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  1. Man this is a cool build. I've always liked Falcons
  2. Cowabunga that's clean! Nice job
  3. That is very cool! Thanks for including the additional build pix
  4. Tan colored duct tape. It's a bit on the shiny side but it folds in rather well. I used the same on my 65 GP
  5. Finally done. You can see her here. Thanks for playing along
  6. You are absolutely right Rusty. I am definitely feeling it.
  7. Slotto

    '65 Grand Prix

    I picked this one up at Hobby Lobby on the cheap. My original plan was to build this with opening doors. I cut off the doors and it began to look really cool. Then the passenger side rocker broke then the passenger side a pillar broke. Then began issues with the paint. I had a 2 tone paint job. Tan on the top and this red on the bottom. Everything looked great until the red began to crack up over the passenger side rear quarter. Frustrated, I put it on the shelf...for 3 years. I then stripped the paint and ditched the 2 tone idea. I layed a decent base coat then came the clear. Along comes orange peel. UGH!!! I just wanted it done already. I struggled and did the best I could with the rest. Thanks for looking.
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