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  1. Thanks for the great advice everyone! You all asked questions that I didn't think to ask myself. That helped allot. Briefly, I love sports cars, GTs, and super/hyper cars. My special loves are: Jaguar XKE, Shelby Ford GT40 (any year) and Shelby Cobra with 427 engine. My left hand is good for scratching an itch, but that's about all. I figured on using spray cans and instead of a brush I was going to use paint pens. By the way, it's because of MCM that I want to give modeling another shot. The models, explanation of builds and this forum (which is remarkable for the number of folks who respond to questions), gave me confidence to go for it. I figure that if I need help, there's a whole community of modelers to give me a hand. Thanks again!
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I don't know why I forgot about those. I agree with you. I'll start with a snap kit. I'll try the Tamiya kits later.
  3. Hi, after a lapse of almost 40yrs, half of them with my right arm and hand weak with almost no sensitivity from an accident, I want to return to car modeling. One thing that seems to be on my side that might make it easier for me to get started is that the molding, finish, and on many models the parts fit is much better then when I last got my glue covered fingerprint on a windshield. My question is, where to start? I was thinking that an inexpensive kit would be the best place to begin, but cheaper kits often lack the fit of costlier ones. I thought that starting with a Tamiya kit would be best. The fit is uniformly fantastic as is almost everything else with these kits. I think this would avoid frustration. I'd choose a curbside. I'd appreciate any and all opinions. Thanks in advance.
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