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  1. Hello all, i am planning on building the Fast and Furious (4th one) R34 and i need the East bear hood
  2. marv13

    Rays kits decals

    i know this as well but if i fill out an order i get no confirmation that it will be completed? im at a loss. perhaps i missread something?
  3. marv13

    Rays kits decals

    Thats great but how do i get my orders processed?
  4. marv13

    Rays kits decals

    The quality is amazing its just i cannot order them, its like he blocked me or something and i see no reason why that would be the case
  5. Hello all, im looking for a dual quad intake for 1/25 or 1/24 289 ford small block
  6. https://fireballmodels.info/ He has them! i have a set for my upcoming bullitt charger build
  7. marv13

    Rays kits decals

    anyone else get feedback from him
  8. Hello all, has anyone dealt with ray in the last few weeks? Hes printing a batch of decals and i would need a bunch,. I guess hes very busy becasue iv havent got a reply and ive tried on numerous occasions
  9. Does anyone know who can make this or if theres a similar set available in resin or in a kit??
  10. Awesome build, where did you get your barrel valve and fuel lines?
  11. http://fordstrokers.com/image/cache/data/302-141-700x700.jpg looking for these! 1/25 for small block ford
  12. marv13


    awesome build, which tires are those
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