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  1. Thanks 'Force'. I picked up these 2 carbs at 'Model Builder's Warehouse'.
  2. I don't know what brand-name carbs came on this Ford engine. My resin 427 SOHC 'Cammer' engine is 1/25 scale. I think the carbs should be about 9mm or less in the greatest dimension. Thank you.
  3. I can't seem to get any response from them. Maybe they are v., v. busy, as they sure seem to have alot of good 'stuff'!
  4. Thanks E.A. I printed out about a dozen of the diagrams.
  5. Yes, I have decals 18a, 4 of them. PM me your mailing address.
  6. Building up a '64 Wedge but I am lacking the valve covers; they look close. Thanks
  7. Thanks GTX6970. That would be great. I will PM you my mailing address.
  8. Intend on putting a 3-carb 440 in a '68 Road Runner kit. I don't know where I got the engine from. It is a 1/25 scale piece. Also the corresponding decal would be great! Any idea where I can get something like this? Thanks
  9. Very interesting oldschool. Thanks for the info. The valve cover for this kit has 2 dimples for 2 breathers. That makes me wonder if it in fact is a 392 Hemi! But I need the 426 Ramcharger 'Wedge' engine. I am building one of 3 Ramcharger cars (blown) with strait front axles, I think built in California. Not surprisingly, all 3 crashed and only 1 now exists, according to my source. Some say it was/is the first 'Funny Car'. It is painted red, white, and blue, with radiused-rear-wheel-wells. Again, thanks for the info, oldschool.
  10. I have a partial 'Ramcharger' engine from the Tony Nancy 'Double' kit. It is a Sooper kit ('63) but it is missing 1 chrome valve cover. Are there any aftermarket '426 Ramcharger' engines maybe? (This kit has beautiful wire-front wheels IMHO and (almost) exquisite dragster chassis.) I am building up the Lindberg '64 Dodge 330 kit, and need a Ramcharger engine. Thanks.
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