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  1. 2018 Cannonball Run

  2. What do you drive?

    Dieseldawg you are correct I’m 16 and don’t have a lot of money. I bought the newyorker for $200 and that will give me almost all of running gear to at least get it to drive. My dream is to have a 426 hemi with a 4spd and a Dana 60 with 4:10 gears but I will need a lot of money for that so it will probably be a few years till that will happen. I got the seat pulled out the other day and here’s a pic of the interior.
  3. I got the exhaust biult today and mounted the intercooler. After looking at picks of intakes I have decided to go with a setup like the one in the picture below. let me know what you think.
  4. Looks cool. As soon as I saw it I thought of this from top gear
  5. What do you drive?

    Yeah the hood opening up like that makes it ease to work on (my hood probably opens around 95 degrees thanks to a wind storm) and the wheel wells are great for sitting on and setting tools on when working on it. On the 2019 ram post you said yours was a 66 Fargo so yours would have had the two headlights, the big tailgate and oblong tail lights where mine has the four headlights, small tailgate and round taillights. What motor did yours have?
  6. What do you drive?

    Here’s my 1964 dodge d100. It’s currently a work in progress so I hope it’s ok to post it here. It was my great grandpas truck that he bought brand new and was only driven for ten years and had 39,000 original miles unfortunately they let it sit in ever since and the motor is now junk and the interior is tore to apart thanks to mice. So now I want to biuld it as a drag race truck so I pulled the original 225 slant six and 3spd manual trans and pulled of the front clip to get ready for a 440 RB blue block and 727 trans from a 1978 Newyorker. I will also use the front suspension and the 8-1/4 rear axle from the newyorker. I will hopefully have the motor and rear axle in by the end of next year. Let me know what you think and if you have any questions just ask.
  7. 2019 Ram

    it currently has the motor pulled and the front clip off but I can post it there later.
  8. 2019 Ram

    All old trucks are good and I just don’t like any Chevys that are newer than 1988. the main reason I’m a dodge guy is because I have a 1964 dodge d100. My great grandpa’s truck that he bought brand new.
  9. 2018 Cannonball Run

    I knew it. You can’t slip to big names in the NHL past someone from Canadian.
  10. 2019 Ram

    I know it’s a monster truck I just take any chance I get to make fun of a Chevy (I’m a dodge guy).
  11. 2019 Ram

    Yeah the square fend are not a good idea. It creates problems with running big tires you need a huge lift
  12. Thanks guys. I have a question about the intake. Should I run the 3 Weber carbs with the turbo or should I biuld a fuel injection system? let me know what you think would be best.
  13. 2019 Ram

    Not a big fan of them. They are better that the Chevy thoug. I personally think the last great truck was the 2nd gen 12 valve dodge.
  14. new for 2018

    Yes it is.
  15. Thanks guys. I just realized that I said it was a revell kit but it’s actually a monogram. The wire wheels are from the kit and I’m still not shure if I’m going to run them or not. I will try to keep you guys updated.