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  1. Toyota Chaser - One Week Challenge - Complete

    Ever tried miliput? Brilliant stuff but a little hard to put on. Works like clay. Tried it on many project, never shrinks so its great for filling up holes, dents and for keeping things together.
  2. MPC 1973 Mustang Mach1

    Lovely build. YOu could just make the chin spoiler out of plastic cards. Made many of these for most of my old cars. Like the one on this 240z
  3. Tamiya BMW Z3

    GOod looking build. I too have one model kits that I've been working on forever. Was my first kit ever, a 1970 Charger I was gifted around 2007. Still not completed. Maybe this year. As for your widshield, polish with some fine paint cutting polish/rubbing compound. Tamiya has a set of three polishes (from coarse to superfine) that works wonders at clearing up scratched or damaged old plastic.
  4. My 2017 Builds

    Loving all the restomods
  5. Porsche 930

    Greta eye for detail.
  6. Tamiya 3000GT VR-4

    Sorry, my bad for having you repeat. Saw the WIP thread after going through previous comments. Once again, such a finely done build. Although I'm staying away from the original mirrors. Is it just me or do they look too big on the Tamiya kit?
  7. My 2017

    Very productive year. Love the PLymouth.
  8. Toyota Chaser - One Week Challenge - Complete

    WOw, i love these cars. Great looking build. A bit of the grafting outline is showing around the hood slats. I had that problem with an R32 hood i couldn't fix. Turns out the putty was the problem.
  9. My first model car

    VEry well done for a first build.
  10. One New Build in 2017, Started in 2010!

    Outstanding detailing. THat masking would drive me nuts.
  11. My Pathetic 2017 Class.

    One car fr 2017? But so gorgeous.
  12. 17 was a good year

    Beautiful hotrods. I see you've got a theme for the years build.
  13. A bakers dozen (13) for the year .

    Amazing builds. Especially love that Beetle and the Camaro.
  14. 2017... I Built More Than I Bought!

    Such clean and superb builds. I didn't know monogram made a Lotus . And it looks so well put together. I've alwys faced fitment issues with monogram kits.
  15. Tamiya 3000GT VR-4

    This is such a beautiful build. THe original wheels look too tiny but these fill up the wheel well perfectly. I got a set of Aoshima TE37 for mine. ANy tips on how to mount them easily?