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  1. I recently was going through a boneyard of old cars and seen this car. All I know is that it said Datsun on the glove box and Nissan on the seat belt. Sorry for the bad picture but it was all I had taken of the car.
  2. Finally after 3 years of not being able to finish a model I put together this amt 67 Impala over the weekend. But since I can’t biuld a model box stock I lowered the front a little, put on amt red line tires and swapped the motor from a Revell foose 65 Impala.
  3. Thanks to the pandemic and 6” of snow, I got some days off so I decided get some work done to my little Ariel atom inspired vw track rat.
  4. It is an amt 94 Ford lightning but decided I wanted to do it a little different and I have already started building a 7.3 diesel using a 460 block. I know they never made a regular cab short bed half ton diesel but I want to biuld it like a truck that could have came from the factor as a special edition truck that I have named Thunder.
  5. I’m not 100% shure yet how it came out. Ot isn’t uncommon for a triton ford motor to shot a spark plug out due to the aluminum heads with not much threads for the spark plug. I have only had the truck for 1-1/2 years and when I bought it it had just got all the plugs done but I have heard that some times people can’t get the back two plugs torqued and will come loss and thread itself out (I’m hoping that that’s all it is)
  6. This little guy shot out of my #9 cylinder on my truck yesterday on my way to work. I’m a little upset but it’s not completely unexpected on a Ford triton motor with 330000 km (about 200000 miles).
  7. Heres the first mock up of the terminator truck. Since I can’t find any pictures of what’s under the hood I figured it should have a crazy hi HP motor. Right now it is mocked up with supercharged big block but I’m contemplating maybe throwing a turbocharged LS in it.
  8. I would like to jump in and biuld the square body chevy from what appear to be two different movies, terminator and nightmare. The truck in Terminator. the truck in nightmare. I know now there are some differences between the two truck but I am unable to decided what way I want to do it right now. I will be using the useable parts from 3 different somewhat started, old biuld revell gmc plow truckand other random parts that I have (if that’s ok) ps: dose anyone know if the truck is a long box or a short box? I can’t tell form the picture I can find.
  9. I got a few magazines for Christmas. The car toons are from 1990 and 1980.
  10. I have wanted to biuld myself a 30s Ford but I haven’t been able to pick how I want to biuld it so I decided to biuld 3 different 30s Ford’s in 3 different styles. The first is the new AMT 1934 Ford pickup that will be biult as a period corect hot rod/shop truck with a supercharged flathead. The second is a revell 1931 Ford that will be biult as a rat rod siting on a revell 1930 Ford model A frame with a 1950 Oldsmobile motor. the third is the revell 1932 Ford that has been channeled. It will be biult as a modern style hot rod with an LS. Comments welcome.
  11. I like the movie car idea. Here are some ideas that I have. small block chevy (you cans build any car but it has to have a sbc) LS (you cans build any car but it has to have a LS) pre 1960s technology ( everything that you use for the biuld has to be something that was around before 1960.
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