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  1. Dodge-Tech added a post in a topic Dayjobs   

    Tractor trailer driver working for a mail contractor. I love this job-been driving full time for 7 years now. Before that I was a diesel and transmission specialist at a Dodge dealer for 15 years. Anyone working flat-rate at a dealership knows that once you start raising a family and have a mortgage, the uncertainty of the dealership pay just won't cut it.
  2. Dodge-Tech added a post in a topic New Resin Truck Stuff   

    Judging by your user name, will you be offering a Cargostar cab kit? I am finishing up a restoration on a real International Cargostar and would love to build a replica of it.
  3. Dodge-Tech added a post in a topic Chrysler Van Problems-Can ANY ONE HELP ?   

    You need to have someone with a GOOD scanner and read the trouble codes in all of the modules in the vehicle. Most likely, there is a code in the PCM that reads " Fuel pump shutdown due to VTSS( vehicle theft security system)" By the way, does it have an aftermarket alarm system, or is it a factory Mopar system?