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  1. D. Charger Daytona 1/25 chassis plate and 'K' frame

    Sorry about the multiple posts. I guess I was not checking often enough.
  2. This is for the Revell kit. Thanks
  3. Really I need just the chassis plate and the 'K' member/frame. Are there other Mopar kits (Revell) that I might pick-up cheaply? On ebay? If I could get something close I could 'scratch' the rest, maybe. Thanks.
  4. I also need for this kit: K-member and both halves for the transmission. Maybe I'd be better off buying a particular kit off of ebay. Any suggestions? Thanks
  5. Looking for chassis plate part no. 65. Kit no. 2824. Or equivalent. Thanks.
  6. I found some nice Aoshima wheels, but they don't come with tires. What to do? Any suggestions? Thanks
  7. Thank you Ranchero Steve for the link to Slixx Decals.

  8. I guess the title of this post says it all:does anyone know where I can get such a decal sheet? Thanks
  9. Some of these seat belt kits have P.E. pieces that need to be bent. A friend at the club recommended 'tools' in the beading-dept. at Hobby Lobby. I looked at them and I do not know if they are ideal. What do you think? Can anybody recommend some bending-tools? Thanks
  10. Thanks for all the input. I think I will call Dremel.
  11. I am looking for a cordless. The chuck that is part of the motor, is stripped, won't hold a bit. Thanks for any input.
  12. This is the Lindberg kit, of course. Gave up looking for this lens on the floor, so I am looking here! Used canopy cement, but when I dropped the grille, it popped loose. Thanks.
  13. 1968 Mustang Cobra Jet

    I'll be watching this build. Have always loved the '68 Cobra Jet factory drag car.
  14. I know the Parts Box in Australia offers a pretty good one, but too expensive. I could buy a whole kit, which is do-able, but which kit? Something in 1/24 scale. Seems like there should be one 'after market' for like 10-12 bucks. Thanks
  15. Hi AFX and dragcarz. Thanks for the replies. AFX, the "Gold Rush" pictured, does not have a K-member. The original '65 Mopar AFX vehicles (Plymouth and Dodge) retained both the K-frame and the torsion-bars, which had to be extended. And dragcarz, I am building a (Gibson) street hemi engine, and I was thinking of using a deep sump Milodon pan. Now, I WILL use it, and paint it yellow! So thanks very much, again!