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  1. Many tks David for appreciate my truck and I know that 55 truck has a different front grille. Particularly I like the 55 model but needs to use a transkit to do it. Here in Brazil it is called of "frog mouth"...hahaha
  2. Thank you guys for the inspiring words ...... I'm glad to share it here .....
  3. Rick....you are totally right....i make a mistake in the title. It is a 1950 3100 Chevy AMT. ....but i don't know how change it..hahaha..
  4. Many thanks friends for the great words and appreciate my Truck. I'm glad to share it here...
  5. Hi Folks... Here we go with my last building... ...a 55 Chevy 3100 Rusty. I love this stylo, so It is my 2016's favorite model. Some improvements in the engine, front suspension lowered e manufactured wheels. It is made in the dremel machine using stirene to center and Pegasus rims. I hope you enjoy.
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