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  1. Thanks, Craig. Now if I could just get the gumption to put it together.... -RRR
  2. Thanks for your compliments on the paint. Yes, the interior is almost certainly from Norm at Reps & Mins of MD, It had been sitting in a box for about 25 (?) years. I bought several of the hoods Jason cast. Very nice items. He is looking at casting a louvered hood for the recently released Revell '32 roadster. The hood on that kit is slightly wider than the other Revell '32 hoods at the cowl. -RRR
  3. There's a couple of my builds in there somewhere (not really show rods, but).... -RRR
  4. I have been slowly working on the coupe. I'm down to the 'yak shaving' part of the build. AKA: the 'fiddly bits'..... parts have been washed and dried, holding sticks have been attached.... --------------------------- Ready to throw some primer.... ------------------------------- The color is Tamiya TS-60 Pearl Green with one coat of clear. MinWax polyurethane shot through the trusty Paasche.... The louvered hood is a resin item cast by Jason Lookabill. --------------------------------- The interior is a resin set, by RMCM? Origin lost to the ages... Piping taped off and shot body color. Door handles and window cranks were aftermarket chrome plated years ago (most likely by Chrome-Tech).... I'm hoping to get this wrapped up sooner than later.... Next appearance 'under glass'... -RRR
  5. Nice clean build of an iconic kit. Looking forward to more! -RRR
  6. I just like cuttin' plastic....hand me that Sawzall.....-RRR
  7. I let the movers pack up my built models when we moved from the Pac NW to the Southeast. Needless to say they didn't take much (any) care with them, just wrapped in paper shoved into boxes. I wasn't a very good builder then anyways, so pretty much all of them got trashed. I mended some of them, most are still all jumbled up in a box. I rob parts from them once in awhile. Some of them I look at and think "I should put that one back together and put it on the shelf..." That's as far as it gets.... -RRR
  8. The chop came out great! Just kidding. Nice kitbash... -RRR
  9. That's what I was thinking, but the bb/mc does fit, a tight squeeze, though.... -RRR
  10. Nice, those pearl paints from Tamiya are nice. That should look stunning.... -RRR
  11. Now that I finally got my grubby mitts on one of these, I looked over the parts (and the parts list on the instruction sheet) and it appears there is no master cylinder and brake booster. The tab for mounting one is on the center xmember. Anyone else notice this or am I mistaken? -RRR
  12. Yeah. I will fit the headers through the openings once the hoods are on.... -RRR
  13. Yeah, that's all TBD..... I guess I could score some lines down both sides of the header openings to make it look like the hood sides are removeable. I will actually install the headers through the openings once the hoods are on... -RRR
  14. I finally got my grubby mitts on a couple of the new Revell '32 roadsters, thanks to my pall KK! Much obliged! The missing items I needed to source (engine and related items) are now here and work can progress. The idea for this is to have the new headers poking out through the hood sides. I wasted no time in removing the chrome from the headers. The first step is to temporarily assemble the engine and set it in place.... yes the headers are too long, they will be shortened... ------------------------ Next take some measurements and transfer that to the hood sides... ------------------------------ Take the plunge and make some cuts..... --------------------------------- A LOT of fitting and futzing here.... --------------------- I added a bead around the openings...... ------------------- Both hood sides cut out, bead glued on (Evergreen .020" rectangle), a schmear of putty applied around the openings with some blue masking tape over the louvers to protect them. ------------------- Header has been shortened, cap installed and the piece between the header and the exhaust has been fabricated up. That little piece took a long time to make and get it fitted right. Now I have to do the other side 😬..... One interesting thing I realized in the new roadster kit (and presumably on the original "Rat Roaster") is that the master cylinder/brake booster was omitted. The mounting tab is on the transmission crossmember. I scoured the parts list, it's not on there. More later. Thanks for playing along! -RRR
  15. Well done! Certainly deserving of the accolades and the award. Congratulations! -RRR
  16. you had me at Cabriolet. Nice work, looking forward to more.... -RRR
  17. Looks like it's coming along nicely... -RRR
  18. I saw one of these kit cars on the road yesterday for the first time. The only reason I knew what it was from this thread. -RRR
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