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  1. The chassis is back together again. I had to rebuild the front spindles and modify the wheel attachment to get the tires to fit under the body properly. The chassis is painted to match the box art but I decided no to mess with it since it won't be seen.
  2. CAUTION When I tried to open the doors and replace with brass doors on my scratchbuilt Barchetta disaster struck. If you open the doors, I recommend you reinforce the body with brass wire in the week areas. Or put in a floor pan tied to the rear buckhead. Or solidly attach the interior bucket to the body.
  3. Really excellent. IMHO you can't really appreciate the real thing unless you have stood looking at one. Makes your models all the more impressive.
  4. Can never have enough trailers. This one requires some assembly, and wheels. 😉
  5. My first assignment in the Air Force was at Grissom AFB, formally Bunker Hill, where we had B-58s. The loudest USAF bird on takeoff with 4 afterburners.
  6. I did not know this kit could look so good until I saw yours. Excellent build.
  7. I do not have the CMA Barchetta unfortunately. It is 1/14 scale.
  8. Inspired by CAAPA's Sting Ray III I went online and bought one for myself. It is an AMT-Ertl promo but does not have any opening features.
  9. Rex, The book covers the entire racing life of Ed Hugus but he only raced Cobras twice. He did import the first 3 production Cobras and installed engines and 4 speeds at his Pittsburg dealership. He also raced at Le Mans 10 times and was a ghost driver in the winning 1965 NART Ferrari. For me it was worth it because I had an Amazon gift card.
  10. Interesting photo Rex. The Registry says CSX 2142 went through many iterations and only the original front half of the chassis is original. I recently received this book which has a chapter devoted to the 1963 Le Mans race and the entry of CSX 2142.
  11. Thanks for posting this build as others have noted seldom seen and yours is a beauty. Front suspension is a gem.
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