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  1. 57/58 f100

    Modelhaus was the only one I knew of that cast a resin 57 F-100, They also did parts for the 60 f-100, there may be some copies out in the world of the Internet, but unfortunately the ModelHaus is gone.
  2. MPC Tom McEwen FED

    What about the Miss Deal kit?
  3. This is why I have been considering switching to acrylic paint, Mission Model paint has a poly additive, that looks very interesting in the video, and is very convincing in person. The paint has no Oder and is easy to mix,cleanup is a breeze, a good candidate for indoor painting.
  4. That's the first one that came to my mind, when I read this.
  5. Another Home Run from JT. Looking good Sir congratulations.
  6. Hood latches for Revell '41 Willys

    This Might be an Option.
  7. Yellow tags at Hobby Lobby

    I bought an Unused Iwata TRN-1 with a DVD on how to airbrush, for a whopping $40 from Offer up in my neighborhood. I am set no messy Coupons, or employee attitudes to deal with. Just like a drug deal with craft stuff.
  8. Ebay prices dropping!!!!

    Looking at the other Items listed. I saw a Ted Nugent Concert T-Shirt for $75, which is way more than it's worth. In comparison to the Two Buck's it actually cost to see Ted in person.
  9. AMT 1964 Ford Galaxie Kits

    The 60 chassis will fit. With a little Modifying. I know someone who did it, and kind of remember he was telling me that chassis on a 60 is only about a 16th longer.
  10. Building a spray booth

    Oh yeah all the time. The only restriction we had was we couldn't an Oxygen/Acetylene torch, because the front side was a gas station. I don't smoke "never did" The shop Owner did, and the sawdust mix resembled Oatmeal. It worked amazingly well. He lived to be in his 90's a Tough little Guy he was.
  11. Building a spray booth

    The shop owner where I worked used to clean his floors this way Too. He added Sawdust to the Mix though. Once a week we would clean the floor after work and then have some Beers and just hang out after we closed. Those were some good times.
  12. Revell '37 Ford

    Yes its a Chevy Small block in that one
  13. 70's Swinging meat trailer

    Good Job, Frankie Carbone from Goodfellas, was found in a trailer just like that.
  14. Display trailer

    PM sent
  15. American Graffiti Dragster

    Well now I have a better understanding of what to look for. Thanks for Your Guidance.