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  1. My ex-wife's mom is in later stage of Alzheimer's, complicated by a stroke. Sad to watch anyone slowly grind to a halt like this. During Christmas, did video chat with two of my daughters, but she didn't know who they were and quickly lost interest in the conversation. About all you can do is prompt them to talk about the past, it's weird how they can remember history, but not what happened 2 minutes ago. Sounds like you did the best thing before it progressed, not much else you can do anyway, don't beat yourself up. My dad got Parkinson's (last century), sort of the same thing.
  2. Is this typical with customizing, you think it looks fine, then soon as it's painted, flaws shout HEY LOOK OVER HERE YOU MISSED THIS SPOT!! Will need to work on the headrest part some more and paint again. Started the trunk prop rod. Will bend the 90º when I get the body on again. It will be adjustable, wire insulation will keep it in place. Glued wire mesh behind the grill.
  3. I've considered getting this kit, but instead got the Supercar Modeling Project 24 Z (600 Coupe in the USA) resin kit, which has a 2 part engine. What you did passes, way more work to duplicate, which would have doomed completion. Wish there is a Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R 1/24 scale engine, that would be the Japanese equivalent of a Chevy SB. 😏
  4. Thank you. But I have my limits...... 🙁 Thought I would add the spears that were on the famous Mexico race 300SL (which doesn't have the famous buzzard bars). Tried out this paint, mistake #1 is to use paint without trying first on something else. First sign of failure, the paint came off the Bare-Metal foil, and then some peeled off the body. I also don't like how splotchy it looks. So more take 2 steps forward, 3 steps back, will sand down this area, redo the surfacer (I love this paint), then the blue, and then I'm going to use the same paint that the interior is done with, that will tie it together better anyway. I should also refine the headrest part better too. So into the pickup cab this went to promote curing.
  5. My OCD is getting worse. 😅 Had to try and fix it, it's a little better but good enough for government work. Got the plate, kit box and headlights printed to scale, sprayed clear gloss before cutting. Glued the license to aluminum plate, that's done. Used the calipers to clamp the box sides for gluing. Heated clear plastic sheet over the range, then pulled down over marbles to make the headlight covers. Used the circle template to scribe the covers, then it took forever to sand to size.
  6. I went to watch last century, took the Incline (now closed), then rode the mountain bike up to above Glen Cove, got to see the Peugeots rip by. I've been watching Ken Block and his Hoonipigasus.
  7. The vortex vacuum trailing it is impressive. Gotta admit that Pastrana with the Subaru Family Huckster is impressive.
  8. Another league of craftsmanship, can understand the 4 years wasn't just thinking about it. This is what is called a hero project, super build. I would be happy to just build hood hinges that nice.
  9. I found that on eBay, there are numerous vendors, I simply picked the best price plus shipping, search 'computer circuit board jig'. Thank you for the comment. Thanks! Thanks for your support! Thank you! Some projects that I've made a bunch of parts for, getting this extra step with photos. Committed to doing custom taillights. Picked 4 rings left on the Replicas & Miniatures of MD supply for the size. I used the calipers as a reference point, then measured from the outside, but after drilling the little center hole, I noticed the left side is closer to the crease, and the second coat of surfacer shouted screw up, so that side is getting redone. 🤬 Found a better copy of the fuel filler, got that painted. Throwing this in here to fill space. My dad was a Park Ranger at Zion N.P. (before I was born), worked the east entrance. There was a rally that came through, so he took pictures. Think the 190 sedan is why he got one just before I showed up.
  10. I was wondering about this kit, been seeing them on eBay but have resisted because I would wreck it like the 190SL I'm currently building. Came out nice, gotta have all the lights just because.
  11. Made the seatbelts, used two sources for the photo-etch and buckles, and red paper for the belts. Didn't care to do shoulder belts, so they are just retractible lap belts. Took it to the model meeting this afternoon. Tonight worked on the headlights, and door mirror that came from someone in the model club. Put the body on the chassis, this will be the last time before painting the body, it's like putting on cowboy boots. I shouldn't have glued on the air filter, that makes it uncomfortably tight. Decided to make a prop rod for the trunk, noticed the real car has one. Taillights, they are not correct, would be easier to make little round lights, like what the VW Bus had. I never really liked the taillights, the sedan are better looking. They also tacked on the tiny reflectors, why did Mercedes do that?
  12. That's Revell, making up what should be an easy thing to replicate. In my research, if there are caps on a battery, there are 6. I had a resin Optima battery that was used on another project, should get a few more. The trunk wells are wrong too, but I ain't fixing those. Couldn't find a photo of a spare tire jack, only this lousy copy of the parts book. There are some ID plates that could be reduced to scale and look okay.
  13. Seeing that everyone else is bringing V8s to this race, thought nitrous might help me keep up.
  14. I know right? 😏 Been getting a little time in the evenings, and today stole some work time to paint, to make baby steps during the week. That's why I haven't been an attention hog. 🙄 The steering wheel got a photo-etch star. I scraped off the paint from the rim to paint, then decided this looks better than paint. I was planning to use the kit steering column lever, even B-M foiled it, but thought it looked like an aluminum baseball bat, so modified with wire. Adhesive backed carpet installed. Replicas & Miniatures of MD photo-etch ring on the shifter base. I was worried about everyone else with big V8 engined cars, so I hope the nitrous will help. 😅 I checked out what size bottles are available, found one that worked for the Plastruct tube. Made the top part from a big piece of sprue (where the plastic is injected) using the cordless drill and Dremel. Speaker grills, screwed up painting, too much paint filled the holes, stripped in thinner, redid them but still not as good as should be. Punched the B-M foil for the cone centers. Black paper for the "cone". Really botched 🤬 the intake with the drill, so that ruined it for me, but will carry on. Battery is installed, added terminals, holdowns have p-e nuts and washers. Will do cables when body is mated to the chassis. Made a computer box. Interior is almost done. Some of the aftermarket goodies shown. Seatbelts are next. Need to figure out the NOS button. The seats are assembled using stretched sprue keeper thingies so the backs can move, and won't be a pain with final assembly. Nitrous bottle installed. Thinking of making a seatbelt strap to hold the spare tire in. Considering making a jack, but not a tool bag. Radiator is done, except for hoses, which I can't figure out where they go on the engine. I know the fan would most likely be black, but that was the kit part and wanted to carry something over.
  15. Reminds me of the Fabergé eggs that royalty had craftsmen produce. Yea it's impressive, but it's like having a toy you can't play with. I would like to have some of the skills to create a better model, but look how many of those eggs are no longer existing. Final opinion, if you can afford the real deal, what's the point of having a model of it? My two cents (now $2, don't get me going).
  16. I draw plans for remodels and homes, I'm not an Architect. Every new version of the Codes gets worse, the last round pretty much requires an Engineer for anything. Architects need to collaborate with Engineers too. So in my town, we are all swamped with work. Been taking over 2 months for the Engineer to get stuff done for me. It's been 4 months on some jobs. Got an email today, from the guy who has been working on my projects, he left the firm to go elsewhere. So, now it's going to blow even more now. Apparently nobody wants to get into this profession, in this country (India is another story), compound with the fact that my area has always had a higher cost of living so the trades workforce is scarce. Only those who have done well move here when they retire, so the demographics are more disparate than cities such as Phoenix. Bad enough dealing with the building departments (County and City), who mandated everything be engineered, which are taking around 5 weeks to review the first round for permits (over 6 months for alternate septic system permits). Guess I shouldn't complain, forecasts say there will be an economic crash coming soon, which will kill the housing industry. Sorry to be dumping here, gotta get this off my chest.
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