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  1. HA! I have few scattered around here. That hemi with the over-the-top double blower setup would look good in some kind of funky '60s show rod style 'T' wouldn't it? Other than that, gathering dust.... -RRR
  2. I wish I had your temperament, especially when I was younger! -RRR
  3. Check out ish #208 of Model Cars Magazine!! Our very own Kit Karson's 'Saltster' (a rod with options) is on the cover and has a several page layout of his amazing build! Congratulations, Kit!!!! -RRR
  4. I'm still hoarding two of the original '30 coupes, factory sealed (not really sure why) and several opened boxes in various stages of parts and pieces....-RRR
  5. I remember seeing a picture of this kit in the ole Auto World (Scranton, PA) catalog as a kid. It's been a holy grail build for me and I finally finished it after a few fitful starts and stops. It's the AMT Piranha chassis and the AMT Studebaker 1953 Studebaker body. -Paint on the body is Testors One-Hit 'Extreme'' (or whatever name they were using when it was discontinued) Emerald Mist. -Frame is Tamiya gloss black with the panels cut out of bare metal foil, matt aluminum color. here's the original box art from back in the '60s.... Thanks for looking.... -RRR
  6. The 1932 Ford, in it's various iterations, is the most iconic styling statement (this was a one-year only style) ever made in the automotive industry. -RRR
  7. Wicked Pissah, Ray!!! Bring it on home!!!! -RRR
  8. Will look even smoother with clear coat.... -RRR
  9. Thanks, I got some more BMF done today...slow and steady...next up a couple coats of clear on the body... -RRR
  10. I got the body painted (Testors One-Hit Emerald Mist decanted and shot through my airbrush) and decals on....clear coat will sprayed on later.... I started in on the frame. Paint is Tamiya gloss black. The panels are Bare Metal Foil Matt Aluminum....slow going, taking my time, but it seems to be working fairly well, a few blemishes touched up with a Molotow chrome pen.... Thanks for looking....more as work progresses... -RRR
  11. Thanks, I guess I can try some goo gone. It's Tamiya paint sprayed recently. I did try rubbing the gloo off with a cloth rag but seems to leave a slightly dull finish in the area. It does seem this matt aluminum foil has more adhesive than the 'chrome' foil I've used before. -RRR
  12. This has probably been asked and answered before, but a search didn't turn up anything I could find. I'm using some of the matt aluminum BMF, it appears there is a LOT of adhesive left behind once the excess foil is removed. Any ideas on the best way to remove the gunk without harming the paint? Thanks.... -RRR
  13. Thanks, Scott. I was unaware of the 'Scorpion' body version of this chassis. I have (at least for now) decided to use the Studebaker headers cut apart and glued on to the Piranha flange. Here's where I am as of now. I temporarily attached the engine to the frame. I need to determine final header tube length. I prepped the body and shot it with an initial coat of primer. Some work is still needed on the body.... -RRR
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