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  1. Hey Now... I took Photos of the show... Mostly Drag Cars and few odd and ends that may caught my eye... My hats off to the promoters who put on this event every year... I drive almost 500 miles one way to this event every year to really enjoy this happening... Oh yeah Photo's... http://www.flickr.com/photos/fuelishspectator/sets/72157640486639994/ 3.2.1. Fuelish
  2. Hey Now... G.N.R.S. is now on... 3.2.1. Fuelish
  3. Hey Now... It was good too see you Brian and David and the whole bunch of So. Cal Kitbashers.... Also here are my photos... http://public.fotki.com/jth109/2012-lower-left-nnl/ Special Congrats to 56150 and Mr. J.Teresi... Fuelish
  4. Hey John... This can't be True... Mr. All Plastic to make it look like simulated steel !!! Now using Brass and Aluminum Substance ??? I knew that the day was comming, but did not know when... Once you start working with the stuff... The possibilities are now endless... You have now raised the BAR... Where you are NOW in a "LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY BUILDERS".... Great Subvject and a Bad Ass build so far... Your Buddy Fuelish...
  5. Hey Now... The Citrus Nats was a huge success... (Short Recap)... Total builds on the tables - 489 - That does not count the displays or WIP table. (A record for us...) :D Adult Builders - 78 (Again, a record for us...) :D Juniors - 7 (Yet again, another record for us...) :D Builders came from as far away as El Paso TX, Phoenix AZ, San Francisco CA, and everywhere in between. We have several ideas for next year already and who knows, if we can get the sponsors, maybe some new (more) classes, we'll have to see. Click on the Link to see Photos... Fuelish... http://public.fotki....citrus-nationa/ Albert Wallace... http://public.fotki....nationals-mo-1/ David Dale http://public.fotki....nationals-2012/ 3.2.1. Fuelish
  6. Hey Now... The Show was completely over the top... If any of you missed this event plan on going next year... I am a Life'r after this weekend... The online registration work real fine... Great show... Thanx for the hospitality from Cactus Car Modelers and Moonlight Modelers... Also here couple pics of bringing home the hardware... Congrats also to "Back Seat Bob" and "John Teresi" for helping out to pick up the rest of the hardware... Where I could not accomplish that task... BTW... FuelishSpectator with the Cash and Hawaiian Print Shirt behind John Teresi... Click on the link to see Pics.. http://public.fotki.com/jth109/2012-desert-scale-c/ 3.2.1. Fuelish
  7. "URGENT NOTICE TO All" Do to the fact that several pieces of mail are being "Returned To Sender"... From our P.O. Box. If you are interested in Trophy Sponsorship and or being a Vendor, we ask payment to be sent to and payable to my home address... John Hilkert 8849 Colorado Ave. Riverside, Ca. 92503 3.2.1. Fuelish
  8. Hey Now... The Citrus Nationals #4 is comming up... As for this year The Citrus Nats Committee has set aside special tables for model clubs to show off club activities and to promote our hobby that we live and breathe... Click on the link... http://www.wix.com/c...onals4/homepage 3.2.1. Fuelish
  9. Riverside, California 4th Annual Citrus Nationals Model Car Contest and Swap Meet · 20010 Orange Terrace Pkwy. Riverside, Ca. · Saturday May 19. 2012 · 9am to 3:00pm. · (21) classes including Junior Class and (4) Master Awards. · Each Class will be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place. · Raffle Prizes, Vendors of the Hobby. · Model Club Display Tables - Promote the Hobby and show Club Activities. · Adults - $10.00 - Unlimited Entries (Non-Refundable). · Juniors - "FREE" - When Accompanied by an Adult. · Spectators - "FREE" As Always... For information contact Myrna 951-809-1885 or Email... CitrusNationals4@yahoo.com Website: http://www.wix.com/c...onals4/homepage
  10. John... I would have to say that you are in a League of Extraordinary Builders... Do you remember when I explain to you that you are scaring off the competition in the drag class... This is why... Phenomenal, Just Simply Phenomenal... 3.2.1. Fuelish
  11. And again here are my pics as well... http://public.fotki.com/jth109/2011-so-cal-nnl-cha/ Fuelish
  12. Hey Now... I am now recovered from an extreme day of working at the 3rd Annual Citrus Nationals... I want thank all the vendors who showed up... The registration crew who got up real early on there only day off... And most of all Hickspanic for providing the background sounds and raffle stuff... Please forgive me if I forgot you... Oh Yea.. Kudo's to Okie Al for helping out friday night and with the raffle donations and the kits for all the Juniors... And Now Sit Back Enjoy... Fuelish Spectators Album http://public.fotki.com/jth109/3rd-annual-citrus-n/ 3.2.1. FuelishSpectator
  13. Hey Now… The 3rd Annual Citrus Nationals Model Car Contest and Swap Meet in Riverside, Ca. is only a few weeks away. When: March 26, 2011. Where: Orange Terrace Community Center 20010 Orange Terrace Parkway, Riverside, Ca. Last Year we had 469 builds that grace the tables, with 66 builders and 15+ vendors of the hobby. Basically we out grew our old location and moved on to a Larger Newer Venue with Better Lighting… Back by popular demand “Modified Diecast Class†and introducing (2) new classes “Tuner/ Imports†and “LowRider Trucks†Please visit our website to get more information for the builders and vendors. http://www.wix.com/CitrusNationals3/homepage Check out the pics from last year show and click on any link in blue at mid-page of website… http://www.wix.com/citrusnationals2/home-page Thanx and See You There... Fuelish Spectator
  14. Imagine this.... Good nite of sleep before the SHOW !!! A nice light breakfast before the SHOW !!! Exceptional lighting for the SHOW !!! Equals Quality pictures from the SHOW !!! Please enjoy this from the SHOW !!! Fuelish Spectator's NNL West 3.2.1. Fuelish
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