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    Dallas, TX.
  2. I'm totally out of the loop on military models, I know there are forums for them. Good to know about out-of-business detail, anymore I snatch up whatever when I see it, don't wait around. Instructions have "spear" wheel. 😂
  3. Awesome workmanship on the c-f decals! Do you eyes go skitzo after awhile? 😳 The Lamborghini Setso Elemento is 100% c-f, in case you wanted a challenge. 🙄
  4. Aftermarket wheel/tires. Not like you think, it's a military model! I re-discovered (it's like hiding Easter eggs over and over) that the evil tires melt plastic, got the Italeri kit some time ago, discovered they melted the plastic on the cab and some other parts (pen pointing to the spots, you can see an outline of the tires). I figured someone came up with a replacement, there are resin tires with a "sag", but these injection molded plastic wheel/tires were a little cheaper. There is photo-etch parts too, but I'm not going there. Really stoked about getting these thin wall stainless tubes.
  5. That's a good tip! (pun intended) I had previously ordered tubing from another source, was not aware of the thickness of the wall, so I learned my lesson. I was working with the second from the right for exhaust tips, now compare to the far left tube. Wrapped an end with masking tape, chucked in the cordless drill, and polished the tubing. I'm a happy camper! 😎
  6. That a pun? Thanks. Appreciated. Thank you very much. Thanks, it's a bit messed up. 😏 Wrong brand. 😉 Thank you my friend.
  7. Letting you know, I ordered on the 10th, received today (12)! The website is easy to use, lot's of sizes to choose from, 12" lengths have to be better for shipping than 30", quality is very good.
  8. Oh man, that's one I finished WAY BEFORE you have (last century). 🎉 From the motorized era, think it's one of the first car kits from Tamiya. I corrected the louvers on the deck, added screen on the other vent holes. Driver window removed like it's rolled down. Little spoiler on the wiper, gotta have that! The headlights are moveable too, that's super important. 🙄 The Lambo S-tank is another story.
  9. Cheapskate Engineering Co.: scrap 1" x 4" cedar board, think it was a coat hanger, it does not tip over yet is light. I was going to say I use it every time, but some projects don't work because of the body curve, or not big enough. Typical operation: I've saved every big Testors paint bottle, good size and weight, rolled masking tape has always worked. This project I wanted something like a rotisserie, but didn't want to risk spinning, so made a wood base and crammed/glued baling wire into the sides, that goes into the wheel hub holes (Tamiya), easy to bend for adjustment. I use a variety of holders, tweezers, medical clamps, sprue, cloths pins, wood blocks. Use cedar sticks, drill holes, little parts with pins are glued on with Titebond wood glue (mirrors for example). My biggest problem is waiting long enough before touching again. 😬
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