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  1. I got this power mechanic book from 1964. I am going to try and read all of it.
  2. What Pleased You Today!

    Today I got the box off my truck.
  3. Can someone identify this paint job for me?

    Yeah the sweptline is one of the best ones I have seen aside from the fact that the drivers side fender looks like it kissed a tree but that is an easy fix.
  4. Can someone identify this paint job for me?

    I have convinced my parents to let me bring it home and there are 3 more vehicles that I’m going to try and Make a deal with the guy that owns them. late 60s Newport with a 440 1980s dodge W150 with a 318 and what looks like Dana 60s late 60s dodge sweptline with a 225
  5. Can someone identify this paint job for me?

    No I couldn’t the door was locked.
  6. Can someone identify this paint job for me?

    that is all the pics I got of it, the roof is painted the same colour, the hood is not on the car but it is might be it the General area, it was original a 383 car but the guy who owned it just bought it for the motor, it is missing the front suspension, it has a 8-3/4 rear axle, it’s sitting on its side and he will sell it to me for $50. That is all I know about it.
  7. As far as I know it is a Plymouth satellite but would like to know if it is a factory paint job and if so how rare it is.
  8. What Pleased You Today!

    I spent the last 5 hours working on my car and truck.
  9. Today I got the car to turn over. The reason that it didn’t fire up is because it is missing plug wires 4&6 and a bad battery.
  10. I personally am not a big fan of the way things like that look. I do respect the amount of work that they put in to cars and trucks like that and there imagination that they had thought.
  11. What did you see on the road today?

    Today I stopped and took a look at this late 60s sweptline dodge. yesterday I stopped and looked at this early 60s sweptline Fargo. and next week I’m going to go looking through a feld of trucks and cars and there is suppose to be at least one sweptline there. (In case it isn’t obvious I like old sweptline dodge/Fargo trucks)
  12. A very bad idea.....

    I have decided that I’m going to biuld it like the JATO rocket car because it will be a lot easier. Yesterday I painted it and today I started to biuld the cage to keep the rockets in place.
  13. Engine thread

    I would say yes you should have your own thread just for your engines as I would love to see all of yours. Or even a specific section for everyone to show of there engines.
  14. Just seen a commercial for this on the history channel and I thought I would share it with everyone. travis-pastrana is going to attempt a jump that Evil Knievel couldn’t.
  15. A very bad idea.....

    I have an old model and some model rockets that I’m going to put together to biuld something like the moth busters jato rocket car or the rocket sled spliting a car in half. JATO 1,2 and 3 The rocket sled. The model.