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  1. Thanks Randy! Alright, bear with me. By now there should be absolutely no doubt about me not been normal. After the ordeal of stripping an orange car to repaint in ... orange, it should be a matter of putting it back together, right? WRONG! The car came with an unusable toy rear spoiler that supposedly represents option ZTK (High Downforce aero package). That package also includes additional aero parts in the front splitter as you can see in this picture of the untouched model out of the package. This has 2 problems: First, No way I'm using that spoiler, Second (and here is the trouble) I want my ZR1 with the low downforce package for higher top speed. Not the ZTK High wing that reduces top speed from 212MPH to a mundane 202 MPH. So I need to make my own Low Wing rear spoiler. No sure yet on how to do that (I have some ideas I need to try) but that's another story. But in order to make it a lower downforce kit, the front splitter needs to be modified. Those aero fences must go. Problem is everything is molded in and very thick. I Also found out too late the body has notches to accommodate this. So here we go: I made 2 filler panels to address the notches in the body. Having I noticed this earlier I would have blended them before painting but these will do. The splitter was severely modified and it is now looking like this: I also opened the molded exhaust. The interior is beyond hope. Everything is molded in one piece and the seats are not only nowhere near what they should be, but probably the worst seats I've ever seen since my Tonkas of the 70's. I wonder how GM licensed this. It will all be black to hide it. There is a HUGE hole behind the seats. I made a paper template and transferred to sheet plastic. Will be painted black. Thanks,
  2. Hello, Sorry I did not update this thread. Let me get you up to speed: Last month my airbrush went on a rabid rampage that included clearcoating the ZR1. (The blue Viper is finished and posted in this forum.) I am really beginning to dislike working on diecasts. I do it only because of the subject. Anyways, this sucker is polished. For the life of me I can't get a painted diecast to polish like a plastic model despite using the same primer, paint, clear and technique. Don't know why. What? Two days on a single decal? No wonder I never finish anything.... So I made a tape template of the roof. Transferred to a SMS CF decal and carefully cut it. Carefully but frighten as hell I applied it. Decal Sol worked beautifully. Coated it with Future floor polish. Thanks, Ismael
  3. And by the way... 'nuff said... Thanks,
  4. Hello, Turning my attention to the huge mounting holes for the flimsy rear spoiler. Apoxie Sculpt and lots of filing. I miss styrene kits... Thanks,
  5. Hello, So much trouble and effort and I still haven't got to what would be the starting point if this was a plastic kit. Over a week of work in the stupid door gaps and I can't really and honestly say I'm 100% satisfied! After the doors I will need to focus my attention into the rear where the spoiler goes. Thanks,
  6. Hello, Back from the dead, after been painted a second time, it was cleared with good old single stage clear. To hell with 2K. Don't care for it and I don't want to see it again. Scalefinishes 500 series single stage clear. Mist, medium and wet coats. Now let it rest for a few years before polishing. Thanks,
  7. Thanks Gary! There is a C8 underway but it will take a LOT of work. It is posted in this section as well as in the other forum. https://race-car-models.proboards.com/thread/2215/2020-c8-corvette-24-scale Thanks!
  8. Hello, Spent like 3 days scratchbuilding my own racing harness. Pictures don't do it justice. All you see here is tape, wire, styrene from a disposable plate, white glue and I printed the logos. This is one of those things that will barely be seen but I really like how it turned out. So these cars have safety nets on both sides of the driver. Here is the kit's center net. That will not cut it. It looks more like prison bars. So I modified it as per the 1:1, plus scratchbuilt the left side (window) net. This will barely be seen. Making it functional is a waste as it will never be reached... Please play the video. This was done a while ago. The white hose is the drinking water line that connects to the helmet. Thanks,
  9. Hello, After a long hibernation, THIS ONE IS DONE!!! While I make sure in the pics it looks as good as it can be, the truth is that this model is nowhere near any of my others. I don't go to model shows. But if I did, this will most probably stay home. But I'm happy it is done. This one is dedicated to Bill Brown, a fellow modeler from the Scale Motorsports forum who passed away a few months ago. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, presenting my 2016 Viper GTS coupe. I adjusted the ride height but I still think it needs to be a tad lower in the back. But I tried to lower it more and the paint chipped very ugly in the wheel well. So I think it is what it is. Home printed inspection sticker, license plate and 3rd brake light. Emblems shaved off. Scalefinishes Viper GTS blue. Interior is nothing to write home about. Flocking carpeting and seat belts were added. And the reason for this build: I envisioned this picture in my mind when I finished the Ford GT last year. My 3 American 2 seater powerhouses From left to right, Night street racer (2 extra cylinders), Top Speed toy (2 missing cylinders), Daily driver and weekend toy (correct number of cylinders) 2017, 2016, 2015 model years respectively Hope you like it. What do you think? Thanks,
  10. Hello, Do you notice a difference? Thanks,
  11. Hello, Working some of the worst mold lines I've ever seen! Don't despair! The Styrene Cavalry is coming to the rescue! Obviously a long way to go... Thanks,
  12. Hello, Still a bit more paint stripping to do but looking better already. Pretty ugly mold lines need immediate attention. YIKES! Look at those door gaps! That will be the biggest challenge, other than the interior which reminds me of Palmer models... The interior will most likely be all black as it is almost a lost cause. Thanks,
  13. Doing metal work on a model of a plastic car. Ohh the irony!
  14. Hello folks, Yes, I'm making a 2020 C8 mid-engined Corvette in 1/24! I won't hold my breath waiting for a plastic model from Revell or whoever. So even before the car was announced last year, I planned to grab the first 1/24 release of it and repaint it. So, here is the first version of the C8 in 1/24. It is plastic and metal from Motor Max. In short: Totally un-inspiring. Very close to say it sucks! This will take A LOT of work! Those door gaps will be a nightmare to fix. Rubicon ride height Within a few minutes it already looks better Next: Stripping that paint and start the real work. By the way, paint is on its way from Scalefinishes. Thanks, Ismael
  15. Impressive work for sure! Is this the 1/8 '65 Monogram body?
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