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  1. ismaelg added a post in a topic Jet Sweep X5: 1/64 Jet car Resto-Mod **FINISHED**   

    Thank you all!
    And for the rest of the world who may have no idea what they are seeing:

  2. ismaelg added a post in a topic Jet Sweep X5: 1/64 Jet car Resto-Mod **FINISHED**   

    This was supposed to be a simple wheel improvement job and ended up with a life of its own and controlling me for a while.
    Just in time for the upcoming Caribbean Scale Auto Expo show next weekend.
    A few tiny details I'd have liked to come out better but overall I'm happy it is done.  I originally intented the scratchbuilt clear canopy to be hinged  but it would have taken way too long.
    Hope you like it!






    The parachute is made out of paper  and wire.
    What do you think?
  3. ismaelg added a post in a topic 2013 60th Anniversary Corvette 427 Convertible   

        Finally! The first (of hopefully many) coats of  Cobra Colors Arctic White lacquer has been applied!

    Still a long way to go but at least moving in the right direction.....
  4. ismaelg added a post in a topic Jet Sweep X5: 1/64 Jet car Resto-Mod **FINISHED**   

    Hello again!!!
    After a serious mishap during clearcoating, the whole thing had to be sanded down and repainted, including masking the scheme once again.  
    But anyways, it is back to where it should have been a few weeks ago.

    In the meantime, I made a parachute for it.....

    The driver's cage was painted in the same Atomic Orange:

    And that's where we are now.  Stay tuned as this approaches completion...
    What do you think?
  5. ismaelg added a post in a topic Jet Sweep X5: 1/64 Jet car Resto-Mod **FINISHED**   

    OK! So, this was supposed to be a simple repaint / wheel straightening job, right? WRONG! It has taken a life of its own and it is now controlling me!
    I machined a parachute tube with a built in aerodynamic bullet shaped front section.  Wouldn't it be easier just to use tubing? Yes, but what fun would that be?  Now I need to make a parachute.... hint, hint.....
    The scratchbuilt styrene spoiler was painted black to simulate carbon fiber.  Of course this is just a mock-up. Nothing is fixed in place yet.  The spoiler will be straight. Not sure if you can see it but the center section of the spoiler is actually curved.

    What do you think?
  6. ismaelg added a topic in On The Workbench   

    C7 Corvette: Revell snap kit
    Currently suffering from severe PHS (Project Hopping Desease).... 
    The Revell snap C7 Corvette body was washed and dried.  Shot the first coat of primer. Block sanded and started working the mold lines.
    The body looks good and straight so far....

    No hesitation on color combo: Laguna blue with Kalahari interior.....
    Stay tuned...
    Best Regards,
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  7. ismaelg added a topic in Diecast and Resincast Models   

    1/64 LSR salt racer
      Keeping with the jet car theme, here is another one I started a while ago.
    The Hot Wheels Salt Shaker represents a slat flat LSR (Land Speed Record) vehicle featuring 2 massive jet turbines.
    From the factory, the transparent "body" includes the engine covers. 


    Not long after getting it, I took it  apart. The metal base was stripped and the transparent body sprayed with primer. My original idea was just to paint it. Yeah, right...

    I found the molded cockpit canopy to be too small. So I drilled it out and made a longer canopy... 

    And one thing led to another and the engine covers were cut, sanded and modified.  the idea is to hinge them to the centerline.

    And that's where I am now with this project......
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  8. ismaelg added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Corvette ZR1 brakes?
     Does anyone replicates 2009 Corvette ZR1 brakes?  I need like half a dozen sets for numerous projects and it's been years since I worked with resin....
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  9. ismaelg added a post in a topic Jet Sweep X5: 1/64 Jet car Resto-Mod **FINISHED**   

    STOP ME!!!!!!
    Not yet installed, but this is what's going on.....

    The vertical struts will also support parachute tubes. 
  10. ismaelg added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    Revell 2014 Snap C7 Corvette mini review
      After more than a year late,  Revell has finally started releasing the C7 Corvette kits.  The first one out is the SNAP version seen here.
    The box is the small one. Mine came in the mail a bit crushed but the content was OK.

