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  1. I think we have found the reason for the worldwide masking tape shortage! That roof panel on its own must have taken a roll or two. Congratulations on a unique and very well detailed model.
  2. Beautiful work. The color really sets the stripes off to perfection.
  3. That truck is putting up a fight for sure. Looking at the last pictures, it seems to me that the decal is maybe a bit too thin, and not having much mechanical strength to it. I've had that with the decals on Revells Hertz Mustang, the decals bind up and wrinkle all too easily. I got around that by paint spraying the gold stripes in the end but that won't work for your decals. What might work is to add a bit of strength to the decals with a clear coat over them before use. I usually do that with any old decals I use, as you never know how they are going to perform. The clear helps a lot in keeping the decals together, and it adds a bit of body to the things. You need to trim clear coated decals before soaking them. Good luck. Tony.
  4. Very clean builds, spot on stance and superb photography. Harbs card is the perfect finishing touch. Tony.
  5. The whitewalls on this MPC Corvette were done by thinning Tamiya white acrylic with Tamiya thinner, about 50/50. The mixed color needs to be like water. Using a small, pointed brush I touched the tip against the groove in the tire. The thinned paint runs around the groove like a slot racer. Let it dry, then do it again until you are happy with the look. Two coats got the Corvette done.
  6. So very sad. I first started reading Pats articles way back in the seventies. He was one of the most dedicated and informed Hot Rod and Custom writers out there. He will be very much missed. Condolences to his wife and son. Tony.
  7. That's a very clean looking build. Leaving the body in bare plastic is a good idea, A real buggy would have been gell coat fiberglass finished I think, so your method replicates real life practice.
  8. Following on from the Spitfire restoration in the post above, I also backdated a 1960's release of the FROG Whitley to resemble a pre war wooden build. The '60's kit was not one of FROGs finer moments, backdating it was the only way forward for me. I used the same cigarette card colours for the build. The early days of model making are a bit addictive for me. It's getting harder to find the kits now, they date back to the twenties in some cases. Monogram followed all the modelling trends as they happened, from solid wood kits in the early days through acetate plastic and wood combined, ending up with all polystyrene kits as soon as the material arrived on the scene.
  9. Here's my take on Daniels Rommels Rod kit. Built from a reissue. I had a lot of fun building it. Not too many shots of it, the skeleton crew take centre stage and they only look good from a couple of angles.
  10. FROG were a fascinating company. Makers of the first injected plastic model kits with their Penguin range. The company made flying models before that. The Penguin name came about as these early plastic kits didn't fly, nor did Penguins! Here's a few early FROG kits I've built over the years. Nice enough in their own way but dated compared with current kits. I like them a lot. Their 1.96 Airliners build into really nice kits. Very simple, but they capture the look well. They tended to stick with Brit airliners but a Boeing 707 crept into the range. The Comet below is one of my favourites. The FROG 1.72 scale range included this P47. The box artwork was typical of the rest of the range. Their P40 had engraved lines for decal placement, much like Aurora and Revell at the time. Panel lines were also engraved rather than raised. Later issues got cleaned up a bit. And to finish up, here's a restoration I did on a 1939 release FROG Penguin kit of a Mk1 Spitfire. The plane was just entering service when this kit came out. I used 1940's cigarette cards for the colour scheme, authentic colours were a few years away yet.
  11. Thanks for the kind comments Guys. Much appreciated. I like the offbeat stuff as an antidote to full on modelling every now and then. Weird Ohs, Finks, Silly Surfers, Dave Deal and Tom Daniel designs, all are pure fun to build. The reissues make building them affordable as well. I have a Rommels Rod nearly finished now, I'll add it once I'm done.
  12. Everything about that restoration is pretty much perfect. A superb model.
  13. Here's my build of Toms Baja Beast VW Van. I added tire decals and a brown flock interior. Paint is Tamiya Camel Yellow with clear pearl over that. The Monkey Bike is Tamiya clear red over gold. I love the stance, it sits perfectly right out the box. It would have trouble driving anywhere as there's no cooling or charging system provided, and the open headers running through the rear cab would get things a bit warm pretty quickly. I guess as long as it got to the beach in around ten seconds or so, non of that would matter.
  14. Killer paintjob. Black shows up every flaw. You nailed it.
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