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  1. After seeing this Ertl Boss 302 I realized I did not have a '69 Boss 302. So I went looking on the Bay and found this one. I ordered this True Value version and it came yesterday and I found some interesting things about it. It is 1/25 unlike my other diecast Mustangs. It is a bank with key, It has no openings. The interior has a roll bar and racing seat. The windshield wipers are just paint on. The True Value script is on the trunk and suprisingly in the swoosh though very tiny. The wheels and tires are very nice though not accurate for the Boss 302. The taillights are barely visible in the dark rear panel. I really like it and will add it to the shelf as is I think.
  2. The one I ordered Snake is the True Value one and I hope to have it in a couple of days. I will post pictures when I get it.
  3. Dale was a great mentor and inspiration to many of us. RIP Dale.
  4. Darn it Snake that looks so good I had to go and order one. Found a red True Value version boxed.
  5. Very impressive Renaults.
  6. Amazing one year accomplishment. Thank you for sharing with us.
  7. I like what you did and your descriptions of the changes you made to back date the kits.
  8. Super job on the iconic racer. I second what Rich said, the wheels are some of the best plastic outside laced ones ever.
  9. Very well done. I am impressed you were able to get the rear deck to fit on the Porsche 917 assuming it is the Heller kit.
  10. I will be following your detailing closely.
  11. The Austin Healey has to be my favorite. That was my first car and same color.
  12. Very impressive collection for 2021 indeed. The Testa Rossa's have to be my favorites but they all look great and capture the era perfectly.
  13. Very interesting and thanks for the information. I am not familiar with the 1/55 scale from Polistil so thanks for posting the photos.
  14. You nailed it Kurt. Really well done and the model box on the floor is awesume. The attention to detail really adds to a very simple model. You did not mention the windshield wiper replacement but it is well done too. The wheels have the best treatment I have seen on this kit.
  15. Just a word of warning. The Chevy is attached to the base plate with those EU Child Safety screws with the triangular heads. The EU screw drivers are available online or you can make your own if you are feeling adventurous.
  16. Thank you Randy for the backstory and insight into the signage. I am impressed with your lettering skills but then I guess you have had lots of practice.
  17. A big thankyou Brian for the back story on ICONS Cobra. I always thought it was strange that ICONS did not have the Elvis labeling and just figured it was a license issue. BTW, I am a big fan of their Anniversary GT40MKII complete with engine which was unique till the Meng kit was released.
  18. Now that is a super find and in France no less. Tell us more about the signage.
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