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  1. It has a 289, as far as quality. It is probably very good. I say this because I am working on the drag version of one these, and I like that one. I think this one would be very close in quality to that.
  2. Easy Enough to remove the Hood with a little Patience, and Time with a scriber.
  3. There was A 57 T-Bird. And there was Buddah's Tight, uniform ,not a vehicle mind you, but She sure looked like she could Move.
  4. What do want to trade for one?. The Roadster is due to be reissued soon this year. it has the Coupe SBC engine, but that's all I have heard. Have you Considered the Monogram Model A Coupe?
  5. my80malibu

    69 Charger

    Those are very close in Comparison, But My kit box ,and instructions all say. Mine was supposed to have them. The rear of the box shows them illustrated next to the chrome parts.
  6. my80malibu

    69 Charger

    Bought this kit, it was supposed to have Torqur Thrust wheel included, can't find them anywhere. Has anyone else had the same issue
  7. Been looking for one of these
  8. Happy Birthday Dave.

  9. It worked out well, The Stars aligned, and the plan worked out. Thanks.
  10. Come and Hang out with us, If you think you, can stand the Excitement of a Moonlight Modelers Club Meeting.
  11. I have an extra 60 chevy pickup
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