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  1. Thank you very much. I shall check with Parts by Parks.
  2. I'd rather not use metal ones as I intend to shorten them. Thanks
  3. I have The Judge funny car 1/24. But I'd like to trade for the whole body, that's the problem you see!
  4. The chassis on the 1/25 General Lee is nothing to 'write home' about. I'd like a chassis possibly with seperate front suspension and detailed rear suspension that would maybe or almost fit the General Lee body. Thanks
  5. Is there an after market source for a deep sump oil pan? Don't want to buy a kit. Thanks
  6. I just love deep sump oil pans! I need one for the Ford SOHC engine I am putting in a '57 T-Bird. I am modifying a NASCAR chassis to put under it. Thanks.
  7. Hey Mark. Well, I went thru my stash and found a suitable intake. ( Now I am looking for a 1/25 deep oil pan, preferably a Cobra piece. I am atteampting to put a SOHC engine in a '57 T-Bird.) But the BBC engine I will put in a '53 Corvette using a C2 Corvette chassis, both 1/24. I had to cut away much of the inner fenders of the C2 which went remarkably well! The slight wheel base mismatch, about 4 mm, I will correct by modifying the wheel openings on the '53. Thanks for the offer of the intake manifolds.
  8. I have some carbs already. This BBC is almost 1/23. It is not a Gibson engine. Thanks
  9. I was recently on Tamiya's website. I bought some blades that are 0.10 mm thick. I think you have to buy a Tamiya blade-holder for these. The brand name of these blades are: "OLFA", I think also available at Art Supply stores. The blade-holder (handle) is also by OLFA. I have been waiting for a chance to tell someone about these things! You know how you use the back-side of an Xacto blade to cut new 'panel lines'? Forget that! Use the backside of these blades - they never get dull! Like I said I was on Tamiya's website and talked to someone on the phone.
  10. Hey L.R.! I do have a spare roll-cage complete! pm me your street address, again, please.
  11. OK. I shall look for it right now.
  12. I am pretty sure I have an extra roll-bar-cage from the General Lee. Do you need the complete cage?
  13. Can resin parts be briefly soaked in Simple Green, and then primed with laquer primer? Thanks
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