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  1. 1932 Ford Roadster: Channeled, Nailhead-Powered Early 50's Hot Rod

    YOWZA!!!! Your skills are MAD these days....congrats on the award, sorry we couldn't get together when I was out there last week, too much WORK to do...AAAARRAGAHHAGGAHHHH!!!!! -RRR
  2. What did you see on the road today?

    Legal weed..... -RRR
  3. 32 Ford five window

    Chop it!!! -RRR
  4. Chopped & Channeled 1932 Ford Sedan Hot Rod UPDATE 9/3/17

    Not sure how I missed this one! Coming along swimmingly. How have you been? Hope all is well with you and the fam in So Cal.... -RRR
  5. Bullitt Mustang....

    Like it? LOVE IT!!! Nice work on the BMF, a process that has always bedeviled me... -RRR
  6. Mr. Speed '53 Studebaker

    Gerald- Thanks for posting this. I was unaware of these parts, so I guess, technically, one can't fully duplicate the Mr. Speed kit fully with available parts. I was wondering if there was some mechanism for hoisting/hingeing the body. I will make a similar setup.... -RRR
  7. Mr. Speed '53 Studebaker

    The old AMT 'Mr. Speed' Stude kit has always been a favorite of mine, probably from looking at pictures of the box art in the Auto World catalog as a kid. The rear engine version has been long out of production and commands stoopid money ($300.00!!!) on auction sites. Luckily, with the recent reissiue of the Stude with the old decals being reproduced, and the availability of the Piranha kit, a reproduction is possible. So, I figured if I can't get my hands on the original kit I can at least build a replica of it.... Here's the original box art.... with the parts.... I started working on the body, chopped the top, glued on all of the 'delete' panels, sprayed it Testors One-Hit Emerald green and added decals....clear coat will be added.... Thanks for looking.... -RRR
  8. amt awb mustang update 11/10/18

    Build it. -RRR
  9. Chrome Platers - Again...

    Here's the form from LMKco. As you can see it's a few years old now. I used ChromeTech for years, met Bob once when I was in WI through a mutual friend. I decided to give LMKCo a try. The plating was fine except for four hairpin radius rods (from the Revell Parts Pack 'Chassis Speed Equipment') which came back all bent and warped. I'm not sure why that was. I can say that overall the LMKCo plating seemed to be thinner and smoother than ChromeTech. As I recall, the turn around time with ChromeTech was a few months while LMKCo was 30 days or so. My $.02 and worth both pennies... -RRR
  10. Show Your T's

  11. Mold blow

    That should buff right out.... -RRR
  12. I'll play. One of my fave builds..... -RRR
  13. Anyone for 'T'?

    Thanks Alan (and all) for your kind words. I was painting it during our Independence Day (Fourth of July) celebration time and got into the spirit with a red, white and blue colo(u)r scheme.... -RRR
  14. Anyone for 'T'?

    Yeah that Icy Blue is interesting. If you lay it on too heavy it will get darker and it's easy to get lighter and darker patches if you're not careful. I was having trouble getting my i-phone camera to co-operate today so the color might not have come out so well in the pix. I should have set up outside but it was too hot and threatening rain..... -RRR