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  1. i would need some baldwin motion decals with all the logos he has on his card
  2. Hello, has anyone dealt with ray recently? hope you are all well!
  3. Tight fit but I made I work...the reason I went coyote is cause in the movie you briefly see the top of the engine and it's an Ls intake...the coyote one is sort the same idea so I took some artistic liberty and put one in instead of an Ls or 4.6 or Fe
  4. how can i order and do you have m/t valve covers for chevy bb
  5. can i add these to my cart on your site and do you have big block M/t valve covers?
  6. DUDE!!!! thats what i need where do i buy with those pans regular coating is good! awesome
  7. Hello, does anyone know where or who makes the finned trans pan, BNL resins has one but i cant seem to be able to order, anyone try ordering from them?
  8. marv13

    Fast 9 Charger

    I want to build this car, im collecting parts as i go but i need the wheels any idea who makes them or what kit has them, and about this size in proportion to the car. my last resort is the jada anvil mustang in1/32
  9. I've never really been good at decals but I took my time used the micro set and sol solution's ans this side came out mint!
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