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  1. Chuck C. added a topic in Model Car Racing   

    Gregg, a big thank you...
    Gregg wanted to let you know I appreciate you stepping up, and helping with sponsorship of the race. I 'm putting together a slot car drag race at Buena Park Raceway in Calif. on Sept. 1st of this year...Chuck
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  2. Chuck C. added a post in a topic "Pancho Villa" 32 Ford Sedan Rat Rod   

    If it were me I would have Z'd the chassis front and back, just my .02...
  3. Chuck C. added a post in a topic K4 PORSCHE 935   

    Keeping an eye on this build, I had a K4 project in the works, it was actually FABCAR K4, but alas like other projects, it got put aside as I lost interest. I had hope of getting setup so someone could do a resin version for other PORSCHE fans...Chuck