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  1. Following since day 1. Excellent craftsmanship!
  2. Nice! One of my all time favorites.
  3. You do very nice work. I too am a Corvette Guy. Built dozens of models and have owned a few 1:1s.




  4. Nice! You don't see these built very often. It certainly looks like a big challenge to get the paint job and decals right. Thanks for sticking to it, finishing it and sharing with us.
  5. Beautiful job on that iconic car! Looks great!
  6. ismaelg

    Jaguar XJ 220

    Beautiful build of a beautiful car! Interesting choice of color. It works really well!
  7. Love it! The fade job looks great as well! Reminds me of the Mako Shark show car.
  8. Hello gang, Thank you all for the nice comments. I understand the subject of modern cars is not the most popular in the forum and I appreciate each one of you taking your time to take a look and comment. Thanks! Ismael
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