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  1. Fernando Pinto Models 1/24 - Auto Union C, Vanderbilt Cup 1937. Found this handmade resin maker via Facebook, ordered through his page. I've always been fascinated by German engineering, especially the mid engine Auto Unions. When I got the kit in 2018, scoured the web for pictures and gathered a bunch, plus three cutaway drawings. Recently read a book about this car, fascinating in a dry technical summary, Dr. Porsche was a genius. This particular car is the race winner, everyone ate his dust. Wanted something different to build (like my Mercedes G666 BenutzerdefiniertHinterntretenJadgAktenvernichterGelƤndewagenLimousine is not? šŸ™„), this is really vintage for me. It's the usual handmade resin kit, the instructions are super vague, so needed to steal pictures of built models to get an idea. There are only 52 parts, wire and decals not counted. I got thin wall stainless tubing to make the exhaust tips (16). The laced wire wheels are assembled by FPM, and the wire grill too. One of the race pictures I stole: Overseas mail call: Not photo-etch! Book for inspiration. Laid out the parts. Discovered there are two of one side trailing arms, easy enough to scratch-build the other one. Two parts are not on the instructions, figured out looking at photos what they are. Today I officially began construction, by cleaning up some of the flashing. Printed a cutaway drawing for easy reference. I'm planning to open the slots, the intake scoops, wire for steering column, small instrument bezels, drill holes in the pedals, on top of simply getting everything to fit! I will have to overcome my fear of painting silver, got Splash paint and their primer. I'm in a bulding lull, so this will take more time than normal.
  2. I've not seen a kit, much less one built! Cool subject, look forward to watching.
  3. It's SO cute! I've known about these micocars. Would rather do a 600 Coupe, which were sold in the States. Basketball court would be a safe track.
  4. INARUT plate. šŸ˜ Like the undercoating (bedliner) treatment on the floor.
  5. I'm too lazy to dig out that kit ..... did you open the grill? Headlights different? I like your winch detailing. I know you can scratch-build the overflow and washer tanks, come on man, YOU CAN DO IT! There have been times that I wan't happy unless I built a better unit than the kit part. But then, you did finish, so that's more important. Nice rig.
  6. Nice place there! You had a question about permits, that you didn't respond to. My job has to deal with permits, would like to say a few things but would get banned from the forum. This reminds me of when I moved furniture for my (now ex) wife's consignment store. Had a house that was accessed across a bridge like this, over a dry rocky arroyo. What a PITA, but the last piece was a super heavy thing, too wide for that bridge. So we went overland. No wonder they hired my wife (and stupid me). Following up on the shed project, some of the studs went into this bench. The bonehead who built the new shed didn't level the floor, it was about 1 1/2" lower on the right! The rest of the structure is fairly plumb, so leveling now is out of the question. I hate out-of-level counters, so had to adapt. My crapsmanship skill came in handy, for camouflaging the wedge gap at the bottom of the pegboard. It's just a shed, but for gods sake I wonder why people don't try.
  7. Pretty sweet! Shame it's constricted to city streets, needs a proper flogging in the country. I was checking out the modern electronic thing down low, and the gauge to the right.
  8. I've gone through that stage of saving anything and everything. Lived at the same place 35 years. I had a stash of lumber, but it all got trashed, and ended up going to the dump. One year, rented a dumpster and filled it twice. Did keep the CMU that was in the middle of the floor, not messed up with mortar and concrete, and the studs are better than lumber today, so not all was tossed. Going to build a bench with that lumber for her new shed.
  9. During initial search, saw coffee baskets, pot pipe screens, etc. available. Got a surprise letter with some screen, from one of my peeps that I did business with via this forum! It's the section to the right. What I ordered via eBay is under the ruler, 60 per inch. The small scrap shows the other common 'fine' screen. The lower left came in a Fujimi Porsche 356 kit, for headlights. Didn't know I *needed* this size, have 6 lifetimes supply, or can be useful for trades. šŸ˜
  10. No kidding! Done with that project, 1120 pounds of blocks to the dump.
  11. That's a sweet Advanced Design Panel, completely different era than the topic subject. The fender chrome streaks are very desirable. The fender turn signals are unusual. The taillight is different too. The full hubcaps, never seen that on one of these before. Cool picture.
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