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  1. Congratulations on the move.
  2. I went back and picked up a Hummer H2, hey, I have drug store pickups and SUVs so might as well have a Hummer H2 also. I was surprised several had sold since yesterday. I also checked Tuesday Morning and TJ Max as Jim suggested and where Lamborghinis seem to be popular for $9.99 but did not get any. We are approaching the holiday season and I have picked up some of these bargain models even at Aldi grocery stores.
  3. Slipping back to 1/24 and we are off to the races at Le Mans. The tow vehicle is a Citroen ID 19 break. (aka station wagon to those of us across the pond).
  4. The one I bought says it is exclusive for 5 Below and is not R/C but it is a friction toy with a shallow interior. I already have the Corvette. I think I will go back today and buy the Hummer H2 just because it is cheap and I am foolish.
  5. I like bargains, especially when they are 1/24 scale. The other day I went to Michaels to pick up a framing order for my wife and decided I would check out the 5 Below store next door where everything is $5 or less. And surprise, they had $5 Bentley Continental GT V8 in 1/24 scale!! Way cool! Got home and did a little sleuthing and these are made in plastic and distributed by Braha Industries. If you don't have a $5 Below in your neighborhood there are plenty on eBay along with different colo(u)rs, a Corvette, Hummer H2, pickups and others.
  6. The Hachette line is a great line and over the years has expanded to include county by county favorites. I currently have a Citroen DS station wagon on order. Unfortunately Hatchette does not import to the USA and we have to order through dealers in Europe. About 2 years ago Hachette announced an American line but I have never seen it advertised.
  7. The engine cradle is pretty impressive but I'm not crazy about the color. 😉
  8. Thanks for the look ahead JC. Your projects are always amazing.
  9. Interesting looking Corvette, thanks for sharing. I don't follow 1/18 so had not seen this before. The engine compartment looks very good, just wish Maisto would do some 1/24 C2 Corvettes in the '65 - '66 range.
  10. This just in. A Danbury Mint 1962 Corvette which I really like as it completes my C1 Corvette diecast collection. See the review at https://www.diecast.org/diecast98/html/asp/list_reviews/xq/ASP/id.914/qx/reviewpix.htm by Jay Engel. This is a side by side with the 1/25 Revell Route 66 diecast Corvette.
  11. Very nicely done and photographed. Sure captures the look of the Bentley and I like the way you did the fabric body. Knockoffs?
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