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Hi, I'm thinking of returning to car modeling after almost a 40yr hiatus. As a kid I was an avid car and space vehicle builder. I stopped while I was in college and grad school. I got married, had two kids and life went on. I thought about returning to the hobby as a balm for all the stress I was feeling as a new father and husband with a new job. I was ready to dive back in to the hobby when I had an accident that greatly reduced the sensitivity and coordination of my right hand as well as leaving me with chronic pain, (hence my screen name: Ouch1).  I recently caught the model bug again. I was doing some web surfing when I saw a picture of a Ford GT40 (1:1), one of my all-time favorite cars. That picture was the inspiration for returning to the hobby. At present I am a ' looker,.' Modeling having changed so much as to be almost unrecognizable to me. The aftermarket parts suppliers, resin, super glue and a ton more options GEEZ! So here I am,  looking at the most incredible models I've ever seen, trying to absorb all of this new info. I don't know when I'm going to take the plunge, but with all the suggestions the builders give, I'm closer then I've been in a very, very long time.

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