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  1. Those mesh screens look fantastic, well done sir. Looking forward to seeing everything come together
  2. Looking pretty good, you would think that the fuel inlet would be a little more complicated. I like how it’s turning out 👍
  3. Wow, just wow! I have admired your craftsmanship for a few years. And as always I’m blown away with what you can produce. thank you for sharing.
  4. Thanks guy! Super appreciated.. so true, it gives a good jolt of motivation. Especially when it’s from your peers 😉
  5. I guess I have a thing for Italian racing cars 😁 This will be the 1/12 Model Factory Hiro version A. Raced at Monza 1000km. Driven by Jackie Ickx/ Clay Regazzoni. hope you all follow along and enjoy Chris
  6. Thank you for the compliment, I have the glamour shots up in the under glass section 😁
  7. This is the 1/12 scale Model Factory Hiro 1960 Ferrari 256F1 driven by Phill Hill.
  8. This will be the last update on this build, I finished everything up today😁 I am super happy on how it came out.there are a couple little things that I wish I could have done better, but all in all it’s a very nice kit and it went together well. I hope you all enjoy sharing in with my progress. I do appreciate all the positive feedback, as always it’s greatly appreciated! There will be a bunch of glamour shots on the finished area of the forum 😉 thanks again Chris
  9. Such a great subject and looking fantastic, and on top of that it’s so tiny 😁
  10. Steering wheel is finished and installed. Almost done
  11. Thanks Tim, they are also very addicting 😬🤣
  12. Thank you! I have had some great support and I have learned some different techniques that I will be using on some future builds
  13. Thank you very much, it’s greatly appreciated😁 The seat was a fun part of the build, I surprised myself on how it came out
  14. I didn’t paint it, it came that way from model factory hiro. Try Tamiya xf59
  15. Running out of parts 😁 the seat is set in just to see how it looks
  16. Getting close to finishing, took some time to get the body panels polished. starting to get them on the chassis
  17. I think the blue is an error. I used their dark primer. Thank you, I do like it 😁
  18. I decided to try, for me, something new on the market that I got from Gravity Colors in Spain. I, to be honest, am super happy with how the seat turned out. Hope you like
  19. Your going to need a bigger garage! The GT is coming together nicely!
  20. 3 more coats of clear to seal the decals, now the waiting begins, about a week before I start polishing 😉
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