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  1. The Monogram 1930 coupe fenders can be made to fit the Revell '30 coupe with a bit of work.... -RRR
  2. Goo-Gone will remove the gummy residue. Goo gone is oily, so make sure you clean the area well with water and liquid dish soap, rinsing thoroughly and drying before painting.... -RRR
  3. Don't tell anyone but I have three of the original issue Revell '30 coupes factory sealed on the shelf....sshhhhh!!!! -RRR
  4. Where you at with this rig, KK????? You don't have an immediate deadline anymore.... ;-( -RRR
  5. The engine in this kit is the 3x2 carbureted (sp?) or blown SBC that was in the '30/'31 coupe version originally. This kit also has the chrome wheels and knock-off spinners from the coupe kit (as well as the steel wheels, trim rings, dog dish caps that were in the original roadster kit). -RRR
  6. I know most of you aren't into hot rods, but when Revell issued their new tool Model A series it was the best thing for us rod builders since the '32 series was introduced in 1996. When the tooling was mishandled (not sure we'll ever know the full story), it was devastating (as devastating as something such as that can be in the grand scheme of life and death). Today, I received the new new tool '29 roadsters in the post. I bought four and gave one to KK... -RRR New decals, too!!!
  7. "I'd buy that for a dollar!!!" -RRR
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