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  1. Correcting the White Freightliner headlights issue

    What size rivits did you use on the Pete cab
  2. Convoy Rubber Duck Mack

    I like your 1/32 chassis, and I hate this website , it helps perpetuate modellers ADD!
  3. Show pics of your dm600's

    If one wants to build a U Series Mack swap in the the chassis from the AMT R600 kit !
  4. Convoy Rubber Duck Mack

    I forgot to mention as well, the correct chassis under the Duck’s truck is going to have to be fabricated, Mack Western series trucks have a deeper frame rail than the AMT R series is too narrow, best thing kit wise is to get a set out of the Ford Louisville Short Hauler kit and use the Mack cross members and components.
  5. AMT Movin On Kenworth Announced

    Thanks Force for posting the pictures of the tires , I agree the Paystar tires look like military issues and I don’t think I would use them even on the Paystar . And since I like to use what’s on hand (probably 250kits) so a wide variety to pull from, I think I will stick with the MPC 11:00x20.
  6. Moebius Big Rig Super Singles

    Glad Moebius is listening to us truck builders!
  7. 1/25 MPC Mack DM 800

    This was such a fabulously designed kit , MPC knew what they were doing back in the day , way too much Chrome but a bath in Castrol Super Clean and it’s gone , I have way too many trucks to build but I will have a few more now! I always wanted to do one of these as a wrecker!
  8. AMT Movin On Kenworth Announced

    No , the trucks didn’t have any front brakes and that’s why I will be modifying a Peterbilt front hub . As for the tires I guess I am being too fussy . The MPC tooled tires do look good on the Freightliner wheels, so I probably will go that route on the front however I still need to think about the rears , if one looks at the trucks sitting still you can see a rather aggressive tire lug, I haven’t seen the ERTL tires on the Paystar kits yet to know whether they would be what I would want to use. Paystars are probably the only kits I have never had yet , but I will at some point.
  9. AMT Movin On Kenworth Announced

    The Center hub will be a modified Peterbilt hub
  10. AMT Movin On Kenworth Announced

    I love those wheels but for my Movin’ On builds I am using the Freightliner kit wheels front and rear with the Kenworth hub and drum and making the the fronts with a couple of inner rears and adding the bolt detail to get the correct look . Tires are the issue, 10:00 x 22s? Not sure yet which way to go on this , MPC tooled 11:00x 20 pressed onto the 22 in rim will give the right diameter but it will still say 11:00x22.
  11. Correcting the White Freightliner headlights issue

    Thanks for the info guys ! The Australian Kenworth and the Freightliners I have going can use them !
  12. Convoy Rubber Duck Mack

    As has been stated , the ERTL kit is not much good as far as building an accurate Duck truck , in 1978 I scratch built a reasonable facsimile of the truck using the AMT R 600 and the engine and air cleaner out of the AMT Cruise Liner . I had almost all of the truck done when the Duck kit was done. What one must remember is that they used 4 trucks plus a glider during filming. The 1st unit truck was a brand new 77 RS700 L with the TipTurbine diesel coupled with a Fuller 10 Syd transmision and Mack’s camelback suspension and axels. The info I had received from writing a letter to Mack trucks. When Dan Bruno restored the second unit vehicle it was a combination of several trucks . If you look at it closely you will note the late style hood (the earlier hood was not as tall) the shorter cab shell, (cab was redesigned in the early 70’s ) as well as the sleeper box with the doors more centred . Also the shorter fuel tanks . It has a White trucks rear suspension ( spring similar to the White Freightliner kit springs) . Overall I think the resin kit looks good but really to be really accurate you would want to source the AMT kits and the stupid price ERTL kits to be bang on ! Aftermarket decals as well ! As for engine colour , the Tip Turbine was found in red , but mostly copper and some were gold. A friend of mine used to work as a mechanic at the local Mack dealer, he was my reference! Any questions on this one feel free to ask ! Studied the movie while watching over 200 time and I still pick up things.
  13. STOP THE PRESS! All new 1977 Oldsmobile NASCAR kit

    I had to chime in on this in regards to the Petty references. In 1978 when Petty decided to make the switch to Chevrolet he did buy a Monte Carlo from Cecil Gordon , they did NOT buy an Oldsmobile, the Olds was built in house at Petty Enterprises for the Daytona 500 in 1979. They used components that they were comfortable and experienced with, and by that time in NASCAR, it didn’t mater what suspension type was used as long as it was production based. In regards to the upcoming kit I will wait to pass judgement on it , and I will modify and Model it accordingly as I have done with any kit . Since I don’t like working with resin I would rather correct a plastic kit than pay twice for a body in resin that usually needs work as well . Let’s build some plastic boys!!!!
  14. If you are still looking for parts shoot me an email!
  15. AMT Movin On Kenworth Announced

    I love this forum, the amount of information one can glean on a subject is fabulous! In regards to gold emblems yes they were in fact a nod to Kenworth’s anniversary year and all trucks that would have been built in 1973 would have been fitted with the gold emblems. But anyone who wanted to add them to their truck could have by walking into a Kenworth parts counter and ordered them. Again the point being for us wanting to build an accurate model of Sonny’s truck is to pick an episode or scene from an episode and build accordingly. Keep the info sharing going and build some trucks!