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  1. Hello, Regardless of subject or type of paint, airbrushing is such an enjoyable experience for me! It is my therapy. Love it! Will let it dry for a few days before inspecting and deciding if more is still needed. I hope this is the last coat of paint. Thanks,
  2. Hello, Stop me before I hurt myself! One of the smallest part I've ever scratchbuilt! These are the pedals that control the tail rotor. It is 2.2mm wide. Now I need to do the other side. Thanks,
  3. Hello, Just keep swimming... Thanks,
  4. Hello, And we have COLOR! First coat of color. However, this paint will take a long time to dry. I airbrushed it over 4 hours ago and it is still very tacky, almost wet. But it looks good so far. Almost complete coverage but it still needs more paint. This pic reminds me of a bass Thanks,
  5. Hello, I've said it multiple times but I'm going to say it again: I've never claimed to be normal! Quick mockup. If I wake up at night and see it in the table I may squash it thinking is a bug. Thanks,
  6. WOW! That is really outstanding! What size/scale is that? *EDIT* DUH! I see it says 1:10 Sorry
  7. Hello, You didn't think for a moment that I was going to trust my tail rotor to some wimpy unbalanced plastic shaft, did you? Brass shaft. Added a sleeve inside the housing so the shaft can be installed AFTER both housing parts are glued together. Thanks,
  8. Cool! I'd like to get one but they are going for quite stiff prices these days.
  9. Hello, I machined the stationary swashplate and added the control rods and brass driveshaft. Can you tell the difference over the kit's part? That plate is 5.5mm or 7/32" Thanks,
  10. Hello, I've had this model in my stash for more than 25 years. SA318 Alouette II in 1/100 scale. I've never seen a built one. I think I know why. It is pretty crude, instructions are a joke and it is SMALL! Since I'm a masochist, here we go. This is a couple of hours of work so far... If this was an important subject, it would be a good candidate for a complete scratchbuilt. Thanks,
  11. Hello, Doing one can be a challenge. Doing 2 identical ones a bit more. Finally finished the rotor hub. I really, REALLY like it. Thanks,
  12. Not really. That was the first thing that popped into my head. But it would make a good movie quote I know what you mean. While not quite the same, I run the BB/pellets shooting range at the Boy Scout camp.
  13. OK, listen to me: On the third picture, you NEVER NEVER EVER stand in front of a loaded M16, M60 or even a pea shooter! you understand me? Translation: Awesome job!
  14. Nice! Love them all but that F-80 Shooting Star is really nice! I used to do aircraft as well but a mix of scales. From 1/32 to 1/48 to 1/72 to 1/100 to 1/144 to oddball scales. Currently working on my first aircraft model (helicopter) in over a decade. Thanks,
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