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  1. This has been a long time coming. For what they go for on EBay I will be able to get a half dozen for the same money. Can’t wait to be able to get this again !
  2. I actually would like to see more original box art like this ! Love the reissue stuff but this is a breath of fresh air on old familiar kits!
  3. Without a doubt you are my favourite builder , not scared to build anything!
  4. Spent over 20 years in the towing business and even running the winch everyday and hundreds of time a day you would see the rusty colors peaking through the shine of the bare metal cable..
  5. This is a fabulous build in the works ! I have always wanted to do one of these , at some point I will after seeing this! Suggestion in regards to the cable, most steel cable ends up rusty . Even cable that’s used lots , you will see rust undertones with a semi polished steel look.
  6. The TV series truck by studying footage and pictures of the restored truck , it appears that it was equipped with 24.5 wheels which makes all 1/25 kit wheels too small. I also have this build in the works . Initially I had planned to use the rear wheels from the AMT Freightliner Kit ( these are the best looking IMO kit wheels) which are 22.5 . And I was going to use the front wheels out of the ERTL/ AMT 4300 Transtar kit and use the ERTL tires ( old MPC tooled) . Tires are 11:00x20 but when put on the Freightliner rims do look right . I may go with aftermarket wheels and tires yet but I do like staying with kit stuff. Those are my thoughts.
  7. I have never considered doing trucks like this but this is really interesting! I do like medium/ heavy trucks based on pickup cabs as well . Will be watching, great build so far!
  8. This is a lesson in scratch building ! I have learned a lot already, what does the tool you use for making rivits look like ?
  9. I agree with you on these ! I am doing both a stretched Peterbilt and a dressed down Kenworth right now , great little kits !
  10. Kerry ,Shoot me an email on Wilson suspension if you’re still looking, we can swap something I’m sure!
  11. Thanks for the info guys!
  12. No they were only in the AMT Kenworth Kit . A worse case scenario is staying with how the original builder did it, stock spoke front rims with the 10:00 x 20 vinyl tires and narrow outer rings or fudging it and using the 22 inch spoke rims from the Diamond Reo and the tires and outer rings from the Autocar Dump front floats!
  13. This is actually a really cool idea ! And there are many based on retired older highway tractors so the sky is the limit as to what one could do with this subject!
  14. I’m restoring a builtup if this kit and want to put the original float tires up front , the vinyl tires from the Autocar are too big for the mixer rims( kit plastic tires are made to fit a 20 inch rim).
  15. Does anyone out there have the front plastic tires from the AMT Kenworth/Challenge Mixer Kit that you would be interested in selling?
  16. Phenomenal build! What did you use for a transfer case , and do you have a picture of the bottom of your build?
  17. Agreed! If I would have stuck with the spoke wheels on the trailers and truck I probably would have gotten to it sooner but it took a bit to get 6 more Freightliner kits for the wheels! By the time I am done it will be a $3000 dollar model project lol!
  18. Finally dusted off the Kenworth Train , got back at it, needed to acquire 9 Freightliner kits to pirate out the wheels, decided on disc instead of the spokes! Making it a fancy train!
  19. I’m a huge Waylon fan and this was one is on the I have to build it pile ! I can’t justify the price of resin stuff so it will be a retirement build ( more time to scratch build the cab) .
  20. Long shot , looking for a grille from a 73-74 MPC Dodge Pickup, doesn’t matter if the chrome is good or not , building a model of my dads old truck as a surprise, have everything except a grille.
  21. This is welcome news. Being an ERTL Kit it will have clear instructions for those needing them. I grew up building AMT stuff and never had a problem with their instructions.
  22. I always had a soft spot for these, and seeing this makes me want to scratch build one (never liked resin ) ! Phenomenal build!!
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