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  1. 68 Sox and Martin Roadrunner

    ill probably use the hemi out of a revell 68 dart for accuracy
  2. i agree they are products of the restoration but i was just curious as to what the red sticker said, i have a 70 F&F charger i want to finish and the dart will be next, what is the color code of that yellow?
  3. 68 Sox and Martin Roadrunner

    for anyone in need of engine pictures, this is the video
  4. 68 Sox and Martin Roadrunner

    i wasnt going to put a roll bar in and i managed to find an engine shot in a grainy youtube video!
  5. 68 Sox and Martin Roadrunner

    wow thank you, ill try to find pictures!
  6. 68 Sox and Martin Roadrunner

    thank you!, no rush, i have a few models going and i want to have all my reference photos ready!
  7. Thank you for the tips, im going to do my best to be accurate!
  8. Does anyone have any interior pictures of the 68 Sox and Martin roadrunner?
  9. Thank you but i have already seen the photos on the historic trans am site, in this picture i cant really make out the semi-circular decal on the top of the air cleaner, the bottom says 304 four barrel but what does the red sticker say on the top, does it say stroker?
  10. Hello builders, i am looking for engine pictures of Ron Grable's Historic Trans Am 67 Dart, specifically the engine, it has a 304 four barrel sticker on it and a red one just above and I cannot make out what it says. Anyone who has any pictures of this car, they would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  11. The Fast and the Furious '70 Charger WIP

    I'll take a look, I already found some wire for fuel lines and I want to try make the valve myself
  12. The Fast and the Furious '70 Charger WIP

    Some updates, the wheels can turn now!
  13. The Fast and the Furious '70 Charger WIP

    Very carefully with a hobby knife with a new blade.
  14. The Fast and the Furious '70 Charger WIP

    anyone else building or built these?
  15. The Fast and the Furious '70 Charger WIP

    well that's a stunt car i don't think any of the stunt cars ever had a hemi, the car in the garage scene had an engine plopped in for show, and actually belonged to a production person. im going based on the engine from the garage scene which is most definitely a gen 1 hemi