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  1. That's its warming up a bit. Heat pump went out last Thursday. Service guy checked it and no refrigerant in it. So needs to come back Tuesday, pressurized the system, wait for a couple of days and see which segment looses pressure. So will probably be next Thursday at the earliest to be back in operation with having to write a big check. Had to break down and go to WalMart (which I don't like) to get a portable heater. But still have a pretty much paid off roof over my head, plenty to eat and a good car, which means I'm doing better then probably 90% of the world's population. Not even counting the 3 well fed cats and too many models, books and magazines. Think I'll get the camera and head down to the Salt River Riparian Area.

    2017-01-18 961.JPG

    2017-01-18 968.JPG

  2. 12 hours ago, dieseldawg142 said:


    more i'm around people, the more I like my furry friend.....

    I'll add a big 2nd to that. Never met a cat I didn't like, most dogs, anything with fur or feathers and even some scaly ones. People, I can take or leave-and most I prefer to leave.




  3. The Heller DIXI to Austin 7 builds a reasonable version, but I'd like to see an earlier saloon (sedan) version. Plus have a kit designed from the beginning to pull alternate versions from it. Could go for the American versions also.

    The Airfix Scammell looks interesting even in HO, but have never seen one. Maybe I need to check out one of the model railroad swap meets sometime. Thanks for putting another one on my list when I'm trying to downsize the kit stash.


  4. On ‎12‎/‎15‎/‎2017 at 10:05 PM, russosborne said:

     While I may try to improve things and such, my greatest pleasure is just gluing kits together.... My happiest builds are the ones that I build with minimal to no paint, and that being engine/drivetrain only. Decals on a bare body. Etc.

    I am one who wouldn't mind if all the manufacturers ever did was to re release the stuff from the 60's and early 70's.

    Sorry, but I just can't understand that. I always try to push and learn something new with each model. May never finish it, but I learned or did something different.

    Never could understand that burning, blowing up, crashing, etc... models either. Had to 'explain' that to my younger brother a couple of times at least as far as my stuff was concerned. Guess I never played well with others.

  5. Realize most of my interests are a bit out of the mainstream, so tried to think of 5 I would like to see that should sell and have the possibility of spin-off versions, so unfortunately the Stout Scarab somebody posted a photo of is not on the list.

    Late 50's Mack B-61

    STOCK 1932 Ford Model 18 a Victoria or B-400 would be nice to start the series

    Austin 7, England's answer to the Ford Model T

    Aston-Martin DB4 series 1, the Aurora version is horrible, with a bit of pre-planning a DB4GT and DB5 could  be done from the base

    Cobra 1963 Series II with 289 and rack and pinion steering, the AMT I feel is a pretty good early 260 car this would go good with it.


    Then for something just totally off the wall, another Scarab only this one a 1950 Scammell. As Frank Zappa said "no commercial potential".






  6. Do you support the athletes that take a knee when the National Anthem is played?

    I'm not ashamed to say I'm proud of my  DD214 and Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal.

    Yes I do support them!

    Was glad to get that DD214 and get out of there since I never asked to be there and by my definition was forcibly impressed into servitude.

  7. How about going back to what it originally was supposed to be: Armistice Day - commemorated every year on 11 November to mark the armistice signed between the  Allies of WW 1 and Germany at Compiègne, France, for the cessation of hostilities on the Western Front of World War 1, which took effect at eleven o'clock in the morning—the "eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month" of 1918? A memorial to the attempt to attain peace instead of the militaristic, jingoistic day that it has become.

  8. Not an irk but fits what's being said I have a neighbor who knocks on my shop door and I told him he didn't need to do that just come in and he said no I read the sticker on your door that says this place belongs to an armed American citizen and nothing in here is worth you life and I think it's better to knock well he stopped by again and knocked I just laughed!!! Lol


    You wouldn't want me in your shop anyway, but with that sign don't worry I wouldn't be coming in anyway.


