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  1. I can probably help with parts. Do you need the instructions?
  2. This morning I went ahead and removed the springs holding the 911 up in the air. I also discovered the releases for the front and rear lids.
  3. Great looking model and your timing is marvelous with the release of the new Elvis movie.
  4. Thank you Keyser for your input and suggestions, very thoughtful. I may try your wheel paint suggestion as a start. Each wheel is sprung which accounts for the high stance so I could remove the springs or somehow tie them down.
  5. I must admit it is hard for me to pass up Porsche 911s, old or new. This is a 2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S by Miniauto and I am a bit disappointed. It is too big, the side sculpting is a bit soft, and I can find no pictures with this color scheme. The black portions are cast with a carbon fiber appearance and Porsche does not show gold wheels in any of their web shots. On a more positive note, the front wheels are poseable, and the price was certainly reasonable.
  6. Josh of Casper Wyoming passed in February in a car accident. I was contacted by his mother who found my name on an envelope which I had sent him with photos of Cobra Daytonas. Josh had been building a Cobra Daytona model for someone and his mother is trying to contact them to let them know the circumstances. Send me a PM and I can put you in touch with Josh's mother.
  7. I had the same problem and took the mower into the repair shop. 2 days later they called me back and said the fuel line was being blocked with bugs! So check the fuel line from the tank to the filter or carb and see if it is free flowing.
  8. Nice key fob Rich 😀 Beautiful build.
  9. Good looking, both of them. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Excellent build. You really captured the look.
  11. Really outstanding build. Thanks for sharing with us.
  12. Oh boy, here we go again Helmut!
  13. Now here you go again with delectable models which really get the juices flowing. I had said no more rally cars after the Stratos but the 911 is so tempting.
  14. Really like what you have done with these.
  15. Very nice save. Your persistence to find a parts car really paid off.
  16. Never noticed the elongated front wheel opening before but it sure is too long in front. Wonder if that was related to the front wheels being poseable. This is my original built kit. It was based upon a Corvette that was raced at Mid Ohio and still street driven, thus the radio antenna.
  17. Tell us more about your Land Rover please.
  18. I will be watching to see where you go with this. I have already built my 3 XK120s from Danbury, BBurago, and Monogram but that Thornley Kelham coupe sure looks smotth.
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