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  1. Tell me about it!
  2. Thought I would try this game, since I own the Game Topic section. 😜 Not sure if this works.
  3. Has anyone ever strayed from instructions, such as mounting the interior to the body, instead of gluing to the chassis? I think it would help keep everything tight, less chance of sloppy fit for the doors. I'm going to glue in mounting tabs, and perhaps use screws so I can ensure no slop.
  4. Oh thanks! I'm considering using the fusee chain for the hinges, since the clearance is so tight. The body is surprisingly solid still, but am considering adding something. Thank you too! Hinges are a PITA, especially when the body is so rounded, and jambs are deep. Fingers crossed is the motto of Fly By Night Engineering here. Aw shucks man! 😏 Well, I will celebrate when it's installed, and actually works. You would say that. 😎 The nail 'polish' is very close to the color on this car, I should test different color base coats, such as flat black, flat white, and flat silver, then spray the nail color over to evaluate. On previous projects, I was surprised what a difference it makes. Love those models you have, they were done perfectly! I prefer those mirrors, the kit has what looks like a Chevy mirror. That Spyder also has an exterior gas cap, I was going to fabricate the trunk version.
  5. Cool, you added plug wires!
  6. ^^^ Reminds me of this: https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/buying-maintenance/news/a30425/ferrari-daytona-shooting-brake-for-sale/
  7. That's funny. I have a neighbor who restored a '69 GTO, got a kit that I was planning to build a 'before' version for him. Recently someone gave me an El Camino kit found at a thrift store, and my neighbor has one of those too, unrestored. Hmmmmm....... 🤔
  8. That's coming along nicely! Love the hydraulic struts.
  9. Thanks for going to all the effort to post your photos! I've seen a few of those at GSL shows. Looks like it was great show.
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