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  1. Haven’t had much bench time as of lately but I did finally start laying some paint down on the GTO, decided that it would be best to go with a patina/beater style paint job because a bright orange gto would be to recognizable. I still have a lot of details to add to it but though it was about time for a progress update.
  2. Test fitted the first of the two front frame rails that I’ve been working on for the past month for my 71 Plymouth valiant, the car has a sunroof and has sat for the past 20 years so the original frame rails were very bad. the new frame rail, it’s 2X4 1/8” tubing with a 1/8” plate on one side. the original frame rail.
  3. Where I’m from autocross is just a track biult out of cones in a parking lot that people take timed runs to see who is the fastest.
  4. I plan on fixing most of the problem rust this year and then I want to get into drag racing and maybe a little autocross with it for now and during the long winter months I’ll slowly restore and biuld up the drivetrain.
  5. I purchased a 71 Plymouth Valiant 2 door with a 340 (car originally had a 318), factory bucket seat and consul shift 727 auto.
  6. My Pontiac gtcamino project Also have a somewhat started project of the Krass and Bernie Car Toons Daytona (don’t have pictures of it)
  7. I finally got to get some more work done on the gto today. the motor and chassis are painted and I got the intake located. Also realized that the wheelbase is about 2mm to short on the nascar frame so I’m going to need to extend it a little bit and I’m considered lowering the rear suspension 2-3mm so it sits almost level.
  8. A flat deck I’m biulding in 1/24th and 1/1 scale for my truck.
  9. It was the same here in northern BC, fired up my old v10 superduty and it only ran on 6 of the cylinders for about 1min and every single fluid in the truck was thicker than maple syrup.
  10. Haven’t made much progress on the GTO but I did track down a supercharger for the nascar motor so now I should have somewhere around 1000hp under the hood. The only problem is that my fuel mileage will not be good so I will be biulding a bigger fuel cell.
  11. There aren’t really any odd questions when it comes to making lawnmowers go fast. I have a little pipe fitting experience working with my Dad in the oil patch up here in the north and the 1” threaded pipe is perfect for biulding exhaust on the signal cylinder brings exhaust port is already threaded. As for the piping from the turbo to the carb it was a random radiator hose that the parts store had (the parts guys look at me funny when I said it was for a turbocharged Briggs lawnmower) and I didn’t notice any issues with it being kinked like that and I had already rotated the turbo outlet to the best possible position. If you look at the last picture of it burnt you will see that I completely abandon the stock carb due to the fact that it couldn’t supply enough fuel once it got above 6000rpm, which allowed for a much straighter run into the intake port and ran a small snowmobile carburetor on the turbo inlet side (it was pulled off during the fire and I never got a picture of it setup) the carb on the inlet side of the turbo is what caused the fire in due to compressed fuel and then it backfired and shot the flames everywhere. Unfortunately motorcycle engines are not allowed in the class I race in but I do have plans for a golf cart that involves a motorcycle motor and a turbo in the future.
  12. Just got a lot of cool stuff from model builders warehouse
  13. Theoretically I should have enough back pressure to spin them on a 22hp twin if I delete the governor so it will be able to hit 7000 rpm. I have already had a single cylinder 11hp Briggs spin a slightly larger turbo but unfortunately before I could drive it it had a catastrophic backfire and the entire lawnmower burned down....
  14. I got a cupel ecoboost turbos that will likely be making there way on to a 22hp brigs v twin lawnmower this summer for attempt #3 at turbocharging a lawnmower. The two ecoboost turbos in front of a 12 valve cummins turbo.
  15. A little more progress on the GTO, Going to use the stock nascar exhaust but with a few little modifications such as a H pipe and a secondary single exhaust existing under the car by the drives side tire going though a muffler to keep the noise down going though towns.
  16. Two days of teaching myself how to tig weld and I’ve already started to lay down some nice looking welds on mild steel. This last picture was how the first hour of learning to tig turned out before I realized I did have my gas turned on....
  17. Got my roll cage figured out today. I’m just using the main hoop and the back part of the cage from the nascar kit along with some more modern seats from the parts box that will need to be raised up due to the fact the nascar chassis has a very low floor. Also got the gto body into primer and have found quite a few problems with it so I’m considering doing a ratty and rust patina look with mix mached body parts to give it even more of a sleeper look.
  18. Awesome! Thanks for the update will definitely be getting one.
  19. Haven’t made much progress on the GTO but I did order a couple clearly scale LS engines that I’m going to rob the supercharger off one of them for the NASCAR engine so I should have over 1000 hp at my disposal. I have also been messing around with the interior and have decided to delete the NASCAR roll cage and will be doing a simple 5 point roll cage with the gto dash and two bucket seats from the parts box.
  20. My top ten kits are 1-Moebius f100 4x4 2-Moebius ford Ranger 3-Moebius 66 Ford f100 4-revell ford bronco 5-revell of Germany 66 Shelby Mustang 6-revell 68 Dodge Charger 7-revell 67 Plymouth gtx 8-revell 32 Ford 9-revell 68 Dodge Dart 10-?
  21. I’m on the hunt for a 1/24-1/25 scale kit that has a fuel injection style supercharger like in the picture for a project I have in mind
  22. Moebius models has a nice inline 6 in a few of there ford truck kits.
  23. Yeah it’ll probably get some sort of forced induction hiding under the hood...... I got it mocked up after a little trimming.
  24. You guys mind if I jump in with a Kevin harvick nascar dressed up to look like a Pontiac GTO?
  25. I’m building a 1969 pro modeler dodge Daytona with two 426 HEMI’s put together as a 852ci V16 backed up by a 4speed and Dana 60. It will be biult as a land speed/dodge prototype mythical monster that could probably make close to 1000hp and 1000ft/lbs of torque (my hp-torque figures are only mythic and my not be correct)
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