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  1. Just some more photos of this build. I wonder if I should stop sharing?
  2. This is where I am at, the tub is painted and the gear box is done. On to the next item
  3. A couple of things I accomplished the other night Fuel injection pump, 14 parts. Not including the hoses.
  4. It all depends on how you look at it. The bigger the size the the kit is going to cost for sure. For instance this kit is around $650-700. The re released Tamiya Porsche is about $160-200, but the scale motor sports detail set is over $800. And you still need glue and paint. I have gone both routes on 1/12 kits. If you have a minute look at my Ferrari 312T build I finished about 6 months ago, I have about a thousand into it. thanks for looking Chris
  5. Thanks! I think if you can get over the initial cost of one and take a few hours of studying the directions, it’s not all that bad. It is, a test of your skills
  6. I was able to get some more stuff done on the flat 6 Enjoy 😊
  7. That’s a sweet looking kit, I like your idea👍 no worries buddy! I think a break is a great idea, I get what you’re saying about overwhelming
  8. More work on the engine, all I need to do is wire the ignition to complete step #2 thanks for looking
  9. I am always taken aback by the talent a machinist has, especially when his vision comes alive. I will be watching 😁 it is amazing that these types of cars can corner at a decent speed
  10. I spent the last couple evenings prepping, priming and painting. The photos show the sequence on how it goes together, just like the directions. This is just step #1 thanks for looking
  11. Not much to show, I did spend a few hours sorting through a lot of small white metal parts. I was trying to get them in order per instruction sheet. It is quite tedious, the parts are not marked, so you need to look at the pictures. Speaking of pictures there are no color call outs for most of the model. You have to do a bunch of research 🧐. these are all parts for step one. I also have to pay attention to which side is the intake side(pic#3)and the exhaust side(pic#4) still need to clean and prime before I paint
  12. I feel you! I did take your lead I started on the wheels, I may opt out on the discs
  13. As most of you know Bruce and I are part of a group build of this particular car/kit. I just hope I can come close to what I am sure Bruce will nock out of the park. Thank you for looking and I hope you like Chris
  14. So this is how it begins 😁👍😁 what color are going to paint the wheel center? Blue or orange. It may look good in black
  15. Getting a early start I see 👀!! can’t wait to get mine! Should be fun, but I do see quite a few phone calls between us 😬
  16. Tim... that’s a amazing job on the rear end, I’m looking forward to seeing how you do your chassis. Looking forward to seeing more 😉
  17. Amazing build buddy! You did this one right, hopefully I will see it soon
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