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  1. A concession to scale - the front shocks are glued to the front of the chassis legs - so I’ve added small tabs to grasp the ends …
  2. Over the years I’ve photographed a number of 91s and 122s. The first shot shows how the front of the shock attaches to the frame - the second photo shows the shock mount that holds the trailing end of the front leaf spring …. Going here next
  3. All these additions are made with Evergreen strip .20 and .15 - and Tamiya liquid glue ..
  4. The forward section of the chassis is exposed and I’ve got to add some parts to correct scale width and for strength - I think the chassis longerons (think that’s they’re called) are a bit too wide on the Etzel chassis - but mine are too narrow …
  5. This shot compares the Etzel 25th scale Miller 91 chassis casting to my 24th 122 chassis master - the main difference is the chassis length - the difference in width is minimal …
  6. The front engine mount is a cradle that was used for the next 40 years by Miller and then by Fred Offenhauser - I’m attaching it with some bolts which is spec - and will be secure … the Miller race cars site has a wealth of photos - found one of the crank case cover - showing the fins and bolt pattern …
  7. The engine bulkhead was a complex part to make. The shape is dictated by the shape of the supercharger, which was attached to the back of the cylinder head …
  8. Gracias the body casting has some thin film to remove in some openings - the film is from thin plastic - this helps the caster get a clean casting and allows the mold to be opened without tearing the rubber…
  9. A few more of the master parts and a test shot / casting of the body and chassis …
  10. So the parts were finished some years ago - and then given to Harold Bradford - “Brad” - to cast - when I learned that The Revs Museum had a “sister” 122 - the 1924 “Boyle Special” - well of course I couldn’t make just one …. Brad immediately set about casting the parts - just kidding- he actually stays pretty busy filling orders for stuff he has sold for years - so the parts sort of languished in his basement until I showed up again and convinced him to let me cast the body - the pix aren’t so good but the casting turned out well - and Brad agreed to dive in and cast the rest …
  11. I made all of the basic parts - including a nearly complete engine and drive train - Gordon White gets an assist here - I exchanged some emails w him and he explained to me That the Miller 122 cylinder heads - 2 x 4 - were very nearly the same physical dimensions as the 91 cyl heads .,, but that the crank case was larger - this info gave me confidence to make the engine in 24th scale … this is a shot of some of the master parts with tabs added for casting - this is where Harold Bradford enters the story …
  12. Did I mention that this has been a "long term" project ?? I had done some of the early master pasts 8 / 9 years ago. Miller was featured at the 2013 Amelia Concourse - my first trip to this wonderful event - and my most trusted assistant is holding the chassis and body master parts in this photo ... great opportunity to photograph half a dozen Miller Indy cars - including the Junior Special ... so my 24th scale Miller 122 was "featured" at the '13 Amelia Concourse - although only for about 1 minute ...
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