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  1. Gramps46

    GT 40

    Here is another option in 1/24.
  2. Like Snake I had not seen this model built up and I am impressed. Nicely done indeed. And a big thank you for awakening my interest in Testors 1/24 diecasts. I did a quick search on the Bay and was really surprised by what is available and how cheap they are going for.
  3. I like the conversion Jeff. Well done.
  4. Hachette has begun selling 1/24th scale models of Le Mans winners. The first 3 appeared on the bay as the 1969 Gulf Ford GT40, the Alpine Renault A442B, and the Matra 1972 670. For those of us who are Le Mans fanatics this is great news.
  5. Now that is nice, even the headlamps rotate. Crown Premiums makes some nice models.
  6. I just got a big box from Randy with some super models from the Todd Hilton Collection. The front row are Mint models and the back row are Maisto and BBurago Ferraris. I really appreciate Randy's handling of the collection for Todd's widow and making these model available to us.
  7. Very nicely done. Never know it was a rescue.
  8. Lotus submitted a proposal for a Europa like design to Ford for a Ford GT40 but Eric Broadly at Lola won out.
  9. Beautiful build and the paint came out great.
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