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  1. Drive-by photograph, didn't get out to take a closer look, parked at the American Legion.
  2. All I care about is the 1970 Chevrolet Custom longbed that's the same color as the '69 I had. 😆 The headlights on the murdered Caprice, so Mercury Marauder looking. 🤙
  3. I have this kit and was close to building it. Look forward to seeing how this goes together.
  4. Glad I clicked to see what this is! I don't do trucks, but everything you did could carry over to any subject. Amazing work!
  5. Oh, okay good to know. I'll be watching! BTW: I never have seen that kit before, when it was for sale on a Facebook Marketplace, I jumped at the chance.
  6. Been there done that too, feel your pain. 😪 My two cats are sitting with me at the moment, and pass their condolences. I didn't grow up with pets, other than a Parakeet. A friend in Salt Lake who I met skiing, had several cats, so that's when I learned how cool cats are. All mine have been strays, except one that was a purebred Abyssinian which was too much of a pest so I gave it back to the breeder to find another home. Had one that got cancer in the ears that was put down. Had a few that were outdoor either on a regular basis, or one time, Coyotes are around here. All my kids got dogs. LOL This is my older cat Fuzz Therapy.
  7. That would be very cool. The other ones I saw were US$300, one other was less. So it still look likes it's stupid money, but I like the 89 for some reason. Funny that this is now my soul focus now, when I gather the parts will start a WIP topic, calling it Lambo HellCheetah (since the original had a Chysler V8, this will have the SRT Hellcat)
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