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  1. The NSRA is allowing cars that are 30 years and older and modified into their shows now. Until 2010 a car had to be pre 1949 vintage. I don't really mind it. There were some stunning modified '60s muscle cars in attendance. I hope to see you at the model contest at the next show. -RRR
  2. Thanks, ADL. I don't think it's really "hard", I just envision how the particular panel should look and figure that if I cut the parts this way and glue them together this way and finish it, it will look like what I want. Part of building a model is making parts that look like real ones, but just in scale. I guess a lot of it is practice and eventually getting good at it, a skill anyone can acquire. Many times there are a few attempts that don't work until I get it right...Remember, it doesn't have to "work' it just has to look like it does... -RRR
  3. A Million dollars worth of Lambos on a flatbed and trailer... -RRR
  4. Today's installment concerns replacing the floorpan that was cut of the frame. Starting with a piece of .02" Evergreen sheet and a slice of tube for the driveshaft tunnel... Cut two pieces of the sheet plastic and slightly bevel the edges and then glue each piece to a side of the tube... It will sit on the frame like this... Viewed from underneath like this. Mark the frame and crossmember edges with a pen...somewhere along the way, the front xmember was cut out... Cut the edges off, leaving a bit of extra...as Kit Karson famously says "Leave the edge when cutting". It will be trimmed to fit later... The plastic is thin enough to cut it with scissors... I added a small piece across the back to give it some strength. The section where the tube goes across has since been cut away... The next step is to replace the ribs on the pan that would have originally made by an English Wheel https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_wheel or a bead roller to give the pan some strength and not buckle under weight. In our scale world this is done by cutting strips of .04" Evergreen half round. I scribed where the frame and crossmember areas go under the pan and then marked off where the ribs will go, I used a piece of rectangle as a guide rather than having to measure... I cut the half round pieces to size, sanded the edges to round them off and glued them on...kinda tedious... I sanded the whole thing down to remove some of the gloo..it will fit like this. A lot of work for an area that will hardly be seen....next up is the finish the rest of the pan over the back end of the frame... Thanks for following along...More later... -RRR
  5. Thanks for posting that link. I love the HAMB. I don't spend as much time on the site as much as I used to since the closed down the app. Those Swedes do some amazing work! -RRR
  6. That was my first thought, too! Still, gotta a nice rake, build it your way... -RRR
  7. The interior has had the door panels cut out and the panels from the AMT Phantom Vickie [sic] cut in place, narrowed seat from the same kit will be used. The dash has had the gauge holes filed and a photoetched cluster from MCG will reside in that space. The five gauge cluster in the upper right in the below pic should fit nicely. The PH pieces are upside down in that pic? I'm not sure what to do with that sunken package tray, I might just fill it in with a piece of Evergreen sheet... -RRR
  8. Looks real nice! Yes, the AMT '36 Ford has has some funky stuff about it...-RRR
  9. What primer did you use? Go down to the local auto parts store and buy same DupliColor Grey primer. Look near the bar code and grab the DAP-1699. This primer is made for that paint. Put on a couple of coats and sand lightly with 1000 or 2000 grit paper (you don't need to wet the paper, that primer sands easily). Wash parts with dish soap before painting and between primer and color coats. It's also a good idea to remove parts from the trees before painting and remove the mold parting lines and any flash and ejector pin marks before painting. It will give you a much better looking model. Sanding parts before primer will give better paint adhesion as well. It might seem like a lot of prep, but you will the results. I hope this helps... -RRR
  10. That looks cozy. Now, fill out the cushions on the sides of the seats where they cut away. I hope Santa brings you some new sanding sticks for Christmas. The one in the pic above looks like it's more than well worn! -RRR
  11. To match the dropped runningboard, I am also dropping the front edge of the fender along with a little cleanup..... I filled the bumper cutout and added two pieces of .04" Evergreen... then sanded it all down... so it looks something like that....a schmear of putty will clean it up... More later.... -RRR
  12. I was scrounging around in a few old boxes of who's-know-what's-in-any-given-box the other day. I have a few hundred boxes that have partial kits, parts from other kits, started builds and whatnot all jumbled together. It's a treasure hunt every day here. This old started build of a '36 coupe caught my eye and I decided to bring it back to the bench. This story started about 20 years ago, when I was living in the Pac NW before I moved clear across to the opposite corner of the country. I swapped chilly humidity for hot humidity.... The original idea for this was to build two '36 coupes, a chopped 3 window and a chopped 5 window (a Jimmy Flintstone body, I know, it has some issues with the door side of the A pillar and the misshapen quarter windows, I'm overlooking that, I don't like to mess with resin too much, it's soft and hard to work with...) This pic was taken about 10 years ago or so. This was posted on another forum I used to frequent. Bryce Michelmore from Australia, who was on that forum at the time, had expressed some interest in the 3 window coupe. This was before that chopped 3w greenhouse was re-issued. So, I sent the body to Oz. (My sometimes building partner, Kit Karson and I have a 'thing' about sending stuff to other people that express interest, why not?). I haven't had much correspondence with Bryce since I dropped out of the other forum, so I don't know if he's ever done anything with that body. In any case, the 5ive window is back on the bench. I had done some work on it in the past including cutting out the floor pan integrated into the frame. This will be built as a street rod, not a kustom. The body was originally painted with a light blue hue with Krylon (I used to use that back in the day, what did I know?) I sanded it down and shot a coat of brown primer on it. The IFS (in blue) from the Revell '37 convertible should drop into this frame, once the original front crossmember is cut away. Power will be a 5.0 Ford with EFI from the Speedwagon. Wheels and tires are from Reps and Mins of MD (I hope you're recovering well, Norm) with the baby moons aftermarket chrome plated. These narrow tires lend themselves to snugging into the narrow fenders. The seat is a bench from the AMT Phantom Vickie [sic] narrowed to fit, door panels from that kit will be used. I'm planning on a two-tone paint job in the red color spectrum. You can see my original handiwork as I was lowering the front edge of the running boards with some Evergreen strips molded in. That theme will be continued...also note the smooth running boards. Much work ensues, I hope you follow along.... -RRR
  13. I'm glad to see your stick to it on this one. First post in '15! Bring it on home! One of my fave body styles, the '26/'27 T. Nice color combo... -RRR
  14. Show date change due to pandemic was inevitable, I suppose. The weather this time of year is certainly better than April for outdoor activities including a car show. I hope they keep this time of year, sure was most comfortable. There were a surprising number of vehicles from up North in attendance. -RRR
  15. Good to see you back at this oldie but hopefully not moldy! Coincidently, I just dragged out a 20 year old stalled build and started messing around with it this week. I will post up soon.... -RRR
  16. Great work. Don't forget the triangle gussets between the roll bars and the frame.... -RRR
  17. Nice hot rods!! Looking forward to seeing more. Perfect patina.... -RRR
  18. Hey Jim- The show went well. I though we'd see you there. About 175 models on display. Pat and David helped with the judging. Kit Karson drove down in his '34 pickup so we actually participated in the 1:1 portion of the show. Smaller turnout overall as expected, not many vendors in the building which gave the model car show plenty of room to stretch out in. Tim K was absent as well. -RRR
  19. now, THAT cracked me up! I might change my signature to that statement... -RRR
  20. I love the angle chop, that came out really well! Nice job all around. -RRR
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