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  1. Nice Merc! Don't worry about the engine, most customs didn't have much flash in the engine compartment and were almost always shown with the hood closed to show off the body lines. -RRR
  2. Very convincing barn find old drag racer. Well done.... -RRR
  3. That "Arrest Me Red" is certainly eye catching! It's coming together nicely! -RRR
  4. Moving on to the interior this weekend. I decided to use the Revell '32 roadster Rat Roaster interior pieces.... I had already cut the toe board off of one of the side panels. these will be replaced as separate pieces. Since the coupe doors is longer, I'm going to use two panels, cut them to the longer length and splice them together so the door lines match... -------- I already cut away most of the upper 'porthole' section on the panels as I won't be using that. I measured the door length on the body with my handy dandy calipers (thanks, KK) and transferred that to the inner panels to determine where my cuts will be made. As KK is fond of saying: "leave the line!!!" ---------- After slicing and some careful sanding 'creeping up' on the pieces, I glued them together. There was a bit of a bow, so I inserted a slice of super thin plastic to take up the space. A skoshe of putty and some more careful sanding should bring this around. The open area is at the bottom, so it won't so very visible! ------------------------- I added a strip across the top of the panel covering up what remained of the 'portholes', sanding down the edges and slicing an opening for the rear door. I'm going to use white as my accent color, so the plan is to paint the panels white, with the diamond pattern panels in green (to match the exterior color) with BMF for that band in between. ------------------------- This is how it's going to look. The seats will sit further back once I fab up the back panel and package tray. I notched the bottom sides of each seat to go over the tunnel. The door panels hide the seam between the body and the greenhouse. On to the other side. Once these panels are in place, I will know how much of a channel I will have. Then I can determine how much of a 'Z' I will need in the rear frame rail to get the proper ride height. ----------------------- I'm going to use the '40 dash out of the Revell '32 5ive window coupe...sure, why not? I also found this steering wheel out of the parts box. I'm going for a '60s style almost 'show rod' look and I think this fits the theme. Most likely the dash will be in body color metalflake green.... Thanks for checking in...stay tuned for more fun and frivolity!!! -RRR
  5. Work continues on the floorpan on the '30 coupe. I grabbed my trusty Dremel and spent some careful quality time grinding out the area under the trans/driveshaft tunnel. Then I followed that with some work filing and sanding. Now looks like this... ---------- Transmission fits like a glove, as it should as it's from the same Mustang kit as the tunnel! --------------------------- Dropping the frame over it, looks like this. (but this is getting ahead of ourselves a bit). ---------------------- The floorpan nestles nicely in the body. The body will be channeled over the frame a skoshe, the amount depends on the height of the interior panels I plan to use (plus the depth of the floorpan). I will be starting to fab up the interior this weekend. Having a separate greenhouse makes working on the interior easier.... More later, thanks for following along.... -RRR
  6. x3 with Bill above. First order of business is to get the two seams to mate together as close as possible. I fill gaps with very thin strips of plastic (cut from Evergreen sheet) and then push the into the seams and super glue them together and sand...I know KK mixes up styrene sanded dust with super glue, but I find that makes too much of a mess. Try a few things and see what works best for you. -RRR
  7. Well, that's a little closer to home than GSL in SLC!!! -RRR
  8. As we left off a few days ago, I decided that floor wouldn't work, so the tunnel was cut off, cleaned and attached to a sheet of Evergreen styrene... I traced around the original floorpan as it was shaped to fit the '30 body and then separated the two sides from the tunnel... ---------- I cleaned up the cut sides of the tunnel and measured a few times to get it as close to centered as I could and glued it on.... --------- I cut the pan out of the sheet of styrene and cleaned up the edges. The next step is to grab the trusty Dremel and grind out the tunnel on the underside. I have a plan for the interior, that's coming up next... -RRR
  9. I'm glad to see you back on this one, Paul. Nice work on the paint. I decant that paint and shoot it through my airbrush as that Extreme Lacquer tends to bubble up when I spray it from the can (I have a tendency to shoot paint too heavily). The detail chassis painting is fantastic. -RRR
  10. Thanks, KK. It's still sitting in the box. Not sure what I will do with it..... -RRR
  11. I believe the question about the trans is in relation to the white transmission in the right side of your pic above. It does look like the transmission from the Rat Roaster. This looks like a nice project. Good to see you're up and about again, KK... -RRR
  12. A little more work on the coupe. I started whittling away on the floor pan (from a Mustang kit). ------ after looking at it more carefully, I came to the realization that the floor had too much whoop-dee-do in it. That wont work. I will cut off the tunnel and attach it to a flat sheet of styrene... ------- The W motor I'll be using has a bellhousing that's way too wide to fit into the trans tunnel. The solution is to separate the block and use the T5 from the same Mustang kit the trans tunnel is from. That will fit. I'm planning on adapting the two 3x2 log manifolds from the Nailhead in the Revell Model A kits... ------------ I glued it all together. Much better.... I tried my Molotow chrome pen on one of the valve covers. Looks pretty good... More later, thanks for following along... -RRR
  13. I'm not really planning to stay very true to the real car. I'm going to make a flat very slightly recessed firewall, intake stacks will be frog mouth scoops.... -RRR
  14. I saw this very kool Model A Coupe at a show recently and I decided it would make a good take-off point for yet another Revell 1930 Model A Coupe build (this will be my fifth one). I really should taken a few more pix of the car but I didn't. ----------- So, I started pulling some parts and mocked up what I think will be a good stance. I'm going with a '30 frame, channeled over the body, a nice rake and a bad attitude. The tires are from Modelhaus... ------ I found a Mustang floorpan in my stash of stuff, this will do nicely, I will slice it apart using the kit floopan as a pattern... ----- I wanted to fill the roof with a cloth top. I grabbed a Revell '32 sedan body that I had hacked apart for another build and will cut the roof up to fit.... ----- I decided to cut the '30 roof opening to more of a stock configuration, cutting off the front part of the opening marked as below. The '32 roof has been cut away from the '32 body... ---------- A bit of slicing, trimming and sanding gets the top to drop into the opening... ---- I trimmed the edges of top with pieces of Evergreen .040" half-round... (sorry about the crappy pix, but you get the idea...) KK sent me a W motor (just to use a different powerplant) and I will slice off the bellhousing and transmission (too wide to fit under the tunnel) and graft on the T5 transmission from the same Mustang kit I got the floorpan from.... More later.... -RRR
  15. This is looking good. I started a similar project a few years ago and almost got it done when I realized the roof was warped (I believe it was scrunched in a box for too long) and the project was abandoned... https://public.fotki.com/jferren/63-chevy-nova-pro-t/ -RRR
  16. Nice color! That's gonna POP once you clear and smooth it out! -RRR
  17. Sorry this thread has devolved into a discussion on varieties of malted beverages. I guess I asked for it. The next installment of the original intent of this forum topic (a buildup of a 5 window '36 Ford model car in 1/25th scale) will be in the 'under glass' section. Over and out.... -RRR
  18. My friend, from Calgary, quaffs Bud Light like it's water, so maybe many fellow Canucks would concur... -RRR
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