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  1. The title about says it. Looking for a GMC-style supercharger about 2.0 - 2.5 cm long. Building a '64 Dodge 330 by the Ramchargers team of engineers on the West Coast. They started with 3 of these Light Weights. First thing they did was replace the front suspension with a 'strait' front axle. All 3 eventually crashed, but 1 was rebuilt. Some people call it the first 'Funny Car'. They ran a supercharged 426 Wedge engine. Thanks.
  2. Hi. I have a Toronado transaxle aftermarket (from I think Drag City Resins). It is resin and quite small looking, maybe 1/25th. What do have to trade?
  3. You can get wood cigar boxes for between $3 - $5. I have 9 of them. I also use v. small zip-loc bags. And also at the 'Dollar Store', you can get shoe boxes, plastic, for $1. Each one will hold 1 complete kit.
  4. Hi Khils. Do you want to part with those pcs. pictured in you post? What can I trade you? I have lots of after-market parts. Thanks.
  5. I made a similar post to this one a few weeks ago. Hope that's alright. Thanks
  6. Are there any tutorials out there on this technique? What do you cut the Al sheet with? What glue? Thanks
  7. I found what I was looking for. This thread may be closed. Thank you.
  8. ooooohh... At least I spelled 'Peddler' right. Sorry 'bout that. I bought 'em: $32.86. Thank you very much!!
  9. What is part 23? I have some '65 Mustang notch-backs, parts from, but maybe not for the Shelby.
  10. Yeah, those be the ones. I wasn't sure they existed. Is that sheet the only one you have? Like I said, I have the resin body of this sedan AWB. This resin kit is pretty bad, but the hood fits perfectly. It has all the chrome and 'glass', not styrene. Want to take it off my hands? Both the front and rear suspensions are done. Now I have to pretty much scratch-build the interior. I do have the correct Hillborn injected Hemi from 'Ross Gibson'. Or I could trade you for the decal sheet. I have a lot of after-market parts. Thanks
  11. Mopar made 1 AWB sedan in '65. I think it was at first a H.T., but it somehow became a sedan. It was raced as the "Yankee Peddler", with the K-frame exposed and evrythang!
  12. As you may know, Andy Granetelli of STP fame built 3 (I have heard) Avanti engines with 2 superchargers. He called them R5s, I think. I have some photos of this engine, and also photos of this engine built by a modeler; he did a beautiful job. Thanks
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