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  1. I wish I was that organized. My parts boxes are model boxes....with parts in them. Most are parts from the model shown on the box art, but I just never know where some parts might be. It's a treasure hunt for that part... -RRR
  2. All parts removed from the sprue, mold lines, sink marks and other blemishes are work over. Light sanding, WASH all parts with hot (out of the tap) water and dish soap, rinse thoroughly and dry (in the dehydrator?). Primer, more sanding and fixing etc id needed and paint. That gives you the best chance of a good looking build, your mileage may vary.... -RRR
  3. Don't use Rust-o-leum paints, unless you're worrying about your model rusting. Many prefer Tamiya primer but it's expensive. I use Duplicolor (at your local auto parts store) primer. Look for DAP-1699 near the bar code. It sands real nice. The darker DAP-1700 doesn't sand as well, it will gum up your sandpaper. My $.02 and worth both pennies.... -RRR
  4. CA gloo and E6000 when I have to nudge a part in to place. That is all.... -RRR
  5. The wheels are nice, the rest is humble at best. The Revell '32 series are far superior offerings.... -RRR
  6. A Darwin Award winner in a van stopped in the middle lane of the turnpike, got out of the van, walked around to the back and this pickup hit him and killed him instantly. Three other cars were also involved.... -RRR
  7. Yup, fun little bugger. Certainly, lots of possibilities: https://public.fotki.com/jferren/vw-bug-aafa-fuel-altered/9978y07y8.html -RRR
  8. In October 2016, Bad Brains were nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,[56] but were not inducted. -from Wikipedia...maybe some day. -RRR
  9. Bad Brains Husker Du Minutemen X NY Dolls MC5 Sonics Mudhoney (Mark Arm coined the word 'grunge') ....and many more influential bands that will never get their due.... The R&R HoF ignores punk rock...(and most punkers don't give a BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH about the Hall). -RRR
  10. Tamiya TS-58 Light Pearl Blue. Clear overcoat with Minwax Polyurethane.... -RRR
  11. Yup, yup, yup!! Very fine craftsmanship on these builds. I love that old kit. It's good to have it still around... -RRR
  12. Good to see another one of these on the bench. It builds up nice. https://public.fotki.com/jferren/1932-mordor-sedan/ Bring it on home!!! -RRR
  13. This build was inspired by a Jeff Allison drawing used as the T-shirt art for one of the Billetproof shows a few years ago. -body is from the recent Revell roadster issue (smooth cowl). -frame is from the AMT Phantom Vickie [sic] -engine is from the MPC Ohio George Montgomery (RIP) Malco Gasser Mustang. -other bits and pieces from the parts boxes.
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