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  1. Judging by the front axel this one is getting spokes ! Looks great so far , I always love your builds!
  2. Glad that this truck was reissued, although I am not so sure of the tires , would rather have seen them left as Goodyear with the tire size and lettering moulded on . But they do look good and I have many boxes full of original tires to work with.
  3. Nice score! The Transtar even built was a steel! Same on the Peterbilt.
  4. You don’t see too many Pete’s with spokes ! This is fabulous, I don’t need anymore ideas but I like it ! Have to do one!
  5. They build up well ! And they do look right out of the box. When it comes to prototypically correct , the two cars are very different from one another, but these days there is a lot of references out there to do an accurate build.
  6. I think that for an out of the box build of either kit , Baker or Petty readily available paint is a fine way to go . Unless you’re modifying both kits to be prototypically correct the color is a moot point. I have just started on both kits ( original issue on both ) and that’s the route I will take. I also will do both as accurate as I can with the current reissues, for those, aftermarket decals , correcting the chassis and bodies and most certainly paint as correct as. possible will happen ! In the end what ever looks good to your own eye is all that counts!
  7. One of my all time favourite trailer kits ! Always get a kick out of the box art with a dressed up W925 Kenworth pull the Consolidated Freightways Doubles!
  8. A good supply of flotation tires can be had if you score a Turnpiker Peterbilt Kit , all 10 tires are floats in that kit ! I have two of them , never run out of floats now!
  9. Go with the spare , it adds extra to that part of the build ! This is a neat piece ! I have to admit I am thinking of a future steer car build as well ! Train first!
  10. It would be pretty accurate. I would use the Cat engine out of the snap kit. The chassis is easily updated, move the steering box to the front instead of behind the front axel , battery boxes and fuel tanks from the snap kit . If you have one of the Super Boss kits grab the engine underbell and swap that one from the AMT frame and you are more or less there!
  11. Well I for one like seeing this and hope it’s a trend , probably help in the price point department as well ! Plus I love the old school AMT box art!
  12. Hey Kerry , just a suggestion, since you’re looking at a Kenworth like your buddies rig take the the T600 cab and sleeper and mate it to the resin hood W900B that you have in your stash and then you really have a unique build! Not that it isn’t already! Love this one !
  13. It’s been a long wait for the Bandag Bandit and the Hideout but glad for both ! I hope since Round 2 added new pad printed tires that they put Martin Carver on the Bandit tires since he was the driver when the truck set its records. Both he and Tyrone Malone had their names on the tires on the truck at one point. In the future I could see Round2 putting Coke markings on these kits for another run of the tooling . Heck do both Pepsi and Coke ! Or even Snake and Mongoose!
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