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  1. Finished up the front suspension 😁 soo… much more to do 😜
  2. Coming from you, this is a great compliment 😊 thank you!!
  3. Another update! I’m super happy on how this is coming together. Hopefully you like it 😉
  4. This is coming together nicely! Some great details and outstanding execution 😁
  5. Completed the rest of the parts I prepped last week 😁 Inter coolers and radiators are painted in Alclad polished aluminum, pipes are painted in Aluminum and the hose clamps are painted in a metallic purple (nail polish) I have to thank my wife for having this color in her stash😜
  6. Tim. Most of the engine and other detail parts are made of white metal. I have a three step method of prepping and painting them 1. removing seams, drilling appropriate holes and sanding any unwanted cast marks. 2. I put the parts in small batches into a magnetic tumbler with a burnishing fluid for about 15- 20 minutes for cleaning and polishing. 3. Prime , base coat, color. I use mostly Alclad for my metal colors. But I do leave the parts polished if it calls for it. Like the air boxes. I used 1500 grit sand paper then 3000 grit, then I polished it with rubbing compound . Then shot some 2k clear to seal the decals.
  7. So I feel I had a very productive week. I did a lot of prepping, painting and of course lots of dry fitting. Hopefully it will show this weekend on what I have accomplished.
  8. Your making such good progress on this Paul! And it’s coming out great 😉
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