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  1. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    then suddenly snags
  2. Ferrari 275P/360M Restorod

    Thank you. It's only the beginning..... I decided the chop up the Mondial body. Started off neat by using the #11 blade drag on the straight lines, but got the hot-wire and hogged through the side cuts, and then slicing the fender. Used the Dremel to final shape and thin the edges. Nice thing about the Revel plastic, it bends without breaking, was able to warp to profile. I removed only enough of the body to fit. I superglued this stage, adding baking soda to set and act like filler. After I was happy with the position, I added more glue and soda. Nice thing about superglue, can work it soon after (unlike tube cement). Glad I got these seats! Also found some cool parts in the stash, such as the Ferrari GTO dashboard. I will make the wheel opening a little bigger, after getting the other side done. I'm expecting to need some putty work to blend in. I also need to figure out how to make the ducts dip in for the radiators. I considered using the wire wheels, even a set of photo-etch that I also got at the DSC show, to keep it as a sleeper. A Ferrari sleeper .
  3. The Pantera WILL have an engine!!

    I've seen how they have smoothed the engine bay on real ones. There was a guy in town with one, always had to take a look at the cruise nights and car shows. That thin strip will always be begging to get broken. I would get it over with, and make a steel piece.
  4. Ferrari 275P/360M Restorod

    Hope so, even in RED! Good, at least the basic construction worked out. Thank you sir! I'm going to get executed?
  5. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    with silicon bolt-ons
  6. Revell: 1967 427 Corvette convertible

    LOL That's why I add such details, to drive some people nuts. Thanks! I don't recall the radiator being a problem (using vague memory). Think the tilt is important, when you glue in, set the top towards the rear so it clears the body. Scrape any mold lines along the bottom (I do every mold line) so it sets down too. It goes in after the engine is installed. A general rule of thumb, scrape all mold lines, especially older Revell and AMT kits. I think there are no positive glue points when mating the chassis to the body, that is another issue I had with this project, think you need to add a perch in the trunk. You can see in the picture, I had a major issue, solved with the trusty Dremel.
  7. Studebaker Atlantic custom concept

    Nice... there was more than sticking a roof on the body! Well done.
  8. Gestation happened in my Monogram Ferrari 275P vintage kit review thread. I started by barely tacking the engine together and onto the chassis pan. Measured and drew plans to figure out where to chop and modify. I thought cutting down the engine components would help, and considering the way Revell engineered it, nobody would notice. Each surface was filed down before reassembling with just a little more glue, but still can separate to paint. Cut apart the plenum, air filter and canister part. Sawed off the engine bay sides. I sawed, and in some cases scribed and broke apart the chassis pan. The suspension is really non-existent, lower A-arms were easy to relocate. The back has been narrowed. Shortened the pan behind the front axle line. I glued all this with regular toxic Testors glue, and Flex-i-file liquid cement, much like welding. That way if I needed to adjust, could pull apart, and I could squirm it around for adjustment (supergluing does not allow this). I used the Dremel with this bit for everything, here I just removed the edge of the pan. I really cut apart the interior tub, with a saw, and filed down and straightened the cuts. I needed to keep this as a separate piece, for being able to get the struts in later. I tacked parts onto the pan, but welded all together as I went. I adjusted my plan as needed, kept the tunnel which will need some modification to the chrome trim part. I really like the tunnels, so cut off the rear body part, made several saw cuts. Front of the pan was sawed off, some Dremel grinding to shape, real rough at this time. But it all fits in great, and don't need an engine hump! Thinking of how to add fender flares, simple round bumps most likely. Still need to shorten front axles. Modified the rear, decided to keep the original grills, but going to be modified at the bottom, and will be mesh. Drilled holes for the Mondial taillights, have also done for the headlights. The valance edge will be refined later. I was going to have the exhausts exit through holes similar to the Mondial, but it will be easier (I hope) to direct down from the mufflers into the tunnels, and then back. Now I need to leave it alone, so the cement will cure. I discovered the body is twisted, so need to consider how to straighten with strategic body mounts using screws. The fender flares will be fun. Interior should have simple door panels, and dashboard. Need to figure out the radiator in front, thinking laid almost flat, with channels exiting before the wheels. Then when all that is done, cut off the engine lid, and then will need to fabricate chassis box thingies and framework continued from the engine part. Two more radiators in back, modify the body ducts. Then exhaust pipes. Then seats, I got some cool aftermarket units at the DSC show. Color, Ferrari red with a pearl overcoat. Dann will hate that.
  9. Monogram Ferrari 275P vintage kit

    Prolly not, since it's part of the original release kit, and would need a whole figure. BTW: I *had to* start it today.
  10. Notre Dame Cathedral destroyed by fire

    Ditto! [how does one paste a GIF, such as Michael Jackson eating popcorn?]
  11. Notre Dame Cathedral destroyed by fire

    IMHO, rebuilding with structural steel that isn't seen anyway, is the way to go. Can't use lead now, that kills people ~rolls eyes~, so use titanium for the roofing. https://arstechnica.com/science/2019/04/notre-dame-cathedral-will-never-be-the-same-but-it-can-be-rebuilt/?fbclid=IwAR2NxjdPjJ5-36inqaLq61gPAIqrgnnW0jRw1O9IDkZh2AFzWzzsWVVg0Rk
  12. Can any Alfa experts tell me if this would work for an engine, for this car?
  13. Beemax Audi Quattro

    New decal set for when Michele Mouton raced. Audi Quattro Sport S1 - British Midland Ulster Rally 1985