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  1. Nice job on the Duster. Ive used pill bottles more than once before on some of my builds. The stance is going to be killer
  2. Great idea! I wish I knew how to do something like that.
  3. Nice looking piece. Might try oven cleaner before brake fluid. Just sayin
  4. How about a blown Hemi 55 Nomad? This one has been on and off the shelf more times than I can count. One day...
  5. Thanks gents. Next I worked on the rear half of the chassis. In order to get the wheels up under the body I needed to narrow the frame. I had to reinforce the frame so it wouldn't fall to pieces. While I was at it I narrowed the rear axle as well. I'm keeping this car a curbside so most of this will not be seen so I mounted the rear axle to the frame hard tail style -no springs. It's a shame not to have a power plant. This old engine would wave looked cool in an open engine bay. Now that the foundation is complete it's off to the interior. As you may know this was molded as one piece. Well 2 pieces if you include the dash. In order for me to add detail to the door panels, I had to liberate them from the rest of the interior. Even as a curbside, this is proving to be a lot of work. Stay Tuned...
  6. I love the idea. As for 3D printing your parts makes it even better! This way your project will be unique and it will turn out just the way you want it. Cant6 wait to see it finished
  7. I was inspired by one I saw on this site. I wanted to take it a step further by having posable front wheels. I found 2 cars on ebay. They were a little more than I wanted to pay and I was a little nervous about possibly wrecking an expensive car. But the desire to have it look the way I wanted won out. Both cars arrived safely so i decided to go after the one that was of lesser quality of the two. I wanted to have poseable front wheels so the chassis that came with her just wouldn't do. I looked around and just wasn't thrilled with my 442 so I decided to use its frame. I used the upper and lower a arms and I cut the springs. I used disc brakes from the parts box and spindles are picture nails. I had to put in spacer blocks for the upper a arms. The steering rod is tube stock and I used fishing hooks for the ball joint ends. I'm using pegasus wheels. I picked up some duplicolor Chrysler Champagne for the outside. I'll be using red for the interior. Stay Tuned...
  8. Inspired by something I saw on this site. This one will have posable front wheels.
  9. clean machine. great color
  10. I've heard that Windex also takes chrome off lickety split.
  11. good looking bird!
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