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  1. I’m pretty sure that 75 Ford was at the Grand Prairie AB spring spectacular indoor show a few weeks ago (I didn’t get a picture of it) but it had the same chrome, emblem delete, hub caps and colour combinations inside and out.
  2. Yeah it’s turned out pretty good. I’m not to sure what gun was used. I can’t take credit for the painting as it’s my boss that did it (if I sprayed it it would not look nearly as good)
  3. All the paint work is finished on my truck and it’s ready for re assembly!!
  4. First of the gold two tone sprayed over the brown on my trucks hood.
  5. Got a nice used mopar single plane aluminum intake for a small block at a swap meet, I already have another intake coming for my 340 but it was to good of a deal to pass up. I also got a pretty cool set of big block mopar valve covers (they aren’t actually original 426 valve covers) but I thought they will look cool hanging on a wall or maybe on my 440 if I ever find a home for it.
  6. Finally started laying some colour down on my truck!
  7. The worst vehicle I have owned is my 77 Ford F-150 short box 4X4, I’ve only ever driven it for about a month and a half 2 years ago. It has so many things wrong with it. Including but not limited to a broken track bar (the hole is wore out and when you hit a bump the front axle moves 2” side to side), rear axle has a 6” block between the leaf and axle and it moves almost 6” when putting it in gear, the tires hit the fender, trailing arms and bumper before you hit full lock, it is full time 4X4 and the shifter linkage for the t case just went missing one day well driving, the speedo is out by about 30mph, the oil pressure gauge, temp gauge and fuel gauge don’t work, the truck gets 6 mpg (it’s left me on the side of the road a few times) and burns oil, leaks oil from the engine, front and rear diffs, transmission and t case, I would have to stop every 30km to add break fluid, the drives side calliper fell off one day for no reason and almost cut my rim in half, the right exhaust manifold was split in two and had such a bad exhaust leak that I had to drive with the windows down and the rear slider open, the stereo had one CD stuck in it (not that it mattered because the tires and glass packs over powered everything else on earth. Despite all that and the fact that it’s the worst vehicle I’ve ever owned it’s also the best vehicle I’ve ever owned. I have had a lot of fun with it and plan on resorting it soon.
  8. My truck made it to primer yesterday and I got the paint today, should be painted next week! I was also able to knock apart the 340 for my valiant and the only thing that I think I need to replace is the timing chain.
  9. I am using waterborne paint on it and I also have a little paranoia about unsanded things like that, I would much rather spend two hours of frustration sanding it so I know the paint will stick than kick myself a few years down the road when it starts to peal back and have to take it apart and re spray it. Yeah I am respirating the entire truck Ford Kodiak brown/sunburst gold two tone (they are waterborne metallic paints) and I think that a colour matched cowl will look better than faded black plastic.
  10. Some genus (myself) decided it would be a good idea to colour match the black plastic cowl on my truck since I’m going to be painting the entire truck. After 2-1/2 hours of sanding I finally finished the million 1cmX1cm little square vents. will it look good? Yes, was it worth it? Probably not. Now I need to do the other half.....
  11. It’s a 1970 block with J code heads. I have a set of headers that I’m putting on it as well as a tunnel ram with two Holley 465cfm carbs (I know it’s not practical but it’s something I’ve always wanted) and maybe a cam. I want to keep the bottom end stock and only do stuff that can be undone if I want to go back to stock.
  12. I got my 340 on the engine stand and I’m going to start cleaning it up and maybe adding some go fast parts soon.
  13. Yeah it’s been a long time waiting for it to get booked in to get sprayed (I work at the shop and will be spraying some of it myself). now all I have to do is not change my mind on the colours again. It was a lot of rust, the truck was an ex oilfield/welding truck so it spent a lot of time in the mud and when you combine that with Canadian winters and road salt it equals rust everywhere. I have had to replace every single door, the cab corners, front fenders and the roof/hood had hail damage so there wasn’t a single panel on the truck that didn’t need fixed and the box was so bad that I tossed it a just built myself a flat deck. When I bought the truck I got it for a really good deal so I’m still into it less that a rust free truck of equivalent age/mileage and a lot less then going out and buying a new truck.
  14. After almost 3 years of work my truck is finally going in for paint this week!
  15. I know, I have dreamed about owning a wood grain mopar pistol grip shifter forever and I’m so excited that not only do I have one now but I actually have a car for it to go in. Yeah I was actually surprised when I walked into the place I ordered it from an they told me it was here. At the same time I ordered a bell housing and intake for my 340 and was told that it if I’m lucky it’ll be another 4 weeks but it could take a few months or more and I also just received a hood for my truck that I almost forgot I ordered.
  16. After over a month of waiting I finally got my reproduction hurst/mopar pistol grip shifter
  17. I have always had a plan to one day go cross country in my 1964 dodge d100 when I finish it. It was the first new vehicle that my great grandparents bought new with a 225 slant 6, 3 on the tree and 2wd. So far I have got a 440 with 727 auto as well as the axles and t case to convert it to a 4X4. I want to leave the body as it is since there is only minor cosmetic rust and dents. My main goal would be to go to Moab or Alaska with it and do some 4X4ing and exploring old back roads. I also picked up a 71 Plymouth valiant that I am building as a road race/pro touring style car that I would really like to do the hot rod power tour and pikes peak with it.
  18. I’m not to sure, right now the engine is out of the car so I can clean it up and do some upgrades to it. I’ll have to see how everything goes together.
  19. Found a nice set of small block long tube headers for my 340, little bit of time in the sand blast cabinet and some header paint and they should look like new.
  20. I always have a handful of builds on my desk but as for new builds I work in a restoration shop and get to work on a lot of cool car and trucks. I tend to get attached to a lot of the vehicles I work on so most of the time I will star a new model kit inspired by what I’m currently working on or even try and build exact replicas of some of the vehicles.
  21. Thanks for the help, looks like a lot of other stickers I’ll be able to use in that pack as well.
  22. Yeah that would be the one, what decal pack is that?
  23. I’m looking for a 1/24-25 scale model kit that would have the proper 69-71 426 HEMI air cleaner stickers like in the picture.
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