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  1. 1924 Delage GP - a what ?

    the first hub - dimensions based roughly on the corresponding hub in the Wills white metal Delage kit - shown in the third picture shaped with a ground cutter - like the one used on the axle halves - only smaller - with the headstock swiveled a few degrees for the taper then parted and set in the jig today's pico question - the spoke wiring will partially obscure the hub - so should I paint these things before I wire them ??????
  2. 1924 Delage GP - a what ?

    thanks Codi - and can you tell me the name of the (once) young man who composed "born to be wild" ?? and you want me to take my time on the car ? - its been on my workbench for a year - I'm not sick of it yet .... but ..... actually I haven't gotten to the fun part yet - which as Pico knows - will be the finish on the body panels .... and thanks to Pico for ..... the third way ....(insert announcer in echo chamber) now its back to the lathe to make the hubs ...
  3. 1924 Delage GP - a what ?

    the tires are printed in the same translucent material as the rims and feature a terrific tread pattern and super accurate sidewall features and lettering - Model factory pico has designed a number of different vintage tires and I suspect that he gets a little better each time .... while I'm about to set up the jig I have the following question - either for Pico - or for Mr. Michelin .... wire has to be wound through the rim spoke openings and around the hubs - but in what pattern ???? I have enclose two possibilities - the first is from Wingrove's bible the second is from the instruction sheet for the Wills Finecast Delage or maybe there is a third way .... ????????
  4. 1924 Delage GP - a what ?

    so work begins on the 3 D printed wire wheels and tires - the rims feature very precise - and very small - radial spoke holes 64 on each rim - in two rings - outer and inner the holes are "printed" into the part and are simply opened with a # 82 drill and no - I can't do this without magnification .... will use some sort of fine line for the spokes - to be wound around each hub in a jig that I will set up - the hubs will be turned on the Sherline
  5. 1924 Delage GP - a what ?

    I know it's important. I do, I honestly do. But we're talking about process, man. What are we talking about? Process? We're talking about process, man? We're talking about process. We're talking about process. We ain't talking about the game. We're talking about process, man. sorry just had an allen Iverson flashback ....
  6. 1924 Delage GP - a what ?

    On the inside of the drums is a "backing plate" - think that's what its called - that has a ridge on its circumference. - do you know how hard it is to spell that word ??? made from plastic sheet in two parts - glued with liquid glue and then turned on a drill with sanding sticks for shape - need to make a second one these will be painted aluminum think I'll turn the dash gauges next - or the wheel centers ???
  7. 1924 Delage GP - a what ?

    the brake servo [that's what the 1/12 Fiat scratch-builder calls it in his build no the British model cars site - really really good build] that attaches to the back and bottom of the transmission case is made in the same way - it is smaller than the brake drums but also features the cooling slots.
  8. 1924 Delage GP - a what ?

    the drums are drilled with the headstock drill 1163 shows the second rear drum fitted over the axle - which I expect to have to shorten about 1/16 or so...
  9. 1924 Delage GP - a what ?

    7500 hits celebrating with Delaware's finest ... so I'll be on the lathe and milling machine for a while shot of my "tool box" - with cutters purchased when I bought the lathe (years ago) and some additional customs cutters that I ground on a grinding wheel from cutting blanks - used for specific purposes - such as cutting the cooling slots in the drums .... the resin cast rear brake drums fr Model Factory Pico are replaced with lathe turned drums in aluminum - the front drums will be resin castings that I had made for a similar project some time ago - both fr and rear drums will be painted the color of the chassis.
  10. 1924 Delage GP - a what ?

    by the way - most of the rear suspension components will be painted light blue to match the chassis - this is how the restored car was finished - and the leaf springs will be wrapped in thread - per the photos on pg 1
  11. 1924 Delage GP - a what ?

    a flange to fit/glue the end of the axkle into the diff is cut with a parting tool and then the same tool is used to part the axle from the rod the flange cut is simply measured with a piece of evergreen that is marked for this purpose - nothing fancy - precise enough could be much more precise with the hand wheel calibrations - but it's not needed ... next maybe the brake drums - probably aluminum - and maybe the spindles ...
  12. 1924 Delage GP - a what ?

    off to the lathe ... chucked some clear acrylic rod to make the axle halves the sherline has a feature that allows the headstock to swivel to cut a taper ... I just eyeballed the taper and cut with two cutters - one was cut from a blank years ago and I use it to cut the bell or horn shape on one end then drill the other end with a 1/16 bit to take the axle stub the clear acrylic deforms a bit when turned down below about 1/8 - but corrections can be made with a sanding stick and I don't need much precision - just two halves that look alike and fit into the differential
  13. this was just posted on Tuesday on the GPMA site: Mike Quarterman just told me that resin casters Paul Fisher of Fisher Models and Joe Vondracek of Quikskins have lost everything in the California fires except for their lives. So sad for all the lives and property lost. The Large Scale Aircraft modellers set up a Go Find Me for the Fishers. Last I saw it was nearly $10,000. Hope it goes way beyond that goal. Note - in checking the Fisher site and my own correspondence records, I see that Paul and Joe both lived in what was once known as Paradise California ... Oh boy
  14. 1924 Delage GP - a what ?

    these collars also have tabs that will attach to the ends of the friction shocks that are suspended above from the chassis rails - see pix on pg 1 - they'll be made later from nickel silver … the U bolts are bent from .020 nickel silver rod that will carry nuts on top next the rear axle and gear transfer case and rear brake drums - time to fire up the Sherline ….
  15. 1924 Delage GP - a what ?

    the rear axle is clasped by a "collar" - what's the proper name for this ? - that is bolted with U shaped bolts to the top of the leaf springs have to spend xtra time making these because they have to be strong and symmetric - have to hold the axle level and at the correct height in relation to the front axle ... evergreen stock - .125 by .156 and evergreen tube - drilled with .020 for the bolt holes - top and bottom will be finished in light blue as with the chassis