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  1. It’s been a minute since my last update. I finally got the doors finished. I was having a hell of a time with the windows. My brain said one thing and my hands said nope 😬 After many attempts I finally succeeded ! got to love MFH they include the door latches
  2. There ya go!! Looking sweet! Glad to see your back at it! looking forward to seeing more.
  3. Looking good, It is interesting to see how different manufacturers go about designing there kit. I built a Tamiya version of this, so many different ways of making the same car
  4. Congratulations on your retirement! if you do decide to get one. Try to enjoy the process. They can seem intimidating but honestly if you study the directions and think three to four steps ahead, they go together well
  5. Mr.Slug.. Thank you David.. I thank you as well, I will say. If you ever have a chance dive right in to the dark side! It seems intimidating, but when you get going it’s can be so personally satisfying
  6. I was able to assemble the rear deck lid… starting to look like something
  7. Put some decals on, still a long way to go… it’s my version of this car as a test mule
  8. Thank you! Glad it’s helping.. the chassis goes together rather well
  9. Bruce! Buddy! glad to see you at it again… I’m so looking forward to see you moving forward on this, should be fun!!
  10. Tim glad to see getting a little more time to work on this. You do know I get a little smile every time there’s a update!
  11. Yes it is, the doors open and shut and the rear deck lid comes off as well as the hood Thanks. Glad you stopped by. I’m itching to do another F1 kit Go for it! I jumped in with both feet…
  12. Not much to show. Lots of sanding, cleaning and priming, getting close for paint
  13. Both feet buddy! But seriously, I do break out into sweat every now and then...
  14. Chassis is complete!! Great milestone, on to the body. Also my quality control officer wanted to make an appearance!
  15. Thank you! It will challenge your patience at times, yet very satisfying when it comes together
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