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  1. This doesn't really qualify as an Outlaw or Hot Rod, but I'm still amazed how this is a thing now. GTO Engineering’s Perfect Ferrari California Spyder Costs $15M Less Than A ‘Real’ One Dang, a wreck costing that much! 🤯
  3. One of my favorite subjects, in my stash. Good job building it! You got the extra parts with secret decals. 😁
  4. Thanks for taking the time and effort to post pictures. I've been taking less pictures anymore, so appreciate this. Looked like a great turnout.
  5. The video (at the top) is in southern Utah, first fly-over is Factory Butte. Looking like the desert is getting trashed. 😒 Great studio photo of the engine, which will come in handy on a project (sitting and waiting for me to resume).
  6. I would like to know if this source, and specifically the "file" is worth pursuing. I asked one local guy, his printer is too small for starters. Can it be done in 1/24? Mercedes-Benz Ponton 180 W120 1953 3D model (Complete)
  7. Motorcycles are something I wouldn't touch, real or model, but I can appreciate the workmanship on both of these. John sure knows how to make Alclad look like chrome!
  8. Z ..... a famous Japanese sports car designation.
  9. That would be a nice addition to a collection. I had to look up what the 1955 Ghia Gilda was, turbine powered! I closer rendition is the 1956 Chrysler Dart (Ghia), also designed by Ghia, IMHO is a better design. Those should keep you busy! The Berton is a nice looking car, but doesn't tempt me enough to buy it.
  10. They are! My first of his kits is the Auto Union C. Awesome.
  11. Brand new resin kit of the unusual Ferrari 410 Superamerica Ghia. I've kept my eye on his Facebook page, after several years he posted that this was about ready, so I PMed him to say I was interested. I said that I look for his eBay listings, he said don't do that, he gave me the price and made the sale that way. Ordered August 4, seems like the usual across the ocean service. Nice cardboard box with his artwork top and one end. Well packed in bubblewrap. It's a curbside, but I have plans. You can tell it's handmade, not too thick a body. His famous real wire wheels, rims are painted, and the resin tires have an authentic looking tread. Nice decals. The grill is resin; I asked if he considered doing that with photo-etch, he said this is laser cut. The photo-etch is top notch. I've had this book a long time, so have a great start for reference. This is my plan (of mice and men), restorod! The Revell 2005 575M Maranello based Superamerica is a little shorter in wheelbase, but the width is about the same. Only a nut like me would think of making an already challenging resin kit more so by kitbashing. 🤔 I'm also considering painting turquoise, just to avoid RED. But who knows, I have so many other future projects where I thought the same thing. I've learned to get what I want, NOW, such as the Fisher Alfa Romeo BAT5.
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