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  1. That paint job is really fighting you. Don't let it beat you! I'm another Tamiya convert. Their spray paints go on really well. I tried some of their light green on the inner panels of a Revell/Monogram Challenger just to see how the color looked. It went onto bare white plastic like glass. I polished and cleaned the rest of the body and sprayed the bare plastic with a couple of fine coats followed after 20 minutes or so with a single wet coat. I also kept turning the body end over end while the paint gassed off. Hopefully the lack of primer won't come back to bite me later. Here's the result:
  2. The paintjob came out really well, judging by the shine along those fenders. Very nice work. You could never loose one of those cars in a car park, could you?
  3. That's a good looking Charger for sure. One look at those hubcaps and the movie comes straight to mind.
  4. A beautifully finished model in a stunning color combo. The sit with the bigger back tires looks just about perfect.
  5. That's a superb looking model. Crisp and clean from nose to tail. I confess to laughing at the glue/decal incident. If you don't pay attention, it's very easy to confuse superglue with glue 'n glaze. Both have very similar bottles. That's all I'm gonna say about the matter. I still wake up screaming about the whole affair.
  6. Very nicely done. I'm a big fan of those Monogram releases and you have taken the theme to new heights. Tony. Here's the original box, with the color changed to Orange in Photoshop.
  7. Here's how I add a Dow 7 type finish to kit wheels. The Halibrands are from one of the Revell '32 kits. I first coat the wheel with a thin coat of Tamiya spray Champagne Gold followed by a very fine mist of Tamiya Candy Lime Green. I'm happy with the result but a further fine coat of clear yellow might possibly add a bit more to the look.
  8. I use decals for my tires. Fireball Model Works for loads of different white letter tires, Indydecals for Firestone gold and Goodyear blue band ones. I sand off any raised letters, add a coat of gloss clear to the sidewall, fit the decal and finish with another coat of clear.
  9. Thank you for your kind comments. Tony.
  10. Very effective photography indeed. The car looks stunning as well.
  11. That's a very good looking build. The Doc would love it. I take it that any mistakes along the way got corrected by going back in time, and not making them in the first place?
  12. That is a beautiful build. First class work throughout.
  13. That's a good looking car. Nice idea with the canvas top as well. The bumpers are something else! Pure Art Deco/Streamliner.
  14. Thank you. The side of the box looked too good to ignore.
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