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  1. page 104 from the 2020 Contest Edition- ‘55 Chev ProMod...
  2. I think that when I had dropped this model & the headers broke off I put them on backwards or put them on the wrong side🤦‍♂️
  3. I LUV YOUR NOS SETUP on this build💪👏👏👍👍🤯 And thank U so much as I’ve been stuck on the NOS Plumbing with my 57 Chev ProMod (Same Build I asked Your advice with painting it with the 3 color scheme as the Firebird Pro-Stock U also Killed)👍🙏🙏 I think I’ve looked at over 1000 photos & hours of video, Yet I hadn’t seen a single Scale build that I really cared to copy ( I mean use as a guide🤭😉👍) I Absolutely Luv your style of builds👏👏👏👍👍👍💪💪💪🙌🙌 Lee
  4. Hi Bruno, 1st of all OUTSTANDING JOB on the “Outlaw” Pro Stock Racec🙌🙌👏👏💪. I’m actually wanting to do that exact same paint job on a 57 Chev ProMod that I’m building..( I already have the Slixx decal set, but I’ve never done a 3 Color paint job fading them like yours, (not with the Auto type paint & Urethane CC  anyway. I’d appreciate any tips or advice U can give me. I use the exact type Paints as U did...




  5. WARNING DONT MAKE ANY PURCHASES FROM “GRAVITY COLORS” until they clean up their business! I have had problem with them EVERY TRANSACTION WITH DELIVERY! As of 01.21.18 they stopped all communication? I filed with Paypal to recoup my recent $$. It’s Sad that such an Awesome Product is managed by poor business folks..... I’ll post upon any further news, but I wouldn’t make any new orders... respectfully, Lee Barret
  6. Hello (1st off BEAUTIFUL BUILD) now about your “PUKE CAN”..... I CANT TELL U THE EXHAUSTED SEARCH IVE CONDUCTED JUST TRYING TO find the 1:1 Scale measurements of the thing....But I see your build here & I can’t believe I’m actually seeing one fitted onto a build... & looks perfect.Could U help me with some tech info on yours? I have a vendor buddy of mine who makes Beautiful Quality Aluminum Aftermarket Scale Model 1:24 1:25 Parts, & we are wanting to make a a prototype out of Aluminum. I mostly just wanted it for the “NHRA” Driver “Ashley Sanford’s” Just retired family A-Car Dragster that I’m building for them. I just got off the phone with a Chassis & Motor Builder for these cars & he said that they are in the ballpark of a SCUBA tank size.... if our turns out good I thought I might have a few dozen made & give them to my main vendors to sell on consignment. It’s such a simple yet cool looking part of most all FC & TF cars today... so I really feel that the Scale NHRA guys will be looking for then soon enough... PLEASE ANY help u can give me with the information regarding the size. Dimensions for the can & a Tech info for creating the 2 attached hoses plumbed from the Can to each Valve Cover. I’d ever mail U a Sample after we get them done!!! respectfully, Lee Barret Cell/Text 281.989.0597
  7. Yep I actually have 3 different Lazy Susan's I use for my new "Heavy Duty" paint stands. 👍Thx, Lee
  8. These are Some DIY AB Paint Stands that my buddy "FREDDIE" helped me with. They are totally interchangeable & capable of moving in just about any direction or angles needed (the goalpost looking ones arms & base swivel) for your part needing to be painted. I built them using cast iron flanges 3/4" + all 3/4" pipe & fittings. I just add some 10-15lb mounting tape to the different size plastic bushings, that hold the part. The Iron Flange & Pipe fittings add enough weight to give your part that nice STURDY SOLID feeling to your parts needing paint! I added some leftover gloss rattlecan black paint enamel on the iron sections making them cleanable & looking nice.... Very Simple to make, inexpensive & easy to locate parts at most any Hardware shop.... enjoy, Lee
  9. I found this sign & thought I'd share it for those that might want to put it up in the shop..... Enjoy, Lee
  10. lol It's the photo reversed... same with the Wrinkle walls ... I actually Won the show it was entered in. (However the judges said the only thing they found was my front wheels were off, which was SPOT ON, I barely got it completed as I ran out of time with the build...lesson learned on time....) thanks, Lee
  11. SPEED FORMS!!!! 🤓I've been seeing those things on every well made AB painting Demo on YouTube. In the back of my mind I always thought to myself....mmmmm🤔🤔I wonder how they make those (car blanks). Thanks for that TIP!!!👍👍👍 Lee
  12. Howdy, i recently switched from building military aircraft to Hotrod type Vehicle builds. Painting aircraft was very forgiving compared to that of the A/B finishes I'm now doing on cars. It became obvious that I needed to get into a better more CONSISTENT AB PAINT SET, & ive been looking at HOK - ZERO & GRAVITY. I've made a recent friend with a local longtime builder & paint expert that uses Exclusively HOK! I'm curious what your recommendations would be for a starter kit for me. My next several kit builds will be color schemes that aren't too crazy.... (as in no flames-heavy metallic flake-) but mostly looking for the DEEP GLOSSY Purple-Red-Metallic Blues & in that arena.... ALSO the CLEAR COAT U would recommend with this system. much thanks! Lee **the photo attached was my 1st FC & 1st ever Contest entree.
  13. MPC Mustang FC 72 (HOTROD MAGAZINE) this was my 1st detailed build & contest entree. I installed every aftermarket plumbing, Aluminum Billet pulleys, A/N color coded fittings, Wrinkle Wall Slicks, even added the Chrome Valve Stems on it...for a EXTREMELY SIMPLE "BOX STOCK" build that would only take most beginners a few days to complete, took me about 350+ hours...(and I still wished I had 25-30 more to do everything that was in my head.. I had nothing but FUN all the way through.....
  14. I was a young & newly stationed in Dickinson Tx. as a State Trooper (1984). My Apt. complex was located next to the Drag Strip (now gone) that Don Gay started racing on. His family's car dealership "Gay Pontiac" was also located in the same area as this old Drag Strip. I became friends with many of the folks in the town & the Gay family was one of the first group that really treated me with open arms. I even moonlighted there as Security on some of my nights off. What was cool was that Mr Gays son 17 & still in Highschool, began racing like his Dad. On many of those nights I worked for them, 12-6am, I would watch those mechanics thrash on his Racecar getting it ready for their next race. Such a great racing history with the Gay family. LEBIII
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