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  1. Tamiya 1/12 M23 EJAN 1976 Conversion

    I will be watching, I’m sure it will be a fun build. Please keep us posted on your progress
  2. BANTAM FUEL ALTERED - New pics 12-5

    This is some amazing craftsmanship Tim! Also wanted to thank you for the encouraging words on my build Chris
  3. 1/12 Tamiya Ferrari 312b

    So, after a few long days of waiting for replacement decals. They arrived last week! I got my stubby little fingers to work. For the last couple of nights I got to put all the decals on. Now if Mother Nature would be kind enough to warm up enough so I can put on some clear. I may need to ask my buddy who has a body shop, if I can use his paint booth.
  4. 1/12 Tamiya Ferrari 312b

    Thank you and for the heads up on the decals 👍
  5. 1/12 Tamiya Ferrari 312b

    Thanks Bruce!! As of this moment I have enough paint. Just trying to find enough patience. Replacement decals can’t get here quick enough. by the way: where is the show being held at? I have never been to one
  6. 1/12 Tamiya Ferrari 312b

    Thanks for the kind words. I was able to find another set of decals on e bay.🤗 hopefully I will get back at in a couple weeks, in the meantime I will prep it again.
  7. Model factory hiro

    Beautiful build Bruce!! I just seem not to be able to get enough of this eye candy. I am sure it looks better in person, hope it shows well for you!
  8. 1/12 Tamiya Ferrari 312b

    I can’t believe how frustrating a hobby can be. I had the large gum ball decal wrinkle up and after numerous times of trying to get it to lay flat, I have no luck whatsoever 🤬🤬🤬 so now I will have to try to start over again. I am super frustrated. After I calm down and realize that this is a learning experience all will be good again. For those few who are keeping an eye on this build I do thank you. Your kind words and encouragement do make this process fun and enjoyable. Chris
  9. 1/12 Tamiya Ferrari 312b

    Thanks for the kind words! I was going to try the regular rivets, but I found the archer ones and gave this a shot. They do have there plus’s quick and easy, there minuses is that they can fold onto itself which is a pain. It did take me a wile to lay them out. I think next time I will be doing the old fashion way. chris
  10. 1/12 Tamiya Ferrari 312b

    Look what I found today 😊 After getting some chores done. I decided to bring this out and give it a couple of coats of paint. Hopefully in a few days I will get the decals on this and clear coated 🤞
  11. Model factory hiro

    Such an awesome build! Yes I do like the detail. The headlights are trick. Congratulations on completion of this fine automobile So what’s next?
  12. Model factory hiro

    Oh I like!
  13. Model factory hiro

    Those are some cool cars!! I need a friend like yours, saving money no mater how much is a good thing 😉
  14. Model factory hiro

    Thanks for the offer on the paint... I will let you know
  15. Model factory hiro

    Your build is coming together so nicely! I am a little jealous, keep it up your almost there. Thanks again for the information, it gives me something to consider when I decide to get one of these kits( just don’t tell the wife the cost)🤫😝