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  1. Another outstanding build Rich. It is a shame to cover up the chassis and engine which really caught my attention. Great collection too.
  2. Oh yes! You captured the racer look perfectly.
  3. Those BMWs are indeed good looking. I checked my Welly M1 and it too has wobbly wheels. Pretty unusual for Wellys.
  4. Very well done and the raindrops are to scale.
  5. You Sir are very imaginative and a quick builder too. Congratulations!
  6. Really excellent save. You would never know from the pictures that it had been damaged so extensively.
  7. Steve, Great picture, thank you. Yes the wheels and tires come in the either the USAFIX or Eidai/Grip kits. The USAIRFIX is much cheaper, $45 on the Bay, but one needs to buy decals for it. This is the box top from my build.
  8. Rich, Lucky find. Somewhere along the line I got the impression the Eidai Grip was motorized. Is that true? eBay photo
  9. How did I miss this one? Super save of this iconic Mercedes.
  10. Agree with you JC but am wondering how I got them without having the EIDAI kit. This would have been back in the '80s and Norm Verber and Motoi had contracts in Japan so one of them may have fixed me up.
  11. Thanks to all for your comments. I checked and I used a USAirfix reboxing of an EAIDAI/GRIP kit. But do not know where the decals came from back then. I also noted that Profil24 now makes a resin kit and Le Mans Decals has offered the decals.
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