    I will refrain from making a comment that could be interpreted as "political'.

    However, from reading the news reports, I see it was an armed civilian who initially engaged the subject, and gave chase.

    Sounds pretty political to me. Now if there were regulations in place, or its sounding like in this case, even if the few pitiful regulations that exist had been followed that he wouldn't have been allowed to buy the weapons.

  10. Grew up in Oklahoma and couldn't stand the winter. Then spend time in Michigan at Michigan State during the winter. Swore I was getting out of there ASAP and going to were I would never have to see snow and ice again. The only place I've ever felt comfortable is along the California coast  preferable from Santa Barbara to Santa Cruz. Just can't afford it.

  11.  I don't mind winter weather..9 years in Phoenix was enough for me..just grew to loathe the beige desert surroundings and months of endless heat, dust, and sun.    After 20+ years away, I'm finding the greenery, fall colors and water of NE Ohio very enjoyable. 



    Agree with the photos and statement except for "don't mind winter weather". Imagine those photos at 0 degrees and a foot of snow, ice and slush covering everything. In 20+ years here and 20+ in SoCal before have never slipped on, or had to shovel, sunshine.

  12. Thanks for the documentary. Interesting. Had a call from an old friend in Cal a couple of days ago. He and I went to the opening for the original Blade Runner. He was completely freaked over it and I thought it was ok. He asked if I'd seen the new one and thought it was just excellent. Know I'll go see it, just might wait until it gets to the 2nd run theater. With their 1.50 Tuesdays, makes a lot of things more watchable. One of my problems with the original is Phillip K. Dick is one of my favorite writers and "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" one of my 5 favorite books. Since the original movie just borrowed a few ideas and characters and left out the major part (at least to my reading) of the book plot, it sort of irritated me.  It wasn't as bad as 'Total Recall', based 'On We Can Remember It For You Wholesale' which I just about walked out on. Problem with being a fanboy.

  13. Trying to think if anymore there's anything that would get me really crazy. The only one really popping up is a resin kit: Duryea 1895 that was done by a company called Genesis. It was in the group of stuff I had stolen a couple of years ago. The company I guess folded up fairly quickly and only ever seen one for sale. Unfortunately it was already sold and it was mine. When I checked the buyer's listing he had about 10 other (most fairly obscure) kits from my stolen stuff for sale. E-bay wouldn't do anything, neither would the small town police department, yes still somewhat upset and bitter about the whole situation. For a plastic kit, maybe a AMT 58 Ford, but got more then enough to last the rest of my life at the tectonic rate I build at.

  14. By swinging the part that goes over the hood up and out of the way. Protects the hood from getting mashed down into radiator and engine. Some of the military ones are set up like that, which is probably why Meng did one. Several mid-east and se Asia forces use them plus the US use them. Note they also did a 1/35 version.

  15. To throw my bit in. Why Sedona? Over Prescott? Personally think there's more to do and see in Prescott and just like the overall area better. But since you said you won't be driving, guess you're hanging with someone in the Sedona area or using arranged transportation.  Anyway your vacation. If you go out 89A through Oak Creek Canyon to Flagstaff that's a nice drive. From Flag to the Canyon if you want to do the train I40 west to Williams and catch it there. Need reservations. If driving head out 180 from the northwest side of Flag. Good road, nice drive, highest pass is around 10,000 ft. but its not a real twisty. If you have time as you're leaving Flag from there a couple of neat little museums. Pioneer Museum - Historical on the north side of the highway and a little further on the south side: Museum of Northern Arizona - Art and Cultural. Also the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff itself. As 180 dead ends into the 64 at Valle were you head north to the canyon there is a Air Museum Planes Of Fame annex museum there also with some antique cars. Show photos from there: https://whulsey.smugmug.com/Airplanes/2014-08-23-Thunder-Over/  

    Better have a month for all we've planned for you.

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