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  1. http://public.fotki.com/mamaprez/model_car_shows_/22nd-annual-mid-atl/
  2. I did NOT try to photograph every model there. Enjoy. http://public.fotki.com/mamaprez/model_car_shows_/toledo-nnl-35/
  3. Art, I'm well aware that Ford made '32 sedan deliveries. They marketed approx.400 of them after they were modified from tudor sedans. I mastered a sedan delivery for Reps and Mins. What I said was THESE ARE NOT SEDAN DELIVERIES
  4. I'm sorry but they are not sedan delivery bodies. They are phantom bodies, as no such '32 Fords were built that way.
  5. We are VERY glad you had a good time at our show. I do have to say,however, that the word "immensity" has probably never been used in describing our show. Our NNL is one of the smallest model car shows in the country. We had 175 paid attendance and 435 models. By comparison, NNL EAST most likely has that many people and models 5 minutes after the doors open. I hope all who attended had a good time. I believe the vendors all did well also. Look for our 2014 show on the SECOND Saturday in May next year. Next year's themes will be "50 Years of Mustangs" and "57 Chevys vs. '57 Fords".
  6. The Model A body kit is NEW from Replicas & Miniatures Co. of Maryland.
  7. Built as an old drag car, found and restored for the street. Used a lot of the Stacy David kit and Reps & Mins resin body. Wheels are from the Orange Crate, painted magnesium color.
  8. Bill Coulter would like to contact the builder of this model. Anyone know who built it? Would you have any contact info for this person? Thanks.
  9. http://public.fotki.com/mamaprez/model_car_shows_/nnl-east-2013/
  10. Welcome Terry. As you've already seen, only half the people actually read the words. The rest just look at the pictures. I have lots of photos of your stuff, as you know. Let me know if you want me to post some things for you.
  11. Bob Dudek GAVE me this body at least 3 years ago. We THINK it was from The Good Stuff (out of business). Non-working trunk hinges are photoetch. Latches are bits of shaped plastic. Chromed wheel fitted into the carrier. Kit Pontiac engine used with a 4 barrel manifold and carb. Wheels are fairly new Pegasus chrome reverse on AMT slicks and parts box front tires. White walls are painted. Tamiya military colors, cleared and polished.
  12. Combined back half of Ford phaeton with '32 chevy roadster, added correct moldings. Extensive mods to the up-top to duplicate the Chevy item. Chrome wheels with "51 Chevy caps. Scratch built,lowered front axle with posable steering. Tamiya metallic blue. Interior - Testors leather. 350 chevy engine. I didn't go all out on the engine detailing,,,,I got lazy.
  13. Replicas & Miniatures Co. of Md. has had, for many years, most of the traditional parts you are looking for.
  14. What you've "created" is called a phaeton.
  15. 6 completed. Made one or two masters for Reps & Mins but who knows when we'll see them.
  16. Sometimes I stray from the traditional hot rod and kustom road and go down a modern, high tech path. I started this in August, but got side tracked. Moebius '55 Chrysler 300. Reshaped grille with mesh screen and saved "300" emblem mounted on a chrome bar. Wheels, engine and most of interior is from a Testors '09 (I think) Charger. Paint is Testors gold and fire,,,,something or other. (I can't remember paint names). Trunk emblem drilled out and turned into third brake light. Simple tailights made from the little metal axles found in recent Revell kits. Front bumper is '59 Impala, rear bumper is a '55 Chevy truck bumper.
  17. The Rat Roaster ship date has now been moved up to January 30, 2013.
  18. Don't know for sure, but I would think the up-top and boot from the AMT '51 Chevy convertible would be pretty close. Yeah - I know there's a scale difference but I doubt it will be noticeable
  19. I made a replica of the Edmund 2-carb Olds manifold. Replicas & Miniatures should have them very soon, packaged with 2 Stromberg 97's.
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