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  1. Hmann68

    '70 Malibu

    Beautiful colors and cleanly built! The whole concept is tasteful! 👍👍
  2. Lol I tried a test fitting before any paint work was done, and it took forever to separate them, that’s when I knew that the final assembly would truly be the final assembly 😂😂
  3. Thanks Carl, appreciate it 😊👍
  4. Hmann68

    1960 Chevy

    I’ll second that!! Super nice! 👍
  5. Beautiful GTX! Love the color combo. Sharp and clean job!
  6. Molotow is the brand name. It’s in paint marker form in different sizes. They also sell a refill pen, and that’s what I use in my airbrush. But the pens are great for touching up chrome pieces, and if you need to re chrome an entire part then the airbrush is used. Either way, it’s the closest thing to chrome plating!
  7. Super job on that Pinto! 👍👍
  8. Thanks guys! I can’t explain it, but I hate totally closed off interiors on models so I opened the window 👍👍
  9. Beautiful 442, clean work! Good job on the foil work 👍👍
  10. Thank you! I’ve been a fan of Porsche’s since the late 80’s when I worked at a body shop specializing in European cars. Got to drive a lot of neat stuff 👍
  11. Nicely done! I love the movie too, but it’s nice to see one done in something other than red. Beautiful job 👍
  12. Nice GN! I wanted one so bad as a teenager in the 80’s! Bought a mustang instead. Nice work 👍
  13. Thanks guys! The kind words are appreciated! The high quality photography is courtesy of my several year old IPhone 7 😁😁😁😂😂👍👍
  14. Very nice! These were good looking cars and you did a great job on yours 👍
  15. Thanks guys so much! Yes this color combo would look great on a Vette, and many other cars too! During final assembly, the only thing that popped off on me was the windshield so that was an easy fix thankfully but it was tough to get it together at the end lol. But all in all, a really nice kid, so don’t be afraid to do one up! I picked this one up for $18 at the hobby shop a couple months ago. And yes the mold lines and such on the body were a little suprising to me too, but I know the kit has been around quite a while so that may explain it 👍
  16. Thanks guys...yes I almost went with black interior, glad now that I didn’t 👍👍
  17. Thanks guys, appreciate it 😊
  18. Thank you! It’s really just a couple issues that this kit is known for, mainly the body installation is very tight and the rear engine cowl doesn’t fit the best, but overall it’s typical good Tamiya
  19. An early Happy Thanksgiving to all! Just completed Tamiya’s 959. Aside from a very tough time joining the body to the chassis, and a lot of bodywork to prep due to mold lines and sink holes, everything else went well. Tamiya silver leaf was used along with Tamiya red for interior, with semi gloss over that. I cut the drivers side door glass out to simulate the window rolled down. Used Ken’s Fuzzy Fur for carpeting. It has minor flaws here and there but I’m happy. Thanks for looking and as always, comments welcome. 👍👍
  20. Nice! Good color choice! 👍
  21. Looking great! Nice details too. Very sharp 👍
  22. Very sharp Bronco! You did a great version of it 👍👍
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