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  1. Thanks for the compliment, but they're not for sale. I was at a 1:1 car show with a model car show as part of it many years (decades) ago. A guy with a full sized car similar to one of my models on display insisted that I sell my model to him. I politely refused and he started to get huffy with me (???). Selling one of my builds would be like selling an offspring, maybe some day I'll sell some off when I need the cash? Who knows???? I have been asked several times to build a specific model car for cash, again, I politely refuse, I'm not sure I could ever do that. The subject matter has to be something that I'm really interested in, otherwise, it holds no joy for me. -RRR
  2. I've never understood the allure of buying a built model kit....to each his/her own, I suppose.... -RRR
  3. The ragtop was originally from the old MPC 32 Chevy roadster. There are pix here of how I cut it up and put it back together: https://public.fotki.com/jferren/29-roadster-/ Pretty much any top can be rebuilt in this manner. A popular one to start with is in the AMT '36 Ford kit which has been recently re-issued for the umpteenth million time with the chopped and stock height tops as well as the ragtop. Grab your scale sawzall and have at it!!! -RRR
  4. He hit the wall..... -RRR
  5. Thanks Alan, I always enjoy your enthusiasm from the other side of the world (which I have visited and it's amazing, friendliest people in the world, Aussies!!!) I'm interested to see if you have photos of the modular display, that's a really kool idea......-RRR
  6. I built the car in the '60s show rod style and I figured it needed a place to be shown. -RRR
  7. Well done, indeed, decals work perfectly......-RRR
  8. Thanks, Alan. I think the heat shields on the side pipes just lent themselves to the 'rivet' look. The Centerlines, with their bolt detail, also lent themselves to the military theme 'rivet' look...I did build another one like this years ago, it did have a shiny paint job, but I never finished it and someone on-line insisted they had to have the model, so I sent it to him. I don't know if he ever did anything with it. So, this build was really 'The Return of The Mod Coupe'.... -RRR
  9. I'm not sure how I missed this but I'm sure glad I caught up with it. Nice detail and very clean, ya gotta love a 2 door phaeton! -RRR
  10. Nice kustom, the paint job is gorgeous. Ya can never have too many louvers..... -RRR
  11. Here's an olde timey hot rod rescued form a dusty barn. The body is the 'A' tub from the AlaKart cut up and made to fit the '34 three window greenhouse from the old Revell kit (based on the '26 T sedan built by Lil John Buttera). The rear quarters of the body are from a Revell '32 sedan... The frame is scratched together from Evergreen styrene, the track nose is a resin piece with a mesh grille added (I hope wifey doesn't miss the loose tea leaf strainer). Power is from a flathead out of the AMT '41 woody with a parts box blower and other goodies thrown on. The belly pan has parts from the Cosmic Charger dragster body sliced up and widened...decals are from the Revell '30 model A Coupe (RIP) to give it a military vehicle theme.... Wheels are from a dragster with the rears made shallower...lots of parts from here and there...a big shout out to both ADL and KK for supplying some parts and pushing me to finish this thing!!!! Thanks for looking...bunch more pix here: https://public.fotki.com/jferren/the-mod-coupe-aka-t/. -RRR
  12. This is the best thing I've seen on this board in a long time...flawlessly executed, super clean. The vent windows are exquisite. I like that you didn't french the headlights and along with the rake, gives it a hot rod look rather than kustom...... -RRR
  13. The AlumaWagon....what happens when the AlumaCoupe collides with the SpeedWagon (built about 25 years ago)....anybody else sporting wood???? -RRR
  14. Nice, nice nice, I like that it has the radiator cap on it (inside joke)....root beer color is sweet, I may try that color one day. The white suspension components was an inspired choice.-RRR
  15. Nicely done, clean straight forward build of an iconic hot rod style.... -RRR
  16. Nice progress there, ADL... I really like the head bolts...keeping it real... -RRR
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