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  1. I laughed, this is as funny as it is accurate! Between myself and my other family members, I'd wager that over half of the Mopars we've owned were those three colors. Also "root beer" brown and gold seemed to be pretty abundant..
  2. There is one of these a few miles from my farm. It is sunk up to the center caps by a garage, but it sure is cool looking in black paint with orange stripes.
  3. I reckon anyone saying nay on how cool a kit of a '64 Dodge Dart would be, is doing so only because they haven't seen one in person for many years, or EVER. I'd have to buy two kits of it just on principal..
  4. I too have the four '69-'72 Ford trucks issued so far, I'll be getting the 4x4 too, and of course the way cool '65-'66 trucks whenever they're released. This is good, as that tooling could and probably will be done as a '64 as well I'd guess, AND of course all kinds of room in the future for multiple body styles. Rounding out the bump side trucks with the addition of the '67-'68 model years is a thing that definitely needs to happen too, IMO. I also have the four amazing stock Hudson kits, both of the stock '55 and '56 Chrysler 300's, the stock '65 Belvedere 1, and the '65 Satellite. I'll be getting that '61 Pontiac at some point too. This is truly the Renaissance age for model kits, and I personally dig the Moebius offerings over pretty much all the others. These are great days we're living bros! It would be most welcome to see further tooling of those Hudson kits, backdated, to say a '50 Commodore convertible and a '48 Commodore 8 coupe (for myself at least, I'd replicate the ones me and mine had back in the 90's), and even a slick '49 4-dr sedan, why not? The '55-'56 Chrysler kits have great re-tooling possibilities as many others have stated. With ample but worthwhile work, you could do '55-'56 DeSoto Fireflites, '56 Adventurer, '56 Indy 500 pace car, '55-'56 New Yorkers, and '55-'56 Imperials (PLEASE DO!!) in pretty much any body style. That '65 Satellite would make a top shelf convertible too, very SHARP car! I'd absolutely buy every single one of those, and multiple Imperials. I'd further add to this hypothetical work-load and say that we all need pretty much EVERY Dodge or Fargo truck from the B-Series ('48-'53), C-Series ('54-'60), and D-Series ('61-'93), '57 or '58 DeSoto, '60 Chrysler 300 F, a proper Black Beauty Imperial, any Fuselage era MoPars, and a great many others really. I'd buy multiples of 'em all without question. Being a huge fan I'll offer that yall over at Moebius got the skills, superb quality, and completely unique product line to pull something like this off without much trouble, effectively putting your kits even higher into the "Completely Peerless" catergory. These things said, and all dreaming aside, I for one will continue to look forward to all of the future Moebius releases in the months and years to come, no matter what they are!
  5. Nice! Recall wheels even. Thanks for posting pics, going to have to track one of these down too!
  6. https://www.shapeways.com/product/YKHUY8Y7G/miniature-vintage-bicycle-1-24?optionId=42578307 Here ya go For only $11.50, I thought it was just too cool to pass up
  7. The 4-Door hardtop? Got any pics? I'm thinking about buying it too..
  8. '76 AMC Gremlin '67 Supernatural Impala '79 Chrysler 300 A really cool 3d printed 1/24 vintage bicycle The rest are dust catchers for now
  9. vintagedragcrazy, DrKerry, and Mopar-D are real stand up fellas! I'd trade with 'em anytime
  10. Got these from Air-Trax last week, and man are they nice! Go ahead, send these guys your money, you won't regret it..As soon as they make more obscure Mopars, I'm buying 'em!
  11. Yeah, ditto on those wheels, they look sharp! I have this kit, and while I'm not too keen on the t-tops, I have not one other complaint about it...It's a relic of sorts, and it's totally different, AND, it goes right along with my MPC '77 Volare. To top it off, it has some really nifty pad printed tires included that I would love to see sold X 8 in a tire parts pack. They would look right at home on the '83 Hurst Olds, and others. I have plans to buy another '80 and build it as a no option, slant six car..
  12. Yeah, Lunar Module Pilot, this was Alan Bean's job on the Apollo 12 mission.. Thanks yall for the hubcap info, I went ahead and ordered a set from that eBay seller.. Also, thanks to some info posted on the "Rapid Transit System Paint Code 'Cuda" thread, I was able to source a set of HO scale white pinstripes from Microscale.. Now, to actually build the thing!
  13. This is correct, I must have over looked it somehow..I'll be giving this fella a call this week and order some of these goodies.. Also, that is a WAAAAAY cool avatar picture sir, I've been watching Red Green since like the mid 90's! Gotta love the possum van!
  14. I'm currently trying to figure that one out myself! I'll post up proper details when I get em..
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