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  1. I had a set of Center line Auto drag wheels, once on a 1980 Malibu. That was my daily driver, back in the early nineties. Prone to leaking air, from the Silicone seal that was used to seal the wheel halves, and cracking, at the Rivet locations too.
  2. I Emailed Scott to ask, when he might be restocked. He was able to fill my order for the parts, which is fantastic.
  3. Those are nice. Did you get the Frontrunner tires, or are those from the kit? I did look at those wheels. Unfortunately, futuraattraction shows out of stock on them right now.
  4. hi all, Looking for a better source of Wheels for my Grumpy's Toy that look closer to the box picture. Are there any aftermarket, or kit Sources available?
  5. This was in the Group of Releases for Revell 2021.
  6. The Shuey's would look better painted with grey centers, but the steelies knock it out of the park. Is there any tire Contact with the front fenderwells? Would using the revell fender wells would have been an option?
  7. Looking for Glass for the AMT 1960 Ford F-100
  8. I would agree with Steve on the AMT 62 impala they are a nice set of wheels, and readily available.
  9. Here is what I have right now, it's very rough.
  10. I may Have one, let me check after work tonight. There is a Grill and Partial Hood on EBAY right now but it is very Pricey.
  11. Most of us Realize that the Engine is not a 350 Small block Chevy, But rather a Big Block Chevy engine.
  12. The Chassis is Old as well. I would Imagine cost of revamping an entire old kit, along with the Time it would take to do that, makes it Prohibitive.
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