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  1. Yes, go a few posts back, top picture with the photo-etch fret, two straight parts are the belts. Guitar string details, hood prop rod and antennas. Figured out a way to use the cordless drill, steady on the bench, sure beats spinning by hand. The side panels I added are thick enough for the wire to not wobble around. Was going to hinge from the front, but it didn't reach, so faked in a catch hook. Made an aluminum catch. The wire is held in place by electrical wire insulation, will get a drop of superglue on the end during final assembly. Also made blocks for gluing the fusee chain in. The CB and scanner antennas are mounted to a larger wire that slop fits in the brass tube, wire was slightly bent in two places, so it moves easily but stays in place. I have a collection of springs salvaged from anything electronic that has died on me, found two perfect size. Stretched sprue, lucky to hit an air pocket so it was easy to drill the center that fits the larger wire. Smaller stretched sprue went into the springs, screwed into place with a tiny drop of superglue. Heated the end of that sprue to make what looks like a pinhead, which was glued to the larger sprue, and then dipped in baking soda. One antenna is permanently glued onto the bigger wire, the other friction fits perfectly (for now). I have no idea if the lengths are correct. The intention is, the co-driver can raise/lower them according to conditions, such as high speed lower, raise in urban areas. I just like making workable details. 🙄 The springs add realism, and lessen the chance of breaking off. I need to drill a hole through the roof, to run the cable into the cabin.
  2. Amateur. 😜 There are collectors, who are afraid to rip off the plastic wrap to even look at the contents, so the kit just sits on a shelf buried in a basement or attic, never to see the light of day. That sir, is a crime! You need to step up your game to feel guilty about doing what will bring joy to your life, during this Monty Python and the Holy Grail time. Here is an example of high crimes and sacrilege, take a historic race car, which I understand is sort of a scarce kit, and kitbash with a historic and more rare museum piece, that is a really rare kit from an extinct manufacturer. So I don't see what the crime is in your case. 😏
  3. Thank you Matt! Something about Nick Mason..... I've seen a photo of one during a race with damage, not that #40, but nevertheless thought it would be fun to do a model of it "weathered".
  4. Technically, about 4,000 feet higher. On rare occasions, Phoenix sees snow, so there is a chance..... 😉 I used to ski, looked forward to snow, this has been awesome powder, just needs to be at least 3 feet deep, and steep, for a quick run. I did plan ahead getting Juniper firewood, been keeping a fire going all day. Just for some amusement, here is our wildlife: Sorry to distract from the topic, what is the theoretical route and time of year this Cannonball is running? Those of us with retired rally cars hope for bad weather. 😈
  5. Oh good, thank you. I did search 'mirror' before I started this topic.
  6. Dude, I'm just north of you, come up and skid around with the Cali newbies! I have a '55 and '57 Cameo, was thinking of an Indy under it, giant fuel cell under the hood. 🤔 About what I did! Very nice. There going to be a cut-off added? At least you're thinking of this issue too! #11: Got the engine literally stuffed in, zero clearance. This is how the exhaust looks, there is a cat up front, and a Lexus muffler out back.
  7. I know some of you think this is normal, not for me! Had to shovel my way from the office/hobby room twice tonight. Something I noticed in the few pictures of the Hobby Design engine, the accessory belts were not installed. They give two options, side view is two layers, and your pulleys better be exactly in the same location, which of course is not the case. Second option is straight lengths with teeth, which is something any photo-etch maker ought to provide as a stand alone part! The tension part needed two pins, one at the top just to give something for support. The photo-etch had a delicate ring, not shown in the instructions, figured it goes with the tensioner. Added the lower radiator hose thingie. The radiator still needed to be modified to fit. Had to fabricate radiator hoses top and bottom. Will be lucky to get the horns in place. The exhaust is temporarily glued in with Tacky glue. Cut a new tip from stainless tubing. Next is to tackle the crappy paintjob. When looking at these pictures, see lots of paint touchup required.
  8. Mirrors are always a challenge to make realistic, as in actually reflecting. Look at glitter, the bigger confetti such as stars, it's clear plastic that is coated on one side like real glass mirror. I don't know how to track down the original manufacturer of that, other than ask the glitter company in China. An aftermarket detail company who can get that in sheets would have a popular product.
  9. Thank you for the comment! You ever see glitter, the bigger sizes that are usually stars? I wish there is a source for a decent size sheet, instead of cut up tiny. Any aftermarket detail company could make a killing selling that.
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