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  1. That is incredibly cool of you, thanks! imsuperdan: Different box, but I'm sure it's the same.
  2. Congrats on finishing a stalled WIP! I have a few of those too. Dig the winch. Is Satco still around? Now you just need to add some mud. I have that bike kit, plan is doing the Klein bicycle ad with the Porsche 911 Turbo on it. Would have to scratch-build a bunch of parts and modify the frame. Wish they p-e the chain and derailure. Did you add the brake cables?
  3. 1971 Lamborghini Miura

    I have the green "full restoration" kit, which I assume is the same thing, so keeping an eye on this thread!
  4. Love the subject! I'm watching, just in case .
  5. Austin Mini V-Tec rear engine

    My kind of project! Look forward to seeing this one completed!
  6. Gold Chrome Lamborghini Aventador

    I searched but did not find this. I was thinking of getting one, for a diorama, inspired by taking a Jeep tour up Canyon De Chelly.
  7. That looks very nice! You modified the suspension into a nice stance, not dropped like it's broken. I have that panel conversion too, WIP stalled.
  8. My best guess: 1. Engine/transmission - Blue/matt aluminum2. Brake calipers - gold3. Exhaust pipes - steel4. Interior seats and door panels - black5. Chassis tub - bare aluminum everywhere but the interior is black6. Steering wheel - wood rim7. Shocks - whatever I feel like
  9. Seems that Hasegawa is obsessed with "chrome" window trim and defroster decals. That could make a cool drifter.
  10. To say I'm lucky is an understatement, it was part of a collection, because it was opened and the body painted, it was FREE! All parts included. I am stripping the paint with brake fluid now. The MPC kit looks more accurate. Makes me wonder if IMC guessed at the design, much like the first Stealth fighter jet kits. The radiators are in "normal" position, the nose below the headlights protrude out, carb has a box which is logical, spare mounted on the chassis, and the most obvious is the intakes instead of scoops. But the most glaring and very important detail missing, no Le Mans mandated suitcases!