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  1. TIM- The front suspension is from the Revell Model A series. I cut the spring off of the axle and then shortened it to fit between the split bones. You can see the suspension system in progress in this pic... -RRR
  2. Thanks, I thought the '48 dash looked a bit overwhelming, but it's growing on me.... -RRR
  3. UPDATE 10/18/20 I got a lot done yesterday so I figured I throw up another update today... Radiator built (obviously for a flathead) with a cut down '32 shell from the AMT Phantom Vickie [sic]... I fabricated the exhaust system, grabbed from the old Testors (not Tim) Boyd's Smoothster, cut it up and put it back as needed, parts were originally chrome plated...once pinned together it fits nicely. I worked on the interior. Door panels are from the Revell '32 sedan. The parts do line up, they look a bit wonky mocked up... Front suspension... Steering... rear panhard bar.... I'm getting pretty close getting this done. I'm in the process of making a gas tank that will be located on the back side of the seat, a few other odds and ends still to be done...thanks for looking... -RRR
  4. Time for another update... working on the interior and the rear suspension. Fabbed up the package tray and back wall of the interior. The seat is made from two pieces of the venerable AMT 'T' bucket tub, split between the transmission tunnel. The rear suspension is going to a separate piece that will be attached during final assembly. The main part is from the same frame as the rest of the build, is the '32 frame from the Revell 'A' kits. To build this I attached the frame to the body (with axle and springs to get ride height set) with white glue (that can then be soaked off afterwards, taking it apart) and built the two pieces that will attach to the floor pan assembly. I'm not sure how clear this is.... The next pic shows the two frame pieces glued to the rear frame with a brace super-glued to those two pieces (I was concerned about the frame coming apart once I soaked apart the pieces temporarily held on with the white glue). The brace will be taken off after the frame is separated from the body.
  5. How can you be at two places at once when you're not anywhere at all? I couldn't resist the obscure Firesign Theater reference (most you'll have to look that one up).... -RRR
  6. That's great! When my daughter was young, she used to call "the blue store". -RRR
  7. I was waiting for your update as well (I got sneak peek via text last night)....nice going....having a Jag IRS available at a reasonable price sure would be cool. Maybe Norm at RMCM would be able to make one of these? -RRR
  8. Yeah, I AIM high and then..... I'm working it!!! -RRR
  9. Thanks, Tom. One of the half-round ribs was straightened out, it will all tie together. It's kind of a jigsaw puzzle (with a few pieces missing?).... -RRR
  10. More work on the sport coupe.... The idea for this making a unibody is from a post of a 1:1 car on H.A.M.B. Part of that means that the body is attached directly to the frame and that the floor pan is a structural part of the car. To that end, I braced the floor pan like this... The car will sit very low with the engine sitting up high so as not to hit the ground. The trans/driveshaft tunnel is from an old pro street kit. The exhaust will run down the center of the floor pan.... Thanks for looking. -RRR
  11. I saw a Rolls Royce convertible donked out (seriously) on the highway the other day, I wasn't able to get a pic (I know, then it never happened).... -RRR
  12. I guess I can't go and edit the date on the original post anymore? So anyway, here I'm at the "build the top" part of the build. I started with the top from the recent reissue AMT Mod Rod (in yellow). The side quarter round area is from the AMT '36 Ford rag top. Other pieces of styrene, hacking, slicing, fitting and some putty....
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