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  1. I cut out the original trunk lid and replaced it the louvered offering from the '32 5ive window coupe. With a little cleanup of the opening and just a smidge of sanding, the louvered lid dropped right in..... -RRR
  2. Looks good, Jim. A real hot rod needs to have a flame job! I'm looking forward to building another soon. -RRR
  3. WOW!!!!! I'd kinda forgotten about this! This came out great!!!! This needs to be done in 1:1..... -RRR
  4. I completed the exhaust system, I fabbed up the section that connects the existing pipes to the headers. I used leftover pieces from a second Rat Roaster exhaust.... -RRR
  5. This looks great, paint is beautiful...welcome back!!! -RRR
  6. The other man modification is to the exhaust system. I'm using the Limefire style SBC headers form the Revell Model A series of kits (roadster and coupe). A quick mockup indicates they'll fit...I really don't like that bump on the #4 header tube, made that way to clear the steering column. Again, with a mockup, I can eliminate that bump and still clear the column. I'll use one of the tubes from the Buick Nailhead headers from the Revell Model A series... The original header (de-chromed) on the top, the header with the tube replaced with one from the Nailhead. Sorry I don't have more and better pix, I got a new phone and I'm still getting used to the camera, some of the pix were way out of focus...more to come.... -RRR
  7. Nice looking build. I had a '90 Mustang GT that I had bolted on a bunch of go-fast goodies...I eventually rolled it. -RRR
  8. Thanks, that was quick! Interestingly enough, this kit doesn't appear on the list of new for 2022 with Revell, so this looks to be quite a ways out..... -RRR
  9. There was post here (and I'm sorry I forget what section of the forum it as on) about the Rat Roaster re-do...there were some pix of some of the plans in process. Can someone remember where that was posted? I believe it was from a show? -RRR
  10. I decided to use the original roadster door panels and the seat from the 3window coupe...a slice and a tuck and it fits....-RRR
  11. A well proportioned Vicky would be awesome... KK and I built one with a combo of the AMT Vicky and Revell sedan bodies. Lots of work: https://public.fotki.com/jferren/1932-vicky/ -RRR
  12. That would be sweet. One problem is that a QC would interfere with the gas tank. -RRR
  13. Very well done roadster! Thanks for sharing.... -RRR
  14. As a hot rod model car builder, the Revell 1932 Ford series of kits originally released in 1996, starting with the three window coupe, is one of my all time favorite kits. Since that time, Revell has brought out a roadster, Speedwagon, 5 window coupe, a sedan and the Stacy David inspired Rat Roaster. Revell has announced that they will be modifying the Rat Roaster kit, without the Stacy David tie-in. Plans are for a DuVall windshield and Limefire style headers and a redone interior and...??? The Rat Roaster, is a wealth of parts. It has a blown Weiand SBC with a standard transmission, really nice wheels and tires, but some other things are not so cool. The original car was a mishmash of styles, IMHO. In any case, I thought it would be a fun project to remove the Rat from the Roaster. Although this kit is based on the previous '32s Revell has released, but it does appear this is a whole new tooling. The body is far superior to the original roadster body and the chopped windshield is sweet. So, I started pulling parts, many from other '32 kits and some from the Revell Model A series kits. I had a couple of other projects that stalled for various reasons and I feel like I need a simple build to work on... Here's my 'yard sale' of parts, obviously, not all of the parts pictured below will be used... From the Model A kits: -Rear wheels and tires, fronts from the parts box. -3x2 intake manifold, carbs, headers (that ugly exhaust pipe 'bump' will be removed). -Finned Buick style brakes. -Rear axle (not shown here). From other '32 kits: -Interior, 5 window or original roadster? Seat from the 3 window coupe? -Louvered trunk lid from the 5 window kit. -I'll most likely use the original '32 style radiator and fan, since I won't need room for the blower belt drive. Otherwise, it's pretty straight up. I'm considering making a ragtop for it. Thanks for looking.... -RRR
  15. One of the major areas of advancement is in power storage capability and capacity. There are finite resources in the world and some new technologies we can't even dream about will be coming that will provide for power. Some day we'll have cell phones (or whatever the future communication devices will be) will store enough power for months without charging, for instance. Remember, from the first manned flight to landing humans on the moon took less than 70 years. Technology is changing fast and will continue. Us old fossils will leave it to some of you young brainiacs. I'm sorry I won't be around to see it, but there are developments coming that we can't even imagine. Now, I'm going to hack up some petroleum based product while I can before we run out of oil!!! -RRR
  16. Certainly keeping him our thoughts down here. His stuff is the best there is. Let's all hope he makes a speedy recovery. -RRR
  17. Yes, Micro Macro...I only speak two languages, English and broken English. I go there to buy Tamiya paints (at least I used to) there is a train place that has Evergreen....I have been to Family Hobby in Naples, nice folks but a 1.5 hour across Alligator Alley is a bit much....-RRR
  18. I grew up in Boston, we used to assault the city from my friends sister's place in Nyack. Went to many a show at CBGB back then. Last time I went to CB's was Rollins Band in the mid '90s. That was pretty intense. We might be old, but we saw all of the cool bands.... -RRR
  19. If you need some inspiration: https://public.fotki.com/jferren/mooneyes-dragster/ Ditch the str8 axle in the kit for the Revell Tony Nancy 22 JR. drop tube axle. The AMT SBC parts pack has a more accurate set of headers. Happy modeling with this awesome kit. Thanks to Atlantis!!! -RRR
  20. If the industry is in such great shape, then why can't the countries 8th largest metropolitan, with over 6 million souls, support one decently stocked hobby shop? I drive 30 minutes away to buy Tamiya paints (gotta look at the color to decide sometimes) and when I talk to the owner about expanding product lines (Evergreen plastic (gotta look at the size ya want sometimes), Atlantis, for instance) and I get a blank stare (language barrier, perhaps?) and a shake of the head... Whatever...I'm going back to the bench and buying on line when I prefer to support a local reseller. Rant over.... -RRR
  21. I built four different versions when the first time it came out, but I guess another can't hurt.... -RRR
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