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  1. You did a super job with those. I never would have guessed the Monogram was the same old Aurora kit. Thanks for sharing these.
  2. Today I am tackling the dreaded panel lines. I am using tape to help guide me. Since the final color will be white I am going to try and darken the panel lines before I paint the body white and see how that works. Yesterday I fabricated the periscope rear view mirror. Once the panel lines are done the roof top mirror will be installed and I should be ready for paint. I am old school so am using Tamiya spray cans. I am also a believer that this era of race cars should not have a high gloss finish.
  3. I am impressed indeed. Your color choices are a perfect fit.
  4. You really captured the feel of this beast. Well done and thanks for sharing it.
  5. Very well done indeed. I built the Cobra when it was released and it is a real jewel.
  6. MPC did the clear body kit. I am borrowing some parts to make patterns off of for my Strombecker. Borrowing is the operative word, they will go back on the MPC kit.
  7. After sanding and a second coat of primer on its custom handmade paint stand. 😄 I need to let the primer dry and harden before tackling the panel lines I found this in my stash this morning. It is a cleanly made MPC JCar in 1/25th scale. My plan is to paint the clear body and finish it off as the April 1967 Le Mans trials car.
  8. Well done and I like how the wheels came out. Never thought of using the black chrome but it works.
  9. Interesting that the Registry says December 1966 for the testing at Daytona and the photo caption above says January 1967. The Registry says the test drivers were Andretti and McLaren.
  10. The good news is that some progress was made this morning. While consuming about half of an index card and several tries I was able to get a good template for the head lamp buckets. I transferred the template to some cooper sheet and folded the buckets. I choose cooper because it is easy to cut and keeps its shape once bent.
  11. I guess my "crown jewel" would have to be the Cunningham C4 I carved for Paul Fisher. Unfortunately the master was destroyed in the California wild fires.
  12. I believe when CSX 2299 was repaired the nose became flatter than it was originally. When I built my '65 Gunze model I added a bit to round over the nose.
  13. It was all based upon appearance as I did not measure the rear. Must not have caught my eye as being too wide.
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