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  1. SEMA show cars, new video (title at the top) screenshots. The blue one has the same style wheels I used for my 190SL project. I can't believe they used real 300SLs! The SLR looks completely scratch built.
  2. Just take my word for it, when I've sprayed thinned enamel on thick, the adhesive melts. No pictures, something went flying and the words uttered are not allowed on this forum. Seriously, I invite anyone to run the same experiment, let's see what different climates do.
  3. That was another experiment. 😏 It's actually project #189 that I finally got done this summer, widening, leveling, and making the end of the driveway bigger for parking the pickup. One reason I haven't been working on any models, or been on this forum forever.
  4. Geez, some of you guys will probably hate the jet sound of this EV. 🙄 Nobody claimed this is racing. It's more advanced than driving on two wheels that stunt shows used to do, now I wonder if Ken can do that? 🤔 I had 2 r/c electric cars, so every "normal" EV reminds me of those. I'm interested only in the technology, and seeing how the limits of automobiles are getting pushed. I am not into how government is forcing them onto us to "save the planet" which they can't do.
  5. Spotted this in a tiny community off the freeway, when I was gassing up. Terrible place to take pictures.
  6. Attended a model show in Prescott Valley today, it's a new organization on it's 3rd year, had some vendors from Phoenix. I spotted this resin Batmobile, was marked half off original price and she gave me a deal I couldn't refuse. I have no idea who made it, no instructions. Should there be wheels with the bat on the hubcaps? And why does the hood open when there is no engine?
  7. I probably shouldn't admit this, started the Lamborghini LM002 kit, it's super basic and I got myself painted into a corner. I recently got a 1/12 Countach, looks super detailed but that's all I know.
  8. I didn't have that poster, but a black one with gold wheels, and a neeked blond on the hood. I have the 1/16 kit, and 3 other versions in 1/24. Look forward to using this for guidance in the future. You going to add the bumper wing?
  9. Awesome build! Bulletproof glass. 🤣
  10. The fact you completed it in two months is amazing! Awesome build.
  11. Of course I love this! I was lucky to get Replicas & Miniatures of MD interior detail parts, many years ago. Looks good in blue.
  12. 😳 Wow that's awesome! 3D printed wire wheels? Tubing exhaust pipes look great. I had to track down a 300 SLR Uhlenhaut coupe for myself after reading about that example sold by the museum.
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