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  1. I’ve got a few 1:1 projects, one of my biggest ones is a original hemi orange with white hi back buckets 1971 Plymouth valiant. I’ve built new frame rails, and replaced the tortoise bar crossmember. I still need to do the rockers, quarters and roof which I will get form my parts car. Before I do any of that though I am going to get it running as driving and “Roadkill” it for a while in its current condition. The motor is a .030 Over 1970 340 with j heads, a wiand tunnel ram with two quick fuel 450s, I’m still waiting on a few different cam shaft options. It’s backed by a T5 transmission with a quick time bellhousing and a mopar pistol grip shifter. The rear end will be a shortened Ford 8.8 out of an explorer with 4:10s limited slip and disk brakes on the mopar leafs for now and eventually go to a 4 link.
  2. Thanks, I was wondering how I was supposed to seal them as they are very loose fitting.
  3. I stumbled upon a original 67/68 barracuda flip gas cap at a antique sale and had to buy it, I think I’m going to sink it into the top of my 71 valiant quarter panel.
  4. Picked up a set of headers for a fox body mustang that I should be able to cut up for another project as well as a cool set of small block Ford valve covers and a sun visor for a 73-87 Chevy.
  5. Finally found some time to sit down and get some work done on the 56. I’ve got the rear suspension fit to where I want it, it still needs some cleanup and link brackets built and I’ve started routing the exhaust.
  6. A set of M/T valve covers for my 340, I’ve been searching for a set for quite a while and they showed up on a FB group I’m a part of an had them shipped and got them today. I will need to sand blast them and re spray them to match the motor but overall they are in pretty good condition. I also got a new BD turbo for my 6.0L to replace the original 400000 KM one that decided to fail.
  7. Haven’t made much progress on the 56 but I did find a big block, I don’t know what kit it came out of but just for the fun of it I’m calling it a 496 because I like the way it sounds. I was also able to find a t56 that I believe came from a viper and for some reason I decided to try and fit a tunnel ram with 2 Holley dominator type carbs all under the hood i obviously still have a long way to go but now that I have the motor somewhat figured I have a general idea of where I’m going. I am going to be building a BIG fuel cell to feed the big block, I’ve found a Dana 60 out of a dart that I’ll run in the rear probably 4 linked to handle the power and I’ve decided to stick with the sleeper look inside and out with bench seats, steel wheels and either black like my original inspiration photos or weathered/rough like my GTO from 2021
  8. Well after doing some cleanup I came across a couple of hood ornaments that I forgot I had and now the curiosity is getting to me as I have never known what they are originally from. This one was on a 1963 dodge d300 gin pole truck that I bought but I know that that’s not what it’s originally from although it will be going back on my 1964 dodge d/w100.
  9. I’ve decided to start with the 56 Chevy, I don’t have much of a plan for it other that I want a big block Chevy.
  10. I have narrowed my build down to a tri five Chevy, I don’t have an idea of how I want to build it but I do know I want to build a 55,56,57 Chevy (I think I’m leaning toward the 56) but I’ll have to see what kit I can find first and maybe if I can actually finish one in a decent amount of time I’ll try building all three.
  11. Mind if I jump in? I was just in the process of mocking up a revell 29 roadster and was planning on doing it up as a race of gentlemen’s style car when I found this community build.
  12. I like the pro street and phantom ball also a couple ideas I have. -emergency vehicles (cop car, fire truck, ambulance and so on) -pickup trucks -Moonshine runners
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