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  1. Looks good Bruce! I see you decided on the distributor....definitely not cool, to tell you “you do the research “... but remember not all cobras where built the same...
  2. Tim, they are more than worthy! As you have told me in the past “it’s the sum of the parts” and boy it’s a lot of teeny parts
  3. I thought I was slacking, but nope, just doing other things. I have been slowly getting the tub where I need to. There is a lot of stuff that goes into it. The directions ask you to attach the tub to the rear engine cage. I decided not to, I don’t want to over handle everything and have something tragic happen. building the front frame took a wile to do, I am glad I used the tub as a jig, If I was gonna try without it, it would take forever. Hopefully I will get the tub painted and also the front frame soon. thanks for looking Chris
  4. Awesome stuff Bruce!! Looks fantastic!
  5. Outstanding stuff Bruce!! That black reminds me of 32 Ford I had the pleasure of working on. Pushing the envelope, naw...you can get lost in that deep shine! keep it up my friend
  6. So after 3 + months, I picked up where I left off, sorta... I did get extremely frustrated with the decals and wings. I enlisted some help from a great friend to get me through this. Thanks BRUCE TANAKA!! For the help👍 I hope to get some more work done on this, but this is where I am at. Thank you for looking Chris
  7. I just finished getting the fuel system installed. I will be holding off on the plumbing. Thanks for looking Chris
  8. Good stuff Bruce!! I sure wish you got parts more frequently, waiting to see how this turns out
  9. This evening I had a chance to install them, as well as the sway bar and the rest of the the braces. I had them already painted a couple weeks ago. thanks for looking Chrid
  10. I had a chance to get some work done today, I was able to squeeze the engine into the rear frame. Attached the gear box. The exhaust is complete, just need to do some weathering on it. Also got a couple of braces in as well. Now what I need to work on is the drive shafts and coils, and the rest of the chassis braces. This kit is a test of patience and perseverance. It’s coming along well, just hope I can keep it going 😁 Thanks for looking Chris
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