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  1. Space Rod 32

    A lot of imagineering going on here!!! This is amazing......can't wait to see more.... -RRR
  2. 1930 Model A coupe in white

    I was wondering if anyone would pick up on the remote filter. that engine is set up for a remote filter and since a filter would have interfered with the steering I figured I had to go the remote route. Unfortunately, there wasn't much room for it. Gotta love "through the frame" wiring and tubing.... -RRR
  3. 1930 Model A coupe in white

    Thanks for the kind words. MAGS last show in Tampa was this past April. they decided to pull the plug on it. Mike Alvarez is vowing to pick it up for next year and I hope he does. The MAGS guys always did it up right, but after two decades they got burned out on it.... -RRR
  4. 1930 Model A coupe in white

    Thanks, bro. Yeah those front wheels are hard to find an optional tire for, I've had those Satcos for years, I believe Satco is no more... -RRR
  5. 1930 Model A coupe in white

    Thanks, gents...not the best chop I've ever done but it was a quick enjoyable build... -RRR
  6. 1930 Model A coupe in white

    Just finished this one up. Based on the Revell kit (that we may see again some day???). I made several mods, chopped the top to where I think the kit should have been chopped originally, about 4.5 scale inches. I filled the roof to make it smooth, used a Ford small block originally in the old Matt Hay prostreet T-Bird. I used a 3 x 2 intake, headers from the AMT Phantom Vickie [sic] along with various other parts. Wheels and rear tires from the Revell '32 roadster, Satco super low profile front tires, QC rear, front suspension is from the Revell '32 series with the cross-steer setup...interior door panels from the Revell '32 sedan with the seat from the Revell '32 roadster. I was inspired by a car that was at the SE Nats in Tampa this past April. I haven't done a white build in awhile...thanks for looking.... -RRR
  7. '33 Willys sedan delivery

    So , here's where I'm at after some putty and sanding. I added a driprail across the top which helps to visually lengthen the body. I shot it with a guide coat of primer, still some areas to clean up and then threw together a quick mockup. Plans are for a vintage Hemi (Revell 'Miss Deal') , some zoomie headers of some sort...the tractor grille is a resin item sourced on ebay. This will be a slammer/curbside build...-RRR
  8. '33 Willys sedan delivery

    Stubby Malone!!!!!
  9. '33 Willys sedan delivery

    How to ruin two perfectly good Willys bodies? By cutting them up and making one!! Just something to do on a rainy long weekend.... well,I had more pix but for some reason pix from icloud won't load here...-RRR
  10. Race Ferraris

    One of my customers shares office and warehouse space with the local Ferrari dealership. They work on their race cars there. I'm not into Italian exotics but I know many of you are, so here you go... -RRR
  11. What kind of car is this

    I lived in New Zealand in the mid 70's. These cars were all over the place. Dreadful machines... -RRR
  12. LEGO Rat Rod

    Those don't look like any Legos I had as a kid... -RRR
  13. T.R.O.G. style '30 roadster-updated 4/9 NSRA pick!!!

    The T.R.O.G roadster was awarded the National Street Rodder Association coveted 'NSRA Pick' as part of the final model car show put on by our friends of the Model Associates of the Gulf State (M.A.G.S.) at the Southeast Nationals held this past weekend at the Tampa fairgrounds. A fine time was had by all....Thanks!!! -RRR
  14. T.R.O.G. style '30 roadster-updated 4/9 NSRA pick!!!

    Stay tuned over this coming weekend. We will be posting progress pix. It appears that the '41 front clip mates up very well sizewise to the '48 body....-RRR
  15. Halibrand Quick Change

    Replicas and Miniatures of Maryland has a very nicely done (all of Norm's offerings are top notch) QC in resin.... -RRR