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  1. Todays delivery was this BBurago 1979 VW Golf GTI. My first reaction was there is no chrome but then upon reflection I realized that is correct, the 1:1 had no chrome. Then I spent a moment examining the box and noted an Italian flag with the words Italian Design, strange for a VW. Then there was the statement "Manufactured by May Cheong Group France" and a sticker on the box that says BBurago International, Fontana California and Made in China. On the bottom of the model it says Made in China. May Cheong also owns Maisto and I have seen a picture of the BBurago and Maisto plants literally across the street from each other in China. All very interesting.
  2. Well the mystery Ferrari arrived and I had guessed it would be a Ferrari Mythos and it was. What was strange was there was no brand name on the model or the box. I did determine that Majorette had used the Deluxe Collection name and similar boxes so I am going to assume it was by Majorette. The model itself is not very good and the original price tag was for $3.95 which tells you something about the quality of the model. It is not going on the shelf.
  3. I built this table just to remined myself of the model years. Corvette Model Years C-1 1953-1962 C-2 1963-1967 C-3 1968-1982 no 1983 C-4 1984-1996 C-5 1997-2004 C-6 2005-2013 C-7 2014-2019 These are the only C-4s in my Corvette collection and the only diecast I have is the Revell 1989 Exon Challenge one. The white convertible is an AMT promo. Like Randy says there are Franklin and Danbury Mint C4s but I did not find any Maisto etc. diecast in a quick search. I did see cheap Revell black ones on the bay.
  4. Good links and you are so right about trying to keep up with the changes. I crewed on this Speedster in SCCA in the summer of 1969.
  5. Very well done and thanks for sharing. If I didn't already have the yellow one I would be tempted by the orange.
  6. Thank you David for the instructions. I need to check out some videos on U Tube.
  7. Now David you have gone and done it, pushed me over the edge. Convinced me the that the static grass applicator is the way to go. I have been debating whether to get the applicator and your pictures have settled the debate.
  8. Very impressive Tucker. Have never seen one in the flesh so thanks for sharing your pictures.
  9. This will be a neat project. Please keep us posted.
  10. I picked up a Greenlight 1/64 1967 Corvette Sunday at our club meeting because it was so darn cute and for $2 how could I say no.
  11. As you have discovered there are many variations in the Porsche 356 model types. Using pictures in Wikipedia, Google and 3 books I think I can say that the rear deck lid grilles, one or two, cannot be used as the sole indicator of the year or model type. Even in model types the bodies changed and there were differences between coupes, soft tops, and the Speedster. I recommend you trust Welly who stamped it as a 356B on the base. I mis-spoke when I responded to you and you quoted me. I was thinking it was the Leo/Metro 356 with the convertible top as pictured in my earlier post, August 4.
  12. Scratch Built, did some one say scratch built? How about some old school scratch building. Do you want bass wood, balsa wood, or Bondo? 😊
  13. Thank you Tim for the photos. I have been debating about this one for awhile but have been put off by the grilles on the headlights and the cost. Now you have gone and done it and pushed me over the edge. I am going to have to put it on my want list.
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