    Less than 40 parts. The emblems are vinyl stickers, not decals. Keep in mind, this is a snapper oriented at "almost instant gratification" to kids and first time builders. Do not expect decals or anything that may seem "complicated"

    Body looks good. Again, don't forget this is a snapper so most details are molded in (grilles ,exhaust, etc.)

    As expected the one piece chassis has some engraved detail.  The interior is fairly basic with adequate detail but there is no provision for instrument decals. Again, did I mention this is a snapper?

    Finally, the wheels look decent. Tires are nothing to write home about.  But my biggest disappointment is the lack of brakes.  I know, metal axle snapper so you don't want to see calipers rolling along, BUT.....

    In conclusion, it should be a fun exercise until we get the more detailed version with engine, brakes etc.
    Now, one in Laguna blue, one in Cyber Grey and the third in........ hmmmmmm let me get back to you on that.....
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  11. ismaelg added a post in a topic Revell Pre-Finished Series 2014 Corvette Stingray   

    The snap C7 is out.
    This is NOT a drill.
    Just ordered by mail........ 
  12. ismaelg added a post in a topic Jet Sweep X5: 1/64 Jet car Resto-Mod **FINISHED**   

      Bill, that is aluminum turned in my mini-lathe.
    Now, STOP ME before I hurt myself!
    I machined these front wheels from aluminum to use a small O ring as tires.
    Then I reworked some parts box tires for the rear.  

    reworked tire on the left, still untouched on the right.
    And a little mockup test:

    I may paint the rear wheels to tone down the chrome a bit.
    Keep in mind this is 1/64 ...
  13. ismaelg added a topic in Diecast and Resincast Models   

    Jet Sweep X5: 1/64 Jet car Resto-Mod **FINISHED**
       I've always been fascinated by jet and rocket powered Hot Wheels cars.  My Hot Wheels collection is always growing and can be divided in 4 major categories: Corvettes, Ferraris, Jet/Rocket Cars and everything else.  You may remember my Jet Threat II "resto-mod" from before.
    The Jet Sweep X5 is a Larry Wood designed jet car  from 1985 and it seems it was only released twice. The original spectraflame olive color and the second unpainted release in 1986-87.
    I found this little worn puppy all alone in ebay and had to rescue it. It's missing the canopy and the rear spoiler. Axles are bent and the paint in the Ultra Hots wheels is a bit worn....
    PERFECT subject for a Resto-Mod.....

    It is all metal so I disassembled and stripped it.

    The body was sanded and sprayed with automotive primer. After sanding the primer, it was painted Corvette Atomic Orange.
    It was then masked for a second color: Cadillac Pelham blue.  While these are not the Gulf Colors nor it's scheme, it was nonetheless inspired by it.

    The nailbiting and nervewracking process of removing the tape was a success.  Only minor touchup will be needed before clearcoating.

    And that is where I am as of now with the body.  The base and engine hold the body together and I didn't want to bother much re-engineering it so it was left as is. However, the gap is ugly so I machined a simple turbine cone to hide the seam.  I think it came out better than I expected.

    The inside will be painted black to hide it.
    Here is a mockup of how it's coming along:

    Still a long way to go but slowly getting there.  Still pending the canopy and spoiler that have to be scratchbuilt and I'm not decided yet on what to do with the wheels/tires....
    I hope to post more updates as I move along.
    What do you think?
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  14. ismaelg added a post in a topic 2010-2013 Corvette Grand Sport (Conversion)   

    After countless hours of fine tuning I think it is ready for next step.  Primer has been applied.  Next step is to sand the primer and check for any imperfection before paint!!!
    By the way, during the process, the molded grille was cut out......
    Like my other project, I feel as if it were finished!

    What do you think?
  15. ismaelg added a post in a topic 2013 60th Anniversary Corvette 427 Convertible   

    Here is a comparison with the in-progress Grand sport that has the regular hood.