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  1. chuckinredneck added a post in a topic Drag City casting or Ed Fluck   

    Last time I talked to Ed was at the Fulton show back in Nov. At the show he had a sign saying he was going out of buisness which he confirmed while I was talking to him Said he was looking to sell everything as a packaged deal. He said that when his stock was gone that was gonna be it. I grabed some of his resin parts as much as I could afford at the time. I haven't talked to him since then. I did talke to a person who knows him much better than I do a couple weeks ago and what he said was that Ed never found anyone to buy the buisness so when he can afford some more resin then he will make some more stuff, But like I said that is word a of a friend of his friend so I can't say that is the full truth
  2. chuckinredneck added a post in a topic '67 Dodge Charger " The Boss"   

    nice looking Mopar I started one of these gonna have to pull it back out. sharp looker
  3. chuckinredneck added a post in a topic The Freedom Runner 34 Ford Altered   

    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the compliments. Got to say sorry I'm not sure where the pictures went to the are still on my Photobucket account http://s81.photobucket.com/albums/j206/chuckinredneck/34%20Ford%20Altered/
    Getting started on a Johan Comet Prostock kit not sure what I'm gonna do with this one, but pictures will be coming soon
  4. chuckinredneck added a topic in Under Glass   

    The Freedom Runner 34 Ford Altered
    Took awhile but I got the 34 Ford Altered Done and added it to my stable of Drag Cars. The base kit is the WWB "Winged Express" which was built up as instructed but then I added a few details to it like the spark plug wires and fuel lines as well as the Throttle linkage at the rear base of the injectors. The headers were drilled out, Most of the chrome peices were stripped and repainted with different shades of metal. The wheels had valve stems added to them and the rear tires are the kit tires but they were sanded to give them a better look also the I rounded up the square edges of the tires. Jimmy Flintstone supplied the 34 Ford Rat "T" body used in this build I picked it up at NNL East last year. After soaking in Westley's Bleach White for 24 hours I sanded off the drip rails, hinges and door handles and door lines were filled and I shot with a coat of Plasti-Kote Primer and the blue is Dupicolor Pre-Mixed shot through my airbrush then the dry transfer decals were put on. I shot 4 coats of clear Lacquear sanding after each coat except after the first coat. After the last coat of Clear I worked my way up to a 12,000 grit sandpaper. Then buffed it out using two cuts of polishing compound then wax. Hope you enjoy the pictures of the "Freedom Runner" 34 Ford Altered

    Hope you enjoyed my build if you would like to see more picture of it during the build check them out here
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  5. chuckinredneck added a post in a topic 34 Ford Altered   

    I had to take the wheel wells from the WWB kit and graft them to the 34 body but I felt this opened the wheel wells too much so I grabbed some plastic and filled in front of the wheels about 0.040 inch, behind the wheels gained 0.100 inch. now the wheel wells look about right.

    After getting the body all smoothed out again it got taken to the paint shop, lol my garage, where it was shot with a nice metallic blue then I layed down some dry rub decals that were meant for a pine car that the Boy Scouts build and race. When I first put on the graphic they were less than Impressive to me, but after shooting on the first coat of clear I changed my mind and am no longer thinking of tossing the body into the purple lake.

    I still have to lay down a couple more coats of clear and take care of some minor details before I can call this one done
  6. chuckinredneck added a topic in Under Glass   

    Groovy Grader
    A couple shots of my Groovy Grader I picked up the kit at the local flee market for $5. The decals were shot and the chrome tree was rough but all the pieces were there. I stripped the chrome from almost all the pieces then shot it with Alclad. The end of the headers was drilled out before it was treated to the Alclad. The bottom side of the body closed up with some plastic and body filler. I filled the engine block with 5 minute epoxy to give it enough weight to keep the front wheel off the ground, but then it will also set on all six wheels. To give the build a little character I added fuel lines and spark plug wires

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  7. chuckinredneck added a post in a topic "Mister" T   

    Everything so far is looking great I'll have to watch this one now
  8. chuckinredneck added a post in a topic 34 Ford Altered   

    Just a quick Update the engine is now mounted in the chassis I got fuel lines to and from the tank. The kit didn't supply any brakes for the rear axle so I'm checking out what I have that I can use. My progress has been slow but it's still progressing. I'm Gonna start preping the body for paint I've already soaked it in Westley's Bleach White, it has a few pinholesto take care of and I've got to fix the rear of the wheel wells. I'm half temted to cut off the rear of this body and put on a reguler 34 Ford. this body looks like they used a Truttle deck from a Model "T"

  9. chuckinredneck added a topic in On The Workbench   

    34 Ford Altered
    I've been working on a altered project using a Winged Express kit as the basis and a 34 Ford resin body from Jimmy Flinstone. For starters I mocked up the chassis, engine and body

    As I detailed the engine I fitted the body to the chassis

    I just finished up on the engine with the throttle linkage

    I'm looking through some parts trying to locate an external oil filter
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  10. chuckinredneck added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    Syracuse Mini Nationals
    I have to appologize to everyone. Due to unforseen circumstances no Advertising ended up in any magazine this year for the Syracuse Mini Nationals. I t is still going on the weekend of July18,19,and 20. at the New York State Fairgrounds in conjucntion with the Syracuse Nationals. It will once again be in the Horticulture BuildingAdmision to the contest is free and will include atwo day pass for the Syracuse Nationals,(You will have to pay gate Admissions when you enter the grounds. The building will be open each day from 9 to 5 pm, Contest models must be entered by 4:30 pm on Saturday, Awards will be at 12 noon on sunday. I f you want more information you can contact me at Chuck Jorgensen 315-695-7194 or Jack Grosso 315-454-5643
    Thanks Chuck
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  11. chuckinredneck added a post in a topic Fiat Altered WIP   

    I was able to do some wet sanding and shoot some clear poly on the body and it don't look too bad, it won't win any awards for best paint but I wasn't going to start over, LOL. I'll learn from the mistakes I made on this one and do better on the next one. When I got done with the body I decided the chassis wasn't right so I changed it a little bit

    After a few touch-ups and a couple more little changes I'm going to stamp this one done.

  12. chuckinredneck added a post in a topic 64Chevy Asphalt Modified   

    Looking real good should be sharp when done
    Chuck J
  13. chuckinredneck added a post in a topic 60 ford starliner   

    Excellent build you got going the nice paint and details
    Chuck J
  14. chuckinredneck added a post in a topic Fiat Altered WIP   

    Ineeded to do a little more cover-up work from my attempt to letter the body so I added to the flames. I think they look a bit better now as well.

    I figured this was going to be about as far as I would go with the paint job so I shot the body with clear. the paint on the cherry on the rear cracked up for some reason while everthing else came out fine. All the grafics were done with the same paint.
    and here is the front

    Going to have to figure a way to fix it or at least make the best of a bad situation
    Chuck J
  15. chuckinredneck added a post in a topic Fiat Altered WIP   

    Good to hear it Kully55 sounds like an interesting build. I have a 41 Plymouth setting on the shelf waiting to do something to it. I was thinking fenderless with a hemi and huge meats in the back.

    I tried to paint Cherry Bomb on the side of the Fiat and I turely messed it up. I was able to cover it up with some flames that don't look too bad. The body needs to be cleared and I'm making a couple changes to the Chassis then this build will be done.

    Chuck J