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  1. Is my math off? I have already thought about all wheel drive we will have to just wait and see what happens. What do do you guys think of 3 rear axles?
  2. I found 6 leaf springs in a box of random parts and was wondering what kit they are from and how they look put together as I would like to make them work on a project of mine.
  3. Wow that is awesome work. Do you have more pictures of the trailer?
  4. The oldest ford dealership in our area shut down last year and they auctioned of all of the stuff that was left over so I stocked up on random Ford parts and a bunch of other cool things. I got all three rims for $15 Brand new shocks go a Ford super duty for $5 Skyjaker steering stabilizer for a Ford super duty $5 three boxes like this for $10 a pice And a bunch of other stuff.
  5. Yeah I did get a 1967 Plymouth satellite last summer. It needs a lot more work to get to a point where I can sell it but it is also one of my top 5 dream cars so even if I could sell it I probably wouldn’t want to.
  6. Thanks for all the advice and information on trying to fix and sell a 1:1 car. I know that there isn’t much money in fixing and selling cars and truck as many people have told me. I am not looking to make a lot of money the main reason I want to do it is to prove to all the people that have told me that I can’t do it wrong and it is something that I have wanted to try for a long time. The dodge truck, amc pacer and Newport are all ones that I was already planning on buying for myself anyways. I just thought that maybe one of them would be a good start so I would be perfectly fine if I ended up keeping them (I will probably get attached to them and end up keeping them anyway).
  7. I have been doing some things this winter and have decided that I want to buy a vehicle and fix it up a try selling it this summer before I go to college. I have just been stumped on what type of car I want to do. I have found quite a few different cars that I can get for a reasonable price and was wondering what your guys opinion is on what I should do. • 70 something AMC pacer (with a bit of rust but not bad) $100 not running • 1978 dodge W150 318 no rust but no box (if I buy this one I will probably end up keeping it) $200 not running • 70ish brown Chrysler Newport 2door with 383 $300 not running • I know of a couple different bug but they are in ruff shape and I don’t know the price •I also know of a couple different Ford and Chevy trucks that I could probably get for cheep. There are a few other cars I know of but these are the ones that I am most interested in.
  8. Awesome. The little mule is my all time favourite ford bronco and in my opinion it is one of the best movie car jumps of all time.
  9. After digging through some of my big rig kits I had laying around I decided that I wanted to biuld a heavy duty Ford C600. I was originally going to put a big diesel in it but after finding parts for a two 361 Ford engine I thought why not have a 722ci v16. The frame is from the amt LN8000 race car hauler, tires and rims are from the parts bin and I still need to find axle parts. Let me know what you think.
  10. Who knew there was so many monster truck kits made. I would love to have any of these reissued someday. How many more monster truck kits are there?
  11. I seen at my local hobby shop they have a MPC Datsun monster truck and I have a questions. It looks like from the pictures on the box it has Rockwell axles and I would like to know how detailed they are as I would like to use them in another build that I’m doing. Also could the flip open hood parts be used on the other MPC Datsun truck that was recently released and how detailed are the tow truck parts?
  12. This is all that I’ve got done so far. I am hoping to start on the suspension later today and roll cage.
  13. What about putting a pantera body on a revell 2017 Ford gt40 frame and engine? Is there any model company still making the pantera or would I have to find one on eBay?
  14. That’s actually how I got the free candy van idea in the first place.
  15. Yes it will be changed. Like I said before it was just the only van I have in my stash and I had the body painted for another idea I had. I have figured out what I’m going to do with it to. It is almost exactly how I originally planned just instead of monster truck tires I will use the tires from the revell big game country truck.
  16. That is some amazing work. I would love to be able to biuld even half as good as he can. Im just going to point this out that the truck he biult is actually a 62-64 and it look like it was biult as a 4x4 which is a W series not a D series. this is how a 1961 dodge grill looks. This is how the 1962-64 grill looks. Which is how the grill looks on his model.
  17. Ok I will think of something different. But put me down for the Ford phantom van as it is the only van in my collection.
  18. I would like to join in with what I will call a parts box special. The van is a amt phantom van that I painted for a different project, the motor is a 460 from an old revell Ford 91 dually biuld that I had, a blower from the revell mongoose rail dragster, tires are from a snap-tite monster truck, axles are from a big rig and I will scratch biuld all of the suspension. Here is a mock-up pic I don’t know how street legal a monster truck is but Bigfoot was in Cannonball Run 2. But if you guys don’t think a monster truck is allowed just let me know and I will do something different.
  19. This is the only model I have completed this year. It is built entirely box stock. I am very pleased with how everything went together. I am also surprised how well the camouflage decals blend in with the surroundings. Let me know what you think.
  20. Yes I have been wanting a amt wrecker and dodge truck forever!
  21. I had talked to some people at a college near where I live a week ago and I have decided that next fall I will be taking my level 1&2 welding.
  22. I’ve got some paint on it now. The hood and the rest of the unpainted area around it will be painted flat black.
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