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  1. By the looks of it I will be spending some money soon.
  2. We had no power last night along with 150,000 other people all across Northern BC due to one transformer being struck by lightning.
  3. This biuld is inspired by ken block’s honicorn 4wd twin turbo Mustang. My car will be twin turbocharged as well with independent suspension on all four corners, 4wd, full roll cage and of course a 426 HEMI. The body is a amt 1969 Plymouth gtx on a amt nascar frame with a 426 HEMI and revell Lamborghini rear suspension.
  4. I went to go drive the old 77 today and I heard some grinding and clunking in the front end. I was expecting a u joint or a wheel bearing but after pulling the wheel off my brake calliper just feel right out. It turns out that the retainer clip went missing and was only held on by the rim.
  5. I went to an auction yesterday and got a lot of old car magazines and auto trader.
  6. A Diamond T got dropped off at the shop that I work at today that we will be doing a full restoration on soon.
  7. My mower caught fire when I was tuning the new turbo setup.
  8. My new project. its a 77 Ford F-150 single cab short box with a Dana 60 in the rear and a 3/4 ton Dana 44 up front. The motor is a 400 with a C6 and a NP 203 full time 4x4 (I will be swapping it out for a NP 205) The tires are 37x13R16.5 super swampers.
  9. Went to the Canada day car show today and seen a lot of cool cars and trucks. My truck is in the middle the yellow one is my dads and the green one is a friends of ours truck.
  10. I bought a couple things today. I will be going back soon to get a few more things.
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