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  1. Wait. What if I move all the stuff on the left side back to the RIGHT side of the bench - Will THAT count ????
  2. So here’s my question … I took all the stuff on the right side Of my workbench and moved it to the LEFT side of my workbench - does this count as “cleaning the workbench???!
  3. very nice - for those on this site of a tender age - this is a 45 year old white metal kit - with one of the first sets of photo etched wheels these were bonkers at the time - now they seem dated with 3D printing tech and it is in 24th scale still gettable on Ebay and worth it - for the right price ,,,
  4. Painting anD adding some of the electrical wiring …. The valve covers were razor sawed off of the block casting - then added the brackets for the plug looms and then painted Alcad Chrome …
  5. If I saw this beast in my rear view mirror - it would scare the daylights out of me …. really well done …
  6. Has anyone ever seen an off centered ignition coil ? Here’s one - as used on the Lotus 29 …. Wonder why ? The nipple on the Pro Tech part was razor sawed off and re- glued …. The coil is strapped to the roll bar brace that I will make next. …
  7. Jay C. Thanks - but just for the record - this is a 24th scale build - the Mad Mike printed engine began life as a 24th scale Ford 289 - and there is no way to make a 25th scale Indy car with a 24th sc engine - so the parts that I am “borrowing” from the AMT Lotus Indy kit have been modified to suit - the monocoque is based on the Clidinst drawings copied in 24th scale …
  8. The throttle wire and return spring attach to the last segment of the throttle link - at the back of the carbs …. Used the .011 green line for the throttle wire - glued to a section of .018 tube - the return spring is stretched from a MFH accessory spring package with a length of .006 brass wire running thu the spring and used to attach the spring to the tray and the last carb link - close as I can get to scale parts …. randy Ditton could probably make this functional - no thanks …
  9. Belly tanker Jim has sourced an ebay store site for wire - very nice - it measured to .011 - the first picture shows that it is slightly smaller dia than the Detail Master plug wire that we all like …. I’ll use the detail master orange wire for the 29 - but I’m using the lizard green eBay wire for the throttle wire - thanks Jim … and made some brace clips for the roll bar - to be painted black …
  10. Thanks Jim1 for the eBay wire link - mine arrived last week …. You think our Chinese wire source could have come up with a better internet storefront name ?? Anyway - the stuff measured to .011 and is actually very useful for 25th - 24th - and 32nd scale ….
  11. That’s a neat little trick. - The seat belts - are they painted or sharpied . ?? ???
  12. Well played J6. my photo 2 has a bracket behind the tire that appears to serve no purpose - but with your picture we now know it’s purpose - it would have held the left fr jack on this car - which was removed when ? Dr Simione would probably know - but I don’t live in Philly - I would want to know if the Simione car ran the Salt Lake trial with jacks …. Hmmm
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