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  1. Lotus Type 77/78

    Mr. Yoder 😁 the button is 1.0 mm the stem is .75 mm
  2. Lotus Type 77/78

    I will give you a measurement when I get home from work 😉 off the top of my head I think they are .5mm
  3. Bantam Fuel Altered - New pics 1-7

    Every time I see a update I get a small chill up my spine and a big smile across my face. I can’t say anything more than anybody else has said in the past. Thank you for sharing and hope I maybe able to see this in person one day.
  4. 1:12 Tamiya WR1

    Can’t wait to see how it comes out.
  5. Lotus Type 77/78

    Not too much to report... I found some time to start inserting rivets, talk about time consuming. Drill holes then insert rivets. I think I have about 6 hours into this part alone. I do like how it’s turning out. once I get this part done, time to polish. Thanks for looking Chris
  6. Bantam Fuel Altered - New pics 1-7

    It’s just amazing to see this come together. I am appreciative that you share your wonderful journey with all of us looky-loos. Keep up the fine work sir.
  7. 2 of my Dad's F1 cars

  8. 2 of my Dad's F1 cars

    Very nice! Keep sharing...it gives good motivation
  9. Ferrari 312T4

    Should look good, I do like how it is coming along 😉
  10. Grip 1/8 Porsche build

    Looks good enough to drive!! Well done sir
  11. Lotus Type 77/78

    I have no idea how much patience it is going to take on this project, I just got some metric drill bits in the mail today and I have been trying different media to use in a tumbler I purchased a couple weeks ago.. So I hope to try to get time to start something... my family calendar is getting full. Chris..
  12. Bantam Fuel Altered - New pics 1-7

    I can’t come up with another adjective to tell you how cool and amazing your craftsmanship is with this build. I admire people like you, who take everything to another level. I will keep watching and waiting for your next update. Chris...
  13. Ferrari 312T4

    Looking good sir!
  14. Lotus Type 77/78

    No golf for this guy...I don’t need another expensive/time consuming hobby. just a quick update I probably spent a couple of hours drilling the holes out for the rivets. I found out from my friend Bruce (brudda) I need to get a tumbler that polish’s brass to use on the white metal parts. This way I can make it as realistic as I can. Also need some metric drill bits fun times coming Chris
  15. Ferrari 312T4

    Looks really good! I like a well behaved serpent