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  1. Superb paint job and it sits perfectly. I've had to fix the Revell R8 builds i did for a friend. Never sat right without modifications
  2. THis build is amazing. WHeels make all the difference.
  3. Wow, tremendous work on an old kit. Absolute pro.
  4. THe jewel of the presentation is the dashboard. Love the detail work. Radio and key ring especially. Are the front wheels permanently turned?
  5. Love the color combo. Helps it really stand out form the sick but always done flames and hotrod style. Also helped me sort out turbo piping for a model of my own. Thanks.
  6. Fantastic conversion.
  7. Outstanding collection and builds.
  8. VEry nicely built. Like the foil work. I've the same kit. Decided to ignore aluminum trim and go for black with wider wheels.
  9. Done this about a decade ago when i first learned how to draw paths in PS. Started on a rough pencil sketch. Kept on adding details to make this. Did it with a mouse so it was a pain to learn.
  10. Ever tried miliput? Brilliant stuff but a little hard to put on. Works like clay. Tried it on many project, never shrinks so its great for filling up holes, dents and for keeping things together.
  11. Lovely build. YOu could just make the chin spoiler out of plastic cards. Made many of these for most of my old cars. Like the one on this 240z
  12. GOod looking build. I too have one model kits that I've been working on forever. Was my first kit ever, a 1970 Charger I was gifted around 2007. Still not completed. Maybe this year. As for your widshield, polish with some fine paint cutting polish/rubbing compound. Tamiya has a set of three polishes (from coarse to superfine) that works wonders at clearing up scratched or damaged old plastic.
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