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  1. 3D printed full kit of Ken Block's Hoonicorn. Lots a detailed parts. The challenge is no instructions, at least yet.
  2. Would it be an insult to say Singer is building Outlaws or Hot Rods? I'm blown away how advanced independent shops are getting, this is insane! I should take a picture of the Tamiya 935 race car done as a street car that I built as a teen. 😅
  3. Will says forgetaboutit. boy am I cheating with that one!
  4. I had drinks with him in the hotel room at GSL. He was super nice, appreciated the short moments I spent with him. RIP 😪
  5. Spotted this homemade aero Toyota pickup on I-40 passing by Williams (last town on Route 66 that was bypassed by the Superslab). Couldn't wake up the phone fast enough to get the front, which has a Studebaker "jet intake", and the hood slopes up to the lower third of the windshield.
  6. I forgot this Topic existed....... took this picture a few weeks ago, tell me what BMW engine with Jaguar supercharger that is.
  7. Becoming a rock star at karaoke. 🎤
  8. I like the sort of turbine wheels, that's why I sprung for this kit. I built the other version with the "normal" wheels which are okay too. I lucked out having road tires that should work, and not be too wide (a peeve of mine with this kit).
  9. Now I feel stupid....... I had a 'wanted' post a couple weeks ago looking for this kit, then decided to just get what I wanted off eBay. This is what I got for the cheapest price, shipping in a bag, at least it arrived faster than predicted. 😠 Lucky no parts got crushed. I also didn't know what this kit contained, the box art looks like a street version, I know there are a bunch of race versions. So it has slicks, and no back seat, so this will change my plans (of mice and men).
  10. Sentence varies with mileage, and who you are.
  11. Been seeing a flood of posts on Fakebook showing disasters using this paint. Searched here and could tell the majority of comments are in the negative. If you have success, consider yourself lucky. Years ago I used Krylon clear and wrecked a model, never used spray paint again.
  12. That would take more balls than a bowling alley to drive! Love the creativity. I have an Allison Salt Flat project sitting on the shelf of doom, so I'm looking at your details for the engine.
  13. Thank you for posting this. This is my home town. I still remember that day when I was standing on my street looking at a massive thunderhead to the north, and feeling the change of wind direction with the cool downdraft and feeling some relief from that hot summer day, not knowing that 31 miles south of me this tragedy was unfolding. There was a tribute ceremony at the Courthouse Plaza/Square, listened to it on the radio. I stood on a bridge over 89A to watch the 19 hearses drive by, and listened to the powerful ceremony (wrong word, what is the correct word escapes me) on the radio. Attended the opening of the museum at the Gateway Mall. Hiked the trail to the Fatality site outside of Yarnell, can't imagine carrying all the equipment through that rough terrain, and then being overrun by the flames. Saw the movie, typical Hollyweird with the station in a beautiful setting (it was in the industrial area in town), otherwise a very moving tribute. I still need to hike to that Juniper in the photo, the Doce Fire that consumed much of Granite Mountain could have been worse without their work. Even after 10 years, still took a lot for me to type this. 😭
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