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  1. I’m on a roll😁 I did paint the fuel line with a Tamiya flat yellow and a few small drops of hull red, then a light wash of brown panel liner
  2. I’ll try😉 I am using Alclad aluminum over Tamiya grey primer the other paints are Tamiya red and semi gloss black I have been using Tamiya brown panel liner for a quick wash to give it depth. Okay, here is what I have completed so far. I still need to finish wiring the ignition, then I can move onto the frame
  3. I am almost done with the 935, I broke one of the door hinges, so I am waiting on the replacement to arrive. I kind of just jumped in with two feet and never looked back. I do suggest a good set of metric drill bits .04mm-2.0mm a magnetic tumbler, makes cleaning and polishing the white metal easy, a good set of files. I will say a lot of patience and you have to think and prep multiple steps in advance and always dry fit multiple times to absolutely make sure it is correct before painting. There are a couple groups on Facebook that have super talented people who build Hiro kits, check them out😉 thanks for checking in
  4. Thank you! I use Tamiya brown panel liner and a cotton bud
  5. Last night I did a little weathering to add some depth to the engine, I’m happy with it. I will be using RB motions spark plugs and boots instead of the kit plugs. I like the look 😁
  6. Thanks for checking in, I do appreciate it! I don’t know why either. I do know on some of there kits the make a full rotating assembly, it’s super cool but not necessary.
  7. Happy New Year to you Art! Thanks for taking the time to check in 😉
  8. That’s a nice kit for a Christmas present. I find the large scale gives me more room for more detail. But that being said any scale you could add as much as you would like. But my eyes don’t like such itty bitty parts😉🤣🤣
  9. Weather was a good enough to get some parts painted today. I did spend a bit of time pre drilling and test fitting before I got some color on the engine. The hose clamps where a bit tricky, but I am happy the way they came out.
  10. Bruce, I am so glad you found your mojo! Your engine is coming out beautiful 😁
  11. It should take a while. I enjoy the process, I’m sure there will be some swear words 😉
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