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  1. Yea I was reading about that when I was reading a page/blog whatever about the Supra from the 2nd movie when I was looking up pictures for this Supra. Then I found out about those books also, I actually want to get the book that covers the first 3 movies cars. As for the $100 remarks, yea that was for the diecast cars, but to make this model would come close to $100 to make anyways.
  2. Yea what 10camaross said, it comes with a spoiler but the kit was designed for the orange supra, not the gold one from the 2nd movie, therefore everything is wrong except the colors/decals lol. Anyway thanks for the tips/help guys and thanks for the link on the rims, $20 though? yea that's a little much, I think I might just pass and just figure something else out. At this rate it would probably come out as much as the metal diecast car lol.
  3. Hi, this is my first post and first time here, I'll try to keep it short and the stories to a minimum so I can get to the point. First off I'm not really into making models, more so Diecast Metal and Fast and Furious cars 1/18th scale or close to it. The problem is the Gold Supra from 2 Fast 2 Furious was only released once by Racing Champions and they are over $100 on eBay. So my only options are either buy a tiny Hot Wheels car or buy a decent priced 1/25 scale model. Like I said I like the larger scaled cars so I want to go for the model car but there's a few obstacles that I need to get ar
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