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  1. One of mine... And although it's not one of my builds, this 1967 Airfix catalog shot of the MPC Woodie with Hot Curl and his bike and board needs including. Can anyone recreate the shot with a built model? That really would be cool. Airfix and MPC had a deal going on in the sixties to release each others kits. Although the Woodie appeared in two catalogues it's never yet been seen in an Airfix box.
  2. I've got a few old cans. I use them as photo props...
  3. Revell Willys Coupe. Rattle can red, rattle can clear over the decals. No Brand paints, bought from a pile 'em high cheapo store. Painted on a warm summers day about a year ago. The Gods were smiling at me that day.
  4. A couple of mine... The Airfix release of the MPC Monkeemobile. The Monogram ZZ Topp '34 Coupe. Tony.
  5. Very creative modelling there. Both look outstanding. Tony.
  6. TonyW

    1971 GTX

    That's a Car Craft, circa 1976, cover car! You nailed the look perfectly.
  7. Spot on! That one looks good from every angle. Well done indeed. Tony.
  8. The paint was a happy accident Mike. I bought a few rattle cans from a cheapo pile 'em high store near me, just to try them out. Big cans were £2.00, smaller ones 99p! They were no brand generic gold and black. The paints were a bit hot if the strong smell was any indication but the Tamiya white primer survived the first thin coat of black. I left that a day before hitting the body with a couple of wet coats of the same black and that went on really well. I make a ball of tape, sticky side out and put that on top of a spray can, then wedge it inside the roof of the body so I can turn the body about while the paint takes a set. After another day or so I used Tamiya masking tape for the gold areas and gave that a couple of thin coats. There's no buffing out on the model anywhere, the gloss just came straight out the can! The gold is more a mid shine rather than a full gloss but it seems to look better somehow that way. You are right about the gold being pretty close to the Hurst color. If I built another I would be tempted to add a coat of clear yellow over it to get a bit closer to the box top version. I like my box stock builds to look like the box top! The decals went on just fine. The gloss surface probably helped here. There's no clear coat on the model, I thought it looked good as it was and didn't want to take a chance of wrecking what I had. Less is more and all that. I wish all my models turned out like this one. Tony.
  9. That one pushes all the right buttons for me, a rescued glue bomb finished to a very high standard and beautifully photographed. Tony.
  10. Nostalgic building at its best. Clean construction, smooth paintwork and enough detailing for the period. Congratulations.
  11. Very, very clean and tidy modelling going on there. Congratulations on a really fine build. Tony.
  12. That's a beautiful paint job. The side view is a real stunner as well, the Chargers lines just jump off the screen here. The Fireball carbs look outstanding, I've yet to order any but I can see me getting a few in the future. I'm waiting for a Fireball Tire Decal order to get here, that will be my first try out of the companies products. Tony.
  13. Very nice indeed. It looks like we used the same shade of Gold! After I painted and decaled mine, I realised that a coat or two of Tamiya clear yellow would have probably got the color closer to the box version. Tony.
  14. Thanks Guys, much appreciated. Here's the kit progression from the first big box through the Mattel years version and the travesty the car turned into, the Olds 442 Street Freak. It was good to see the kit reissued not too long ago, it gave me the chance to add a built version to my collection. Happy days! Tony.
  15. Here's my take on the Monogram Classic, the 1967 Hurst Hairy Oldsmobile. Box stock, built from a recent re-issue kit. Rattle can gold, tape masked and rattle can black over that for the stripes. The decals went on well although they are a bit thin and prone to a wrinkle here and there if you don't watch out. The redlines were added with an art pen, not strictly authentic, but I like the look. The redline breaks up the great big sidewalls on the slicks rather nicely in my book. The base was made from a sheet of white card sprayed yellow. The lines are Tamiya masking tape and all the script and pictures were cut from the box the kit came in. It all folds flat for storage. A black background card was added after I took the picture above as I liked the contrast between the yellow and the black of the baseboard I used. And last, but not least, a burnout prior to another Banzai run! The tire smoke is the stuffing from a cushion. Tony.
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