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  1. Haven’t had time to check on all the projects that I have been following but this build is continuously impressing me! I am going to use it as blueprint to build a similar truck , will be doing a low cab forward auto transport hauler!
  2. Glad this is making a return ! And since they have made a dump truck and a tow truck in the reissue dept , it’s time for a Mixer with a Kenworth under it!
  3. The Kenworth Torsion Bar suspension was available from ‘56 through to ‘76 at least , probably a few went out after but in teams of what I have in literature as available. It did change a lot during its production run , predominantly in how the bars were mounted! Most of the Kenworth model trucks still available would have had the torsion bar suspension as an available option. It was a Kenworth only deal although it is possible that someone could have mounted it on a glider kit from another truck manufacturer, so technically you could build a truck model other than a Kenworth with it but it would not have been a common thing to see in real life.
  4. The conversion hood from Gary depicts the second configuration of the RL-RS hood . The first was near identical with the difference being the grille ( had a two piece deal). Both the first and second style shared the fender configuration of the R700 . The third style is where both cab sat higher and the fenders and hood were taller to better accommodate the larger engines and accompanying radiators, plus the rear bottom fender extensions. That how you can spot the difference in the movie Convoy between the first unit 1977 truck and the second and third unit 1973 trucks. Looking forward to seeing your build as it move along.
  5. One of my favourite builds on this forum to date , fabulous job!
  6. Most certainly Round2 will have a hit on their hands with this one ! I owned a 77 Macho PowerWagon so this is huge for me ! The missing 4x4 parts are of no consequence since the original MPC stuff was not correct at all . Be nice if they tooled up fresh parts for it , definitely it will sell! Many varieties of this truck can be done , thanks Round2
  7. Pm me , I can send you both instruction sheets, I have several copies!
  8. The conversion kit you have I don’t know who made it, but it is an S-Series Kenworth. The truck was one of the first trucks exported to Australia but was sold in the US primarily on the eastern side of the country where the overall length was an issue. The truck wasn’t overly popular on this side of the pond. The SAR W900 was developed by Kenworth Australia as a replacement for the earlier S model.
  9. This was a fabulous question and I too have been planning it forward with several projects neat completion, how to display them!
  10. I can’t wait to see your progress , this is a spectacular build! For the emblems , the decal sheet in the most recent reissue of the White Freightliner, there are current Freightliner emblem on the sheet that would work well for you.
  11. I would not pine over the lack of 4x4 parts , they were wrong for the Dodge anyway ! Transfer case was a New Process unit also found under GM trucks , the one depicted in the MPC kits was similar if not identical to that found under a Ford, or the earlier pre72 Dodge truck’s.
  12. I have wanted to do an accurate version of the CF Freightliner as well , so the plan is to strip the interior tub of all diamond pleats , rob the seats from a White Motor Corp tractor kit , 5 hole wheels from a La France fire truck, scratch a v6 Detroit, move the driver side mirror down to the door middle at a canted angle, single headlamps and lose the lower bumper and chrome. Most of their trucks had the small roof lights found in the Ford Louisville kits. Glad I am deep in parts kits! As soon as the reissue Doubles set hits then I start on this one , for fun as a triple!
  13. My list : Kenworth Challenge Mixer , Lowboy /Cat D8H combo , Autocar Dump, Trailmobile Moving Van ( was reissued in North American, Mayflower liveries and the race car variety as well as the original Allied Van Lines). And lastly I would love all of the 1/43 TNT series, Kenworth & Peterbilt truck’s and Fruehauf trailers.
  14. Yes that’s a good one ! Also the newer Revell Willy’s kits and the AMT 57 Chrysler 300 also has a really good engine in it!
  15. It has 426ish valve covers but rear mounted magneto is a dead giveaway and the block is also very different.
  16. It’s been a bit since I have been peeking but I love how this truck is turning out! As always you set the bar higher great job!
  17. Another source for the 392 is the Soapy Sales Funny Car Kit , not the best rendition of the engine but with little effort it can be made to look good.
  18. The first issue carried the same box art as the upcoming reissue. The second issue with a picture of the trailers built up and also carried T521 box # by AMT then also AMT Matchbox had no chrome, it was added back for the Stevens International release and I’m guessing for the upcoming reissue as well. I agree , I would rather have the plating and remove it as an option
  19. The second reissue of the CF Doubles came chrome free. I think it’s release was in 75 if I remember correctly when I bought it. A lot of the reissues later had the chrome return.
  20. Nice work! These were such great little kits! I wish they would have been more successful for AMT, only a couple of different kits but they build up really nice!
  21. For 2019 Mike’s Decals has announced that coming soon #55 Tiny Lund is in the works!
  22. Glad to see a styleside Dodge Pickup! Not surprised at the 77-78 Grille. Was hoping that the GMC Astro would have been a repop of the original issue with the gas turbine engine but the later 70’s issue is still good!
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