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  1. Well another one of these old fords found its way on my trailer today.....
  2. Over the weekend we got over a foot of snow.
  3. Would you believe I just cleaned it up last week.
  4. I got three today. The 79 will be biult up like my 1:1
  5. Thanks guys. I have painted the frame and the motor. Now I am deciding on air cleaner and paint colour and would like your guys opinion. I was thinking of maybe a turquoise colour like this. Air cleaner #1 (It came in the 66 kit) Air cleaner #2 (from a 302) Air cleaner #3 (from a 390) Air cleaner #4
  6. That’s what I am actually wanting to do with it. I am trying to find a 383 and I have the front suspension for it the only problem is that since it has sat for over 30 years and the guy that I got it off of didn’t have the papers for it it will have to go through a vehicle inspection and be re-vin’ed and I don’t know how well it would go if you can climb into the trunk though the rust hole in the side of the car.
  7. Today I was going through my truck because I have a very bad misfire and when I opened the hood I notice that my coolant was almost completely empty and my oil was low so after talking to some people I have come to the construction that my head gasket is bad and the only way that I can fix it is if I pull the cab off the frame. My truck has over 300,000km on it but it still is a little frustrating.
  8. I just got one of the new 66 Ford f100’s. Now this is my first time doing a slammed pickup so I might not be doing everything perfect. I am using the stock frame that I have heavily modified with a revell Ford svt lighting front suspension, a giant C notch in the rear and I will do a Ford 9” and engine from the revell nascar. Comments welcome.
  9. Today I got the new revell GTX to recreate my 1/1 67 satellite aka the satellite that fell out of orbit. First of here is some info on the car. It is a 1967 satellite that I got last year for a $50 dollar bill. It was a 383 4bb 325hp with a 727 and was a beautiful copper and black two tone and then in the mid 70s it was painted a cool white and green and as far as I know it drag raced locally with a biult up 383. Now it is in very ruff condition and has sat on its side for the past 30 ish years as the previous owner bought it for the motor until I purchased it and removed it from the trees. I will be building it as how it currently sits and possibly make a diorama base that I can set it on to make it look like how I originally found it on its side. This is the most recent picture of it how it currently sits. And finally a picture of the model car. Comments welcome
  10. Ford: Falcon, pinto, bronco, courier, ranchero, crown Vic, Torino model t, model a, and f100 General Motors: Nova, c/k series trucks el Camino, Monty Carlo, trans am and mopar: Charger, challenger, demon, valiant, New Yorker, Newport, gtx, satellite roadrunner, Dayton, cuda, ramcharger and power wagon Everything that AMC made. All International Harvester trucks And many more vehicles that I cannot remember.
  11. I’m doing alright. Just a little sore. Yeah that’s the first time I have blown up a motor. I guess that’s what happens when you are spinning a motor at 6000 rpm when it is only rated for 3600 rpm max. It wasn’t a minor steering linkage failure, it was a major colition with another mower. I am under the two mowers where the red circle is.
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