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  1. Good to see some slicing and dicing👍.... -RRR
  2. Ditch the Rustoleum. Go with Duplicolor DAP-1699 (find that SKU letter/number on the label near the bar code) primer. This is a light grey, sprays on smooth and sands well. Avoid the DAP-1700, a darker grey, it doesn't sand as well. Available at auto parts stores. I have NEVER had it mess up any plastics or resin. Don't put paint on too heavy. A few lights coats are better. Use Tamiya paints (yeah, they're expensive, but worth it). My $.02 and worth both pennies.... -RRR
  3. The hipster with the pipe and the comb-over really makes the pic... -RRR
  4. You're welcome. I use mine often. Lots of delicate surgery here, we all know the patient is in the doctors' good hands and will survive all of the cutting and stitching together. Carry on..... -RRR
  5. My father owned a couple of Ramblers. I remember going to the dealer to pick up our new '63 wagon in red. My father ordered it with the inside rear door handle delete option. An early form of a 'child lock'. You had to open the rear doors from the outside. My old man was ahead of his time.... -RRR
  6. Nice job, with the STR6 power! The ragtop came out great! -RRR
  7. I believe this is the original version of the above kit? One of the 'Switchers' kits.....-RRR
  8. '31 Ford Mordor....at about 4000' elevation in the Coronado National Forest outside of Tucson....nice stock resto job. -RRR
  9. Speaking of Gang Green, one of my favorite covers... -RRR
  10. It would be easier to start with the original 'Rat Roaster' version of the kit with the stock windshield and body with the mounting location divots for the windshield than the new rendition. -RRR
  11. Add to new parts list: The body, which has been modified to accept the DuVall windshield. (no mounting divots on the side of the cowl to mount stock windshield). -RRR
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