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  1. waynehulsey added a post in a topic Cobble Beach Concours, Owen Sound, Canada   

    Beautiful cars, boats and area. Thanks for posting.
  2. waynehulsey added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Finally bought a kit. Stopped by a shop I don't go in often. Stuck in a corner on the bottom shelf was the RoG Trabant 601 Universal and was the old price from when it was 1st issued several years ago. So snapped it up to replace the stolen one. Got a bottle of Testor's semi-gloss black also to check out, figure it'll give me one more black texture for the palette.
  3. waynehulsey added a post in a topic thunderbolt colors   

    Black engine - one exhaust pipe out the rear, right rear I think, not hooked up basically a 6-cylinder exhaust- seat belts - red oxide primer probably better then assembly line since I think they were resprayed after all the chassis mods were done - good question on the floor, think it was industrial black with rubber floor mats to look somewhat like a street car - upholstery was champagne gold, really weird color with a greenish cast, might be available from Ford restorers. Maybe someone with access to a car or better reference with come up with more info.  
  4. waynehulsey added a post in a topic Toys R Us   

    Heard that last night. Can remember in the 70's when they were one of the 'go to' places for models. The big one down the street from Disneyland had an entire aisle for models. Just the model cars were the full height shelves probably around 12 feet long. I was working at Hobby City model shop during some of the time and could find some things at Toy's R Us for cheaper then the wholesale price we paid. Then somewhere around early 80's they dropped them all, except for occasional holiday sales. Did grab a couple of those Pro Shop Chevies when they had them and also they had the AMT large scale FI SBC that I picked up one. Sold it off sort of regret that now. Oh well, got too many as it is.
  5. waynehulsey added a post in a topic Automotive Car Books? Who Collects?   

    I've glad that its about a 7 hour drive to Autobooks. I get in there once maybe twice a year and have a self-imposed $200 limit for a visit. Always when I get home its I should have got that one also maybe I'll run back over there next week. Fortunately I usually have stuff that keeps me from it. Have several of the Crestline books and yeah wish I'd gotten them all, especially the Steam Tractors & Engines. 
  6. waynehulsey added a post in a topic Toyotas   

    You used to also be allowed a 1 time only exemption to bring something in. Not sure if that is still in effect
  7. waynehulsey added a post in a topic 1936 Mercedes-Benz 540 K Cabriolet B - The Old Italeri Kit After Some Improvements   

    Unfortunately have to agree with you.
    That said yours is a beautiful model. Was doing the wire wheels on mine and got sidetracked and have never got back to it.
  8. waynehulsey added a post in a topic Automotive Car Books? Who Collects?   

    Have most of those art books and more on graphics, typography, etc. Complete set of Automobile Quarterly, Hot Rod from V1N1 up to around 1980, Collectible Automobile up to around 2007, SAE full set, and hundreds more magazines, both art, graphics, aircraft and cars. 2 5-drawer office file cabinets full of dealer brochures, hundreds of automotive, aircraft, tractor and science fiction books. Sold off during the divorce my complete set of Phillip K Dick books, most 1st edition and William Burroughs set also along with around a thousand music, punk zines, and design magazines. Had to pay the lawyer someway. Here's a photo of the Ford (rt case), most of the tractor, Collectible Auto and poetry books. About 10 more cases like these full. And turned 68 a couple of months ago so getting close to expiration date so they'll probably wind up in the dump in a few years if I can get rid of them before hand.

  9. waynehulsey added a post in a topic Curbside models in competition   

    Here's my comments on this from memory so some of the dates may be off. The first curbsides I saw were done by the late Jack Davis in the 80's. He liked doing paint and some styling things and after years of detailing just wanted to concentrate on the exterior. He brought them to the NNL West, the Ontario CA club and various SoCal shows. As the Ontario Show got going around 1990, it was decided to add a curbside class since some other people had started doing them. As far as I know this was the first contest to have the class, but was soon picked up by most of the other CA shows (of which there were a lot then). At the time it was only body and paint, blacked out windows, nothing underneath in most case, a lot even had the wheels and tires just glued to blocks on inside of the body shell, tops of tires cut off to get bodies lower, no engines or at least they were not considered in judging. So guess this would what now would be considered Slammers. SAE and Model Car Journal started picking up on the trend and it spread. Since as usual people starting pushing the envelope of the rules and a Enhanced Curbside was created later in some shows. Not sure what goes on with them now. Wander into the Desert Scale Classic for awhile (didn't even make it this year with being out of town) and occasionally the local IMPS Modelzona and that's about it for contest and model shows anymore.
  10. waynehulsey added a topic in 1:1 Car Reference Pictures   

    2016-10-01 Sanderson All Ford Show
    Here's from last year show that I just got uploaded. At least a couple of weeks before this year's show.
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  11. waynehulsey added a post in a topic Car ID sought   

    The only reason I would want it is because I could probably sell it quick for a pocketful of cash. Didn't like those big late 50's American cars then, don't like them now.  But as you say everybody's taste is different.
  12. waynehulsey added a post in a topic Ferrari 458 Italia   

    Nice build. The interior color is really good on matching that sort of weird beige Ferrari has. Will file that in the back of the mind.
  13. waynehulsey added a post in a topic Ryan Blaney Winning Motorcraft Ford   

    Looks pretty good to me. Always been a Wood Brothers fan.
  14. waynehulsey added a post in a topic Which is THE Quintessential "Hot Rod" Song?   

    Would have to vote for the Hot Rod Race just because of its capturing the essence of the beginnings. Saying that I wore out a copy of Johnny Bond's version of Hot Rod Lincoln which I consider the best version of the song. Don't really care for Commander Cody's version that much. Got to meet Charlie Ryan at a car show years ago when he was touring with the car and got an autographed copy of his version.
  15. waynehulsey added a post in a topic Car ID sought   

    My dad bought a 57 Cadillac in about 62: pink with a gray interior. Ugliest car he ever owned in my opinion. I hated that thing. That's why in the last few years were everyone got all excited on late 50's pink Cadillacs I just couldn't understand it at all. Another guy in my class parents had the twin to it. We used to moan to each other about our misfortune when somebody would make fun of them.