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  1. I do have quite a bit of his modeling supplies. The trick will be to determine what belongs to kits he was in the middle of building, and what is extra. I'd love to sell a few partially built models he was working on, along with their supplies. I can also probably give away supplies that weren't currently in use, if anyone here would be interested in maybe just paying for shipping?
  2. We're keeping a good number for ourselves- I don't want to have everything he made leave our possession. But his house was FILLED with these and we simply don't have the storage :/
  3. I actually called/emailed a number of museums and even an auction house a few months ago and no one was interested. I think I did have one car museum that was interested and wanted a lot more information but after talking about it with my sister and brother we were worried the display would eventually be taken down and the models would be lost to us. We liked the idea of them being in peoples' homes instead. We still do want to keep as many of them as we can ourselves, we just can't possibly keep his entire collection.
  4. I forgot to mention- Here is a link to his photobucket account. MUCH better quality photos and a more comprehensive display of what he did. http://s82.photobucket.com/user/harrypri/library/?sort=3&page=1 password to let you view the folders is BigChevy1967 There are a lot of ads but the pop-ups seem to slow down in frequency as you peruse the site.
  5. Hi Everyone, A couple of quick replies- I did not remove any bases. I do remember the mention of a base with working lights and I think I saw that as I was clearing out a room but I can't remember- there were so many. Not everything is pictured here but those posted are pictured as found (hence some pieces broken off and set next to the model). I had no idea the extent to which he was creating these models. He kept them under wraps- literally- there was an entire room in the house that he wouldn't let us walk into or even open the door because the floor was covered wall to wall by models under newspapers. I wish we could keep them all but my brother, sister and I live in rented apartments and there is very little room to store them, let alone display them properly, as I know you guys will. It's also an honor to have them go to people who fully understand the work and talent and artistry that goes into building them. By distributing these models all over the US (and a couple of different countries, as well), it's almost like we're able to distribute a piece of him, too. It's been pretty amazing. Almost like scattering his ashes, if you'll allow the metaphor. I have at least read every one of the emails I received and plan on replying with more detailed information as soon as I can get back in the same physical space as the models. We don't intend to sell everything, and it's not as though offers were POURING in, but it will help to have some of these go to loving homes. Thanks again guys. I'm very humbled and grateful.
  6. Hi All, I did a pictorial inventory of most of the models that I was kind of saving for last- the scratchbuilt, super-intricate ones. I didn't think to measure them for scale or put something in the picture to suggest size. Some of them are quite large- a foot to two long. I remember reading that sale transactions were not allowed on this site, and I hope I'm not overstepping my boundaries by posting about these. I don't know the best/fairest way to go about this so I'm going to post my email address: apristo2@gmail.com If you're interested in buying a model, please email me with the jpeg number (because even after all the time I've spent on this subject in the last few months I'm still painfully aware of how little I know) and we can go from there. We can discuss price, shipping (these will have to be packed SO incredibly carefully), etc. I know my dad has a photobucket account which I imagine has infinitely superior photos in comparison to my crappy cell camera. I'll have to get the password and info from my brother if you're interested in looking at higher quality images. Ok, I think that about sums it up! These aren't quite all of the rest of the models but it's a good start. I will not list any of these on eBay until further notice.
  7. Thank you everyone! You guys rock I really appreciate the help!
  8. Tim- thank you for this post! I love that you're giving it such a beautiful display with a plaque. Thank you!!
  9. Gentlemen (and ladies, if there are any on here?), Here are four old models I found and am having trouble identifying. These are from my dad's childhood or at least very early adulthood, and they have no identifying words or marks on them (at least to my untrained eye). I thought maybe the first and last ones were Mercer Raceabouts? Can anyone one point me in the right direction?
  10. Bob- I plan on doing that for a lot of what he has left. I'm kind of slowly circling toward the last 100 or so of his models, most of which are scratchbuilt and the type that I think folks on this forum will be interested in. I will absolutely post here first, as I very much prefer some of you get his work. I think I'm on my last or maybe second-to-last auction round on eBay before I start posting the "good stuff" (as in super-customized, HIGHLY detailed work) here first. As my dad explained it, he liked the older cars with less body work so that you could really see how/ what the car was made of.
  11. Wow. It really lifts me up to check back here from time to time. I just got tears in my eyes from the last few posts. A huge thank you to everyone that has bought something of my dad's. Some of you I didn't realize were from the forum until after I saw feedback or from pictures and posts on here. I'm truly humbled. I just can't express how much this venue and all of you mean and what happiness it has brought me to interact with all of you. I just can't put it into words. An update, as well- I just (verrry carefully) moved all of my dad's models from the floor of a bedroom, where they were hiding under newspapers, and documented them pictorially. It's still going to take me a while to get to them- the logistics of packing them is a bit overwhelming, to be honest. For now they are all safely in an enclosed display cabinet and will remain there until I wade through some more of his un-built and partially built kits. I will, as always, check back here time to time and keep you all in the loop.
  12. Wow Bill I can't believe what better justice your camera does to the Fury! My cellphone camera just does NOT compare. Beautiful photos, thank you for sharing!!
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