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  1. 1951 Chevy Bel Air

    Hello, After dealing with mold lines from hell, she is now in white primer. Not shown but started working on the box stock engine as well. Sorry but AMT quality doesn't cut it for me. It didn't 10 years ago and it doesn't now. Thanks,
  2. 2010-2013 Corvette Grand Sport (Conversion)

    Hello, I've been very busy lately so little workbench time. This was going GREAT. Keyword was. After the color coats, I applied 2K clear. Came out a little rough in some areas. Sanded it and rubbed thru in some areas. So I sanded the body smooth and applied a final color coat. It looked perfect... until it started crazing in a corner and part of the hood. So I had to sand it down to the first primer coat. Decided to play it safe and sanded the whole car down. Here we go again. White primer applied. Everybody raves about 2K clear but my experience with it has been less than stellar and inconsistent. Could be user error but I may go back to the good old lacquer clear and elbow grease. Thanks,
  3. How to sell on ebay?

    Hello, Thank you all for the replies! Lots of good information here. I appreciate it. I'll start with one kit and see how it goes. Thanks!
  4. How to sell on ebay?

    Hello, I've been dealing with eBay for almost 20 years, but mostly as a buyer. I sold a couple of kits and a book over 15 years ago in the money order days before Paypal. Looking into my stash I have a few things I know I'll never build like some armor, a duplicate or two, and a couple car kits I have no idea why I got them in the first place. So I want to try selling them. There are no swap meets or clubs around here and it is only a few things, not a huge pile. My biggest question is figuring out shipping and terms. I'm looking at similar items and trying to come up with a trend. Any hints on how to sell on ebay? This will help clear some space and fund more paint, more tools and more Corvette and Ferrari kits I'll never get to build Thanks,
  5. Ferrari metal transfer scripts?

    Thanks guys! Crazy modeler, That's the name I was trying to recall. Checking on the trading post. Thanks,
  6. Ferrari metal transfer scripts?

    Hello, I recall that over a decade ago somebody was offering scale metal transfer badges. I specifically recall Ferrari scripts for rear decks and engines. Who makes them? Are those still around? Thanks,
  7. GS Corvette #003

    Both are beautiful colors....
  8. Hello after the hurricane!

    Hi Mike, Glad to know you are ok. A friend of mine is part of a team that traveled to NC last week to help in the recovery of the electrical system. Hope the whole area gets back up as quickly as possible. Thanks,
  9. GS Corvette #003

    I see you already got it, but if needed I have some Admiral blue lacquer left from this project: Jet Threat II Grand Sport. I plan to use it on my Grand sport but that is far into the future. Let me know if you need it. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/94052-restoringcustomizing-a-hot-wheels-for-the-fun-of-it/ Thanks,
  10. 67 corvette conv.

    Very Nice!
  11. Miller 91

    Love it! Beautiful job!
  12. Revell Audi R8

    Great job as usual! Love the color.
  13. Porsche 928 S (1/24 scale, Fujimi)

    Nice! Always liked the 928.
  14. MPC 1980 Corvette

    Beautiful job! It looks fantastic! Reminds me of the Junkman movie (different wheels) You don't see these built very often. Thanks for sharing!
  15. Fujimi Ferrari F430 Challenge

    Beautiful! Enjoyed your progress thread. Thanks for sharing!