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  1. Beautify built Jag! You fooled me too. I thought it was a full sized automobile. Great color
  2. This one is now Under glass Thanks for playing along!
  3. Alright folks, I'm sticking a fork in this one... Duplicolor Chrysler Champagne on the outside, GM Red on the inside. Thanks for looking
  4. Beautiful finish on this piece. That color really pops! I really like your camera angles too!
  5. Very nice. Well built. Like your attention to detail esp under the hood
  6. 2 current trends that I can't get with in the automotive industry. 1. Black rims. I just dont get it. Not a fan and never will be a fan. 2. Non metallic colors. To me it makes the car/truck look plain Jane. Agreements / Disagreements?
  7. Maraudercon 2022 October 22, 2022 Level Fire Company Havre de Grace, MD http://maraudercon.org/ https://calendar.ipmsusa3.org/event/maraudercon-2022
  8. That's cool. I remember having this kit when I was a kid. It was molded in blue. I built it and gave it to a buddy. He ripped off the stock suspension and added monster truck wheels and tires. Seeing your build took me back to the 80s. Thanks!
  9. Wow, that's gonna take up a lot of shelf space. It's looking great!
  10. I dig it! Blue with white stripes 😁
  11. Love, love love this!
  12. Good lord! I've never seen so much detail on carburetors before. Amazing
  13. Thanks LL, glad you like. Doing some test fitting today I'm going with the 427 with the Weber carb setup -side mount. Gonna try to keep everything under the hood. thanks for looking
  14. Great Dart! I would like to have seen more pictures of the interior. From what I can see, you've added a bit of detail in there. Nice job
  15. I ditto every word above this post! Very cool
  16. Love the little mutt! That's inspiring!
  17. Damn shes beautiful! My buddy had a 68 in that color with white interior and a white convertible top.
  18. Super cool interior! Love the floor mats and magazine on the seat
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