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  1. mhoot added a topic in General   

    Charley Glotzbach's Daytona just finished
    It's the AMT kit the charger 500 with the nose you graft on.

    My wing car collection so far

    Dan Gurney's superbird,Charlie Glotzbach's daytona,Buddy Baker's daytona and Pete Hamilton's superbird.
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  2. mhoot added a post in a topic FINISHED -- Johnny Benson Yellow Freight 2004 Busch Dodge   

    Very nice Great work
  3. mhoot added a post in a topic Pete Hamiltons Daytona 500 winning superbird   

    Thanks for the comments I added my signature so you know who I am. Posters are the box art for the DVDs I found on line re-sized them and printed them out.
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