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  1. A classic from the snake, made me LOL... -RRR
  2. Well done, I like the RHD conversion as well.... -RRR
  3. What the....???? I just threw up in my mouth...Whoever did that should be publicly flogged.... -RRR
  4. I keep coming back to this gem, that color is striking.... -RRR
  5. The '33 Willys coupe is one of the few cars that looks better unchopped, IMHO.... -RRR
  6. Very nice rendition. The paint choice is inspired. An ArDun always makes a statement. Well done! -RRR
  7. KK and I started this build of the Barry Setzer rear engine wedge dragster several years ago. We went to the Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing in Ocala and took a bunch of pix, then repaired to a hotel room in Tampa during the NSRA Street Rod SE Nats and hacked away....still sitting in a box in my shop...Slixx has the decals... -RRR
  8. Some day I gotta finish up this '33 Willys delivery that's a mashup of the chopped coupe and original delivery.... -RRR
  9. It's a Fujimi kit.... -RRR
  10. It depends on what you're cutting. As most have said, a straight line cut is best with a #11 blade (in a handle) against a ruler. For hogging out holes, a Dremel for the initial rough cut and then sculpting with the #11 knife works for me. I frequently will use small scissors to make a rough cut of a compound curve on a sheet of styrene that's not too thick. A Sawzall always comes in handy as well. In essence, the answer is "It depends...." -RRR
  11. Kurt- I couldn't agree more. My $.02 (and worth both pennies) is that I enjoy scale auto building. I want to create something unique when I build. That's why I like hot rods/street rods (whatever term you prefer) because each one is different than the others. The engineering of a build is what interests me most and hot rods allow a wide range of possibilities without worrying about the "correctness" of trying to actually replicate a car that exists in 1:1. I don't strive for perfection, perfection is boring to me. Bring on the warts! I'm more interested in the overall 'look' of the car. Stance, wheel/tire combo, the right collection of parts and color make the 'look' for me. I quite enjoy working within the limitations of plastic and some resin parts. A creation made within it's own set of limitations can be a thing of beauty. I don't strive to win contests, I do enter and am generally surprised and appreciative that others like what I build. I consider myself fairly skilled in that I can usually build what I envision, but I'm a far cry from a craftsman. I appreciate some of the finer builds presented here and envy the patience many of you have especially when it comes to that smooth shiny paint! As I frequently say, a model doesn't actually have to function, it just has to look like it could. As Snake says: Model on! -RRR
  12. That really came out great, beautiful kitbash! Paint job is lush.... -RRR
  13. Ice, Ice, Baby....too kool.... -RRR
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