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  1. That is one nice radiator …
  2. Thank you straight ! rad cap …. Last part … fini …
  3. Andrew ! great ! post some Kit pix the minute your kit arrives from GB - i think that this is the only Sebring appearance for Mr Clark …
  4. Wheels on for good now - epoxied the wh nuts to the axle - wheels can still move -
  5. The parts for the windscreen were made a couple of years ago - i made a stone screen from some brass screen and nickel wire - then painted w Tamiya fl bl / semi gl bl … the windscreen can pivot on the posts …
  6. Radiator screen installed - it sits in two brass slots at the base and is glued to two small pegs at the top - so it sits about 3/4 scale inch clear of the rad shell …
  7. Made some if the suspension nuts with this Plastuct six sides .060 rod - drill, cut, attach, and paint … the pipes follow the sweep of the body lines - totally impractical but really cool …
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