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  1. Movin’ On Kenworth Restoration

    Coming along really good!
  2. New AMT Items

    It’s been a long wait for the Bandag Bandit and the Hideout but glad for both ! I hope since Round 2 added new pad printed tires that they put Martin Carver on the Bandit tires since he was the driver when the truck set its records. Both he and Tyrone Malone had their names on the tires on the truck at one point. In the future I could see Round2 putting Coke markings on these kits for another run of the tooling . Heck do both Pepsi and Coke ! Or even Snake and Mongoose!
  3. Back in the mid 80’s Kenworth introduced the T600 to not so favourable reception. But after awhile it grew on people and I think the new Peterbilt will grow on people as will the W990 Kenworth. I am definitely one of those who think the older trucks are hands down better looking but in time these will grow on me!
  4. Looking at your project just jump started my Road Train! Looks great Kerry , let us both get er done!
  5. 1971 Petty 1/16 Roadrunner

    It’s a nice attempt but definitely needs a lot more refinement to even think about doing a resin casting.
  6. Aftermarket thoughts

    I have to agree with many of the comments here. It’s tough not only for the parts designers and producers but also as a builder . Price point is a big issue as well as accurate parts , which unfortunately is also a huge problem!. Tough to pay huge money for ( I’ll use the Kenworth torsion bar suspension as an example ) for a component that is only marginally accurate. For me to pay a high price it has to be dead on accurate or why bother . I would rather spend the money on a new kit or materials and make my own parts, although I realize not everyone can . Plus not everyone likes working with resin. But in the end there is no better time to be a truck modeler than right now!
  7. Freight liner COE questions

    The front axel on these kits are actually not too wide , it’s the engineering of the drums and backing plates that are the problem, and require that you thin out the components ( including the wheels from the spindle side ) . Then they will fit under the cab. But prototypically they did stick out slightly on the the standard cab.
  8. Fixing a warped frame?

    Using heat is the best way to correct warped rails or any warpage problems . Hot water is by far the safest method but I do use a heat gun ( with extreme care and caution) on some really bad stuff . I also work on a tempered glass top on my workbench as a surface plate . Stubborn rails I use a fixture to clamp them square as DrKerry mentioned above!
  9. This is nothing short of a masterpiece! I agree there is no resin bodies that do this truck justice, well done!
  10. Movin’ On Kenworth Restoration

    It’s great seeing old glue bombs being given a second chance ! What better way or should I say fun way to recycle! Looking great!
  11. Dodge L-700

    COOL !
  12. Snowman’s GMC Sleeper

    Looks great! On my to build list of 743 trucks😝
  13. 2019 Round2 Truck Kit Releases

    This a direct reissue of the AMT T533 Peterbilt Wrecker from 1975 . The wrecker body is the same from the original T522 Kit. The decals that are included are an update! So if one wants to duplicate the original box art it will not be difficult! Lots of the reissue of the original T500-500 kit are out there, and Modeltruckin’ has a repo of the original sheet! Glad to have this back in any variation, no longer having to purchase overpriced kits!
  14. 2019 Round2 Truck Kit Releases

    If you look close at the proposed kit box art this will be the 1100 series cab version of the wrecker. Some creative artwork has transposed the original Unilite cab art to the later 1100 cab . That’s ok , nice to now get the newer kit again ! And if one wants to recreate the original wrecker the older Unilite kit can still be found easily.
  15. Dodge L-700 V12

    Now this is fun! Looking forward to seeing more!