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  1. Hey all I found a picture on the internet of a Mack camelback suspension with a shock going from the front axle at an angle rearward to the front mounting bracket. It looked like this, so I copied it. this view shows the front shock and how it attaches to the axle and frame. this view from the top shows a little better how the shock mounts. Ron G
  2. Hey all Did some more work on the Superliner. I have the engine that came in the MPC Mack DM800 put together. It's a Maxidyne ENDT-865 V8. They were, from what I understand a pretty good engine. Thay were the predecessor to the Mack E9 V8. It has a 5 or 6 speed transmission, I'm not really sure. this view shows the cab & hood along with the sleeper, fuel tanks and the wheels/tires that will go on this build. this view shows a top view of the Mack camelback suspension & Mack drive axles. side view of the Camelback suspension. this view shows the Mack ENDT-865 from the MPC DM800 kit. Its about the same size as the E9 so I'm using it for fit purposes. top down view of the ENDT-865. this is a picture of the real thing. It's painted in Mack gold. Well that's it for now be back soon. Ron G
  3. Hey all I got a MPC 1/25 Mack DM800 for some parts to use on my Aussie Mack Superliner build. I spliced the front and rear sections of the DM800 frame with a section out of the Italeri 1/24 Mack Superliner frame to make a proper Superliner Ii frame that's a 232" W.B. I modified the front axle from the Superliner kit along with a piece from the DM800 front axle and got a 4" (scale) wider drop center Mack axle, kind of. It's not perfect but it's good enough for me. Here are some pictures. this view shows the top of the completed frame. this view is of the bottom of the frame. close up view of the front of the frame and front suspension. close up view of the rear of the frame and the support pivot bracket for the camel back rear suspension this view shows the modified front axle. I had to modify the DM800 front springs to get them in the correct position for a Superliner II frame. this view shows the cab and hood sitting on the frame. this view shows the modifications I had to make to the hood to fit the external Aussie air cleaners. They are from the Western Star Australian truck kit by Italeri. Well that's it for now be back soon with more updates. Ron G
  4. Great looking Mack! Mr. Mopar-D. I have one coming in the mail, but mine is going to help build my Aussie Mack Superliner. Ron G
  5. Now that's a proper road train hauler Mate! Great idea for using the Mack E9 V8 from the Renault ( I'm using one in my Superliner build) I see some Auslowe parts in there, nice I hope mine turns out as nice. Ron G
  6. Hey Hessel Now all you need is 3 to 4 side dump trailers and you would have one sweet road train Ron G
  7. Hey K100 If you start another one you can get a mack E9 V8 and Camelback suspension from one of tge 1/24 scale Italeri Renault 360 kits, they have Mack E9's in them. Ron G
  8. Hey all I did a little more work on the Peterbilt 378 Tri-drive. I'm still waiting on parts for the 6 axle trailer. this view shows the Pete with the correct cab on it. It has 385/65R22.5 tires from the Italeri trailer tyre kit on the front for floats. I put my driver figure in there for perspective. this view shows the front floats turned to the right. this view shows the Tri-drive set up. And the stretched fifth wheel plate. this view shows the valve stems I added to the inner and outer rims, I still need to do the rest of the rears and the fronts too. this view shows the front floats a little better, also the Cummins NTC-400 I'm using instead of the kit supplied Detroit series 60. another view of the Cummins NTC-400. this view shows the intake air cleaner pipe in place. this view shows the modified (from the Detroit series 60) intercooler pipes. The radiator is the Cummins NTC-400 radiator from the Western Star kit. Well that's it for now be back with more soon Ron G
  9. Hey JimmyG Sounds like a proper project. Were are you getting your float tires from? I have a 3D resin printer that I can print rubber tires on, plus I have some Bridgestone L375 445/65R22.5 front floats and Bridgestone M710 285/75R22.5 drive tires model up on Cad. Actually I have a complete Peterbilt 359 heavy haul tractor with lift axle, based off of the 1/25 Revell Peterbilt "Cando" wrecker. So any parts you might need I might be able to print them for you. Drop me a PM and we can talk price. I modeled them on Unigraphics NX16 full size, so I can print them in any scale, as long as the part/parts fit in the printers print envelope. Check out my Peterbilt 359 Heavy haul tractor build and you can see what the tires and model look like. Ron G
  10. Hey yh70 That's from Facebook, I don't do Facebook! But I found them online. Thanks Ron G
  11. Hey everybody Does anyone make a 1/24 scale Australian style side dump trailer? I need (4) of them for a build I'm working on. Thanks Ron G
  12. Hey Force I was strictly going by the photos of it on line, but its good to know. Can you post some pictures of it, please. Ron G
  13. Hey Force Yeah I know I bought one of there's along with their 13/18 spd. Transmission, although there engine doesn't look like it comes with the turbos, so I bought the Berliet R352ch/Renault R360 kit# 3902. Ron G
  14. Hey guys I just purchased this for parts on the Mack Superliner build. I just found out after some deep research on the net that Renault used Mack E9 V8's in there trucks and French military vehicles. Makes sense since they owned Mack at the time. this view shows the sprue from the 3902 kit. As you can see, poorly I admit, heres my Mack E9 engine, not sure about the trans, I don't know what they used. closer view of the engine block and heads. Mack also collaborated with Scania on there V8 engines, but they use individual cylinder heads (8 total heads) where Renault/Mack have twin heads (4 total heads). this view shows that they used Mack suspension, or one almost identical to it. closer view of the suspension. So I also have a more accurate rear and possible front suspension for the Aussie Mack Superliner. That's it for now be back soon with more. Ron G
  15. I just realized I have the fuel, brake and the clutch pedels bass ackwords...Opps! Easy fix though. Ron G
