking 911! I too love your color choice. Nicely built. I’ve never tried a Fujimi kit, I may have to soon 👍👍
  12. Hmann68


    Nice! One of my fav Funny Cars, nice work!
  13. Fantastic work! Very nice paint work, looks great 👍👍
  14. Neat Roadrunner, love me some Sassy Grass Green! The bench seat and column shift is cool too. Nice job 👍
  15. Hmann68

    1969 corvette

    Fantastic looking Vette! I’m a big fan of this generation and you did s super job on yours! Clean and sharp and a big thumbs up for those wheel covers, they look spot on to me. Good color choice for your paint too! 👍👍
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