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  1. The only time I trade with HL is with a 40% off coupon. -RRR
  2. ADL- I really like how this came together. I'm waiting for my kit to arrive to get going on mine. I'll have to scrounge around in the big box of old trashed builds to see if I can find some of those Super-Trapp mufflers....I have a similar, somewhat garish color scheme planned for mine as well. Here's to the '90s!!! -RRR
  3. alright, alright, alright!!!! I guess we're all going back to the future. Here's my mockup. The wheels are from the Revell '37 convertible. It's been so long I've done a build with directional wheels, I'm not sure which way they're supposed to be going! I found a good deal on a '29 pickup kit on ebay and I'm awaiting its' arrival. I need to finish the build I'm almost ready to put into the paint booth before I really dive into this.... stay tuned.... -RRR
  4. Looking good, I can see the potential of brass, I haven't seriously tried it, but would be an interesting medium to work with. -RRR
  5. Lets load up the family and go to the beach!!! -RRR
  6. I had a cat peed on my model bench once (only ONCE). Cat pee makes effective (but smelly) chrome remover. -RRR
  7. Check out the blower in the AMT '68 El Camino kit, slightly older style but a pretty kool induction on top of the blower. Not many know about that little gem. -RRR
  8. I'm surprised no one (I don't think they did) mentioned the stock four bangers in both AMT and Revell Model T & A (can I slip that through the censors?) kits. The Revell kits have some hop-up parts in them. Not the recent issue Revell Model A, the older ones. -RRR
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