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  1. That's its warming up a bit. Heat pump went out last Thursday. Service guy checked it and no refrigerant in it. So needs to come back Tuesday, pressurized the system, wait for a couple of days and see which segment looses pressure. So will probably be next Thursday at the earliest to be back in operation with having to write a big check. Had to break down and go to WalMart (which I don't like) to get a portable heater. But still have a pretty much paid off roof over my head, plenty to eat and a good car, which means I'm doing better then probably 90% of the world's population. Not even counting the 3 well fed cats and too many models, books and magazines. Think I'll get the camera and head down to the Salt River Riparian Area.
  2. I'll add a big 2nd to that. Never met a cat I didn't like, most dogs, anything with fur or feathers and even some scaly ones. People, I can take or leave-and most I prefer to leave.
  3. Interesting project. Have photographed several at various tractor and engine shows. Here's a couple of shots of a Model A engine converted to an air compressor by Gordon Smith.
  4. Your model, but personally I think its just plain stupid. Of course that's my general opinion of rat rods.
  5. If it makes a difference, the Italeri is the early version with the 'eyelash' headlights. The rear body section needs some reworking on it-too squared off. Hadn't thought about trying to adapt the early Countach engine. That quickly turns it into an expensive project.
  6. The Heller DIXI to Austin 7 builds a reasonable version, but I'd like to see an earlier saloon (sedan) version. Plus have a kit designed from the beginning to pull alternate versions from it. Could go for the American versions also. The Airfix Scammell looks interesting even in HO, but have never seen one. Maybe I need to check out one of the model railroad swap meets sometime. Thanks for putting another one on my list when I'm trying to downsize the kit stash.
  7. Sorry, but I just can't understand that. I always try to push and learn something new with each model. May never finish it, but I learned or did something different. Never could understand that burning, blowing up, crashing, etc... models either. Had to 'explain' that to my younger brother a couple of times at least as far as my stuff was concerned. Guess I never played well with others.
  8. Realize most of my interests are a bit out of the mainstream, so tried to think of 5 I would like to see that should sell and have the possibility of spin-off versions, so unfortunately the Stout Scarab somebody posted a photo of is not on the list. Late 50's Mack B-61 STOCK 1932 Ford Model 18 a Victoria or B-400 would be nice to start the series Austin 7, England's answer to the Ford Model T Aston-Martin DB4 series 1, the Aurora version is horrible, with a bit of pre-planning a DB4GT and DB5 could be done from the base Cobra 1963 Series II with 289 and rack and pinion steering, the AMT I feel is a pretty good early 260 car this would go good with it. Then for something just totally off the wall, another Scarab only this one a 1950 Scammell. As Frank Zappa said "no commercial potential".
  9. Herb Deeks also did a couple versions of Cord sedans. He had a stock vesion and one with the open wheels and pieces to do the Ab Jenkins Bonneville car. Don't know if he's still doing them.
  10. Outstanding work. Was just looking at my kit a week or so ago and decided it was too much to get into right now. When I get around to it will definitely have a high mark to shoot for.
  11. Depending on the mood: either the AMT Cobra or AMT (and all the other names its been under) 34 Ford pickup.
  12. Thanks for introducing me to this gentleman, here's one I also looked at that hits me. He has a lot of different clips I'm going to have to look at as I get time. Somewhat too late for me at my age, but still interesting.
  13. Yes I do support them! Was glad to get that DD214 and get out of there since I never asked to be there and by my definition was forcibly impressed into servitude.
  14. How about going back to what it originally was supposed to be: Armistice Day - commemorated every year on 11 November to mark the armistice signed between the Allies of WW 1 and Germany at Compiègne, France, for the cessation of hostilities on the Western Front of World War 1, which took effect at eleven o'clock in the morning—the "eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month" of 1918? A memorial to the attempt to attain peace instead of the militaristic, jingoistic day that it has become.
  15. You wouldn't want me in your shop anyway, but with that sign don't worry I wouldn't be coming in anyway.
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