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  1. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    divorced witches dancing
  2. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    with sparking studs
  3. el camino 68 "HAYDEN FLOUR MILL "

    Wow, I'm really impressed! Love the color for the El Camino. The vine is a nice touch, delicate. The fact you live in the Netherlands, and have done something in Arizona, blows me away! Now, the drive back to Indiana with that load, hope it didn't rain!
  4. Porsche 959 camera car

    Thanks for all the comments! I like different and off-the-wall subjects. Today I airbrushed the first coat of primer, which revealed all the missed spots for sanding and filling. I also made a few more parts, one tiny detail was door latches, because the P-D is using them, so I designed a flush lever. I wanted black headlights (Hella does this), so painted gloss black with a mist of stainless steel Alclad.
  5. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    Carolina Reaper guacamole
  6. Fujimi Dino 246GT

    Don't know what you're talking about. I've heard that rumor too.
  7. Ferrari FXX-K 24th scale

    Cool subject! I have the "regular" FXX kit, a daunting kit. First time showing a WIP, double bravery my son. ~thumbs up~
  8. Fujimi Dino 246GT

    I have the spyder and hardtop Fujimi kits of this car! Look forward to seeing this go together. Yellow is a pain to do well, that blue is pretty nice. But don't paint RED, some guys are triggered by the color.
  9. I have stories. You can't change your mind once you start. Also a good drunk test for guests. Back to topic, I am finishing another WIP that got started this year, so it doesn't count for this topic. But when the creative bug bites me, everything else takes a back seat. I have the tailgate inside done, but still need to make the chains, center tail light, jamb. I have also worked on making the single driver seat correct.
  10. OK..........I gotta compose myself!!

    One reason I splurged on this MFH kit, the 1/24 Ferrari Lusso, was because I read on this forum that they weren't going to produce this one anymore. It showed as unavailable on Spot Model for a long time, then was available with preorder, so I went against my better judgement and said I only live once. So here you guys are saying *all* Ferrari models by MFH will get discontinued? I learned my lesson!
  11. Porsche 959 camera car

  12. Porsche 959 camera car

    Started with getting the resin transkit of the Paris-Dakar, which requires the Tamiya Porsche 959 for the engine, windshield, and some other critical parts (posted both before as another topic). So that left a perfectly good body, and no engine. I also had the funky top from the Tamiya Speedster, which I have never seen as a popular option. So how much more sacrilegious can one get, to chop up a legendary 959 and a Speedster? The concept is to have a camera car for filming race cars on the track, or historic road rallies. I stopped working on both last May. So I'm documenting only this WIP here, now that I feel it's safe to say the construction phase is 95% complete. The Dremel is the essential tool used. I used JB Weld for massive gap filler and glue. I've been jonesing to use the foil from a baking soda can, for the belly pan (Lexus uses dimples under the body to make a quieter ride). The reason I halted, was the challenge of finishing the interior fillets done with epoxy putty, which I will disguise with a thick Rhino-liner texture, but the opening door mechanism had to be invented/engineered using seat-of-the-pants ancient pencil and paper drawing. I use aluminum newspaper printing plate because it's soft and does not break when bent, and it's easy to drill. My idea was the door is used as the platform for the camera and videographer, bolting plates are salvaged from an old transistor radio, and I will add tie-down loops so the guy doesn't fall out, it's sort of like a motorcycle sidecar. My plan is to paint semi gloss black, so it won't reflect on the cars being filmed. Will try black tinting the lights. Interior color I'm still thinking about, first choice is Africa Korp yellow, or red, maybe blue, something that pops should be cool.
  13. Snow Cobra

    Oh yea! My kind of warped imagination! I like it, good job. I saw AlTrax parts on the Shapeways site.