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  1. Hi AFX and dragcarz. Thanks for the replies. AFX, the "Gold Rush" pictured, does not have a K-member. The original '65 Mopar AFX vehicles (Plymouth and Dodge) retained both the K-frame and the torsion-bars, which had to be extended. And dragcarz, I am building a (Gibson) street hemi engine, and I was thinking of using a deep sump Milodon pan. Now, I WILL use it, and paint it yellow! So thanks very much, again!
  2. I suspect I was wrong about the magnesium K-member. I think it must have been stainless. Maybe I saw a '65 AFX with a K-frame painted yellow. Of course Ferrari (and others) use yellow colored magnesium wheels. They were 'coated' with a substance made by Dow, and maybe the Europeans had a similar coating. But we know a lot of racers use just uncoated mag wheels. Boy, you guys put a lot of effort into answering my question, which I 'm afraid was a dumb one! Thanks
  3. Hi. Probably a lot of you folks know about the 12 factory Mopar AFX cars: 6 Dodge, and 6 Plymouth, built in 1965.. I know that the K-members, or K-frames, were moved forward 10". The new K-frames were made from magnesium and I've seen them painted a sort of yellow color. And here is my question: I've seen some deep oil pans on drag cars also painted a similar shade of yellow, I think. Any comments?
  4. Somehow I lost the hood to this model and it was painted as well! The worst thing is that I am building it for a friend. Thanks
  5. When I finish a model, I like to display it in a plastic case. But the conundrum is, shall I display it with the hood closed, or propped open. Is there a substance available that remains tacky so that I can remove the cover of the case, remove the hood temporarily, and then close the hood securely so that I can turn the model/case upside down to view the chassis detail without having the hood fall off? Thanks
  6. Hi alexis.  I will get back to you on the appearance of the decal sheet I need for the '93 Honda Civic.  Thanks

  7. I appreciate the timely responses to my question. Thanks
  8. Canopy cement? Clear acrylic? Thank you for your help.
  9. I use a food dehydrator, brand name:" NESCO American Harvest". This one has a therrmostat on it. I have run it at 100 degrees F. Of course, the shelving inside needs to be hollowed out, not difficult.
  10. I was interested in building the Corvette '54 Corvair fastback concept car at one time. Somebody on this forum suggested using the 'custom' fastback tops that came with, I think, the '57 T-Bird, and I think a similar thing came in the Cobra 289 kit (yellow plastic).
  11. Thanks for all the comments everybody. The body shell that I painted w/ enamel, looks dry enough to sand a little bit. I thought I would try it with a real fine 'sandpaper'. Well, I'll let you know.
  12. Hi. I just painted a Chevy model "Marina Blue" I got special mixed in a removable-top can from NAPA. I don't even know if there is clear enamel. How about clear, gloss acrylic? I'm pretty sure I should not try to 'rub out' enamel. I do have a food-dehydrator and this body has spent a good amount of time in it. Any comments would be great.
  13. need a set of 1/25 NASCAR whls. & tires; modern

    Wot? No more 1/25 scale NASCAR whls./tire sets? I am outraged. Also, I guess I'll have to buy a kit!