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  1. Gto funny car

    I have this kit and you can have the body, etc.
  2. Yes, this question is elementary but I've got to start somewhere. ("I am an elementary girl.")
  3. trying to clear my inbox

    Thank you, Khils, for the help.
  4. "tall & skinny" tires/wheels, '39 era

    I spoke with Ed and I have ordered a set of his '41 Lincoln wheels and tires. Thanks everybody.
  5. Here is an example of the vacuum formed ones from Starmodels.....fairly thin.....I sand the on a piece of glass till the edge is whisper thin, glue in position, very minimal putty to finish the edge...then dremel out underside.

    Also in pic is a styrene '66 Galaxie hood, that can be available. 

    ...your inbox won't accept PM's



  6. "tall & skinny" tires/wheels, '39 era

    Thanks, Jantrix, for taking time to write, and attempting to instill a little good sense into me. (By the way your inbox is full.) And I did talk to Ed Fluck on the phone and he said he had nothing like what I was looking for. "Tall and Skinnies" that is.
  7. Any helps or hints would be great. Thanks
  8. styrene hood, 1/24, Ford Fairlane "Thunder Bolt"

    Khils: looking for any styrene Ford hood with the tear drop bubble. I have an after market resin hood like this, but because it is so thick, I think I'll need more clearance for the carbs and intake horns. At this time I will see if I can find out how to clear my inbox. Thank you.
  9. styrene hood, 1/24, Ford Fairlane "Thunder Bolt"

    Attn. 'afx': your inbox is full also so I can't PM you either! Please PM me and I will give you my delivery address.
  10. styrene hood, 1/24, Ford Fairlane "Thunder Bolt"

    Attn. 'Classic Gas': Your inbox is full so I can't PM you.
  11. styrene hood, 1/24, Ford Fairlane "Thunder Bolt"

    I could not find my T-Bolt kit immediately. Do you really want that flat stock hood? Let me know.
  12. styrene hood, 1/24, Ford Fairlane "Thunder Bolt"

    I will look up my T-Bolt kit and check.
  13. "tall & skinny" tires/wheels, '39 era

    Ace-Gg: Don't bother measuring those wheels. But I do have an additional question: Is the '41 Chevy mentioned the same scale as the '41 Chevy Pickup? Maybe one of those would work. So far, I think the best set of wheels would from be the '48 Chevy. I contacted "Drag City Casting" but they no longer offer the wheels I need. Thanks one and All.
  14. "tall & skinny" tires/wheels, '39 era

    Dear "Ace Garageguy: on your website, I can't PM you because your inbox is full! But I wanted to ask you about 2 of the wheels you mentioned: the '37 Chevy and the '41 Chevy truck. are either of these 1/24 scale? Thanks you very much.
  15. decal sheet, Shelby Mustang GT350 H.

    I've changed my mind! (and for the better!) I will keep the gold decals and paint the '66 Mustang fastback red. The gold decals will look good on red.