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  1. While we joke about the Coke kits , they help the bottom line for Round2. While I don’t think we will see many all new kits tooled , I think modified tools will happen , especially if the 4 door Impala sell well , I think it will . Although a bit of a stretch, a taxi variant, fire chief, evens police unit is not out of the realm with this kit. A 71 Road Runner using the Charger tool as a base seams feasible or how about going on the wagon theme, as been mentioned the Brady Bunch Satellite or a Coronet wagon could be derived from the Charger tool.
  2. I agree with you on the freedom part. Plus you are very correct on the weight and thickness of resin , by the time I am done finessing a resin cab to my satisfaction I am usually better off scratch building it,so long as I can get dimensions. Excited to see this one finished, again fabulous work!
  3. While I would love to see new kits it’s more than likely not going to happen. The tooling cost is just too prohibitive for the size of the market . We think we are huge group but unfortunately we are smaller than we think . Having said that , in answer to the post question I would say the new Peterbilt and Kenworth since they share much more components than they used too and could be viable as would the Mack Granite and Freightliner Cascadia. I agree a B Mack would be a great choice for an older rig and I would say if Round2 really looked at it they could do some tooling revision and update several of their existing tools to bring them up to date , most of those trucks were run for long time!
  4. As was the case with your previous conversion, you are a modeller after my own heart , this is nothing short of a masterpiece! I too prefer scratch building rather than resin castings! Can’t wait to see this one finished!
  5. This is a great looking little truck ! I myself have been picking up several of the 1/32 and 1/43 scale kits not only for space but also some less involved projects! Nice work!
  6. Regardless of the decals , it’s great to have these trucks back instead of trying to build them with overpriced brittle plastic original kits!
  7. Nice to have these back with or without the correct decals, Model Truckin’ decals are perfect ! As for original issues I wouldn’t waste money on them for decals , they were useless when they were new, never got one usable set, out of the five Bandit kits I bought!
  8. I really don’t need more project ideas but this one I have to do ! Fabulous build on all three!
  9. I watched this one from the beginning and it came out phenomenal! If one didn’t know you would think it was a new kit!
  10. Doesn’t look like a what if! Nice build of a truck MACK would have sold many of once the market increased ! It took awhile for the double bunk trucks to take off!
  11. They could always talk to Thermo King and release it in its very early livery!
  12. If Round 2 is going to tool a body for a 71-72 Road Runner, I would hope they would put it on the AMT 71 Charger kit. I love all the old MPC kits but they were not very accurate under the skin. The chassis is from the mid 60’s and was under just about every Mopar kit they did. You can bet if that tooling is remotely salvageable they will do a 71-72 Road Runner. The body took a beating when it was modified to do the Petty Plymouth. I personally am happy that we have anything to critique at all , this hobby isn’t no where near popular like it once was !
  13. The Revell kit is an early first generation T600 that made it’s debut in 1986 . I have yet to acquire one of these but if it is based on the earlier W900 kit that’s not a bad thing as it was very accurate and the real T600 was actually based on the W900 platform.
  14. Judging by the front axel this one is getting spokes ! Looks great so far , I always love your builds!
  15. Glad that this truck was reissued, although I am not so sure of the tires , would rather have seen them left as Goodyear with the tire size and lettering moulded on . But they do look good and I have many boxes full of original tires to work with.
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