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  1. Tires are are an easy swap, usually. Most kits come with at least four! 🤪
  2. If this kit has the complete Roadster Chassis Speed Equipment (I'll believe it when I see it) parts pack, I'll buy 100 of them! -RRR
  3. Jim- There's of couple things I wonder about. The assumption is that this kit will be made up of parts packs. The latest version of the Chevy 283 engine parts pack has headers that are way, way, way too small. The headers out of the AMT SBC parts pack are closer to being correct. The other parts pack that will be contained (assumably) is the dragster Speed Equipment #C1124. There are two front axles in that kit (pix below), one straight and one dropped. They're both really clunky and ugly (again, not even close to being correct for the car), so is the steering arm assembly and wishbones (for lack of a better term). Maybe I'm nit picking? The kit is supposed to have a hemi engine, that original Revell parts pack was sabotaged for the Miss Deal kit. It will interesting what the Hemi will be. So, we will wait and see what we get. Again, I hope I'm not disappointed.... -RRR
  4. I pre-ordered one, I'm planning to be disappointed in something with it. Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. I already built a Mooneyes so it will be a parts pile for me...-RRR
  5. I use the Duplicolor 1699 part #, light grey primer. The 1700 part # primer is a darker grey and doesn't sand very well it, seems to stay a bit tacky and gums up the sandpaper, while 1699 sands to dust, easier to use. I haven't had an issues with any paints over that primer. My $.02 and worth both pennies... -RRR
  6. Very nice, indeed. I'm borrowing some of those tricks at some point.... -RRR
  7. Indeed it is! Parts all washed..... Parts to be painted, most with holding sticks attached, ready for primer... I'm heading out for vacation in a week for two weeks, so there won't be any updates for a while....peace out. -RRR
  8. Thanks, Bob. Yeah, it's a fairly simple build. I'm just about ready to throw some paint... -RRR
  9. Now that does look great! I have had some issues with those Testors "Extreme" or "One Coat" paints. They're now discontinued as I understand it. I have been using what I have left by decanting them into my airbrush and applying that way. The finer mist and ability to have control of paint flow makes these paints easier to use. I'm sorry to see them go as they had some nice colors. Carry on.... -RRR
  10. That's a good looking mill. I really like the black stacks on top. Now, put the Wiend "W" decals on the side of the blower 😄 -RRR
  11. Work continued on the Stude this past weekend. I fabricated up an interior/firewall.... I also got the front suspension dialed in.... the front axle is from the Cosmic Charger, the four links are from a Polar Lights funny car kit. More later.... -RRR
  12. That's a nice start. I was thinking of picking one of those bodies, if they're still available. The visor looks a little droopy, though. -RRR
  13. R&D Unique was an aftermarket manufacturer of 1/25-24 scale parts and later resin bodies. His original products were white metal (pewter?) items such as suspension components, a '32 frame and such. The original owner was based in the Seattle area and was a member of the club KK and I belonged to when we lived in the Pac NW. His Corvette Waldorf Nomad is available on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/174629208178 Not for the light of wallet! He also went by Mini Exotics and Scale Equipment Ltd. Apparently the company has changed hands a few times? Website is still up: http://seltd.net/ I don't know if it's in operation. I still have a few pieces around, here's some of them. The '32 frame has been partially assembled. ....and I have this '30 pickup I have never attempted to assemble. I found the white metal parts needing a lot of clean up and not easy to work with, very fragile and easily bent and broken (that was about 30 years ago and my skill level was not that great back then). His resin is pretty rough (compared to Replicas and Miniatures, anyway), I guess comparable to Jimmy Flintstone "quality" If one would use that term... -RRR
  14. ..and in the beating a dead horse department....WHEN ARE WE GOING TO SEE THIS KIT AGAIN????? (yes, I'm yelling!).... TIM- what have you heard recently, anything? -RRR
  15. As I understand it, the '29 and the '30 kit are part of the same big mold. Parts specific to each kit are separated when put into their respective boxes. There is some inevitable overlap of parts on some trees. You should also notice there is a dashboard for the '30 in the box. It has an oval hole in it. The gauge panel is chrome and not included in the kit. It would seem to make sense that Revell would make mention of this as part of the instruction sheet, but obviously they chose not to. Carry on..... -RRR
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