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  1. Thanks for posting your build.  I am trying to adapt a NASCAR chassis to a '57 T-Bird.  I hope to use a 1/25 Ford Cammer engine.  I will need to do something like your tubular K-member to clear the big engine!  Thanks.  Wonderful build.

  2. Still looking for a 1/24 scale large supercharger GMC type, for a resin engine kit. Thanks.
  3. fiatboy

    Y Blocks

    Yes I have a complete '57 T-Bird Y-Block. If you give me your email, I will get you some photos.
  4. fiatboy

    Y Blocks

    I think I have the whole Y-block from the '57 T-Bird. I shall look!
  5. So they will be bringing out a 'new' Toronado kit? I'll be waiting for that also!
  6. The title about says it. Looking for a GMC-style supercharger about 2.0 - 2.5 cm long. Building a '64 Dodge 330 by the Ramchargers team of engineers on the West Coast. They started with 3 of these Light Weights. First thing they did was replace the front suspension with a 'strait' front axle. All 3 eventually crashed, but 1 was rebuilt. Some people call it the first 'Funny Car'. They ran a supercharged 426 Wedge engine. Thanks.
  7. Hi. I have a Toronado transaxle aftermarket (from I think Drag City Resins). It is resin and quite small looking, maybe 1/25th. What do have to trade?
  8. You can get wood cigar boxes for between $3 - $5. I have 9 of them. I also use v. small zip-loc bags. And also at the 'Dollar Store', you can get shoe boxes, plastic, for $1. Each one will hold 1 complete kit.
  9. Hi Khils. Do you want to part with those pcs. pictured in you post? What can I trade you? I have lots of after-market parts. Thanks.
  10. I made a similar post to this one a few weeks ago. Hope that's alright. Thanks
  11. Are there any tutorials out there on this technique? What do you cut the Al sheet with? What glue? Thanks
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