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  1. Slowly working on the '36 as time allows over the holidays with family from out-of-state here. I got the floor pan installed and the rear suspension dialed in and the spring hangers fabbed up. I'm not sure what kit that axle and spring setup came from. Obviously from an AMT offering with that grey/beige color.... Also cutting in area for exhaust in trans mount brace. Shocks will need to be shortened. Next up: installation of front suspension, motor mounts and exhaust system....thanks for looking. Happy Holidays, all! -RRR
  2. They were called a Craftsman Bungalow. I owned one in the Pac NW. Cool house built in 1918 that had lots of nice touches including amazing woodwork, built-in dining room hutch, leaded glass. I put a lot of sweat equity into that house. I bought it in 1985 for $45,000.00. Sold it in 1999 when the family grew (only had one bathroom). It's now worth over $625,000.00!!! -RRR
  3. Remember the football Saints version of the kit? Why??? Or was Revell referring to other Saints? -RRR
  4. Thanks for the very detailed review on your fotki page. I know we all appreciate what you do for the hobby. Happy Holidays! -RRR
  5. There is a cardboard sand dune for the car to sit in, on both Sandkat and Sandbagger kits. I will set up the new one in the reissued Sandkat once I get this done... -RRR
  6. Some serious mud slinging going on here. I approve. Carry on.... -RRR
  7. It was more likely: "Sand drags are becoming a big hit, how can we quickly capitalize on this trend? Modify a couple of existing molds and get them out there!!!" -RRR
  8. The Sandkat is the Piranha chassis. The Sandbagger is the Garlits Wynnsjammer chassis. The box art are very similar and they both have the same cardboard "sand" display.
  9. Nicely done. Very subtle paint scheme, it works well. I picked up a few of these new kits and I'm itching to build another. -RRR
  10. The Sandbagger was an AMT kit issued in the mid to late '60s (?) based on a reworked Don Garlits Wynnsjammer chassis set up as a rear engine configuration. I acquired a kit many years ago. It's complete but had been somewhat crudely worked on...a few gloo smears, etc. I don't want to molest the kit further. With the recent re-issue of the AMT Sandkat (based on the Pirhanha chassis), it afforded me the ability to recreate the Sandbagger using a Wynnsjammer chassis and the big sand tires now available in the Sandkat (I also own an original of that kit). So, here's the 'yard sale' of parts with the Sandkat in the upper left and the Snadbagger in the lower left. The Wynnsjammer chrome parts are under the Sandbagger instructions.... A very simple kit. The only parts I will have to replicate is the part #25, 'frame front brace tubes' in the below instructions, pictured on the left side, it holds the gas pedal, clutch pedal and the steering. It will be fairly easy to replicate that, and two rear frame braces (easy peasy)... this build is next up, after I finish the '36 5ive window coupe now in progress... -RRR
  11. Thanks, Mike. I should have done that. Thanks for the tip. I just hate to see the waste of materials and cost, etc... -RRR
  12. I know, a new version of this kit with limefire headers and a DuVall windshield! Bring it on!! -RRR
  13. There are some in progress pix on the WIP thread that show how the bar was constructed. -RRR
  14. Thanks for the kind comments, all. I was looking for a car to use the spark arrestor air cleaners made by Norm Veber of Reps and Mins of MD. They fit nicely on those Rochester carbs from the Revell '29 roadster. -RRR
  15. Most of the build is from the Revell Stacy David's Rat Roaster '32 roadster kit. I removed all the 'Rat Roaster' identifying parts and added parts from several kits (mainly other Revell '32 kits). Paint is Testors Mythical Maroon and Tamiya Metallic Black. -RRR
  16. Beautiful work, clean execution, stunning paint. To quote The Dude: "I dig your style, man". -RRR
  17. Here's my recent eBay experience. I wanted to buy three packs of Evergreen half round styrene. I found a seller and decided I would buy the three pieces through their eBay store. I put items in the shopping cart and noticed shipping was $30 in change! Figuring another seller would have a better freight rate, I checked one other seller's store. Same freight charge. As a 'buy it now' the price of each item was around $5.00 with $2.99 shipping. So, I placed three different transactions from the same seller for the items I wanted. It came to about $15 in merchandise and $9 in shipping (I really wish I had a local hobby shop I could just drive over to, but I don't).... Here's what arrived... Three big boxes, each with one item in it. As a point of size reference, those packing slips are standard 8" x11" pieces of paper.... -RRR
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