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  1. Outstanding as always Tim, I will admit super jealous of your abilities doing machining. I can see why you need to think out every process to get your end results. Can’t wait for more progress sir! I also wish I lived more closer to see this in person. It would be a real treat.
  2. Very cool subject, your off to a great start! If I remember they are very popular in the New York and eastern part of the country.
  3. Exhaust manifolds and started rear chassis. Took most of my Saturday evening and most of Sunday to get this far. The rear frame is a bear to get the fitment just right. I had a lot of tweaking and re checking to try to get it as square as I could. Thanks for looking Chris
  4. I have no doubt about it Bruce, after your p4 I am hoping to equal the result
  5. I spent the last few days when I had the time in between chores and work, I managed to get the velocity stacks assembled and the fuel injection lines plumbed. As always thanks for looking... Chris
  6. More work done on the engine! I have had some of these pieces assembled and sitting off to the side. I am enjoying this build so far, looking forward to spark plug wires and getting the fuel injection plumbed. Thanks for looking Chris
  7. I did some more on the engine parts, I have the pulleys painted and also the fuel injection pump is assembled. thanks for looking Chris
  8. That would be great Tim, I could use all the help I can get😉 I am very interested in what color the inside of the bonnet and cockpit is. I am leaning towards off white or a very light grey.
  9. I managed to get some color on the engine 😁 I am primarily using Alclad for most of the engine parts. I have painted the engine block magnesium and the cylinders and heads burnt iron. still a lot more to do, but I am pleased with where I am at. Chris
  10. Not too much accomplished today, but I did manage to gather up most every part for step 1. I got them all dry fitted after some massaging with a file, drilled most of the holes. Now I need to wash parts, prime parts and hopefully the paint will arrive soon so I can get some color on these.
  11. I did some poking around, and yes gravity colors does carry that shade of purple!!
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