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    I should also point out that until my late teens I was a prolific finisher, but as my interests and skill set grew my lack of finishing also grew. Not anymore, gittin’ er done this time!!

    I am glad you posted this subject, for the last 45 years I have been building almost non stop but haven’t finished any project in 45 years ! The enjoyment has always been there in all facets of the hobby, including the finish part but for various reasons something gets in the way until my current project, a Kenworth K125 Australian Road Train. The truck is a scratched conversion from the AMT kit, no aftermarket conversion parts,. Unlike all my builds to this point I’m doing what I haven’t in the past , fixing things , changing things and stopping when I get to a stumbling block and going back to it and figuring things out to get it finished! Because of the amount of ours I have into it (250 and counting) I have deviated on a couple of other projects but I am getting closer to the end with out the usual interest burnout ! Yes you are normal as it turns out , I thought I was one of the few and not the many.
  3. Santa Fe International Harvester CO4000

    The real plane jane work horse fleet trucks make the best subjects! Absolutely fabulous work!
  4. Ford LNT 9000

    Looking forward to this build, I like that you used the RTE suspension instead of the stock leaf that was included in the Ford tractor/dump kits . I would also swap out the wedge brake chambers to the s cam type (found in KW or Pete kits for example), no matter which way you go this will be a great build!
  5. Transtar Rescue - 2/23 Update

    Great job on the restoration process! I have only a couple of my builds from the mid to late 70’s, they haven’t faired too well but after seeing what you are doing I think I need to save them instead of redoing them or using them for parts! I did the Convoy MACK Rubber Duck( before the awful ERTL kit , saw the movie 8 times to build it)using the AMT R 600 converting it to the RL 700 . I did buy the Duck kit for the front crash guard and decals, and hood ornament but that was it. Going to restore it along the same lines as you!
  6. Ford LNT 9000

    Wish I could post pictures of the brochures I have but yes a 3406 Cat was available in the LN series (9000) . So you would be correct but you will have to update your hood to simulate the separate grille surround, 3406 Cat was not available till 1974 and the Louisville line had updated their hoods by then . Hood update is easy just scribe a line around the edge and paint it Duplicolor bumper chrome to give it a anodized Aluminum polished finished.
  7. Peterbilt 353 Off-Road Dumper

    Fabulous build! Goes to prove that Peterbilt built plane Jain work trucks as well. The only problem I have with it is now I want to build one, I need to finish my road train first!
  8. Aerodyne COE question

    If you have an AMT 352 Peterbilt on hand you can take a foil cast mold of the front vent panel and that would give you an accurate panel to add to the aerodyne cab. Or if you have a junk Pete cab cut it out , remove and file square the opening on the aerodyne cab and you are good to go. I’ve often thought that something was missing myself and that’s the fix I came up with. You can use the vent from the older K123 kit but it won’t be as accurate.
  9. Round2 for 2018

    The aftermarket has the name decals covered and one could also model it beat up a bit and repainted as was the case with many old crawlers, or you could paint it red and white and put a crushed Pepsi truck under the tracks and blade in a diorama!
  10. Random Things Going On

    Interesting projects , I like that you fixed the poor fender to hood on the Ford ! I too have aquired the second issue 359, I haven’t decided on paint yet but that is a nice design! Wish I could figure out how to post pictures from my IPhone to share with you guys. Lots of interesting projects on this forum!
  11. AMT Ford C 600 flatbed Cobra hauler

    Big Bad Blue is a very close colour to Petty Blue. Will look great , interesting build and following this one , great build so far!
  12. Photo etch hood hinges for Petty Roadrunner?

    If you can find a set of hinges that are made for a Duster or Dart Street car that’s what you want . The Petty’s used A body Mopar hinges on their cars of that period. I just don’t know if a source for photo etch is out there but I would like to know if there is!
  13. New kid on the block ?

    Mike’s Decals Powerslide line already has them ! I want several of these kits to build several noteworthy cars from the period!
  14. Freightliner COE Questions

    Looking under the pancake engine heading I have a good idea now of the mounting, plus all the plumbing part of it the only thing I haven’t seen yet is the actual chassis, did the rails kick up or down to accommodate the engine . I could speculate or guess but I want to be as accurate as I can before I start this project ! But a big part of the fun for me is the research and the engineering of these things! I looked at a lot of pictures of Australian trucks before I began the road train project. If I can find out how to post pictures off an IPhone I will start a post if anyone wants to see it.
  15. Freightliner COE Questions

    Well thank you Mistermodel, that’s fabulous info on that truck and thanks to all for their input! That’s what makes this hobby great!! As soon as the KW Road Train project and the 50’s Peterbilt 351 coe haywagon project are done I think the two story White Freightliner needs to be done! Not sure if I will go horizontal or vertical Cummins yet , depends on how much in the way of chassis shots of how the sideways engine mounts and plumbing I can come up with. Plus I don’t want another two year project!