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  1. That sump is ... sumptuous here’s what the sump looks like on your 24th scale casting. well call this “junior” ...
  2. That’s why I asked you to produce the Indy Ford engine in 25th ... and thank you .. there are these kits available - the Indy Lotus 29 kit in 25th scale the AMT Indy Lotus 38 kit in 25th scale ... - the ‘68 - ‘69 Gurney Eagle kit in 25th - the 24th scale Finecast Lotus 38 - more on this later ... Indycals has made a very limited production 25th scale Lotus 38 Indy kit - don’t have one but it looks good ... and Silvercity is working on some Gurney Eagle kits - probably in 25th scale ... Forget about the 25th sc AMT Lotus 38 - way too small - nothing will fit - but the other kits present some possibilities ... the small scale castings of kit engine covers are over scale in thickness - by a lot... as a result, a true scale 24th scale engine won’t really fit into a 24th scale kit - but a 25th scale might - I’m working on this .. . for instance, your 25th scale Indy Ford engine casting is still slightly longer and taller than the engine casting in the 25th scale 1968 Gurney Eagle kits -obviously those kit engine castings were scaled to fit into the kit engine bay without regard to scale accuracy - I’ve been working on a 24th scale ‘66 and ‘67 Gurney Eagle body casting that I think will take your 25th scale Ford Indy engine. And or the stock block engine - it’s complicated - I’ll post some photos once I’ve dragged the Cooper Mark IX across the finish line ... ... im putting away the can opener. - there’s worms all over the place ...
  3. Strange. I’m 3 yrs older - the workbench doesn’t seem to age ? ... ??
  4. So the axles are in and the uprights are “pinned”. The axles run right up against the shocks - the U joints are small but probably still a bit over-scale ... the stance is not quite as good as the test fit 8 months ago- the left rear wheel is about a scale inch off the ground - I’ll use a couple of tricks to improve the stance slightly - but I smell a points deduction on this ... got to remember to delete this post ...
  5. You’re velcome ... you can do a working susp with these ... can’t on the Cooper - The combination of plastic and brass makes these parts too fragile to allow for susp travel. oh well ... paint finish on axle and U joints is Alcad polished steel over Alcad steel - works well -
  6. That’s ok reverend Davis That’s ok reverend Davis U joints / evergreen strip - .080 by .100 - filed and sanded to shape with .020 holes for the pins - which are Scale Hardware .07 rivets - through a brass yoke made of soldered .08 brass tube ... Weeeeeh ....
  7. Before finishing the axles and the U joints I’ve gotten the unique Cooper torsion bar on - that’s the black curly cue thing that’s perched on top of the leaf spring ... and the stance is OK. - not perfect - but it’s close to what I want ... I know that the wheelbase difference front to back looks odd - but the Coopers ran a narrower rear suspension ...
  8. Rear susp assembly is proving to be difficult - fitting, tweeking, re-drilling holes, more test fitting ... and an unscheduled survey of the workshop floor in search of a wayward upright.
  9. Made and installed the new fuel pump - it’s driven off the back of the transaxle . Of course - I then found the first pump - which had gone missing ... the pump fittings are RB Motion banjo fittings ... and installed the oil tank after some mods to the shape - had to lower its profile to fit under the engine cover with the tank cap - which is a white metal part fr the parts bins ...
  10. I’ll post more photos of the chassis if anyone is interested. But I don’t want to confuse mr bacon’s very nice build thread. Maybe on a separate thread .. . I’m tempted to buy the kit and do the mods for the later chassis but I need another build thread - like not ...
  11. for those who were not familiar with Greg's work - inspiring ... https://www.gregnicholsstudio.com/scale-model-gallery
  12. That’s Penske blue ... I’ll need some for an incoming Indy car. Whose paint did you use ?? ?? nicely done ...
  13. Thanks for the response - info - and hurrahs all around...
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