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  1. Some nice styrene surgery going on here, keep the updates coming! -RRR
  2. Bring it on!!!!....we had a four door dog Maverick when I was a kid....every time you came to a stop you had to shift into neutral or the car would stall out... -RRR
  3. That came out great, nice combination of parts, those wheels look good de-chromed. What was the process of making the rears deeper? Those spokes are quite dainty and easily damaged.... -RRR
  4. Thanks for all of the kudos, gents. Nostalgia drag is one of my favorite styles to build.... -RRR
  5. Just wrapped up this quick three week build.... Body: AMT recently reissued in the Competition Parts Pack kit, scratched together tonneau. Modified turtledeck... Frame: from the recently reissued AMT (MPC?) Trojan Horse funny car. I shortened the frame about 1/4" Hemi: from the parts box.... Rear tires are the hard plastic AMT tires with an old set of wheels from the parts box. Front wheels and tires from Polar Lights funny car kit. Paint: Tamiya French Blue with a light overcoat of pearl white on the body, also Tamiya white. Decals from Slixx and the rivet decals from the Revell Model A coupe kit (RIP).... Thanks for looking....-RRR
  6. Awesome engineering.....I tried to build this car when I was a kid....cut the body with one of those heated plug-in x-acto knives! Got any pix of the car buttoned up? -RRR
  7. Sorry, I won't be there with my Model Cars Magazine Contest Issue 2013 cover car..... -RRR
  8. Thanks, Tim! And thanks to all for your kind comments. -RRR
  9. I found one in the big box of olde Pro Street builds. it's also the same as the pink Matt and Debbie Haye T-Bird kit. It has some (very lightly applied) paint on it, yours for the asking. PM me your address and I will pop it in the post to you.... -RRR
  10. This is the koolest thing I have seen here in a long time!!! -RRR
  11. Thanks, yes that's the look I was going for, a car you'd see at an indoor show.... -RRR
  12. Well done build of a classic kit.... -RRR
  13. Awesome! Ya can't go wrong with a W motor!!!! -RRR
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