  16. Hey guys Here's the final art work for the mural. I'm going to add a round tag under his collar that will be red with a white "U" on it. I also did some work on the Mack Superliner cab interior. I took the left hand drive dash from the Western Star and cut it up to fit in the Mack. It's not as wide and way deeper then the original dash for the Mack, but after some plastic magic...lol it fits great. this view shows the Mack interior with the driver figure that I kit bashed together. I also removed the arm rests from the two seats snd added them to the driver's seat in the down position, the passenger will not have them. This was not easily done, I had to cut the boots off of one set of legs in order to add them to the seated set of legs, after I removed the feet with the sandals off of those. I put the torso withe the cowboy hat onto these, then I added the arms from the seated figure to the final figure. After this I had to use a soldering iron to heat the arms and legs to bend them into position...wheh! this view shows the driver figure in the driving position. closer view of the driver. He actually looks a little like me...lol this view shows that his hands are on the steering wheel. this view shows that he just barely fits in the cab. I had to lower the seat mechanism and make a depression in the roof interior panel to make this work. this view from the rear shows that his feet sit on the fuel and brake pedals. this view shows that his right foot sits on the clutch.pedal. well that's it for now be back with more updates soon. Ron G
  17. The 1/24 Italeri Mack Superliner kit and the 1/24 truck accessories kit showed up today. The Aussie parts from the Western Star will be going on this. this is the basic kit, there will be alot of changes made to it to make it into a Aussie road train hauler! this view shows the truck accessories kit. I purchased this to get the rear Mack 6 spoke wheels for the Mack Superliner, I had to customize them to make them work. this view shows the Mack E9 that I'm adding to the Mack. YES,...I bought a bunch of stuff from Auslowe model trucks, shh!!!...don't tell the wife, I don't want to be the next Bobbet!...lol I also got a 13/18 speed Mack transmission to go with it. this view shows the Bulldog I'm going to hand paint on the back of the sleeper. I need to come up with a name, I was thinking of "Tasmanian Devel Dog. this view shows the frame for the Western Star, but it's the same as the Mack's except it will be right hand drive. this view shows the front 385/65-R22.5 on a widened Mack 6 spoke wheel. this view shows the rear 315/80-R22.5 on custom made Mack 6 spoke wheels. I had to add a outer rim to the chrome outer wheel and I got the inner rear wheels from the 1/24 Italeri European tractors tyres and rims kit, that's where the tires came from. Yeah I had to take parts from three different kits to make these, but I think they look pretty cool. view from the top. Well that's it for now be back soon with more. Ron G
  18. Hey guys Here's a picture of the Italeri 1/24 Peterbilt 378 that I converted into a Tri-drive by using pieces from a old old Italeri 1/24 Peterbilt 377AE that I did eons ago and found in a box that I haven't opened since we moved 7 years ago. this view shows the kit I used. this view shows the old 377 cab (I haven't assembled the new one yet) and the 63" stand up sleeper from the 377 kit with the 378 hood. I put my custom made headache rack from my Revell Peterbilt 359 heavy haul tractor on it (I plan on making one for the 378) for the picture. This is going to look sweet pulling the 48' 6 axle flatbed trailer. Ron G
  19. Hey all I bought this kit for the Cummins NTC-400 engine so I can put it in the 1/24 Italeri Peterbilt 378 that I purchased off of Ebay to pull the 6 axle flatbed, and it is in the mail as we speak. I'm going to take the Detroit diesel series 60 out of the Pete and put it in the Western Star. Does anyone know how hard it would be to convert the Detroit 60 into an early Cummins X15? I'm hoping I can, as I don't really want to have a Detroit diesel. So, I started by putting the Cummins NTC-400 together so I could detail it, and that led to building the Western Star. I also have a 1/24 Italeri Mack Superliner coming in the mail (If my wife finds out how much I have spent in the last week she is going to castrate me!...lol) My plans are to take the Australian parts, tanks, air cleaners, bull bar, etc. From the Western Star and put them on the Mack. I plan on swapping the interiors of the two trucks so I will have a right hand drive Mack and a left hand drive Western Star. Thank God Italeri kind of comminized there trucks so you can switch parts around. this view shows the Italeri Western Star kit I'm using. this view shows how far I am on this build. Its just temporarily put together. view from the front. this view shows the Cummins NTC-400. The front and rear tires are from the European truck rims and wheels kit. The fronts are 385's and the rears are 315's. These are for Italeris European trucks. this view shows the steering mechanism turning right. this view shows the steering mechanism turning left. this close up view shows the micro screen from model car garage that I used to simulate the rear of the radiator. this view shows the Cummins NTC-400 sitting in place for pictures only. this view shows the Cummins NTC-400 and the details that I added. I painted it with a custom mix of Tamiya tan, dark yellow and brown. I'm still adding painted detail to it. I need to add a gloss clear over it, then weathering. view from the other side. this view shows the lines from the trans to the trans cooler. Well that's it for now be back soon with more. Ron G
  20. Hey Straightliner I have a set of the ones from Shapways. They are printed in the high detail resin/plastic which makes them really detailed, but they are VERY!!!!! brittle. You cant put any tension on them or they will brake. If you can get a hold of the person thet designed them (available on Shapways site) have him print them in the white smooth detail plastic, they wont be as detailed (they'll have some fine ridges from the print process) but they will be way stronger. Ron G
  21. Hey Straightliner Try Kit Form Services, there in England but have some great truck stuff. They only do 1/24 scale, but that shouldn't be a problem with load binders. Ron G
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