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  1. Very well executed Dave. Really captures the feel of the 917LH.
  2. I like your color choice, rarely seen.
  3. I like the color. It is very close to Ford of England Linden Green which Ford Advanced Vehicles (FAV) used on some of their GT40s.
  4. The 1989 Porsche 911 Speedster had the last of the vertical headlights and featured styling reminiscent of the original 1955 356 Speedster like the cut down and raked windscreen and only 2 seats. The model is a 1/24 Maisto and is labeled as being made in Thailand which is a little different.
  5. Very striking find and it is a Special Edition too.
  6. A big thank you Helmut for posting this truly impressive model. I have the yellow version and it is truly a star in my collection. I especially appreciate the photo of the box. Mine was a gift without a box and there are no markings on the chassis so the has info I was missing.
  7. Truly beautiful build and really appreciate your posting of the pictures. I have the Profil kit and now I have an excellent example to base mine upon.
  8. In our diecast community the Volkswagen Sambas and Vans are populate subjects. When I found my Revell 1967 plastic kit (posted elsewhere) it reminded me of my diecasts.
  9. I just discovered this 1967 Volkswagon Deluxe S2 23 window "Samba" buried behind a truck in one of my cabinets. It is an original Revell kit, H1267, built in the 1960s and quite detailed for the time with opening doors, rear panels, undercarriage and engine.
  10. I have the brown and gold release too and it is missing the hood ornament entirely. But fortunately it does not have the zinc pest.
  11. My first and only top chop. Original box from the '60s.
  12. I am impressed and it is a good fit in your McLaren.
  13. Truly amazing what you have done with your carvings.
  14. Well done Rex. Love to see these oldies built.
  15. One of my favorite kits and you have done a great job with it.
  16. Beautiful model and photos. Thanks for sharing with us.
  17. Very well done. Thank you for sharing your photos.
  18. The XP87, or Bill Mitchell's 1959 Sting Ray racer was a solid resin casting done for Bill Landis and Dave Sposaro and was based upon a Scuderia Scale vacuum formed slot car body. I had to do some reshaping of the fenders and other details.
  19. Thanks to all for your kind comments. It was a fun trip down memory lane for me.
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