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  1. Mixalz added a post in a topic Mercedes 300SL - Tamiya   

    Awesome. Thanks Tim. Don't know why I didn't search for an engine on a hoist!. So much easier. I kept searching "engine bay".
    Lovely work on yours. I'm still tossing up If I want to keep the clear underbody. Would be cool to show of the frame and engine detail
  2. Mixalz added a post in a topic Mercedes 300SL - Tamiya   

    Cheers. Was going through Google Images trying to find out. Still no idea what it is though....Oil return for dry sump???
  3. Mixalz added a post in a topic Mercedes 300SL - Tamiya   

    Definitely!! Would really appreciate it. The braided line coming out of rocker cover is something I want to replicate but not sure what it is and can find where it goes. Same with some of the other lines. Surprised how much I'm learning about identifying parts from this hobby. Just recently I made a turbo manifold (for a Supra) and then realised I didn't put a dumppipe/wastegate on it. Would love to avoid these issues here. Thanks for the offer.
    I'm easy with whatever you would you prefer.
  4. Mixalz added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Mercedes 300SL - Tamiya
    Well its that time again. My other projects have been suspended until I order some more parts. So I made a start on this kit and I must say. WOW. I love the detail and quality that I come to expect from Tamiya. The engine bay is definitely going to be displayed open! I will be using the Hobby design PE kit too.
    Here is what I've completed so far. All metallics on this kit will be Alclads top quality paints.

    The engine as it stands. I need to order some correct size braided hose for the oil return. Any suggestions for size? Also any suggestions for the right angle attachment?

    A close up for the detailed parts.

    Thanks for looking. I'll be posting more when I order more parts.
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  5. Mixalz added a post in a topic Nissan R34 Z-Tune - Tamiya 1/24   

    Hi Ian. Thanks for the kind comment. 
    One thing I will say about this kit. If you try to cut the seat notches out it is rather difficult. I tried one but the angle of approach is to difficult so I ended up refilling the area. I am aware others have successfully done it but I felt its was too risky for my skills.
  6. Mixalz added a post in a topic Tamiya 1/24 300 SL   

    Havent decided yet:
    Hellblau Metallic / Light Blue,metallic DB353
    Silber / Silver DB180 
    Are my two choices I'm deciding between. You?
  7. Mixalz added a post in a topic Making headers   

    Cheers. Haven't had much bench time recently but will try the solder first since that is locally available.
  8. Mixalz added a post in a topic Tamiya 1/24 300 SL   

    At the primer stage myself.
  9. Mixalz added a post in a topic 2016 Mercedes Benz AMG GT3   

    WOW awesome so far
  10. Mixalz added a post in a topic Ferrari 308GTB Racer   

    Are those metal rivets? Looks awesome
  11. Mixalz added a post in a topic Ferrari 308GTB Racer   

    106 or 108 both are the same product just 100mL vs 400mL.
    Unfortunately I can only source 100mL.
    Personally I use:
    - Mr Color Thinner for all interior parts etc (when I use lacquers; cheaper product)
    - Mr Color Levelling Thinner for all body panel stuff (as its more expensive product)
    I've read about people using decanted tamiya products straight but I like to use 10% of the leveling thinner myself as its still moist when it lands on the model that way.
  12. Mixalz added a post in a topic Tamiya 300zx turbo   

    Can't help you there but a 300zx is a BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH cool car. My first car was a terrible example of a 300zx but was sooo much fun! Shame it was so old (built when I was born...)
  13. Mixalz added a post in a topic Ferrari 308GTB Racer   

    TIL how to decal...... I have always used a bowl of water lol. Whoops.
    Makes sense though. My solution to what I thought were "poorly made decals" was to clear over them (every single one!!)
  14. Mixalz added a post in a topic Ferrari 308GTB Racer   

    Nice fitment looking good sir
  15. Mixalz added a post in a topic Ferrari 308GTB Racer   

    I paint much the same way as Dann described.
    I've been having awesome luck with lacquer paints thinned for airbrush and would highly recommend their use for future builds. These include Tamiya rattle cans which have been decanted. Personally I love Mr Levelling Thinner as it has a mild retarder inside it which just works wonders.
    With acrylics I always find they give a textured surface no matter how smooth the primer. I literally only use them for hand painting now. The bonus advantage of using lacquers is that hand painting details over it never affects the underlying paintwork (just thinner and a cotton swab to remove errors; over even a dry toothpick; it is that durable!!!). Also you don't get paint chipping as lacquers are durable..
    Sorry if that this info doesnt help the current build but dont give up!