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  1. My top 3 are Pro street moonshiners phantom ball
  2. Mind if I jump in? I was just in the process of mocking up a revell 29 roadster and was planning on doing it up as a race of gentlemen’s style car when I found this community build.
  3. I like the pro street and phantom ball also a couple ideas I have. -emergency vehicles (cop car, fire truck, ambulance and so on) -pickup trucks -Moonshine runners
  4. A friend of mine submitted a photo of my truck and it made it into a parts store calendar. It’s only a local calendar for the BC/AB provinces of Canada but for a truck I started building 3 years ago when I was 18 it’s like being on the cover of hot rod magazine
  5. Some air cleaners and 1” spaces for the 340.
  6. Found these not quite on the road. First I found what looks to be an early 50s Plymouth Right beside it was an old McCormick-deering tractor but the coolest find was a 1941 Ford f100 with flathead v8 that had a good sized hole in the head right above #5 cylinder.
  7. The sight of the 340 in my Valiant made me pretty darn happy. It’s only temporarily mocked up as I’m waiting for a cam and a few other things for it but I can now measure up the driveshaft, build a transmission crossmember and test fit/clearance headers before I send them off to get coated.
  8. I spent the day adventuring through my great grandparents farm today looking for some cool stuff, do it every time I go there and always find something new. this time I found a handful of vehicles I never seen before on the banks of a small creek. Im not sure on the year of this one but it appears to be a 50s Plymouth and right beside it was something i have never even heard of before, a simca vedette made in France with a flathead V8 that looked a lot like a Ford Flathead (I didn’t get a picture of the engine) as well as a 50s Chevy cab that looked to be in pretty good shape I found the other parts of the truck in a steel pile quite a ways away in very bad shape. And then way off the edge of the valley there was a 50s Fargo cab that looked like it was rolled down the hill but in very good shape, the box and front clip were closer to the top in good shape as well. the best find though was a mint Ford super duty hood scoop (the same ones used on Pontiac super duty cars) off of an old mercury truck cab that I was able to get. It was missing the cast grill peace but after digging through the cab someone actually took and left it behind the seat. I am going to do my best to rescue all of the vehicles and more from the bushes and some old buildings that are full of stuff either this fall or next summer.
  9. I’m up in northern British Columbia
  10. Picked up a 65 skylark for $100, it’s ver rust and has some pretty bad damage on the rear quarter panels but I just didn’t want to see it get crushed.
  11. After two years welded to a jig my valiant is finally structurally sound enough for it to come home with me to finish up the car.
  12. Just finished cutting up this on and had to throw it together for a quick mock up. I’m thinking of doing it up as a sketchy old race car hauler with the cobra on a ramp system on top of the mechanics box and it might even pull a trailer with a second race car on the back.
  13. I guess I can finally add my 06 Ford F-250 to the list now that I’m driving it. I’ve spent the last 3 years building the flatbed, peeping it for paint and to many other things to list. this was the truck when I first bought it.
  14. Picked up my bell housing today after waiting for it for 6 months. Now I can adapt the 340 to a GM style manual transmission, for now I am going to be using a T5 out of a late 80s Camaro.
  15. That’s what I was thinking, a nice metallic blue with either a pearl white or metallic silver stripe.
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