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  1. Frame/roll cage

    "Cornwall Model Boats". "Super Styrene" rod. The largest diam. they offer is 4.5mm. It is not expensive.
  2. Frame/roll cage

    I have used "Super Styrene" (by Raboesch?). It bends and stays bent without heat. I got it from a place in the UK.
  3. When I shake the bottle it gets 'foamy'.
  4. Is the engine included a Big Block? I am building '66 Olds Toronado resin by Speed City Resin. The Olds 442 W30 has a nice seperate frame from the floor-board, and of course the V8 engine.
  5. Can I thin it with water? I think mine has gotten too thick. Thanks
  6. Hi Mike999. You mentioned that you also tried Tamiya "Surface Putty" as well as the "Quick Type" Tamiya. Is the Tamiya "Surface Putty" similar to "Bondo glazing spot putty"? Is the Tamiya Surface Putty a one-step material? Is the Bondo glazing spot putty also one-step? Thanks
  7. I am building a resin kit. There is a big gap between the donor kit dash and the cowl with the vents and w. wipers. So I'll be using a big lump of it. Slow drying time I think is a must. If I end up with a coarse surface, I should be able to apply some spot putty like Bondo which I think is 1 part; or Tamiya. You guys are great. Thanks
  8. Hi Bill.  I don't know if you got my last message.  I need the interior parts (I've come up with some front seats, although).  So If you have the main parts of the front suspension, not the chassis plate, and the leaf springs and rear axle, that would be great.  Thanks

  9. Hello. I am building an incomplete kit of the 'General Lee'. The axle looks pretty 'weak'. Where can I get something better? Thanks
  10. Hi Khils.  Those pieces pictured are what I need.  But you can keep the steering wheel and chrome.  PM me please.

  11. interior and dash for '70 SuperBee

    As I was saying above, I got this great styrene rod, "Super Styrene", from Cornwall Model Boats. Email: 'sales@cornwallmodelboats.co.uk'.
  12. I've worked with Milliput and it took a nice long time to set-up, maybe 25 minutes. Anybody work with Tamiya 2-part putty? How long to set up, approximately? Thanks
  13. interior and dash for '70 SuperBee

    I also need the front suspension pieces separate from the chassis. I have a resin trans-kit (forgot from whom I got it) of a '65 Dodge Coronet AWB, a sedan. My first resin kit so I am struggling a bit with it. I just recently finished the roll cage (most of it). For the roll cage I am using plastic rod I got from a place in the UK. This rod bends really easily. The company name has a reference to 'shipping'. I also bought from them Tamiya masking tape, the very wide stuff. Later I will track down the name of this place in the UK. Thanks
  14. interior and dash for '70 SuperBee

    Did more than one company model this subject? I think the box had a blue SuperBee on it. Thanks.