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  1. I went to go drive the old 77 today and I heard some grinding and clunking in the front end. I was expecting a u joint or a wheel bearing but after pulling the wheel off my brake calliper just feel right out. It turns out that the retainer clip went missing and was only held on by the rim.
  2. I went to an auction yesterday and got a lot of old car magazines and auto trader.
  3. A Diamond T got dropped off at the shop that I work at today that we will be doing a full restoration on soon.
  4. My mower caught fire when I was tuning the new turbo setup.
  5. My new project. its a 77 Ford F-150 single cab short box with a Dana 60 in the rear and a 3/4 ton Dana 44 up front. The motor is a 400 with a C6 and a NP 203 full time 4x4 (I will be swapping it out for a NP 205) The tires are 37x13R16.5 super swampers.
  6. Went to the Canada day car show today and seen a lot of cool cars and trucks. My truck is in the middle the yellow one is my dads and the green one is a friends of ours truck.
  7. I bought a couple things today. I will be going back soon to get a few more things.
  8. I haven’t worked on a model in the past few months but I recently picked up one of the revell baja broncos. I have started to biuld 4 link rear suspension and front trailing arms like the James Duff suspension. I will be running a 390 out of a moebius 1970 Ford pickup.
  9. I haven’t driven with it on anything yet but it is a little uncomfortable to hold on to. I bought it to go on one of my lawnmowers.
  10. I got a set of brand new flow tech 302 headers. They were 70% off and I just couldn’t leave them behind. Now all I need is a 302.
  11. I went for an interview today for a job at a automotive customization/restoration shop and I got it. It is pretty much my dream job that I have wanted since before I can remember.
  12. I finally got some work done on my van today. This will be close to the final ride height. I ordered one of the mpc daunts monster truck kits for the Rockwell axle.
  13. Thanks guys. I decided to get rid of the little office building in the corner because it takes up over 1/4 of the space in the garage. So I biult a second garage door for in that spot.
  14. I have decided to start building a garage diorama (I have started many times before but just never had a good place to put one). This time I have taken a different approach and start by finding a place that it will stay in and then building the shop around that area. I already have some tools and other stuff from a testors garage diorama kit and some stuff that I have scratch built. There is still a lot more work that needs to be done but I just thought that I would post some pics to see what everyone thought and if there is anything you guys think I should change before everything becomes permanent.
  15. If amt comes out with anything else I’m going to go broke.
  16. I’m a mopar freak and two of my favourite things are the 426 HEMI and the 6 pack. So combined them and you get the 426 pack.
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