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  1. Thanks for the picture. Though it wouldn't be seen (solid bottom), I should study this. I'm going to get several plates printed, this ought to work even though it has already been taken for a real car.
  2. Cool photo, a good study for weathering.
  3. Jim King's mermaid? My OCD is going nuts! The accuracy of the kit is not that good, why am I doing this?
  4. I did, pro travelers in the beautiful Southwest. Thanks for your input. Especially the other pictures, could see the road above. Always someone who has to be a buzzkill. Nobody is holding a gun to your head to do this. Stick with mass producing boring subjects, someone has to do it. Appreciate your input! Reminds me of a very tall junkyard picture I saw years ago, black and white passes as photography art. On my 2019 vacation to Bruce Canyon N.P., I had to u-turn to take a picture of these cars. It was a common practice to use junk cars to stabilize the sandy soil.
  5. Thank you for checking in. For example, full scale shingles, full scale upholstery on the pickup, someday. Your Audi Quattro sure needed detail work, and is coming along nicely. I'm amazed how I can handle tiny parts, the human body is an amazing thing, when it works. I hold everything down on the bench, anticipating how something can flip, snap, eject, fly, or whatever small disaster. Holding with the tweezers is always a trick, I tune up the contact surfaces with something like 100 grit sandpaper, clamp like you're holding the paper, slide sideways for each side, look at the gap, the new surface should help vs. the extremely smooth surface. Shape of the tweezer is important, my favorite is pointy end, second is about 4mm wide. Those toggles are a *itch, I sneak one at a time out the plastic envelope, getting the nut on is a trick, then using the dental pick apply glue, and pretend I'm the Perseverance sticking the landing. I feel your pain! My OCD is getting out of hand. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ I couldn't handle the carb trumpets, drilled successively smaller holes down, then used a new #11 blade to spin smoother, very delicately, but still cracked one. Inserted hypodermic needles, cut with the Dremel disk cutter, holding in clamping forceps, which is how I measured the length. Also made the fuel lines, solder wire into the carbs which I smashed the end with pliers, so the guitar string could be glued to. Also made a dipstick, end is not finished yet. Searched for pictures of the engine, not many out of the car, but plenty of various scale models. Trouble with this car, each one is different, and there are replicas to complicate things. I see inaccuracies with the kit, and want to correct this and that, but reign myself in. It does bug me there is no starter, even AMT puts starters on their engines! ๐Ÿ˜… Tried to figure out the coolant thermostat housing and hoses. To the point of taking educated guesses on the oil lines that will run to the dry sump tank. After all this, I better do spark plug wires, and two coils.
  6. I'm in obsessed/possessed mode. ๐Ÿคช Important things are being ignored.
  7. [hey hey, no dissing Chevy pickups, not saying it doesn't happen] ๐Ÿ˜œ off the bat
  8. Very nice builds. I assume you created some of the decals? My neighbor owns one, the same green.
  9. Yes you are correct, in 1:43 scale, now that you mention it. Thanks for tuning in. Other than the body, got the last of the airbrushing done. I had painted the brake disks flat black then Alclad, was not happy, so stripped in brake fluid. Started over with gloss black, set on the pickup hood (perfectly nice today, I should go for a mountain bike ride), then sprayed Alclad stainless steel with a quick finish of polished aluminum. Later masked to spray Testor steel on the calipers. Sprayed the gloss blue seats with lots of Dullcote. Sprayed the steering wheel rim Testors gloss brown, the plastic was brown but had a translucent quality. Assembled the steering wheel, used the Detail Master emblem, glued on with Tacky glue because it's a little bigger than the hole on the retaining button. Assembled the engine accessories (headers will be after final glue in), am thinking of plumbing oil, fuel lines, and need to do the radiator hoses too (that's usually something all kits have). Then I can glue the interior to the chassis. Sprayed flat black inside the body. Need to carefully sand the putty at the spoiler before commencing on The Big Paint.
  10. Surprised nobody started this topic yet? Amazing feat to stick a landing on Mars. This video has sound added, for the descent sequence. Figured that since it has wheels, it's worth getting some attention on this forum.
  11. Found this on Fakebook, it's an Instagram account (I don't use that platform) jc_the_explorers. I could see making a diorama of this.
  12. Stainless steel tubing. Years ago, at the IMPS Nationals in CO, a vendor had packages of hypodermic tubing, 2" long, great for making hydraulic struts. Almost used up one size, so made the order for the exhaust tip size worth it. Should last me for the rest of my life.
  13. Always exciting when paint is done! Ordered stainless steel tubing for exhaust tips (bottom, the tiny sizes are what I got some time ago in shorter amounts, almost used up). Got the cutaway printed and mounted on foam core, to go with several others on the wall. Used the cordless drill to make the cap for the dry sump, the aluminum rod was salvaged from a TV antenna. Polished all the photo-etch, aluminum plate, and the tubing being used. Decals, only the gauges will be used from the kit sheet, I have aftermarket emblems. Was disappointed that I couldn't tell the little gauges did not match the molded rings until the decal was put on. The Hobby Design fire extinguisher is a model in itself, there are four decals on that! Detailed the dash with some photo-etch. Replicas & Miniatures of MD Wizard of Os used for gauge bezels, sort of disguised the off center gauges, glued on with Testors canopy glue which is on the gauges. Top Studio toggle switches. Top Studio photo-etch allen screws used for lights. Guitar string for the column stalks (need to form the little end). Have had the shirt pins forever, finally got to use one for the shift lever! The instructions don't say the steering column should be painted flat black, just the boot. All the pictures I've seen shows flat black. My OCD is showing. ๐Ÿ™„
  14. Got some post paint assembly done last night. The rear springs would be a problem for kids or newbies, holes needed to be drilled. Need to change my mind on painting the brake disks (I hate that).
  15. Hope this link works..... https://www.facebook.com/amauryguichon.chef/videos/513198576314658/
  16. You snuck in while I was composing..... glad you stopped by!
  17. Thanks for checking in. Thank you too for the comment. Funny story, I've heard convertibles are getting "fixed", some shops kept the roofs. I have that Gunze too, along with two others. As with any subject, different manufacturers end up looking different. And each car was hand made to customer specifications, then over time things changed. Nick Mason's car is original, not a pristine restoration like the one that sold for $70M. This video shows all that exist: Comparison, missing the Fujimi which I got after taking this picture: Whenever I get around to doing a real one, have to evaluate every detail such as lights, mirrors, etc. Made a custom dry sump tank from Corianยฎ, used the filler tube from the kit, will make an aluminum cap. Perhaps the most difficult task so far, was scribing the trunk lines. All the corners are round, used the sharp pointy thing (a sewing machine needle someone in the model club shared) with the circle template. The Tamiya scriber was against the steel ruler or the french curve, absolutely no freehand. I just keep taking light passes, sanded, another pass, until it was good enough. Might have been easier to just cut out two panels, and make a trunk, with tools and spare tire. ๐Ÿ™„ Finally, started the paint process! Didn't paint the body, because under different light, the transition to the spoiler looked like #&77. Globbed on some Tamiya putty, and ran my finger along there. Taped over the scribed line, wasn't going through that again. Debating about doing the cover thing, am thinking of just putting a line of snaps (photo-etch screws), and say there is a cover, not a roof, in the trunk. I also don't think there will be door windows, and won't do a vent window like what the one in the pictures has. Rounded up some detail items, stay tuned!
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