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  1. Yeah, I was kinda wondering how the height will be in the engine compartment...I think I used that intake on the belly tanker.... -RRR
  2. With the re-re-reissue of the venerable AMT (Lindberg originally?) '34 pickup, it's time to build another one...kustom style this time. Here's the inspiration: First order of business is to grind out and fill in the spare tire slot on the passenger side front fender... Then channel the body over the frame... give it a haircut... I then shortened the bed and fabbed up a hard bed cover... Let's roll the rear pan to add a subtle kustom touch... Rear fenders will be bobbed, the front splash apron was removed, the grille shell was notched and shaved on the sides and slammed down, so the hood sits level...quick mockup... The plan is for flathead power...more to follow... thanks for looking.... -RRR
  3. Yep, yep, yep...I actually cleared off my work bench and gave it a new coat of paint several months ago...back to the cluttered state now, just the way we like it! -RRR
  4. https://public.fotki.com/jferren/kr-kustomsrods-bell/ -RRR
  5. He said "blow a rear end" and I got censored for saying BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH! -RRR
  6. You should take a hot pin and poke the center of those salt craters to make them look like a gunshot wounds....💥 -RRR
  7. All these '40 Ford coupe pix are making my fingers itch. I can guarantee you I wasn't building to this level 40 years ago! Nice work.... -RRR
  8. Ya can't go wrong one of Henry's all time classic designs. I really like what you did with the undercarriage. This came out great! -RRR
  9. I don't know how I missed this the first time around, but I'm glad to see you back on it. The paint pops and that wheel and tire combo works nicely....This is coming together nicely, I love '26/'27 Fords.... -RRR
  10. I see it now, I stand corrected....carry on... -RRR
  11. Did you ever notice that one of the valve covers only has three indents for spark plugs? Weird, isn't it? -RRR
  12. I bought a collection (from a widow) of unbuilt new in the box kits in the mid '80s for $1000.00 (mostly cars, some military). I cleared over $5000.00 on my investment, I've often wondered what it would be worth today. I don't have a "collection". I have a bunch of parts in boxes. And scratch built, hacked together built one-offs that won't mean much to anyone once I'm gone. Throw it all in the trash, honey! -RRR
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