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  1. Need a laser...... I had to search for what SEFAC is. No worries, someone else who owns Ferraris helped me on on my NART, so real help is welcomed! 😂 Good thing your name isn't Jane. 🤭
  2. I have the KA Models p-e, they only have the very end of the fins. I'd like to see you take a tiny drill, and start the hole on the curve of the steel tube! I break drills as it is, with flat plastic.
  3. I have no idea how to cut those slots. There is an oval tube in there, and spiral fins inside of those. Even 1/12 scale builders don't do that.
  4. Have to show #2 choice, the only street rod (with an engine) ever built, done in the early 1990s. Got an award for Paintjob Most Likely to Cause Globull Warming, and some other awards.
  5. When the movie came out, I asked what kits were available ( Suitable kits for 'Ford vs. Ferrari' film). Well done, thank you for posting your work.
  6. I'll pick only one. The history behind it is more interesting. After attending a GSL show, I camped near Goblin Valley State Park, hiked through a slot canyon, saw one rock that is the perfect scale version of "slick rock", found some similar ones, packed it home, almost forgot about it. When I found it, used up a diamond hacksaw blade cutting the rock in half. The kit is fairly common, not a street rod, sorry. It has won several first place awards.
  7. I got one of those mini pipe cutters, never use it.
  8. 🙏You are so kind!
  9. They usually command the Lazy Boy. Cooper named after the car I had, and Fuzz Therapy which is from a litter born here. They are well behaved. Model room is a separate building out back.
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