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  1. 1924 Delage GP - a what ?

    layout marker ... not too big a problem for parts to be painted with a metal finish but will remove most of the markings - would be problem on the chassis rails - which will be primed and painted blue pedals - made from a strip of Evergreen "metal" scale siding - its the stuff used by small scale railroad scratch builders for structures ... glued to brass shafts that poke out of the floor-board slots check fit - just enough room - and they will not interfere with the steering column ... next to the hand brake and the brake "servo"....
  2. 1924 Delage GP - a what ?

    so the floor boards are roughed out and in place to check fit ... then I sawed some slots into the leading edge of the driver's side board for the openings for the pedal brackets everybody's got some stray tools laying around the back of their tool drawer that they only use about once every two years or so - but when you need that particular tool - well - you need it ... the slots must be a certain width, and only this fine toothed metal saw blade would work - now the lonely blade will go back into it's dark corner for another long period of hibernation ....
  3. 1924 Delage GP - a what ?

    the floorboards wrap around the transmission they are raised above the chassis plate about 3 scale inches using evergreen .100 angle used both Tamiya liquid glue and fast setting "cyo" glue
  4. 1924 Delage GP - a what ?

    more trans details the driver side of the box has a kick plate made of - I think - plywood made this from thin renshape sheet scrap - to be washed w/ a grime finish and some dark stain then drew patterns for the floor boards onto thin evergreen plastic sheet
  5. 1924 Delage GP - a what ?

    gaskets ... gaskets ... rats - I forgot the gaskets ... new parts are the housing for the base of the gear shift and the driveshaft casing ...
  6. 1924 Delage GP - a what ?

    the gear box has a cover plate that is bolted down with castle nuts - so I marked the holes and drilled them and added some more features the box isn't done yet - but it was then liquid glued to the clutch housing and set in the chassis for a test fit the housing for the gear shift hangs off of the end of the box - gonna make that next - along with some sort of finned circular device that is attached to the end of the gear box and is attached to levers that do what? not sure .... but it looks cool ....
  7. 1924 Delage GP - a what ?

    I have bookmarked the cratex site - but their discs are too large - unless they can be turned down - which I doubt gonna try to make a tool that will produce swirls - or something close to a swirl - that is no more than one scale inch - we'll see mean time - gotta make a transmission - more Evergreen .... the clutch housing is made from 1/2 inch tube and thin plastic sheet - filed etc with an added inspection plate and holes for retaining nuts then attached to evergreen bar stock - 6 scale inches wide and a little taller - for the gear box ...
  8. 1924 Delage GP - a what ?

    renshape and evergreen plastic .... work begins on the seats and the drive shaft cover
  9. 1924 Delage GP - a what ?

    think I forgot to post these pix I made a brass steering arm the will be glued to the bottom of the steering unit it pokes out of the bottom of the chassis and then is attached to the steering link what could go wrong ? remember - these cars were not yet racing on paved surfaces ... yikes Delage corrected this in their '27 GP car - sending the arm out above the chassis rails ....
  10. 1924 Delage GP - a what ?

    the driver's compartment has interior trim that takes the rivets that attach the body to the chassis - probably visible on the Leno video - they are made fr Evergreen 0.60 L shaped stock that is marked for rivet dimples and then filed to shape - the dimples will do - as the trim sits down in the chassis rails below the dash I'll paint them after the chassis is spray painted - I wanted them in place to give me a solid attachment/glue guide when the body is attached to the chassis ....
  11. 1924 Delage GP - a what ?

    engine turned finish will be easy ! I'm gonna make all the parts, paint the chassis and engine, and send the body back to Pico and tell him to do the engine turning !!! just kidding - maybe ..... just some test fitting the engine, exhaust manifold, and bulkhead are in place - its a tight fit but everything should be where it belongs ...
  12. 1924 Delage GP - a what ?

    the space for the steering box is tight so the bottom tab has a peg that will slide into the black tube drilled thru the chassis rail it's a snug fit that will rotate but will stay put once everything is put together that way I can get the correct angle for the steering wheel post - which actually tilts up and in to its correct place below the dash the tube thru the chassis rail was then capped and sanded - as it should not be visible on the outside surface of the chassis rail ...
  13. 1924 Delage GP - a what ?

    next is the steering unit made from some evergreen tube and strip with a prelim check of the fit within the chassis rail to make sure that is clears the right side cylinder head - and a black plastic tube has been drilled into the chassis rail to locate the completed unit
  14. 1924 Delage GP - a what ?

    now to the engine bulkhead which is a sandwich of evergreen plastic sheets to create the trim around the edge which was cut out, glued, and then drilled for some resin rivets fr Russia's Master Club the black plastic rectangle will be the brass chassis plate ...