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  1. So after around 8 hours or so of trying to get the rest of the tub finished. This is where I am at. I am happy with most of this, would like to get the gaps a little better. thanks again Chris
  2. I got a little more done this evening... slowly making progress on the tub.
  3. Thank you... I am cheating...3.0 readers baby!!
  4. Yea getting old does suck. My 👀 aren’t as good as the used to be. I do need to some clean up where I can.
  5. Just a small update. Mostly putting photo etched parts on the tub. The scale motor sports set is nice but you need to have patience, and if you don’t have a good PE bender it useless to try. I am finding out as I go. I am pleased with my progress. Thanks for looking Chris.
  6. The funny thing is I have a tumbler. It did some parts well and other parts like it never happened
  7. I got frustrated with the white metal from MFH... a lot of it needs to be polished, it wasn’t coming out the way I felt it should be. So I put aside for the time being.
  8. So after a year or so of building armor models I thought I would have a go at this. I have been collecting quite a few after market parts for this. I am starting with scale motor sports PE set. Let’s see where this takes me. Hope you like. Chris
  9. I built this Dragon Model Tiger 1 mid production. I added aber metal barrel and fruilmodel tracks. hope you like Chris
  10. Yes! It’s a great technique
  11. I thought I would give winter weathering a try on a Tamiya Tiger. thanks for looking
  12. Thank you everyone for the kind words!! I do really appreciate them
  13. Thank you everyone for the kind words!! This is my first attempt at building a tank and weathering. I found that YouTube was the best place to see and learn new techniques. You do have to apply what you see and hope it turns out the way “you” want it. I used Tamiya paints on this build. I would like to give the weathering credit to Andy @ Andyshobby and panzermister36 these people have some great techniques on YouTube that where beyond helpful.
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