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  1. I got decals from Hong Kong via eBay some time ago, but it's no longer available. I see another style Coke decals are available. I'm sure Coke lawyers track down everyone who sells non-licensed stuff, so get it when you see it!
  2. Almost done with the interior. Made the spare tire mount from solder and punched a plastic disk, drilled a hole in the pan, glued it in. My theory is they kept it to a minimum, and nobody is going to see it anyway. Made a cardboard box, cut a wood block, wrapped with grocery sack that is cut like a box. The second bag is one I made for my VW Beetle project, it filled a corner good enough. The black bag came with the transkit. The shoulder belts have the decal for the label, I taped down the belts, applied some Tacky glue into the belts where that goes, then applied figuring the combination of the glue and decal adhesive would really work and it seems to (fingers crossed). There was no indication how the belts attached to the cage, so I just glued on behind the seats, then added photo-etch nut heads to the tiny holes on the kit parts. I will spray flat clear with a drop of tan in the interior, then glue down the belts, and then dust with tile grout. Last things to make will be water bottles, they had to have carried water in the freaking desert, saw a video of a race in Egypt and caught this pit stop.
  3. If someone wants to get involved in a flamewar, go to Fakebook.🔥 You also get what you pay for. Before I got a computer, with dail-up Earthlink connection, I had several magazine subscriptions. Since then, I have cancelled *all* magazines, car related and Fine Homebuilding. I pay for being on Flickr, to have access to *all* my photos, one could go free but they make it so you can't access past 200 or so. The '68-'72 Chevy truck forum is free, unless you want to buy/sell with other members. My vote, have a membership subscription.
  4. Vacation took the wind out of my progress, finally resumed this weekend. I had to review what was done, and decide what should be made accurate, what should be super-detailed, what needs correction, and what would be good enough to look realistic. First thing to correct was the aluminum engine support at the tail end, the first one looked like it was salvaged out of a wreck. I had acquired a photo-etch bender since then, so it took only three tries to get a better looking part. Added more plastic plate where my screw body/chassis mounts are. The black interior panel that is under what was the back window was bugging me too. I have added some flat panels to eliminate the see-through hollow look. Next task is seat belts. Is there anyone who really LIKES doing this?😬 Thought the kit had belt material, but I may have misplaced or forgot it didn't, so used fabric ribbon. I might figure out how to thread it through the p-e parts, super-gluing the ends a little, cutting one side with a taper, expecting to cut the end off before putting on the last piece seems to work. I punched out an aluminum disk to add depth to the buckle part. I don't like brush painting at all, but in this case it's better than masking like crazy and/or having overspray. Inside the body got painted, in the case of the interior I assume the body was painted white. There have been part conflict fitment issues, and the roll cage is the next thing to be screwed with. Next thing to "fix" is making a spare tire mount, the lousy instructions just show it dropped in, but the photo of the model on the last page shows straps to hold it in, but still level, race pictures shows it was mounted against the "window" panel. Also need to make some cargo items to fill up the back. Once the interior is done, I can assemble the body to pan. Then the dreaded turbo plumbing.
  5. Total bummer. WTH was in a technical museum that a methhead meathead would want?
  6. Worthy of a museum! I know many hours went into it, very nice work.
  7. The reason some projects started last century are in the box, I came up against being a perfectionist. Current project is awaiting me deciding to worry about not being accurate despite zero pictures found on the web, like anyone could say "that's not right". Making a replica is such a different mindset than being creative. I'm on/off about model building, currently off.
  8. Awesome! There is no pin but close enough. Thank you.
  9. 89AKurt

    300 SLR

    Nice to see this kit built, nice job! I got one, but decided to sell it, still a cool subject.
  10. I like the Thing, but this is too weird.
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