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  1. Good stuff going on here!
  2. Slotto

    '49 Merc

    I hate doing body work. That's the main reason this one stalled. This putty isn't as great as I thought. It's kinda rubbery if you sand too rough and it does shrink when it sets up. I will most likely get some bondo. Thanks for the tip
  3. Slotto

    '49 Merc

    I might be resurrecting this old build. I picked up some new putty the other day. It's really creamy. Just what I need to slap in this roof. It has a slight dip the entire width that needs to be filled.
  4. Slotto

    '40 Ford

    I'm undecided on the color. My first thought was a metallic burnt orange with a light brown interior. My second thought was a metallic dark blue with a light brown interior. Either way with matching fenders.
  5. Slotto

    '40 Ford

    This was my nephew's car many moons ago. Back then he had many wild ideas. The light blue paint with purple shag carpet. He also cut a gaping hold in the hood so something could stick out. Dont know what that was all about. He also had a big shifter glued to the passenger side door card. Wow! I got a little overzealous with my cuts and took off more than I wanted. So now, the shifter is gone, the carpet has been removed and my patch panel is in place. The last time I was at my local hobby shop, the owner suggested using Plastic Putty by Vallejo. This isn't too bad. It's real creamy. So much, I broke out an old build that had a monster cave in after my 1st chop top. kinda curious how much more work will be left to done on the Merc Stay Tuned...
  6. Slotto

    '40 Ford

    Thanks! This one is going topless 😛
  7. As seen in the mock up thread Based on ride height and steering, the chassis is roughly where I want it. stay tuned...
  8. I dig it. Love the license plate
  9. Your son did a masterful job and your car is holding up nicely. Love them both!
  10. Super clean factory fresh build. Nice
  11. Great story, cant wait for the images
  12. Outstanding Caddy! Great color choices
  13. Slotto

    Star Cars by KWT

    Alright, alright, alright 😃
  14. Sweet Galaxie Roger! Perfect compliment to your Impala.
  15. Pretty much the only thing left to do is the interior. I'm running out of steam. I'm at the point I want to be done with it. It might be time to box this one up until I'm ready again.
  16. Getting closer. Still so much to do Going to use the X37 headlight buckets and taillights
  17. I added shelf paper with wood grain to the running boards. The fenders looked like they needed some attention so I sanded them down and removed the mold lines then shot them with some gloss craft acrylic. I mixed it 2:1 with IPA 70 at 15psi. I'm learning new techniques as I go. Seems to be working out. I went over the wheels again with the chrome pen and glued the tires on. I got a good look at the tires. The ones they sent are directional but are identical as the lettering is on the same side on all 4 tires. I'm betting whoever drew up the file only created one tire not both. began work on the engine and pipes too. Stay Tuned...
  18. Great color. Nice details
  19. Outstanding build. Awesome color and finish
  20. The running boards have a hole in them for the exhaust stacks. I'm not gonna use that type of exhaust so they have to be filled. I've decided to use the Revell '37 Ford engine and possibly the seats. I tried to clean up the firewall and sanded away the reinforcing. I glued some styrene strips back in place. The original battery is too big and will hit the valve cover so I grabbed a smaller one from the salvage yard. I got the bed box all stained up and tacked in place too. I was going to drill out the tailgate hinges and make them functional but it was so sloppy I felt it was best to just make it secure. Next I'll finish up the running boards and hang the rear fenders and taillights. that's it for now.
  21. Really like that color. Great finish too
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