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  1. chryslerjunkandstuff added a post in a topic Air Trax   

    I ordered a '78 Cordoba, and a '83 Mirada about two weeks or so before the NNL east...Still waiting patiently for them to shop up. Can't wait to see em tho!
  2. chryslerjunkandstuff added a post in a topic 3D printing TDR/Shapeways Pro mod cars   

    Shapeways has some really cool stuff, just type 1/25 into the search bar and be amazed!
  3. chryslerjunkandstuff added a post in a topic RMR Resin   

    Well, I'm sold! And I hope I get to make it to any NNL show in the future, I've never been..
    After much searching, I managed to find pics of all of 'em on my list except for the '62 Chrysler limo. They are nicely done for sure, and they will start making their way to my mailbox soon...A bit of info re : the Turbine wagon..I had a vague memory of seeing the kit once, it was a factory-built appearing 4 door wagon, but then it fell off my radar, until I saw RMR's list. As it turns out, they make a different one altogether, a phantom 2 door wagon. While it's nicely done, I wouldn't be a buyer on that one...The Motor City Resins 4 door wagon is the way to go there, IMO...
    Found some pics from here and there so yall can check em out too, and thanks for the pics and input!
    The Jeep is definitely the pick of the litter, going to be tough to build tho because of the wicked high prices the Honcho donor kits go for

  4. chryslerjunkandstuff added a post in a topic RMR Resin   

    Thanks for posting pics, those look pretty good! And you are correct about him having a gallery on his website, however, it is far from a complete showing of his products. None of the ChryCo stuff is on there at all yet..
  5. chryslerjunkandstuff added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    RMR Resin
    OK, this may be a tired subject for some of you, but I'm wondering about RMR's product line. What do the kits look like? They have some potentially really cool stuff listed for sale, but without pics of the resins, I'm reluctant to just start buying! I've had no buying/building experience with RMR. All I managed to turn up on a search of the forum was a proper phone number listed for the owner, and the info that he apparently isn't too keen on answering emails..
    So, whats the consensus view? Have any of yall bought/built their kits? Does anyone have a link to pics on Fotki or something? If not, and you own one of the kits, could you provide a pic or two? Is it just me or is it strange that I've never seen one of these on eBay? Thanks much! I like to see what I am buying. I have sent an email out to them, but haven't heard a reply as yet. The particular kits I'm looking to purchase are the following : 
    1941-46 Dodge Power Wagon1956 IHC pickup1962 Chrysler 300 Limo (Maybe)1964 Chrysler Turbine Wagon1965 Dodge D100 Pickup1963-73 Jeep Wagoneer
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  6. chryslerjunkandstuff added a post in a topic Photos of masters of upcoming kits 59 Imperial LeBaron 4 dr sedan and Ht.   

    Masterful build for sure! Interestingly, one of my bros bought a '59 4-door hardtop Imperial last summer for $800. It had sat in the garage of the second owner since '81, and we had it faithfully running and driving in less than a week. All told, the purchase price of the car, and the parts to fix it only cost about $150 more than this build! I'm stoked on buying this resin kit, and the hardtop when they become available..
  7. chryslerjunkandstuff added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    Just a few words
    Hello yall! 
             I've been lurking this site since just about forever now, and I'm happy to finally be a member! All the best builders in the world are right here!
    I've been building and trading kits for 25 years, and buying, trading, building, hunting, and repairing 1:1 cars and trucks for 20 years. I'm an automotive service tech by trade, but I also have a 9-5 working in the military vehicle parts industry. I wish I could speak in detail about that, but I cannot! 
    Currently, nearly all of my model kits and supplies are packed up in boxes, as my job will be moving me to another state in a couple months. When I get settled in at the new place, I'm going to set up a whole new scale workshop, and I can't freakin wait! Then I might actually be able to contribute to the forum things other than car pictures, opinions, and funky build ideas LOL!
    In the mean time, I've just been collecting up some resin parts and decals and things for future and stalled builds. Also been doing a bit of trading with some forum members on here, as my parts box is accessible, and overstuffed. The people I've met and traded with so far have been very, very cool, and very generous. Yall are the best!
    I'm looking forward to more good trades, seeing more cool builds, completing my ChryCo collection, and showing yall some of my builds in the future! Thanks for having me!
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  8. chryslerjunkandstuff added a post in a topic Revell '66 Surburban shown at NNL-East!   

    Maybe I'll have to pick up two of these, this half track is too cool

  9. chryslerjunkandstuff added a post in a topic Revell '66 Surburban shown at NNL-East!   

    I want to build a Civil Defense truck out of it

  10. chryslerjunkandstuff added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    This 1/25 1970's Hurst Jaws of Life showed up today...Another in a line of bits/pieces that I'm collecting up for future/current/stalled builds...This will ultimately make it's way into my '73 HRS Gremlin project...It came from threeinchesunder.com, and is of superb quality.

  11. chryslerjunkandstuff added a post in a topic Old School Box Trailer   

    Here ya go. Fronts are the left ones, dual rears on the right. All four of the trailer dual wheels were the same. Big heavy duty suckers, and they look just like the real thing..

  12. chryslerjunkandstuff added a post in a topic Old School Box Trailer   

    Box trailer has been traded away..
  13. chryslerjunkandstuff added a post in a topic 1967-1972 Ford F-Series Walkaround...   

    '72 truck from Gran Torino. I want to build it clean, day 1 style, meaning NO RUST!

  14. chryslerjunkandstuff added a topic in Truck Kits or Parts to Trade, or Wanted / Requests   

    Old School Box Trailer
    I went to Ollie's over the weekend and picked up the Dodge L-700 kit w/ the box trailer. I only have a use for the L-700 truck itself, and I am keeping the skids as well. Whats left is a totally sealed, complete and untouched old school box trailer. So, it's up for trade if any of yall want it. I'm not really looking for anything in particular, but I like Mopar stuff

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  15. chryslerjunkandstuff added a post in a topic Information on this build   

    My first thought was TKM, but you are correct, it looks way too good. If it is a S.C. Miller resin, my guess is I'll be waiting for a very long time before one turns up