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  1. As always Tim, it’s greatly appreciated and thank you! Pierre: Thank you sir!
  2. Gentlemen thank you very much! I really appreciate your feedback 😁
  3. This is some good stuff Tim! Being a visual person, it’s great to see how it comes together. But I would still love to be the fly on the wall.
  4. Looking good! Can’t wait to see how it will look when you get everything done
  5. This is amazing, people like you that have the desire and dedication to create something special! Can’t wait to see more!
  6. Well, one of the reasons I really enjoy this kits is the little things that come with the kit. But on saying that there is always room for more, if you so desire. So this week’s update is, I worked on the dashboard and wrapping up the tub. I don’t know how many times I cleaned my airbrush. A lot of little parts😬 Hopefully your liking what I’m doing Chris
  7. Very interesting and cool idea! Looks like the mandalorain needs a classic ride
  8. So the good part about building the tub is most of its polished metal, the bad part is it’s polished metal 😁 a lot of big parts needed attention, lots of clean up, polishing ant then masking for the tubular frame that’s molded into the metal. And as usual lots of dry fitting and drilling holes. hope you like Chris
  9. Those mesh screens look fantastic, well done sir. Looking forward to seeing everything come together
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