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  1. https://www.classicindustries.com/product/13952.html Does anyone know of any kit that comes with this so i dont have to modify a manual console from the amt kit? Thank you
  2. Fireballmodelworks makes them, and Joseph is great guy to deal with and his products are awesome!
  3. I dont want to damage it so yes i will just paint it carefully!
  4. well thank you very much!
  5. whats theyre profile contact here?
  6. hey is bnl taking orders i cant process my payment.
  7. Im also building the 69 torino from Need for speed, eleanor and the FF1 Supra
  8. Hello all, this is my fast and furious 70 charger build!
  9. Hood pins were also sanded off!
  10. Another update, I managed to find the correct Torino GT grille from a glue bomb on stealbay and got the interior mocked up. The engine will use the headers from an AMT dodge pro-street kit. I also added the torino GT gas cap which the original Torino cobra kit did not have.
  11. does anyone know if they're taking orders?
  12. just got some foose suspension parts, i will use that fro the front suspension, anyone know where i can get wilwood brakes?
  13. Thank you, and keith marks decals to top off the paint later!
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