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  1. Small irk..... heard the iPhone ring tone, I was home looking around for the phone, then the radio ad said it was a Public Service Announcement, about distracted driving. Freaking brilliant, you just made everyone driving look around for their phone. It was beautiful today, hiked around the woods in just a t-shirt but with sweats on. 🤪
  2. Hi there, thank you. They did run in North Africa. This one just ran in southern Utah. 😜
  3. I saw in another topic about plug wire size, a raging argument about how we Americans are dissing everyone else in the world by not referring to metric sizes. Same thing with car culture, different continents, the only difference is which way the car was sent on a ship, which is why Mercedes cost more to begin with here, they are still the same body, engine, interior, the exception is our Federal government mandated battering ram bumpers, smog equipment that choked the engine, and crappy headlights. Still are mass produced cars. Some would say they are poor quality, how many 600 SELs with the dual pane windows and V12 engines do you see on the road nowadays? I'm not a fan of the rubber band tires on wagon wheels myself, the Donk look is...... dumb. (had to catch myself) Euro VW Golfs get the extreme "stance" like the JDM "ricers" (I'm on my third Honda Civic, '77, '87, '16 so I can say that). I'm digging what Hoonigan is doing to a Rolls Royce, those cars lost desirability and value because they self destruct (like most cars come to think of it). Dealer sticker price is irrelevant for this topic. If you don't like what you see here, move along. Perhaps this turns you on:
  4. Thank you for the tip. I might have seen them before, just looked and none available. But a 1/24 Nissan SR20 S14-S15 Black Top Engine Kit 3D Print-US SELLER! looks interesting. Thank you very much for the instructions, that's a huge help. Choice 1 and 3 look like my favorite choice. I have the left over transmission from the Subaru build that's nicely detailed, so I could #2 which has that cool suspension begging for coil springs. The picture helps a bunch too.
  5. Think small engine, that's a pretty big V8, correct?
  6. Hagerty Drivers Foundation film released 1/12/22. Takes about 1/19th the time of the last record to watch this awesome film.
  7. Those others were taken when one rationed film, and Al Gore hadn't invented the interwebs yet. 🤭
  8. Maybe we should contact GSL to get clarification on the rules (or if someone on this forum is part of GSL and knows Gustavson). I could be disqualified since my plan is to use only the chassis and wheels, with a different kit for the hood, doors, fenders, plus a totally scratch-built "body" for the back. I love your idea, club cabs are a popular customization for any era. I'm gonna take a break, and steal ideas from you. 😏
  9. I assume that's an old kit, so bummer about the decals. The shine is better than what I have trouble accomplishing. I would wet-sand it, and make it look like a resurrected barn find. Otherwise it looks fine, just park it close to the other cars on display.
  10. For my '61 190SL project. Thinking of a DTM car, or if the newer 190SL has an engine (aren't most kits curbside?). Possible trades: Tamiya - Martini Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI Fujimi - Lamborghini Reventon with photo-etch Fujimi - Lamborghini Murcielago Tamiya - Ferrari FXX with Tamiya p-e & Crazy Modeler p-e (you would need to add another kit to equal that) Revell - Aston Martin DB 4 Hasegawa - Sauber Mercedes C9
  11. I was talking about this, and my clogged memory released the fact I have a kit that should qualify, that has a possibility of completion. Might as well add me to the list, '61 190SL Restorod. Something like this:
  12. Cool! If I had the ambition (money plus time plus garage) would like to create a Coupe. I grew up with the '61 with gas engine.
  13. I might as well contribute to my own topic. 😅 Start at 1:00.
  14. Meh, paint the white and use a decal, but none exist for that pattern. Looks like a Porsche 928. I know this isn't a good example for the topic, but the decal does add another "color".
  15. Thank you. The kit has opening doors, really loose hinge. Thank you everyone who left a comment, I 'like' your comments.
  16. 89AKurt


    Thanks for that comment. The Southwest is brutal on everything, especially rubber and plastic. This truck is in Albuquerque. I'm fascinated what derelicts in the Northwest look like, moss and lichen grow on the rust, which would be fun to try with railroad scenic stuff.
  17. 89AKurt


    I'm glad you started this topic! On Fakebook someone has posted really wrecked cars, fairly convincing but it's not an easy task. All I can think of, is pushing thick aluminum foil on the body, then wadding it up.
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