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  1. Think small engine, that's a pretty big V8, correct?
  2. Hagerty Drivers Foundation film released 1/12/22. Takes about 1/19th the time of the last record to watch this awesome film.
  3. Those others were taken when one rationed film, and Al Gore hadn't invented the interwebs yet. 🤭
  4. Maybe we should contact GSL to get clarification on the rules (or if someone on this forum is part of GSL and knows Gustavson). I could be disqualified since my plan is to use only the chassis and wheels, with a different kit for the hood, doors, fenders, plus a totally scratch-built "body" for the back. I love your idea, club cabs are a popular customization for any era. I'm gonna take a break, and steal ideas from you. 😏
  5. I assume that's an old kit, so bummer about the decals. The shine is better than what I have trouble accomplishing. I would wet-sand it, and make it look like a resurrected barn find. Otherwise it looks fine, just park it close to the other cars on display.
  6. For my '61 190SL project. Thinking of a DTM car, or if the newer 190SL has an engine (aren't most kits curbside?). Possible trades: Tamiya - Martini Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI Fujimi - Lamborghini Reventon with photo-etch Fujimi - Lamborghini Murcielago Tamiya - Ferrari FXX with Tamiya p-e & Crazy Modeler p-e (you would need to add another kit to equal that) Revell - Aston Martin DB 4 Hasegawa - Sauber Mercedes C9
  7. I was talking about this, and my clogged memory released the fact I have a kit that should qualify, that has a possibility of completion. Might as well add me to the list, '61 190SL Restorod. Something like this:
  8. Cool! If I had the ambition (money plus time plus garage) would like to create a Coupe. I grew up with the '61 with gas engine.
  9. I might as well contribute to my own topic. 😅 Start at 1:00.
  10. Meh, paint the white and use a decal, but none exist for that pattern. Looks like a Porsche 928. I know this isn't a good example for the topic, but the decal does add another "color".
  11. Thank you. The kit has opening doors, really loose hinge. Thank you everyone who left a comment, I 'like' your comments.
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