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  1. my80malibu added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Gold plating
    This question is about replicating Gold Plating. I have an Eldon Outhouse kit with some Good plating but not real Good plating. I would like to strip it off and get it  cleaned up. I thought of painting it with Gold paint as a base, then following with some transparent yellow, or orange. I wanted to know if any others have done this before.
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  2. my80malibu added a post in a topic 1965 Polished Aluminum 289 Shelby Cobra   

    Wow a very stunning Model. If I have ever seen one.
  3. my80malibu added a post in a topic 1975 Ford Gran Torino   

    Very nice work. Overall I think the car could use a little lowering. I haven't had an opportunity to get on of these yet, hopefully soon though.
  4. my80malibu added a post in a topic Custom 53 Ford Vic   

    Looking very good so far, what color will it be?
  5. my80malibu added a post in a topic 29 FORD UNBOXING   

    I am currently building one of these nice kits. I did notice that the wheel backing Plates for the Brake drums are indexed upside down, also when I opened the box, the windshield frame was broken at the top. Upon a  closer inspection, I noticed the broken area was plated at the cracked spot, indicating it was broken at the plating process. 
  6. my80malibu added a post in a topic Another Chopper   

    To be Able to See Someone else Doing Wheels is nice too.
  7. my80malibu added a post in a topic More bad LHS news - Hobby Town Gilbert AZ   

    I have been there a few times, I didn't see a good selection of aftermarket supplies, PE, or Resin. Lots of kits,  But thats hard to make a living off of especially when the other stores offer a better discount,  I had heard that Andy did have hard to find kits, but is He hiding those in a vault in back somewhere?
  8. my80malibu added a post in a topic Basic tools   

    If your new to the hobby and using Superglue. You will need Debonder at some point, also a good supply of bandaids might help too. When the Exacto knife slips.
  9. my80malibu added a post in a topic Paint spray booth   

    It actually worked out very well, I did just recently scrap it though, it had been outside for the last few years under the Patio, and was starting to show its age, then as luck would have it I ran across a Paasche paint booth in nearly new condition on Offer Up, for a very good price, and I scooped it up.
  10. my80malibu added a post in a topic VW Boss Steps Down..   

    Liked this one
  11. my80malibu added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    Help needed locating some of these
    In my display case, these devices support the glass shelves. I need about sixteen more of them to add four more shelves. I was curious if anyone, has seen anything like this, in the World of Hardware. They slide down, 1/4 chrome rods in the case, and lock down with a set screw.

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  12. my80malibu added a post in a topic how to make black interiors nice   

    I have Drybrushed some interiors with silver paint to help highlight areas.
  13. my80malibu added a post in a topic AMT '66 Nova info?   

    I did it with the headers attached to the engine its a tight squeeze but there is enough flex in the exhaust to get it done.
  14. my80malibu added a post in a topic RIP SHEP   

    Really liked Sheps work, I remember looking at the articles, with His stunning realistic dioramas, in the library of my old elemtary school. Back in the mid seventies. Those were so cool, A true Artist shep was, may He Rest in Peace.
  15. my80malibu added a post in a topic '55 crew   

    nice work