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  1. Nice work. Love the engine and wiring
  2. Very nice so far. Are the seats painted silver or with foil?
  3. Look forward to this one
  4. Amazing work so far. Very clean. Love the colour
  5. Thanks! Next up is the engine. Nothing too flash. Did wire up a distributor as I one sitting around to trial. Thanks for looking. Polishing the body as I post
  6. Hi there, Just had a bit of a break from the hobby. Here is the latest model. Almost done already so there are not many photos of the progress. Painted to match my brother's one which he crashed (although his was targa top). Using some PE parts and wiring for distributor. Cheers!
  7. Hey there. Sorry I have been off the forum and the bench for some months due to work. The paint was Tamiya Italian Red TS-8 and their clear TS-13. As for the dash it was it was what was recommended in the instructions. Hope that helps, MIchael
  8. Thanks for all the kind comments. Looks good on the shelf
  9. One day I'll have the patience to correctly photo my models. Sorry about the colour variation! Thanks for looking!
  10. Finally wrapped up this project. Started off going for perfection but ran into multiple bumps along the way. I couldn't redo the engine plumbing as the CA glue was too tight and I didn't want to break/repaint. I also stuffed the badges from Hobby Design and have now realised I should have coated these in chrome for a better finish and glued these using clear acrylic. The biggest drama actually came straight after polishing. So I had clear coated the car and then left it in the food dehydrator over night. Polished the clear coat and then decided that moving this model along with some others would be best (I was moving houses and so moving a few models each trip over). That's where the problem occurred. I had wrapped the body in a towel to protect it and found out when I unwrapped it that the towel had left indentations of its texture in the clear! I had to repolish the body... I couldnt repaint as the badges were on there too... So I repolished as best I could without burning through the clear. So under careful scrutiny you can still discern scratches and the towels marks. All in all, it was a top quality model. Left the base of it as the clear panel to show off the space frame.
  11. Thanks everyone. I find Alclads polished aluminium seems to give a nice finish for wheels The kit is being built with bits and pieces from hobby design PE kit. The wheel centres are about 6 pieces of photoetch painstakingly assembled with epoxy for added flexibility. These took a couple of tries to perfect. Luckily acetone and an ultrasonic will clean most things off PE parts. I did manage to stuff up the rear AND side badges with these PE parts unfortunately. Thought I could get away with CA glue but slipped and damaged the badges and paint as well. Lesson learnt stick with acrylic clear and the just clear coat the whole car together.
  12. The red on the dash plate was probably too thin but I ran out of paint and was too scared to try and remix the paint colour and touch it up.
  13. Last update for this thread. Car is basically completed and just needs number plates now. Didn't end up changing any hoses as the glue really did its job well. Engine Wheels Dash. This really held up the project. Trying to balance the paints used to avoid them eating to each other was brutal. Used Alclad for chrome and lacquer paints for the body and red with Vallejo to touch up the switches. Took three trials to achieve the result here. The order I finally settled on involved using a layer of Alclad Aqua Gloss between each coat of paint to: 1 - seal the previous coat and prevent burn through 2 - prevent masking tape damaging the lower layer 3 - seal the decals (one of which still peeled off and was attached to the masking tape! I was so lucky that I was able to carefully pull it off thanks to the layer of gloss over it giving it strength) Interior assembled
  14. Very clean. Cool stuff
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