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  1. A few more parts today, including an almost complete 460 and a nice set of J code small block mopar heads.
  2. To much snow and -35 the past 4 days...
  3. Aside from a bit of cleanup the suspension is done in the Toyota.
  4. Started building the suspension for the Toyota. it’s my first attempt at functional suspension.
  5. My two valiants the 2022 cannonball build and a few more... and I’m sure that I’ll find a few more that I’d like to build this year...
  6. Started cutting the Toyota apart to fit the LS.
  7. I think I’m finished painting now, time to finish the interior and engine.
  8. Started applying paint on the truck today, so far I’ve got two colours on it and still need to do a few more browns
  9. It’s from a revell kevin harvic nascar kit
  10. Started on the roll cage and tubs today.
  11. Made some progress on the suspension today, the rear frame section is almost complete and I decided to throw a coat of paint over it to see how it looks. I also figured out what I’m doing for the front suspension, it’s also from the monogram t bird. I think I’m going to have to adjust the ride high in the front and trim the engine cross member because right now I can’t even put a peace of paper between it and the ground...
  12. Yeah since discovery velocity started re running all the street outlaws over Christmas it’s all I’ve been watching and the farm truck is in my opinion is the coolest vehicle on the show so I decided to build my own version but since I have so many of the 67-72 Ford truck models and like just about every Ford truck ever built it’s a no brainer for me to build a ford.
  13. Clearly scale makes a hellcat convention kit, I’m not sure if they make the wide body flares though
  14. Finally decided to cut apart one of my moebius 70s fords so I can run some really big tires... the engine and rear suspension is from an old monogram pro street T bird. I haven’t gotten to far into the project yet and need to figure out front suspension as well as interior and paint but it’s so far off to a good start.
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